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Susan Cook
Happy belated Birthday Adele! - Susan Cook (10 months ago)
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Doctor Twohearts
ADELE - \'Make You Feel My Love\' via Happy Birthday Bob Dylan, thank you and God bl - Doctor Twohearts (10 months ago)
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Lee Lawson
Hi Adele I\'m Lee my little girl Siobhan is 8 on 1st june and shes a big fan, she lost her mum 18 months and - Lee Lawson (10 months ago)
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Anne V
Happy Birthday This is for you, from ... - Anne V (10 months ago)
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Adele Louise Rogers
Happy Birthday have an awesome day!!!!! - Adele Louise Rogers (10 months ago)
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Kathy Homolka
Happy Happy Happy Birthday to a Great Lady. - Kathy Homolka (10 months ago)
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フージョニ || 푸 조니 || Fu Joni
Sweet syekalih kaliaaaann Happy birthday kak ! I wish nothing but the best for you (ala Adele lol). - フージョニ || 푸 조니 || Fu Joni (10 months ago)
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Dear Ate Adele
Happy Birthday poh madam.... - Dear Ate Adele (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday Adele. - CAR_ebooks (10 months ago)
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murcielaguito army
So this is where ex0ls are!!! You guys are amaaaazing. Hating BTS on Suho\'s birthday.. LOL t - murcielaguito army (10 months ago)
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Mick Perry
Happy birthday - Mick Perry (10 months ago)
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When I saw your photo I thought it was Adele. Lol. You look like her, a little. More in order Happy Birthday!!! - Geo (10 months ago)
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happy birthday adele! stay strong sainyo ni figgy - sha (10 months ago)
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Gallery 57
Happy Birthday Adele Cairns, you crack me up so much babe an love you even more for it. Hope you have a great day, - Gallery 57 (10 months ago)
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was too busy on his tour to sing me happy birthday ( lmao) so I just listened to him sing everyth - Michelle (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday to our Daydreamer matriarch; Adele s best friend; and my new mummy 30 never looked so good - Danny (10 months ago)
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Kristen Adele
Happy birthday to Michael Orlandus Darrion - Kristen Adele (10 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADELE BABY!!!!! I love and miss u so much. I hope ur having the best birthday ever. Pleas - carina☁️ (10 months ago)
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advance happy birthday, adele! - Lorraine (10 months ago)
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Sheila Iding
This smile. This amazing young mom. This incredible gift to our family. Happy, blessed birthday to our Addie Adele! - Sheila Iding (10 months ago)
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Ellis 2004
Happy Birthday Adele jonathans lucky to have you! - Ellis 2004 (10 months ago)
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son of a jackass (apparently)
Happy birthday Adele - son of a jackass (apparently) (10 months ago)
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☾*:₀。☆sis... ur over。₀:*゚✲゚*
Remember when britney sung happy birthday live and one day later adele became sick and had to cancel her tour - ☾*:₀。☆sis... ur over。₀:*゚✲゚* (10 months ago)
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☾*:₀。☆ dula peep。₀:*゚✲゚*
Remember when britney sung happy birthday live and one day later adele became sick and had to cancel her tour - ☾*:₀。☆ dula peep。₀:*゚✲゚* (10 months ago)
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Walter Plinge
Happy birthday Adele! - Walter Plinge (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Adele! (^ ^) - Precioushewie21 (10 months ago)
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Happy bday Adele !! have a good one - hailesss (10 months ago)
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we have been mutuals for YEARS. I love talking to you about our love for miss adele. I actually just l - tay (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday I know it s 13 days late but I hope you know that my love for you burns as fiery hot as the - Anya (10 months ago)
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The Unnamed
*Voix d\'Adele* This is the end. Happy Birthday à la meilleur, aka Shawasa ! (Première histoire terminé c\'est la h - The Unnamed (10 months ago)
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Better late than never Adele, happy birthday xxx - Simone (10 months ago)
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Screen doesn t open after Youngbae says bye, he starts singing Adele s HELLO Bye Bye~Love you Hello~Hello - Jirilife지리인생 (10 months ago)
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Adenike Adeniji Adele
Happy birthday to this beautiful ninja turn friend. I wish u to shine so beautifully like the flower that has just - Adenike Adeniji Adele (10 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST LITTLE SISTER OUT THERE!! LOVE YOU (btw adele s got nothing on you) - Jake (10 months ago)
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corrine reid
happy birthday bretttt sorry for all the fights, ur the best cuz and I love grace adele janszen - corrine reid (10 months ago)
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My Sittoo just turned 97 on May 11th. Today she s at the salon. So thankful to have her. Not a - - Brittany (10 months ago)
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Ben Tollins
Happy birthday damage have a good one x - Ben Tollins (10 months ago)
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Hannah Sloss
happy birthday have a good day xx - Hannah Sloss (10 months ago)
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happy 18th birthday u fuckin mongo hope u have the best day, lotsa love for u - ayaisha (10 months ago)
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Why is this the first thing u see when u get on website..??????? also happy birthday i guess - ♏︎ (10 months ago)
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Jean and Lou
My wife, Amy, will be 50 years young this week. I\'m messageing a few of her favorite singers hoping to find on - Jean and Lou (10 months ago)
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adele clark
Happy birthday to your mum, Lee - adele clark (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday PC Paris, have the best day and don t lose yourself too much in adele when we were you - LIAMEDWARDS (10 months ago)
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Themba Junori
Happy birthday enjoy your day - Themba Junori (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday adele - 6 (10 months ago)
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Happy bday you top snorer. Hope you had a lovely bday recovering from your state and singing Adele. Love - Ellen (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday hope you aren t suffering too much from last night n you had the best day! I love you more - Rosie (10 months ago)
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joe barlow
Happy birthday to my mom, Adele Dazeem. - joe barlow (10 months ago)
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Duck Dynasty Fans
This performance from Darius is one that won\'t soon be forgotten...just like May 13th because it\'s his birthday! Le - Duck Dynasty Fans (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the Best female vocalist on the planet, I love your music, I love you - SuzyQaussie (10 months ago)

30 years old (Born on May 05, 1988)

British singer-songwriter; She is famous from 'Rolling In The Deep' and 'Someone Like You' Singles.

She is dating David Archuleta. (thespoof.com)

Adele's Best Moments

Billboard: Happy birthday, Adele!
Happy birthday,     Today we\re sending to you!
Happy Birthday the one and only - may this birthday be as epic as you are.
TheEllenShow: \"Happy birthday, Adele! 29. You know, that would make a great title for an album.
Happy birthday Adele! From pranks to photobombs, here are 10 of her funniest moments
When convinced Sir David Attenborough to narrate Adele\s \Hello\ Happy birthday to a legend!
Happy Birthday,
Hello,  Happy birthday!
  Happy birthday to fan
    Happy Birthday to Barbara Streisand Adele with Barbara at The Oscars February 2013!
Happy 29th birthday to 15x Grammy-award winner,
Happy birthday to this absolute QUEEN
Happy birthday to this great person with big kind heart.  Let\s appreciate Adele\s beautiful title \Simon\s wife\
Happy Birthday
Radiodisney \"Happy Birthday Adele!!
Happy Birthday,
Here\s wishing the queen of high notes, a very happy birthday! We bet you will never find anyone like her!
Happy 29th birthday to one of the best-selling artists of our generation and winner of 15
Happy 29th birthday, Adele!
Happy Birthday to the one who loves my singing and adele the most
Happy belated 29th Birthday to the ever astounding Adele.
Happy birthday to the wickedly talented Adele Dazeem
Happy birthday, Today you\re officially 30, flirty and thriving
Happy birthday to
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday we hope you have another year of killer liner and slayin\ contour!
A very happy birthday to cheers to
Happy birthday bitch i hate you so much
Happy 29th birthday Adele Laurie Blue Adkins
Happy birthday, You are more amazing than you\ll ever know. All my love!
Happy birthday simon & myself we both love u lots
Happy Birthday to the incredible What Adele track is your fave?
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday to my songbird   may your day be filled with a plethora of Adele, John and Ed!
Happy Birthday to the one with the most beautiful voice and a heart of gold -
Happy birthday to beautiful Adele!
Happy birthday to the amazing
Wishing the lovely a Happy Birthday! 

Happy birthday Adele! WomensHealthMag
Happy birthday to the SECOND best twins around. ps, A\s are always better
Happy birthday to my whole world :,-) can t wait to be lifelong bffs love youuu
 happy birthday Queen
Happy Birthday to the lovely and talented Adele From Lady Gaga s Little Monsters paws up
Happy 30th birthday Adele! Star is barely recognisable in throwback snaps
Adele & Beyoncé s friendship is goals. 

Beyoncé wishes Adele a happy birthday on her website!
Today is also the birthday of the talented singer and songwriter Adele. Happy birthday, queen!
Happy Birthday Day My love ..
Happy birthday Adele Springsteen
Happy 29th birthday Adele!!! We love you so much, hope 29 is amazing to you, have fun!!!!
Happy 29th Birthday to same week she\s been announced Britain\s wealthiest musician under 30! Congrats!
29 years ago a legend was born.

Happy birthday you beautiful human.
Happy Birthday, Adele!
Happy Birthday, Sir David Attenborough - here he is narrating Adele s Hello video
O nome completo de  melanie é  Melanie Adele Martinez,e nasceu dia 28 de abril,HOJE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELANIE
Wishing My friend Adele a very happy birthday today hope she has a great day xx
You are every lovely word I can think of. Happy (early) Birthday !
Happy birthday adele!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tag and wish her a Happy Birthday!
Happy 30th birthday
Happy Birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! 29 ans aujourd\hui (heure  ) !
Ya han dado las doce y es el cumpleaños de la mujer a la que le debo todo este sueño. Happy Birthday
Happy birthday queen. you\re the loml.
Happy Birthday adele i love you
Adele Laurie Blue Adkins celebrates her birthday today! Happy Birthday!

What\s your favourite Adele single?
Happy birthday baby!!
I love you so so much and i can\t wait to see you again!  +29
 Happy Birthday to You  wonderful woman
Wishing a very happy birthday to the one and only
Happy Birthday See all of our channels featuring Adele\s music and much more at
Happy birthday adele  stay healthy lagi ka na hospital hahaha and God bless u beshie
Happy Birthday Melanie Adele Martinez
Happy birthday Adele - it\s tomorrow!
Happy Birthday Adele Zirilli
Happy Birthday to this legend!     .
Happy Birthday   What\s your favourite Adele song?
La cantante británica cumple 30 años   ¡Happy birthday !
Happy 30th birthday to Adele!
Happy 30th birthday Adele!
Happy belated birthday to my favourite pop star!! i love you adele
  Happy birthday Adele
Happy Birthday, Miss u and your signature pose haha See u soon
Happy 19th birthday gorgeous girl    hope you have a great day love you so much    xxxxxxxxx
Happy birthday to my talented twin I love you so much adele! Don\t forget me when you\re famous
Happy birthday hope Sheffield treats you well tonight, love you long time
Our ADELE ..
Happy birthday to you beautiful ...
Wish y\all the best
92 years ! happy birthday Adele !
Happy Birthday my life
Happy Birthday,
 Happy Birthday my Lady.
Królowa jest tylko One&only. Happy birthday
My kid wanted to dedicate his dance to you  Happy Birthday Have an amazing day
Happy birthday dear Adele
Happy Birthday to the goddess! Thanks for inspiring us all.
. we have been with you through \19\, \21\ and \25\. We hope \29\ will appear soon! Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday Adele!!!
Happy birthday to this absolute queen Here\s to the next 29 years
Happy Birthday We just love that laugh
Hoy celebramos el cumpleaños de ¡Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday,  After 19, 21, and 25, maybe 29 will be next?
Happy Birthday one and only !
Happy 29th birthday to our girl
Happy birthday my Queen
Happy birthday jeremy douglas
   Please join us as we wish Southeast warrior Adele a very Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday adele!! i hope you have a great day lovely!!
Happy Birthday lovely Adele
Happy Birthday
   Adele 30   Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Adele
My ultimate Queen turns 30 today Happy Birthday Adele
Happy birthday to adele
Happy birthday angel
Happy birthday you QUEEN.
 happy birthday, sass queen. i love you forever.
Happy Birthday shout out to (29) (30) and (37)!
Powerhouse.  Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Adele
Happy birthday Adele.
Happy Birthday to the queen herself, Let\s remember this iconic moment!
Happy birthday
It s her birthday, happy birthday tommy              she s single guys ;)
17 never looked better on such a kind hearted soul! i love you so much kathryn adele happy birthday<3
De Asa..... Joy, joy, joy, it all comes in the morning.......
Happy birthday Adele
 adele\s gona sing happy birthday to you have a gr8 day!
Happy birthday to my bestie of over twenty years! !!
Omg happy bday miss u
 Happy 19th Birthday to my favourite, have the bestest day! Love you lots
 same picture every year ahah but happy Birthday Adele, hope Sheffield\s treating ya well x
Happy Birthday  hope you have a wonderful day, love you lots
 Happy birthday
 | Happy Birthday Adele! Vote lagu Adele berikut yang paling Anda suka
 Happy Birthday Adele, hope it\s a good one, what\s left of it
Happy Birthday Queen .....
Happy 29th birthday my boo!
Happy birthday  I love you and I miss you!  thanks for your 29 years of existence in this world!
Happy birthday to my fav twin hope your cinco de mayo is as fab as you are chica
Happy 29th Birthday!! You will always be my inspiration! Have a wonderful day
Happy Birthday to you... happy birthday to you! Happy biiiirthday dear
Happy Birthday my love Loads of love to you x
Happy Birthday we love you so much
Happy birthday love of my life, Adele
Happy Birthday legend  , may you have the amaizing 29th birthday ,Thanks for everything
Happy Birthday to the most influential, talented, funniest woman in my life.  I love you
Happy birthday to this big kid!! I love her tons
Happy Birthday to Adele (Adele Laurie Blue Adkins)   About:
I know she reads us, so happy birthday to my favorite singer
Happy birthday to Adele!!!  I love u so much.
Happy birthday to the qween of everything   Keep slaying
 Happy Birthday young lady!
My inspiration, my one and only queen happy bday
Happy Birthday, my beautiful girl!!!!
Happy Birthday You are Queen I love you
Happy Birthday, perfect queen
Happy birthday have a wonderful day!
Wishing the Grammy Award winning singer, Adele a happy 29th birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to the owner of one of the best laughs ever - it\s the super talented
Happy Birthday  We\re counting down the days until you take to the stage here at Wembley!
 Happy birthday my love !!
  Happy Birthday darlin
Happy birthday I love you so much my queen    wish you happiness
Happy birthday my angel
Happy birthday my love
Happy Birthday Queen Adele :3
Happy birthday ! 29 ans aujourd\hui pour la chanteuse <3
Happy birthday queen Buzzing for July 2nd @ Wembley
 Happy birthday!
 Happy Birthday to incredible &  unstoppable Adele.
Happy birthday Adele
Happy birthday!  :)
Happy Birthday to Adele!
 Happy birthday to you :) I love you song
Queen Adele  celebrating her 29 th birthday. Happy Birthday Adele.Will her next album be Adele 29? .
Happy Birthday to the one and only
Happy birthday, Adele! She is the 2nd highest-paid woman in music with $80.5 million.
Happy Birthday to my muva, Lorie Blue Adkins, who I love more than most members of my actual family.
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday !
 Hello beautiful! Happy birthday...
Happy birthday to this successful women that inspired the world with her amazayn voice
   happy birthday adele my Queen                         I love so much
Bump 1 - \"Set Fire to the Rain\" Adele.  Happy 29th Birthday to Adele, born Laurie Blue Adkins, May 5th, 1988!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday !!!
Happy birthday
Happy 29th birthday, Adele.
Felicidades a la mejor Idola de mi vida un año más de vida te amo eres la mejor
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday on May 08 Adele!     Have a lovely day!
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Adele celebrity 3
adele grammys 2013 4
Adele exclusive 5
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adele weight loss 8
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