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Welcome to Alan White's Birthday Celebration Page
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Monica Guerra
Supersonic - Remastered, a song by Oasis on Spotify - Happy birthday Alan White - Monica Guerra (8 months ago)
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Lost World Web Radio
Happy Birthday, Alan White ! - Lost World Web Radio (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Alan White born June 14, 1949, He is an English drummer and songwriter best known for - JeffJ (8 months ago)
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Chris Neufeld
Happy Birthday to Alan White of Yes! - Chris Neufeld (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday mister Alan White!! Great drummer and Best man, my Best wishes for you - DG (8 months ago)
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And Happy Birthday Alan White!! - TownsOrange (8 months ago)
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North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema)
Happy Birthday to Lise Norgaard, Don Newcombe, Alan Davidson, Marla Gibbs, Irmelin Sandman Lilius, Julie Felix, Pet - North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema) (8 months ago)
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John Leamy
Happy Birthday Alan White. - John Leamy (8 months ago)
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Дмитрий Литвиненко
Happy Birthday Alan White! - Дмитрий Литвиненко (8 months ago)
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TM On Music
Wishing a happy 69th birthday to acclaimed longtime YES drummer, musician and songwriter ALAN WHITE! Previously a - TM On Music (8 months ago)
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Randi Scott
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! drummer Alan White turns 69 today. - Randi Scott (8 months ago)
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Geoffrey Downes
Happy Birthday to my dear buddy and drummer extraordinaire, Mr. Alan White. - Geoffrey Downes (8 months ago)
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I Am The Cheese
Happy birthday to Alan White! - I Am The Cheese (8 months ago)
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Gregory Knox
Happy birthday, Alan White! - Gregory Knox (8 months ago)
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Rob Nagy
Happy birthday to legendary YES drummer Alan White. Rob Nagy Archives. - Rob Nagy (8 months ago)
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Rock Boulevard
Happy Birthday Alan White - Rock Boulevard (8 months ago)
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Kimberly Teece
Congratulations! HAPPY! BIRTHDAY! Alan White! Sweeet! Way! Cool! Aaaay! - Kimberly Teece (8 months ago)
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Martin Quibell
Happy birthday to drummer Alan White, who - Martin Quibell (8 months ago)
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Anthony John Manetti
Happy Birthday Alan White Steve One of the reasons I Love this song is because the guitar is having - Anthony John Manetti (8 months ago)
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Joe Bryant
Tonight we celebrate 50 years of Yes AND 69 years of Alan White! Happy Birthday Alan!! - Joe Bryant (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Alan White - Lianne (8 months ago)
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Robert Scott Bell
Happy Birthday Alan White! - Robert Scott Bell (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday to Alan White - Virtuoso (8 months ago)
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happy birthday to Alan White! - みい (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday Alan White - john (8 months ago)
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Jamie Roxx
Happy Birthday. Today, June 14, 1949 Alan White (drummer for Yes) is born in Ferryhill, County... - Jamie Roxx (8 months ago)
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Revista ¡HOLA!
Desde hoy, ¡comienza la cuentra atrás para el verano! Hoy felicitamos a , - Revista ¡HOLA! (8 months ago)
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Maria Byrne
Happy birthday, Alan White (Yes) - Maria Byrne (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Alan White! Alan turns 69 today! 2ManyMore! - ProgNationUK (8 months ago)
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Latest Oasis News
Happy Birthday to Alan White who is 46 today. - Latest Oasis News (8 months ago)
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Modern Drummer
Happy birthday to former Oasis\'s drummer Alan White. - Modern Drummer (8 months ago)
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Crisco Loch Ness
Happy Birthday Alan White Oasis - Stand By Me - Crisco Loch Ness (8 months ago)
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Irene Supersonic
Happy Birthday to Alan White, Liam\'s best friend and definitely maybe the best Oasis drummer! Would be great to hea - Irene Supersonic (8 months ago)
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* *Happy Birthday Alan White * * - harururu (8 months ago)
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paul van der maas
happy Bday ringo! You\'re drummer, then comes Zach, then Alan White (YES), remember him? - paul van der maas (1 year ago)
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Ice Embers
Nice drum kit Alan White and a very happy birthday to you! Please check out our website - Ice Embers (1 year ago)
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Arthur M. Wartenbe
Happy Birthday Alan White ! Check this band out guys! - Arthur M. Wartenbe (1 year ago)
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April Samuels
Happy birthday to legendary rock band Yes drummer Alan White, who\'s 68 today! Did U know he also played drums on Jo - April Samuels (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to Alan White - SoFlotographer (1 year ago)
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Dave Jargowsky
Happy Birthday You share a birthday with Yes drummer Alan White, Eddie \'The Big Ragu\' Mekka, and no one else worth mentioning. - Dave Jargowsky (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Alan White! - @WFLIIIDRUMS (1 year ago)
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Ray Brown
Happy Birthday to Alan White, long time drummer for \"Yes\" - Ray Brown (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to Alan White (14 June 1949). He is an and . White - InsideRock.News (1 year ago)
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John Wilding
\"Release Release\" by Yes. via Happy Birthday Alan White: 68 today. - John Wilding (1 year ago)
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The Griffin Passant
Happy Birthday Alan White!!! - The Griffin Passant (1 year ago)
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Eric Mackinson
Yes - South Side Of The Sky - Live in Birmingham 2003 Happy Birthday Alan White! - Eric Mackinson (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Mitch Lafon
On This Day - June 14th 1949. drummer Alan White is born. One of the best! Happy birthday Alan! - Mitch Lafon (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Jimmy Nikolaus
Happy Birthday Mr. Alan White - Jimmy Nikolaus (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Lizzy Daymont
Happy Birthday to Yes drummer Alan White! - Lizzy Daymont (1 year ago)
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Kevin Mulryne (YMP)
Happy Birthday to Alan White! - Kevin Mulryne (YMP) (1 year ago)

69 years old (Born on June 14, 1949)

Drummer of the English rock band Yes and who also played with the Plastic Ono Band.

Alan White's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to Alan White!
Liam Gallagher Noel Gallagher
Happy Birthday to Alan White who is 46 today.
Happy 45th birthday to Alan White! Best known as the drummer of Oasis between 1995 and 2004.
Happy Birthday to Alan White of We\ll see you here August 29th for YESTIVAL!
Happy Birthday Alan White! Alan turns 69 today! 2ManyMore!
Happy birthday to drummer, Alan White!
What\s he up to these days?Happy Birthday to Alan White who\s 44 today.
Happy Birthday Mr Alan White
Happy Birthday Alan White 

Oasis - Stand By Me
Happy Birthday to Alan White!
Happy Birthday to Alan White!
Alan White (Yes) is 68 years old today. He was born on 14 June 1949 Happy birthday Alan
A very happy birthday to R&R HOFer, the great Alan White!!!
Happy Birthday Patsy Palmer, Kwasi Kwarteng, Alan White, Dominic Mohan, Steve Sedgley, Philip Treacy & Hazel Irvine
Happy Birthday to Yes\s Alan White ! Cheers Mate !
Happy birthday to Alan White, who is 68 today!
Happy Birthday Alan White!
 Happy Birthday Alan White
Happy Birthday, Alan White !
  happy birthday. Marcus Miller
& Boy George
&    & Alan White
& Anthony Braxton
& Renaldo Benson
Happy birthday ALAN WHITE
Happy Birthday Renaldo \"Obie\" Benson, Rod Argent ( and Alan White (
Happy birthday to Alan White
Happy 68th birthday to Alan White!
MGK wishes Alan White of a Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to Alan White of Yes & Boy George of Culture Club
Happy Birthday , Alan White and me Lol. Also Happy Flag Day to all!
Happy Birthday to Alan White, long time drummer for \"Yes\"
 Happy Birthday to Alan White
Happy birthday to legendary YES drummer Alan White. 
Rob Nagy Archives.
Happy Birthday, Alan White !
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