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Elias Major
Happy Birthday Bret Michaels Thanks to a very special lady who knows how to let all down and rock it like she means - Elias Major (5 days ago)
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Hard Rock Tulsa
We forgot to wish a happy birthday to the one-and-only Bret Michaels yesterday! Here\'s to 55 years of giving us som - Hard Rock Tulsa (5 days ago)
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The Z World
Happy Birthday Bret Michaels! - The Z World (5 days ago)
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Sopranos Colombo
Happy Birthday Bret Michaels! How many of you sing every rose has it\'s thorn? - Sopranos Colombo (5 days ago)
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Happy birthday Bret Michaels and many more. Rock on! - RocStage (6 days ago)
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Melissa Lang
Happy Birthday To Bret Michaels Hope He had A great One - Melissa Lang (6 days ago)
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Kristine Martin
Bret Michaels concert. Happy birthday Bret! BMB- Bret Michaels Band - Kristine Martin (6 days ago)
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Happy bday paul pogba, bret michaels, jabari parker, mike tomlin and little dicky - swill (6 days ago)
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Carly Sellers
55 Never looked so HOT!!! Love being able o call him a friend. Happy Birthday Bret Michaels. Wishing you a rockin d - Carly Sellers (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

Gerald A Johnson
Happy birthday Singer-songwriter Guitarist Ry Cooder, Singer Bret Michaels of Poison, Singer Mike Love of - Gerald A Johnson (6 days ago)
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Church of RocknRoll
Happy birthday this March 15 to Bret Michaels 1963 and Dee Snider 1955 - Church of RocknRoll (6 days ago)
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BIT would lime to wish a Happy Birthday to Bret Michaels! - BackInTIme80s (6 days ago)
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William Waÿne ⛧
Há 55 anos: nascia Bret Michaels, vocalista do Poison!! Happy Birthday Bret!! - William Waÿne ⛧ (6 days ago)
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Julie Hawkins
Happy Birthday Bret Michaels! - Julie Hawkins (6 days ago)
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Miss Lisa E. Stone
Happy Birthday Bret Michaels! Have a great birthday! I Love You Baby! Hugs & Kisses!!! - Miss Lisa E. Stone (6 days ago)
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Cult Faction
Happy Birthday Bret Michaels - Cult Faction (6 days ago)
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101 WRIF Detroit
Wishing Bret Michaels a happy birthday today! - 101 WRIF Detroit (6 days ago)
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sue brundage
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRET MICHAELS! ALWAYS LOVE ME SOME BRET!! I\'ll be seeing you in June! - sue brundage (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday to Bret Michaels of - Dan (6 days ago)
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Hot Metal magazine
Wishing a BIG happy birthday to the one and only Bret Michaels! Send him some love today Photo... - Hot Metal magazine (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

Miss. Kathy E. Wray (Kat)
Happy Birthday Bret Michaels - Miss. Kathy E. Wray (Kat) (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

Faces Rocks magazine
Poison: Wishing a BIG happy birthday to the one and only Bret Michaels! Send him some love today Photo by... - Faces Rocks magazine (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

Stephanie L Borowski
Happy Birthday Bret Michaels. Always my favorite!! - Stephanie L Borowski (6 days ago)
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Hard Rock Cafe Lyon
C\'est aussi aujourd\'hui l\'anniversaire de Bret Michaels, le chanteur du groupe Poison, un des groupes rock les plus - Hard Rock Cafe Lyon (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Bret Michaels! - 1035TheFox (6 days ago)
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Mark McGauley
Happy Birthday Bret Michaels! See ya soon Mark McGauley Photography - Mark McGauley (6 days ago)
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HAPPY 55th BIRTHDAY to BRET MICHAELS!! American rock singer of Poison, the group known for the song \"Every Rose Has - Madhotcomicsplus (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Bret Michaels born on March 15, 1963, singer-songwriter and musician. He gained fame - JeffJ (6 days ago)
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Rewind The Day In History: 1977, \"Three\'s Company\" debut, Happy Birthday Bret Michaels of Poison he\'s - KFGO (6 days ago)
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Larry Mac KLPX
Happy birthday to Bret Michaels. Poison in the 1st Course of the LMMG at Noon today on 96.1 KLPX. Suggestions? - Larry Mac KLPX (6 days ago)
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Rock 96.7
Nothin\' But A Hairgasm Time. Happy 55th birthday to Bret Michaels. --Matt Miller - Rock 96.7 (6 days ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRET MICHAELS! - Charlie (6 days ago)
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Sixx Sense
Happy birthday, - Sixx Sense (6 days ago)
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96.9 The Eagle KKGL
Happy birthday Bret Michaels - 96.9 The Eagle KKGL (6 days ago)
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Happy birthday Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Bret Michaels, Rockwell, Eva Longoria, Will i Am, and SAINT NICHOLAS (270)! - AaronB (6 days ago)
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Tina Quackenbush
Happy Birthday Bret Michaels! have a great day - Tina Quackenbush (6 days ago)
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Ian Smith
For birthday, he gets a welcome mat switcheroo. - Ian Smith (6 days ago)
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Christy Van Dyke
Happy birthday today to bret michaels - Christy Van Dyke (6 days ago)
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Kris Moore
Happy 55th Birthday to one of my favorites Bret Michaels! He will - Kris Moore (6 days ago)
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Radio 103.9 NY
Wishing Eva Longoria, Young Buck, and Bret Michaels a very Happy Birthday! From - Radio 103.9 NY (6 days ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! War guitarist Howard E. Scott (1946) Black Eyes Peas vocalist (1975) Poison - Eric (6 days ago)
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Adman Scott
Happy birthday to glam band rocker Bret Michaels. - Adman Scott (6 days ago)
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Rockfile Radio
- Rockfile Radio (6 days ago)
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104.7 KDUX
Happy 55th Birthday to lead singer Bret Michaels today! - 104.7 KDUX (6 days ago)
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David Amoyal
Happy Birthday to Poison singer Bret Michaels Every Rose Has Its Thorn (video oficial).wmv via - David Amoyal (6 days ago)
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Felisha Füsilier
Happy Birthday Bret Michaels Of Poison!!! - Felisha Füsilier (6 days ago)
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Tim Comer
Happy Birthday Dee Snider and Bret Michaels! Keep rockin - Tim Comer (6 days ago)
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Justin Methvin
I hope u have a good birthday Bret Michaels n happy birthday - Justin Methvin (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

Kare Thompson
Happy 55 birthday to Bret Michaels. Hope that he has a wonderful birthday. - Kare Thompson (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

Mike Roberts
Happy Birthday to Legendary Rocker, 80\'s Pretty Boy & The Man behind the Legendary Song: Every Rose has its Thorn, - Mike Roberts (6 days ago)

55 years old (Born on March 15, 1963)

American singer; He is famous from Frontman for Poison.

He is a judge on the 2005 season of Nashville Star on the USA Network. Michaels was involved with Pamela Anderson. An abridged version of an explicit sex tape the couple made appeared on the Internet in 1998 and was released on DVD on September 7, 2005, by Metro Studios. (en.wikipedia.org) Bret Michaels wrote,produced,and sings backup on second single Love`s A hard game to play from Stevie Nicks` Timespace album. Michaels has a line of pet clothing and accessories called Pets Rock, sold at PetSmart. (en.wikipedia.org) Father of two daughters: Raine Elizabeth Sychak (b. 20th May 2000) and Jorja Bleu Sychak (b. 5th May 2005). Their mother is Kristi Lynn Gibson.

Bret Michaels's Best Moments

Happy birthday to Bret Michaels of Poison!!!
Happy Birthday Bret Michaels
Há 55 anos: nascia Bret Michaels, vocalista do Poison!! 

Happy Birthday Bret!!
Happy Birthday Bret Michaels!
Happy birthday to Bret Michaels/Dog the Bounty Hunters twin! Love you so much Geeg
Happy Birthday Bret Michaels - POISON
Happy birthday Bret Michaels I hope you find your rock of love!
Happy birthday to lead singer Bret Michaels! 
Check out this throwback shot from 1987!
Bret! Michaels! Sweeet! Way! Cool!
Happy 54th birthday to legendary vocalist, Bret Michaels of Poison.
Happy Birthday Bret Michaels!
Happy Birthday To Bret Michaels
Happy Birthday to Bret Michaels, who turns 54 today!
Happy Birthday Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels
Happy Birthday to Bret Michaels, who rocked out with us for last year\s Leesburg Bikefest!
Happy Birthday to Bret Michaels
Happy bday Bret Michaels!
Happy Birthday to Bret Michaels of Poison. Celebrating his 54th today! (Scott)
Feliz Cumpleaños/ Happy Birthday Bret Michaels
Happy Birthday! Bret Michaels
Happy Birthday, Bret Michaels!
Happy Bday Thx for this and so many other good times
Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Bret Michaels from 80s In The Sand!
 Nothin But A Good Time  Happy Birthday Today 
3/15 to Poison vocalist/songwriter Bret Michaels. 
Rock ON!
 Happy Birthday ... Mr. Bret Michaels
Happy 55 birthday to Bret Michaels. Hope that he has a wonderful birthday.
Happy Birthday Bret Michaels Of Poison!!!
Happy birthday to glam band rocker Bret Michaels.
Wishing Eva Longoria, Young Buck, and Bret Michaels a very Happy Birthday! From
Happy birthday Bret Michaels
Happy Birthday to Bret Michaels of
Bret Michaels body 0
Bret Michaels sexy 1
bret michaels 2013 2
Bret Michaels new pic 3

Fun Facts About Bret Michaels

Winner, 2008 Fox Reality Channel Really Award for "Most Awkward Moment" for his appearance in "Rock of Love with Bret Michaels".
He`s a big fan of Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Bret owns two Harley Davidsons,two Kawasakis and a few mountain bikes and go-carts.
He earned $640,000 for the American Diabetes Association for competing in and ultimately winning the Celebrity Apprentice 3.
Shares a birthday with Twisted Sister lead singer Dee Snider.
Is an avid fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Hospitalized in critical condition after suffering a massive brain hemorrhage on April 23, 2010.
Often collaborates with longtime friend, Shane Stanley
On July 6, 2010, Michaels released his new album Custom Built. The album became Michaels highest charting solo album to date peaking at No. 1 on both the Top Independent Albums and Top Hard Rock Albums chart and also charting at No. 4 on the Top Rock Albums and No. 14 on the Billboard 200. (en.wikipedia.org)
Will undergo major heart surgery on January 24, 2011 to repair a hole in his heart.
Used to date singer Susie Hatton and later Pamela Anderson. He dedicated his "Show Me Your Hits - A Salute To Poison" album to the birth of his daughter Raine Michaels and girlfriend Kristi Gibson, who gave birth to Raine in 2000. The album was also dedicated to the rest of the members of Poison who allowed him to re-record some of Poison's hit songs. Guests who performed on the album included Pauly Shore, Mark Kendall from rock band Great White, Tracii Guns from LA Guns and many more.
Bret was a delivery boy, cook, busboy and maintenance man before making it. (Metal Edge magazine may 1987.)
Bret`s first guitar was an Angus Young SG lookalike from Sears.
Is an insulin-dependent diabetic.
Born and raised in Harrisburgh, Pennsylvania.

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