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Forever Young Design
A painting completed in 10 minutes! Happy Birthday to Green Bay Packer legend, Brett Favre on DAY 289! - Forever Young Design (5 days ago)
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Sammi Renee
Happy one day late birthday to the legendary Brett Favre - Sammi Renee (1 week ago)
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Ben Paylor
SportsCenter: Happy birthday Brett Favre! We\'ll be ready for your next comeback - Ben Paylor (1 week ago)
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North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema)
And Happy Birthday to Brett Favre, Shawn Jamison, Wendi McLendon-Covey and Dilsa Demirbag Sten. - North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema) (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

I\'ve been a Packers fan my whole life, but nobody will ever replace Brett Favre. He - MSGT-0369/0317 (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday Brett Favre! We are sorry that Drew Brees is breaking all your records. If you come to Jogasaki Su - jogasakisushiburritovegas (1 week ago)
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HAPPY 49th BIRTHDAY to BRETT FAVRE!! Former American football quarterback who spent the majority of his career wit - Madhotcomicsplus (1 week ago)
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I just saw a Facebook post that said happy birthday Brett favre! And someone posted thanks for the interception lollll - dylan (1 week ago)
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Lazy Stathead (IFB)
Happy Birthday Brett Favre! - Lazy Stathead (IFB) (1 week ago)
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Barry McCockiner
Happy 49th birthday to Brett Favre who is so classy that he wears a watch when sending dick pics. - Barry McCockiner (1 week ago)
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Nick Flies
Happy Birthday to the Gunslinger! The one and only BRETT FAVRE. - Nick Flies (1 week ago)
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Aaron Andrews
Brett Favre will always be the man. Played the game like it should be played. Like it s a game! Happy Birthday Brotha! - Aaron Andrews (1 week ago)
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I am late on this but happy birthday to Vikings great Brett Favre. I\'ll always love this 4th down pass to Rice to t - DonFromOhio (1 week ago)
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This thread is gold. Happy birthday to Brett Favre. - R.K.W. (1 week ago)
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caleb, the cal
No one even comes close to the talent brett favre has. and nothing will even come close to what watching him play w - caleb, the cal (1 week ago)
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Matt Giebler
Happy Birthday to my friends Matt McGovern, Kathy Stahlhut, Hillary Lyle, and Brett Favre! - Matt Giebler (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday Brett Favre - Adam (1 week ago)
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It\'s so cool to share the same birthday as Southern Miss legend, Brett Farve! - tylerbjonesmcj (1 week ago)
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Aaron Pawdgers
Happy Birthday Brett Favre! Woof - Aaron Pawdgers (1 week ago)
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Tony Brown Sr.
Happy Birthday Brett Favre via - Tony Brown Sr. (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday to NFL quarterback Brett Favre! - keyn1037 (1 week ago)
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Lisa Harding
Happy birthday Brett Favre!! - Lisa Harding (1 week ago)
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Happy 49th Birthday to Brett Favre! - OPENN HQ NEWS ®™Δ (1 week ago)
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pretty boy tony parm™️
Happy birthday to my first love brett favre - pretty boy tony parm™️ (1 week ago)
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Cooper Cattaneo
Happy Birthday to the legendary Brett Favre! - Cooper Cattaneo (1 week ago)
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Bigg Bidnezz
Brett Favre, Happy Birthday! He is a 3 time NFL NVP and a Super Bowl Champion (Super Bowl XXXI). Brett turns 49 tod - Bigg Bidnezz (1 week ago)
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Trading Cards Express
Happy Birthday to Brett Favre!!!!! Check out his rookie card below!!!! - Trading Cards Express (1 week ago)
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ᴏᴘᴇɴɴ ʜǫ ɴᴇᴡs ®™
Happy 49th Birthday to Brett Favre! - ᴏᴘᴇɴɴ ʜǫ ɴᴇᴡs ®™ (1 week ago)
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Packers #1 fan- ZACK
Happy birthday to the legendary Brett Favre!! - Packers #1 fan- ZACK (1 week ago)
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john chergi
Happy Birthday October 10 to the \"Cutch\" Andrew McCutchen and HOF Legend GB QB Brett Favre. JC - john chergi (1 week ago)
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Ryan Meyer
Happy birthday to Brett Favre! - Ryan Meyer (1 week ago)
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Visit Mississippi
Happy Birthday, Brett Favre! Learn more about the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame & Museum Induct - Visit Mississippi (1 week ago)
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Arnold Funes
Happy birthday Brett Favre, the reason I love football and the reason I root for the - Arnold Funes (1 week ago)
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Bemnet Molla
A huge happy birthday shout to the OG Naruto Uzumaki and Brett Favre - Bemnet Molla (1 week ago)
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Clint Daly
Happy birthday to former QB Brett Favre! We discuss one aspect of Favre that gets overlooked, and we discu - Clint Daly (1 week ago)
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Jacobs\' Golf Schools
Happy 81st birthday to Bruce Devlin and 49th to Brett Favre! Devlin won 28 professional tournaments around the wor - Jacobs\' Golf Schools (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday to Vikings legend Brett Favre - Ethan (1 week ago)
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Packer Connection
Happy Birthday Brett! To celebrate we are offering an autographed Brett Favre 8x10 Scramble at an amazing price. A - Packer Connection (1 week ago)
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MS Sports HOF
Happy Birthday, Brett Favre! Learn more about the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame & Museum Inductees! Visit the In - MS Sports HOF (1 week ago)
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Owen Olson
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brett Favre. - Owen Olson (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Michael Howard
Happy Birthday to the Ol\' Gunslinger himself---Brett Favre! - Michael Howard (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Vikings Fangirl
Happy Birthday to Brett Favre! - Vikings Fangirl (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Ha ha. Thanks fam. Happy birthday to u to. Brett Favre\'s is today\'s also. Lol - G (1 week ago)
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Annoyed Packers Fan
Happy Birthday Brett Favre - Annoyed Packers Fan (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Michael Moore
Brett Favre turns 49 today. Happy Birthday to the most entertaining qb to ever play the game - Michael Moore (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

South River Library
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRETT! LIKE HIM OR HATE HIM, HE IS IMPRESSIVE! Brett Favre, pro football player; only pro quarter - South River Library (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Vision DrivingSchool
Happy to all our and from Many countries ... and Happy Birthday to Bhanu - Vision DrivingSchool (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

IKE Packers
Happy Birthday to the Legend, Brett Favre ( In Favre s memorable 16 years in Green Bay, he accomplis - IKE Packers (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Dave Dall
And of course ... Happy Birthday to the greatest , Brett Favre !!? - Dave Dall (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday, - Sonja (1 week ago)

49 years old (Born on October 10, 1969)

NFL quarterback; He is famous from Green Bay Packers quarterback.

Brett Favre's Best Moments

Happy birthday Brett Favre! We\ll be ready for your next comeback
Happy Birthday to legend and Pro Football Hall of Famer... Brett Favre!
Happy birthday to the legendary Brett Favre!!
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Let me be the first to wish Brett Favre a Happy Birthday today
Happy Birthday Hall of Famer and icon Brett Favre!
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday to another Brett Favre disciple Matt Hasselbeck!
In Honor of The Great Brett Favre s birthday. Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to a rap god
Happy Birthday to Me & Brett Favre
Happy Birthday Brett Favre! Woof
Happy Birthday to Brett Favre who turns 48 today!
Happy Birthday Brett Favre
Happy birthday Remember this fella?
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Happy birthday to legend Brett Favre!
Brett Favre, Happy Birthday! via Happy birthday.
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Happy Birthday to Brett Favre, turning 48 years old.
11x Pro Bowler
3x MVP
Member Happy birthday Brett Favre (
Happy Birthday Brett Favre
Happy Birthday, Brett Favre!
Brett Favre with his 4 NFL teams Happy Birthday Favre!
Happy birthday Brett Favre!
Happy Birthday to the Ol\ Gunslinger himself---Brett Favre!
Happy Birthday October 10 to the \"Cutch\" Andrew McCutchen and HOF Legend GB QB Brett Favre. JC
Happy Birthday Brett Favre via
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