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Jill Lyne
happy birthday Cher - Jill Lyne (4 days ago)
birthday balloon

Bonnie Freeman-Brown
I love you...and Happy Birthday lady - Bonnie Freeman-Brown (4 days ago)
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connie koontz
Happy birthday Cher!! Only you can rock 71 the way you do. We all love you and hope you continue the parties - connie koontz (4 days ago)
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Charlie\'s Angels
From Argentina ! Happy birthday !!! - Charlie\'s Angels (4 days ago)
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Ali Babu Che Johnson
Happy Birthday to the most famous Armenian-American in the world: Cheryl Lyne Sarkisian PKA CHER! - Ali Babu Che Johnson (4 days ago)
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Gloria Nichols
Loved you on the Billboard Sunday nite. Congrats on your award you sure do deserve it. Happy Birthday late so sorry it\'s late love you - Gloria Nichols (5 days ago)
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Cortney G. Ledford
Happy 71st birthday, Cher! - Cortney G. Ledford (5 days ago)
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- Reedus4ever❤ (5 days ago)
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mackaler hilton
happy birthday xxxx - mackaler hilton (5 days ago)
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april lavalle
I wrote this card for whom I love so deeply. Happy Birthday, you inspirational queen. - april lavalle (5 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Written by - someecards (5 days ago)
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Kim Kardashian led stars wishing Cher happy 71st birthday | Daily Mail Online - digitalsheros (5 days ago)
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Happy late birthday officially an - TeeJay (5 days ago)
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Mirra J.
The trouble with some women is that they get all excited about nothing, and then marry him.-Cher Happy Birthday Queen! - Mirra J. (5 days ago)
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amaaaazzzing- happy 71st birthday, CHER! - ShontaRenee (5 days ago)
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Charlene Boothe
Happy 71st birthday, Cher! - Charlene Boothe (5 days ago)
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You were the best at BB ! Looking awesomely!! Happy belated birthday gf loved u since the sixty\'s - skiddy (5 days ago)
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Johnny Hu$$le
Happy Birthday from The Hu$$le Hogg Johnny!!! - Johnny Hu$$le (5 days ago)
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Happy 71st birthday, Cher! I\'d never heard any of these before I can\'t believe the real reason she spent... - ExposingTheRealities (5 days ago)
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I loved your appearance on the show true Cher fashion too many haters out there i hope i look as good as you - wypena (5 days ago)
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Happy belated birthday great performance at the - Redd (5 days ago)
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[email protected]
* * * * . . .. * * - [email protected] (5 days ago)
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Cher - Believe [Official Music Video] via Congrats @ the Billboard Awards & a belated Happy Birthday - SUZANNE MAGUIRE (5 days ago)
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Fern Sidman
Happy belated birthday You inspire us all. Keep rockin\'. We need your voice of reason during these troubling times - Fern Sidman (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Kireau Kendrick
Happy Birthday!! your older than !! he needs to listen to you! - Kireau Kendrick (5 days ago)
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cliff howard
Happy Birthday 24 May to poet songwriter & musician - cliff howard (5 days ago)
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Happy Birthday and congratulations - vickiv (5 days ago)
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Joe Ortiz
Happy 71st birthday, Cher! - Joe Ortiz (5 days ago)
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Jon Treichel
Happy birthday Cher! - Jon Treichel (5 days ago)
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Cheryl Wolder
Mazel tov and happy birthday! - Cheryl Wolder (5 days ago)
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Christine Defelice
Happy Birthday Cher 2017 BR - Christine Defelice (5 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Cher - Doreen (5 days ago)
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Tracy B
Happy 71st birthday, Cher! - Tracy B (5 days ago)
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Sal E Sue
Happy 71st birthday, Cher! Happy B-Day... - Sal E Sue (5 days ago)
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Carley ella
Happy Birthday Still amazing! Cher Makes Us \'Believe\' At The Billboard Music Awards | HuffPost - Carley ella (5 days ago)
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hippie wastoid
happy belated birthday love u - hippie wastoid (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Cristian de Chile
Happy 71st birthday, Cher! - Cristian de Chile (5 days ago)
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Kept trying to wish you happy birthday someone kept delinting them .-( - PoliceChaplainMisty (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Love you Cher! Happy belayed birthday! You were gorgeous and outstanding last night! Going to your concert on my bucket list! - KBelfay (5 days ago)
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Harlie Kellie
Happy Birthday to you Cher. Love you Harlie - Harlie Kellie (5 days ago)
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David Stewart
Happy Belated Birthday. Been loving your music for over 50 years and you still are an amazing singer. - David Stewart (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Diva La\'Wuan93
Happy Belated birthday to the iconic Cher! Happy Birthday to the legendary Naomi - Diva La\'Wuan93 (5 days ago)
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Eva Prokop
You were phenomenal! So was Celine Dion. ..omg goose bumps! My new goal in life is a 5 minute plank at 71! Th - Eva Prokop (5 days ago)
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Susan LeDrew
. I LOVED it! I watched the show only because you were on it. And btw, a belated happy birthday to you! - Susan LeDrew (5 days ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! raised $4,500 this year in HONOR OF YOUR BIRTHDAY for CCAKIDS! - ✨DOUGIE✨ (5 days ago)
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Michele Dillard
You are amazing. Congrats on award and Happy Birthday. I am life ling fan Cher - Michele Dillard (5 days ago)
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Sandra W. Dukes
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHER, YOU LOOK GREAT - Sandra W. Dukes (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday sweet baby. - ༘ (5 days ago)
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Linda Alaimo
Cher you were fantastic as always just love you. Congratulations on you award you sooo deserve it. Happy belated birthday - Linda Alaimo (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Diane M. Kose
Happy 71st Birthday, my friend, Ziko the syrian king says the same. LVU! - Diane M. Kose (5 days ago)

71 years old (Born on May 20, 1946)

The Sonny & Cher Show

Cher's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to my fashion icon Armenian Queen Cher!
71 years young. Happy Birthday to my idol, Cher. Thank you for the music.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Icon Award recipient,  So excited for her to perform tomorrow.
Happy Birthday Kween On the day before she\s set to receive the Icon award at the  turns 71!
Love her for speaking up for the animals imprisoned at Happy Birthday, to the incredible
Happy Birthday                                   NGs 3                                U149
Happy Birthday Written by
People \"Happy birthday cher!
Happy Birthday Cher!
RollingStone: Happy birthday Cher! Look back at our 1999 interview with the pop star
A little  to wish a very happy
Crew Singing Happy Birthday  To Backstage At
Happy birthday, Cher.
Happy birthday to Cher. Photo by Richard Avedon, 1969.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the super talented & beautiful
Happy birthday Cher!
Happy birthday to this Eternal Goddess...
\"I\m part of history, whether people want to take it seriously or not.\" - (born
 have a very happy birthday . Hope a birthday message for you from
Happy birthday Cher! Celebrate with some of her most iconic fashion moments
 Pls wish a happy birthday huge fan
Happy birthday cher bear! love you endlessly.
Happy birthday, Love Cher &
Happy Birthday Cher!
Happy birthday to Cher, the one and only goddess of pop!
* Happy birthday to Cher. Photo by Richard Avedon, (1969s).
 Happy birthday
Happy Birthday LEGEND !!!
¡Muchas felicidades Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday CHER  you are one of the last female icons long life to you
Happy Birthday Cher
Happy Birthday Abby, kill it at CNU There will NEVER be a better Cher
Happy birthday to Her Royal Highness <3
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!   raised $4,500 this year in HONOR OF YOUR BIRTHDAY for CCAKIDS!
Happy Birthday to my dear friend | Joyeux anniversaire à mon cher ami
 happy birthday Cher! Hope it was a fantastic day
Happy birthday to Cher!

I got you babe
Happy Birthday to one of pop culture\s biggest legends -- and a crazy nice person to interview:
Happy Birthday              I Love You!
My for you.
Happy Birthday, !
Happy birthday to one of my biggest style inspos, Cher
Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday to my Queen. The one and only
A happy late birthday to who took home the Icon Award last night. -
   Happy Birthday
Whhhhhhuutttt??? It\s his birthday today? Happy Birthday Hope your day is full of Cher Lloyd.
Happy birthday to one of the og best people ! Love you Cher
   Happy Birthday
Happy birthday I love you more than you love Cher
Happy Birthday   Madam.
Born: 20 May.
Happy birthday, Here\s 11 times the pop icon was nothing less than amazing
Cher is 71 today Happy Birthday Diva
Happy 71st Birthday to !
Happy 71st Birthday to
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Congratulations world!
Happy Birthday to the wonderful Cher who turns 71 today x
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to one of my higher powers, Cher
Happy birthday mom!
Happy birthday god
Happy birthday, mom.
 Happy 71st Birthday workin that 5 min plank
Celebrity: Happy 71st birthday, Cher!
 One of my role models! So gorgeous!   Happy birthday, may all your dreams come true! !
Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday to one of my first friends here: Bonne fete mon cher ami!
Happy birthday na p cher
 Ah ! Non ! Pas de champagne avant 20H01 ! Happy birthday cher Seb !
Happy birthday cher bear  (major throwbacks)
Happy birthday cher enjoy aussie
The Cher to my Dionne, happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Cher!!           xoxo
Happy Birthday Mother!
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY   (71)     (36)
Happy Birthday to today! Although parts of her are only 1 or 2! Plastic Fantastic!
Happy Birthday to !!!
Happy 71th birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Cher! :)
Happy Birthday to the queen : Cher |May 20, 1946
Happy Birthday I will never forget that time you messageed me x
Happy Birthday to the amazing singer and actress
Happy birthday An icon you certainly are
I\m on my way!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHER!!
Happy Birthday to someone who continues to \turn back time.\
 Happy Birthday You can still take me home!
Happy Birthday to the fabulous & talented
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday , you legend
Happy 71st Birthday, Cher!
Happy birthday to you . Have a beautiful and wonderfully awesome day today.
Happy birthday to the amazing diva    Here she is with at 2017 Women\s March
Happy Birthday Queen! May all of your wishes come true! (Including impeachment of our President)
Happy Birthday Cher, can wait to see you tonight.
Diva Cher Happy Birthday
Hoje é aniversário da criadora do céu e da terra, dona da juventude! happy bday
  Happy Birthday!  Enjoy your weekend love
Also Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the Beautiful
Happy birthday for the one and only
Happy Birthday to the one and only, fabulous
Happy Birthday You the definition of inspiration
 Happy 71st Birthday to Cher! Seen here in the drama-musical, \"Burlesque\".
Happy birthday queen
Happy 71st birthday from Lady Gaga and monsters everywhere!
Happy birthday to the Best Gypsy... Cher
 Happy Birthday
Happy 71st birthday to our beautiful goddess of pop
Happy birthday to this legend,
Cher! Sweeet! Way! Cool!
 Happy Birthday, mama lovelie!
Happy Birthday to the Iconic
Happy birthday, Cher!  If anyone can wear a yellow vinyl dress, you can!  1965, Gold Star Studios.
Happy 71st Birthday to the Goddess of Pop and my very first idol, when I was 5 years old!!
Happy birthday ilysm here\s 3 year old me dressed as you
  Happy birthday girlie!
Happy birthday to the legendary icon, CHER
Happy 71st Birthday Cher 71 hasn\t never looked so young!!! your Vegas show Rocked!!!
Life moodboard/inspo picts. Beautiful Happy birthday to my muse
A late but happy birthday to my gemini queen! a true star and light to my life. oh, cher, i love you so.
Happy Birthday pretty girl! Miss you!
 happy birthday to p\cher                                                                          !
From Argentina ! Happy birthday !!!
 the hiya to my biya! Happy 18th birthday gal! Love you lots Cher Lloyd, see you out tonight!
 today it\s my sister\s birthday she is 15, please can you wish a Happy Birthday to her ??
   Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Mom     Surprise trip to Vegas and Cher tickets
I wonder if it\ll boil down to her, Larry Storch, and the roaches- anyway Happy Birthday
   Happy BDay Lori, it is an honor to share your birthdate
Just look at this beautiful Brit~ Happy birthday, mon cher~! He\s mine~
  Happy Birthday!!
[STORIES] From Cincin BNK48:
Happy birthday ka p Cher
IG Story Tarwaan : Happy birthday P\Cher
Happy Birthday Cher
Happy birthday, the Sonny to my Cher and the Mario to my Luigi.
       happy  birthday baekhyun    I love you so much
 happy birthday eden!!! love from Cher xx
Happy birthday baby girls
Deguisement mascotte - Achat Deguisement mascotte pas cher
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BBY even tho u always hurt me I still love u   .
Mon cher P.K., c\est à ton tour... From Montréal to Nashville (or Anaheim), happy 28th birthday, !
Pls.sing Happy Bday 2my bestie Doug Clark He\ll B there 2nite
Un homme sympathique , apprécié par tous et par toutes !! Happy Birthday cher
Hi Cher Happy Birthday!  Thank you for everything And more Birthdays to come Braids? hehe Ily
Happy 71st Birthday, Cher! Our Favorite Quotes
 Happy birthday babe!
 happy birthday cher  I know your bd is may 20th just a early widh love you have a great day
Happy Birthday Legend
Happy Birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY  I wish you all the best, love you
  Happy Birthday sweetheart. Hope your birthday is filled with love and happiness.
 we are celebrating you all weekend. You special classy lady. Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the goddess of pop
And one day appears. Happy birthday !!!!
 at your show.                Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday! 71
A stupendously happy birthday to the Goddess of Pop,
 Happy BIrthday. Have a wonderful birthday.
 HAPPY Birthday sexy lady!!!Hugs and kisses from UKRAINE!!!
Happy Birthday to the fabulous
Happy birthday my Queen and best singer/actress in the World! you!!!
Chers birthday present I bought her   happy birthday Cher
Happy Birthday to the legendary, Cher. 
Help us wish her the very best today :)
Happy Birthday, Cher!

copyright © Rob Snow | creative 2017

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 happy birthday !!!!
So much fun tonight! THANK YOU HAPPY (almost) BIRTHDAY!!
Happy Birthday, Cher!
  Happy Birthday to Who turns 70 today
71 today. Happy Birthday Cher
Happy birthday have a great one
B4 Parking wishes a very Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Cher .
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday you are a true legend
Happy 71st Birthday,  winner!
Happy birthday to
Happy birthday to one of my heroes, the iconic Cher
Happy birthday, Cher!
Happy birthday to the legendary icon that is
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday!!    Tonight was soooo much fun!!
Happy Birthday Cher, 71!
Happy 71st Birthday Cher!
 Happy Birthday
Have one hell of a day and many more, and Birthdays too
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