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Bill Lucey
What does Jennifer Grey and Bill Lucey have in common? Both born 3-26-60. Happy Birthday! and have a terrific day. - Bill Lucey (17 hours ago)
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Belén von Buchwald
So proud of being European. To me, its not just a common market, it\'s a common dream Happy Birthday - Belén von Buchwald (19 hours ago)
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greg mchugh
happy birthday lads. Know u add something in common - greg mchugh (23 hours ago)
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Lee Nicholson
Leaving Mother\'s Day to get everything on the day is a bit more common then a thought.. a happy birthday card kind of has the same gesture - Lee Nicholson (23 hours ago)
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Rachael jones
Happy birthday!! - Rachael jones (1 day ago)
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leah andreasen
Happy Birthday have a good one!! X - leah andreasen (1 day ago)
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Happy birthday big lad xx - lewis (1 day ago)
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Happy birthday hope you have a bopping day! enjoy this photo where i look like i am internally scream - Charley (1 day ago)
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Kenzel Kelly
happy birthday we have something in common I loathing for Jacob - Kenzel Kelly (1 day ago)
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Wisdom and common sense master. 92 years young. Happy Birthday - #KeetzdaKingstress (1 day ago)
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Florent Nduwayo
Happy Birthday to . Whatever the challenges, European countries will never overcome them alone, but united by their common values. - Florent Nduwayo (1 day ago)
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Chuck Beretz
Happy Birthday, EU! May peace continue to reign. Leaders proclaim a Common Future (minus Britain) - Chuck Beretz (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday! You\'re a great follow. It\'s always glorious to watch you rile up the left w/intellect and common sense. - Mike (1 day ago)
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Today is your birthday but also its the birthday of my speech impediment therapist. happy birthday helena. you dont - heeeeeeeeey (1 day ago)
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yeah hello?
Today is your birthday but also its the birthday of my speech impediment therapist. happy birthday helena. you dont - yeah hello? (1 day ago)
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Kornelios Korneliou
Happy 60th Birthday to the If we retain a sense of history, our common & remain valid as ever! - Kornelios Korneliou (1 day ago)
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|| Allu Arjun ||
Advance Happy Birthday Ram Charan Common Dp for - || Allu Arjun || (1 day ago)
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Wishing you a very happy birthday to a kissan politician and common man Mr. Ji may god bless you - KAPIL DIWAKARBJP/RSS (2 days ago)
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Dr Valdet Aliu
Where there\'s a sense of common purpose & progressive reform, there\'s future. Happy Birthday ! - Dr Valdet Aliu (2 days ago)
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Susanne Rauprich
\"We have united for the better. Europe is our common future.\" Shame Britain has no part in this. Happy birthday EU - Susanne Rauprich (2 days ago)
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Happy birthday you\'re doing great things and I appreciate the heck out of ya - amanda (2 days ago)
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Ellen Berends
in 1957: signing Cooperation, solidarity, peace, common values. Happy birthday - Ellen Berends (2 days ago)
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Gareth O.
Happy birthday to the European community, an attempt to bring warring states together and bring peace through commo - Gareth O. (2 days ago)
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Vishal Tyagi
Happy bday Sir. May God give you strength to keep helping common people as always. - Vishal Tyagi (2 days ago)
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Daineli Maldini
Happy birthday the GOAT of commentators!! You and Messi have that in common. - Daineli Maldini (2 days ago)
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Ashish Mane
Wish You a Very Happy Birthday Kunal Kumar Sir. An officer who always listens to common man for problem. God Bless U Sir. - Ashish Mane (2 days ago)
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Alex Joshua
Happy birthday! Thanks for being the one to give me a little common sense whenever my messages go a bit too far to the right! - Alex Joshua (2 days ago)
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Happy 87th birthday to these 2 incredible men! This set of twins has much more in common than - Marilyn (2 days ago)
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priscilla anderton
Because there\'s nothing we have more in common than our CBF!!!!! Happy 17th bday baby sis - priscilla anderton (2 days ago)
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happy birthday ram Charan sir common dp for cherry sir\'s birthday - Narasimha (3 days ago)
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happy birthday Mi , catch you in the common later for a sosh xxx - Nat (3 days ago)
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Tanisha Satpathy
Happy Birthday in Advance sweetie , Although We dont know eachother but we have a common fav Zalfie . Hope you have nice day - Tanisha Satpathy (3 days ago)
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You and I shared the common things Happy Birthday Sir Oli KapusoBrigade - KB_MulawinJasfer (3 days ago)
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ryan atwood
So apparently Rod Hicks and I have more in common than rugged good looks, athletic prowess and mad flow. Happy birthday Rod. - ryan atwood (3 days ago)
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Tummy Jimmy
My boss made us stay back at work yesterday listening to your cover of \"Common People\" until we enjoyed it. Happy Birthday!! - Tummy Jimmy (3 days ago)
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Justin Sullivan
Happy 149th birthday to the UC! - Justin Sullivan (3 days ago)
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Madison Fogg
Alex and I had a moment in Cambridge Common about her leaving for 5 months and she started crying. Anyways, happy birthday - Madison Fogg (3 days ago)
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Ronny Oner™
Happy birthday Deno MLP STN @ Whitchurch Common - Ronny Oner™ (3 days ago)
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قوس قزح
What does 7ob 7ayati and Mariam have in common? They both have the same birthday!!! And face! And name! And personality! HAPPY BIRTHDAY - قوس قزح (3 days ago)
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Taylor Palin
and I don\'t have a whole lot in common, but a birthday is one of them! Happy birthday to one of my favorite fighters!! - Taylor Palin (3 days ago)
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Trend Machine Hashmi
We hit top 5 common gUys push more ....! Wuhooo Emraan Love Happy Birthday Emraan Hashmi - Trend Machine Hashmi (3 days ago)
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Robert Sweeny
hey Karen the one thing that we have in common is that were both born in March! happy birthday Karen - Robert Sweeny (3 days ago)
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Happy BDay Addz! couldn\'t live w/o you and our rants about all of the problems we have in common lololol can\'t wait - JennaBelle (3 days ago)
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vignesh waran
Here it is the much awaited Common DP for \'s Birthday! Adv happy - vignesh waran (3 days ago)
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birthday balloon

Sarah LeMarier
Happy Birthday to my little Twinnie. I you Kendra. We have so much in common yet the ways - Sarah LeMarier (3 days ago)
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الجوهرة خ.
happy birthday to the one I have so much in common with I keep wondering why weren\'t we close before. - الجوهرة خ. (4 days ago)
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Happy Birthday. Hope you will write a new success story very soon which will inspire common public..Madhvan-Kangana rocks!! - K-Avi (4 days ago)
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Common na daw kasi ang \"Happy Birthday\" dedication sa cake - ysa (4 days ago)

45 years old (Born on March 13, 1972)

African-American rapper from Chicago, Illinois; He is famous from I used to love H.E.R.

Is a vegetarian. Is signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label. Had a public feud with Ice Cube in the late 90s, epitomized in the song "The b*tch In Yoo.". Has a daughter. He was engaged to singer Erykah Badu.

Common's Best Moments

Happy birthday to a guy who s anything but common!! See you this weekend at brother
Happy Birthday,
Happy 45th Birthday to
Happy birthday to one of Chi-town\s best, common!
   have nothing in common but they share a birth date. Happy birthday guyys
ABC7: Happy birthday common!
Janu\s Birthday Special \"Common DP\" Will Be Revealed at 7pm Today!!!
15days to go.. Advance Happy Birthday
What do Fayth, Morgan and Anthony all have in common? They were born on February 19th! Happy birthday Owls!!
Happy Birthday to Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. aka common!
Common DP For My Darling Birthday  Happy Birthday Bangaram
Happy birthday Ghana.  60 is not a common age for an African country.
Advance happy birthday girl    Here it is common DP to celebrate by fans club
Happy birthday
. What do these people all have in common?...

It\s their birthday!

Happy Birthday DT,
Guess how old Common is turning today
Happy 45th Birthday To Common!
Happy birthday to my fellow Avalon buddy Joseph. May biotechnology prosper for the common good!
Join us in wishing a very happy 45th birthday to rapper, actor and activist
Happy birthday Palma! Does turning 17 give you more common sense?
Happy Birthday !!
Happy 24th birthday, Twinneroos!     There seems to be a common theme here
Happy Birthday Today one of our favorite best-dressed men turns 45.
Happy 45th Birthday common
A common DP Design by me for the angelic Beauty .... Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the only Marauder with any common sense!!
Happy 45th Birthday To Common!
Happy Birthday to the soulful lyricist
Super&Mass Common dp Eagerly waiting  anna Adv happy birthday
Happy Birthday Bruce Wayne!!!! Atleast share something in common well kinda haha 19 there 20 here so...
Wishing a very happy birthday!
Since it\s his Birthday, it\s only right!
Happy Birthday,  Thanks for coming to Temple!
Happy Birthday   us on IG:
Happy 45th Birthday to !
Help us wish a very Happy 45th Birthday to rapper/actor
Happy birthday to one of the most insightful MCs in the game,
Happy Birthday  Favorite track?
Happy day before my birthday to me ;)))) I think this officially makes me a common white girl
Happy birthday lover  so glad we have so much in common hope you\ve had a great day so far!!! miss you
Happy birthday E$, only 5 more months till common man
Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday Dear Happy Birthday To You Common Wish Her Now
Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday You continue to inspire me in many areas of my life, especially singing!
Cami!!! A little late but happy bday!! So glad we have things in common we can bond over ;)
Happy Birthday to Grammy, Oscar-winning rapper
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday, What\s your favorite Common song?
Happy birthday to Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr. AKA - somebody who has always lived up to his words.
Happy 45th Birthday Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr! 
aka, \"Common\"
Also, I forgot to wish a happy birthday to a man of brilliance, common sense, and humanity
Happy Birthday to the flag of Canada! Canadian Flag inquiry..what things do all CFS have in common?
Excuse my scream but happy birthday to this dumbass hope 21 brings you some common sense. Love you tho
Sticking with common theme...Happy Birthday Kudz!!
Such a awesome common Dp   Anna happy birthday n Advance
Happy birthday photo designer 
Thalapathy Common DP design
Happy Birthday to Common, who turns 45 today!
Happy Birthday Common and enjoy your day with many blessings. Pic circa early 2000\s
Happy 45th Birthday to one of my faves. One of the greatest. I love you
Happy Birthday to one of my faves
Wish a happy birthday to    and more!
Happy birthday to We  him in LUV, which you can stream free on Tubi:
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to my hubby    \"Don\t worry about tomorrow \cause today is a blessing\"
Happy Birthday Common!! .. the coffee and Ciroc was for me
Happy Birthday wishes to our FLY guy
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to our man
It\s uncommon to not like  to wish him a happy 45th birthday!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday    Come back to chop it up with WPGC again some time
Happy birthday to
Today\s is celebrating his big day! Happy 45th Birthday
Happy birthday common ,u still get down,
Happy birthday Christa Ludwig and Teresa Berganza!
Here is the common DP to celebrate  Anna birthday  Annnnnna
advance happy birthday Anna
 Happy Birthday to your momma and mine also, cool  I knew we had something in common.
 Based on Logistics and common logic Happy birthday EFE
23 Days of partying, Chicago 65 degrees in February, Happy bday Golf . ..  .
Common happy birthday themed round cake by me.
 Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday Common .
You get Glory for standing up for What\s Right. Happy Birthday via
Happy 45th Birthday to Common. One dope MC. Kids probably know him for being an actor now,
BIG Happy Birthday to
Happy 45th Birthday To Common!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the handsome, gorgeous
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday     1978 Common (Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr.)
 Alert: Read More on Happy 45th Birthday To Common! -
Help us wish a very Happy 45th Birthday to rapper/actor who\s always put on for his city
Happy 45th Birthday     To ARTIST
Happy birthday Common!
Happy birthday to
Happy Birthday Common
Happy Birthday
Happy 45th Birthday To Common!
Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday Common! He has never been an artist to shy away from activism. Cu
Happy Birthday to Common, born March 13, 1972
Wishing a happy birthday!
Happy 45th Birthday To Common! - The Source
  Good morning Happy Monday & Happy Birthday to U enjoy a new week celebration
Happy Birthday Common!
Happy Birthday to the soulful lyricist
Happy birthday common!
Happy Birthday to the super talented and mega cool All the best from your team!
45 and fine. Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to my favorite.....
Happy 45th birthday to
Happy Birthday ! I love you!
Happy birthday to the hip-hop lyricist Common.
Happy 45th Birthday
 Happy Birthday To That Soul Brotha Common who celebrates his 44th BDay today.
45 and still a snack
Happy birthday King
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Shoot out to Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday  Here\s my top favs by ya
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to me and Common
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday   -
Happy Birthday !
Happy 45th Birthday (March 13, 1972)
Happy Birthday AKA
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to my husband
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Lonnie Rashid Lynn
   happy birthday! loolz side note common so fine !
Vevo : Happy birthday to one of Chi-town\s best, common!
Happy Birthday Common!!
Happy Birthday, Love and Light to you, today and always.
Vevo : Happy birthday to one of Chi-town\s best, common!
Happy Birthday, Looking forward to your show at Sat. April 29!
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday
Happy 45th birthday to
Mister happy bday sir
Happy 45th Birthday Common!
Happy Birthday
Wearing 45 like a top-of-the-line, tailored-fit suit. happy birthday-- intro to hip hop, -- shine.
Happy Birthday                            March 13, 1972 (age 45)
Happy Birthday  ~ The Sweetest Chick on the Radio
Happy 45th Birthday !!!
Happy Birthday, Lonnie Lynn Jr.: 7 Stories About Common You Need To Read
Happy Birthday Common!!!
 ON WITH Wishes: A Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the dude I consider a great role model. Happy birthday, sir
Happy Birthday - breathe!
Happy Birthday
Happy happy birthday to a music icon !!
Happy Birthday to Common (born March 13, 1972)
Happy Birthday March 13,1972
Happy Birthday: 7 Stories About Common You Need To Read
The Divah Filez would like to wish a Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Bday!!!
Now this is a 45 we can get behind. Happy 45th birthday
 Happy Birthday Lonnie Rashid Lynn Shop all things here:
Happy Birthday to who turns  45 today!
Happy birthday We\ll be spinning in your honor.
From the studio to the big screen! Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday COMMON (
Happy Birthday baby!
Happy Birthday to Common!  Happy 45th birthday to rapper and actor Common! The father share
Happy birthday, I wished you happy birthday on \s show this morning. Call me .
Happy birthday to !
Happy Birthday to
Happy 45th Birthday
Happy 45th Birthday To Common!
Happy birthday to one of Chi Town\s greatest MC\s
Happy Birthday to my favorite. 45 never looked as good as it does on you
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to own
 Lonnie Lynn!  7 stories about you need to read.
Happy birthday to a true inspiration
Happy Birthday Common.  45th
Happy birthday, brodie ! (feat. Johnray the Abdulrahman) paapak sa Common Projects
Happy belated birthday     The best wishes lane was too crowded yesterday
 happy belated birthday
I guess we\ll have something in common this Friday  Won\t be a happy birthday to me..
Common na daw kasi ang \"Happy Birthday\" dedication sa cake
We hit top 5 common gUys push more ....!
Emraan Love
Happy Birthday Emraan Hashmi
 happy birthday to the one I have so much in common with I keep wondering why weren\t we close before.
 happy birthday ram Charan sir common dp for cherry sir\s birthday
Advance Happy Birthday Ram Charan
Common Dp for
Common celebrity 0
common and serena williams 1
common album 3
common core 4

Fun Facts About Common

Was known as Common Sense prior to 1995, when a ska band with that name sued him, forcing him to shorten his name.

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