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Coffee Party
\"Our name implies that if Americans sat down and had a cup of coffee in a cafe or at a living room coffee table, we - Coffee Party (6 hours ago)
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Jennifer Lou Davis
Don t touch your face, get more sleep than usual, wash your hands every time you have a chance, wash - Jennifer Lou Davis (6 hours ago)
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The Red Carpet Hero
Happy birthday in heaven to my grandmother. The older i get the more stories i get to hear and i realize how much w - The Red Carpet Hero (8 hours ago)
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Leanne Baker✨
Lmaoooo Yeah I bet I\'m from Kent but because I sound common people think I\'m from London Happy Birthday man - Leanne Baker✨ (12 hours ago)
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Joseph Muagba
For being a forthright fighter and believer in the common good of our nation and by extension human - Joseph Muagba (13 hours ago)
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Philadelphia Museum of Art
Happy birthday to Constantin Born in 1876, he redefined sculpture by reintroducing the direct - Philadelphia Museum of Art (19 hours ago)
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Jeff Thomas
Happy BDay Uncle Joey! Wish you many more with your daughter! You are a breath of fresh air... we are - Jeff Thomas (19 hours ago)
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Happy birthday Toni - PATRICIA ALLEN (21 hours ago)
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Pat Pitts™
Happy Birthday to the best dad a son could ask for. Love you Dickie @ Common Market Restaurants - Pat Pitts™ (21 hours ago)
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Renee A/V Dupree, PhDc
Kind King, would you do me the honor of wishing me a happy birthday? - Renee A/V Dupree, PhDc (1 day ago)
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Monica Slater
Happy Birthday - Monica Slater (1 day ago)
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Rep. Lucy McBath
Today would have been Jordan s 24th birthday. I am honoring my son s life by working for common sense solutions to - Rep. Lucy McBath (3 days ago)
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Christina White
I ve never met anyone who loves ranch as much as me, but I might have that in common with ! Just wat - Christina White (4 days ago)
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Common dp annna adv happy bday - Mr.Local (4 days ago)
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Now that i think about it..... the mars rover and i have a lot in common.. i also sing happy birthday to myself eve - Ernestine (4 days ago)
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2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table. Read about the chemist who constructed this \"c - COMSOL (5 days ago)
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Dennis Boz Abides
- Dennis Boz Abides (5 days ago)
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Mayur Kulkarni
Friends are rare and brothers are common, but a brother that is a friend is a treasure. Happy Birthday Sanchit Chavan ! - Mayur Kulkarni (5 days ago)
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Renelda Turner & Nevaeh Bickerstaff
Trayvon..Happy Birthday. RIP..RIH...gone but never forgotten. - Renelda Turner & Nevaeh Bickerstaff (5 days ago)
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Brigette Metzler
Whatever you do, don\'t lose the red thread (what\'s the common core to you and what you are about). He - Brigette Metzler (5 days ago)
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Scrum Alliance
This week, back in 2001, 17 smart people met to talk, ski, relax, and try to find common ground -- and of course, t - Scrum Alliance (5 days ago)
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Shayne Topp
22 years ago was constructed in a garage using common household materials. Happy Birthday dude, I - Shayne Topp (6 days ago)
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K. Vitola Tepedino
Happy book birthday to this spine-tingling sibling mystery that s grounded in sisterly love and common sense. ( - K. Vitola Tepedino (6 days ago)
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Imma say it I wish my friends did a little more for birthday every year I honestly barely get a happy birthday - GabbyMarie (1 week ago)
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You can find something common in all of these pictures. Happy Birthday to my best friend. - Kate♛ (1 week ago)
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Watching stream about subscribing to . Common guys, do your part! I also want Jack to - Jinx (1 week ago)
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Fi Be
yesterday I had my \'happy 55th birthday\' bowel screening test freebie from NHS. Instant test result - Fi Be (1 week ago)
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- no more sadness and youll be a better person than before. Now lemme sing a song for you, a common song but stil - 은떠 (1 week ago)
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ALLWELL JUMBO. (atikufied)
Friends are rare and brothers are common, but a brother that is a friend is a treasure. The moments that we shared - ALLWELL JUMBO. (atikufied) (1 week ago)
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Stephen R. Whitson
Happy Birthday Sir! My BDay today as well, stoked to have that in common. I thank you for your serv - Stephen R. Whitson (1 week ago)
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Brother Ali
Is there a common valentine\'s song like we have for happy birthday or Christmas? - Brother Ali (1 week ago)
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Shehri malik
Happy birthday dear.May you live long.Many many happy returns of the day.I don\'t know - Shehri malik (1 week ago)
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Mollee Holloman
No wonder I feel I have so much in common with you... My bday was Monday!! Happy birthday. - Mollee Holloman (10 months ago)
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mara | #6YearsWithEXO
Happy birthday to fellow 94 liner but that\'s the only thing we have in common because he\'s so beautiful, talented a - mara | #6YearsWithEXO (10 months ago)
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Chuck Moore
Voices, Views, Values, Visits To The Dead, Fallen Stars, Windy Knights, Frogs In The End.Fairies Woods: Wood Fairy: - Chuck Moore (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Rattler!! We have two things in common! 4/11 and - thick77♡music (10 months ago)
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Many many happy returns of the day Mani ..I m lucky & glad to find a sweet friend like u here on twit - Gagori (10 months ago)
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Andy T
Hey both Rocket and I share something in common! Moms that were born on April 11th ! Another strange coin - Andy T (10 months ago)
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Ekramul Haque
Happy Birthday . You are the voice of common citizens. God bless you. - Ekramul Haque (10 months ago)
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Big happy birthday shoutout to Edmonton s voice of reason! you re a beauty man, thanks for everythin - Jordy (10 months ago)
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Derek McCauley
Wishing a very happy & no doubt Bizarre birthday to one of the more recognizable characters in the industry, - Derek McCauley (10 months ago)
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Paul Podhorn, Jr.
Bobby was charismatic without peer. Your grandmother & family inspired My Generation. Noblesse oblige. When wealth - Paul Podhorn, Jr. (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to our Sehunnie aka. my bias wrecker no.1 I love you so much and have an amazing da - Baekana (10 months ago)
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Alton Regional CVB
Break a leg this It was common to find taking the stage at this location. Find toda - Alton Regional CVB (10 months ago)
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ji Happy birthday & I love u plz plz plz plz reply - ________ (10 months ago)
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agnes #insansouts
So many Carsonators united today and showed their love towards it was so amazing to see. We can all co - agnes #insansouts (10 months ago)
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calder hollond
The only thing motivating me to go to class rn is the need to escape from the painful piano performance of happy b - calder hollond (10 months ago)
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wishing a happy birthday shows how great a company is and that s not common in today s world - Spider-Fan (10 months ago)
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Orji A. Uka
Happy birthday Big Boss I always knew we had something in common. But you should - Orji A. Uka (10 months ago)
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Lydia Brown
Happy bday to this sassy girl that I literally have way too much in common with.. I love you!! - Lydia Brown (10 months ago)

46 years old (Born on March 13, 1972)

African-American rapper from Chicago, Illinois; He is famous from I used to love H.E.R.

Is a vegetarian. Is signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label. Had a public feud with Ice Cube in the late 90s, epitomized in the song "The b*tch In Yoo.". Has a daughter. He was engaged to singer Erykah Badu.

Common's Best Moments

Happy bday to the big bro
Happy birthday to an amazing friend and person! I hope you have a wonderful day
Happy birthday to a guy who s anything but common!! See you this weekend at brother
Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday to one of Chi-town\s best, common!
   have nothing in common but they share a birth date. Happy birthday guyys
One of Chicago\s finest! Happy 46th Birthday to rapper, actor, producer, Grammy and Oscar winner Common!
ABC7: Happy birthday common!
Here\s common dp design done by me. Happy birthday mam    Wish you all successful year ahead
 common dp and Hash tag  Happy Birthday Peter
You can find something common in all of these pictures. Happy Birthday to my best friend.
What do Fayth, Morgan and Anthony all have in common? They were born on February 19th! Happy birthday Owls!!
Happy Birthday to Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. aka common!
Happy birthday Ghana.  60 is not a common age for an African country.
Advance happy birthday girl    Here it is common DP to celebrate by fans club
Ah the & teams got me a Commonhamper for my birthday. Happy Brexmas to me!
Happy Birthday Watch his latest interview with The Breakfast Club right here -
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday big bro! Crazy how much we have in common
. What do these people all have in common?...

It\s their birthday!

Happy Birthday DT,
Guess how old Common is turning today
Happy 45th Birthday To Common!
    Advance Happy Birthday  Common dp
Happy birthday to my fellow Avalon buddy Joseph. May biotechnology prosper for the common good!
Join us in wishing a very happy 45th birthday to rapper, actor and activist
Happy birthday Palma! Does turning 17 give you more common sense?
Happy Birthday !!
Common DP for Kannazhagi B\day  Advance happy birthday
 Common Dp  Advance Happy Birthday
Happy birthday home slice!! Here s to more strange common interests
Happy 45th Birthday common
Happy birthday Common - The Light (Live)
Happy 46th Birthday to
Happy birthday 18th boi  hopefully your common sense comes in by now
A common DP Design by me for the angelic Beauty .... Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the only Marauder with any common sense!!
In the middle of a common room full of sixth formers my irls sang happy birthday to me
Happy 20th Birthday to His Dudeness... El Duderino if you\re not into the whole brevity thing.
Happy Birthday to the soulful lyricist
On behalf of birthday 

A common dp done by the fans :) 

Advance happy birthday sir :)
We wish you a very happy birthday,
Happy 46th birthday to the multi-talented, Emmy, Grammy and Oscar-winning,
Super&Mass Common dp Eagerly waiting  anna Adv happy birthday
Happy Birthday Bruce Wayne!!!! Atleast share something in common well kinda haha 19 there 20 here so...
Wishing a very happy birthday!
Since it\s his Birthday, it\s only right!
Happy Birthday,  Thanks for coming to Temple!
Happy birthday to one of Chi-Town\s finest,
Happy Birthday to Common who turns 46 today
Happy Birthday   us on IG:
Happy 45th Birthday to !
Help us wish a very Happy 45th Birthday to rapper/actor
Happy birthday to one of the most insightful MCs in the game,
Happy Birthday  Favorite track?
We love everything about  from his words of wisdom to his incredible music. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to my Big brother always solid
Happy Birthday to a true fashion icon and the most common singing voice stuck in our head,
Happy birthday to the poet of the common man.
Happy birthday lover  so glad we have so much in common hope you\ve had a great day so far!!! miss you
Happy birthday E$, only 5 more months till common man
Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday You continue to inspire me in many areas of my life, especially singing!
Cami!!! A little late but happy bday!! So glad we have things in common we can bond over ;)
It s Birthday   Happy Birthday boo! I love you
Happy Birthday !
Here\s to one of the realest people we know. Happy birthday,
Happy birthday !!   !!
Happy bday to this sassy girl that I literally have way too much in common with.. I love you!!
Common dp       annna adv happy bday
Happy Birthday to Grammy, Oscar-winning rapper
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday, What\s your favorite Common song?
Happy birthday to Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr. AKA - somebody who has always lived up to his words.
Happy 45th Birthday Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr! 
aka, \"Common\"
Happy Birthday Ajay Devgn. One Of The Most common cause of mouth Cancer!!!
Shame on you!!!
Advance Happy Birthday To Missile Akil Akkineni Here it is Common Dp
Happy Birthday Kenz, two out of the four pictures have something in common, I hope you get some of that! love you
Happy Birthday Nani Common DP :
We finally have something in common (tbj hoodie). Happy birthday, Changsub!
Happy 46th Birthday Common
Happy Birthday to Chicago\s own
Wishing a very happy birthday to a Chicago legend,
Happy 46th Birthday To
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday to you King!
Here is the Common dp for the beautiful     Advance Happy Birthday Gorgeous Lady
Happy Birthday to the flag of Canada! Canadian Flag inquiry..what things do all CFS have in common?
Such a awesome common Dp   Anna happy birthday n Advance
Happy birthday photo designer 
Thalapathy Common DP design
Happy Birthday Common and enjoy your day with many blessings. Pic circa early 2000\s
Happy 45th Birthday to one of my faves. One of the greatest. I love you
Happy Birthday to one of my faves
Wish a happy birthday to    and more!
Happy birthday to We  him in LUV, which you can stream free on Tubi:
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to my hubby    \"Don\t worry about tomorrow \cause today is a blessing\"
Happy Birthday wishes to our FLY guy
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to our man
It\s uncommon to not like  to wish him a happy 45th birthday!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday    Come back to chop it up with WPGC again some time
Today\s is celebrating his big day! Happy 45th Birthday
Happy birthday common ,u still get down,
Happy birthday Christa Ludwig and Teresa Berganza!
  Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to my roomie I hate you forever haha hope you find that common sense today
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday      Hip Hop artist, Actor, Author  Wishing you many Happy returns
Happy Birthday to Grammy, Oscar-winning rapper
Happy Birthday to the king
Happy birthday to my wonderful client and friend
Happy Birthday to artist, actor, and poet  .
Happy 46th birthday
Happy birthday to
Happy birthday to rapper, actor, and Chicago\s very own, He turns 46 today.
Happy Birthday shout out for .
Happy birthday Remember your basketball days?
Happy Birthday to my uncle     Proud to be apart of CGF
Ramcharan birthday 

My small edit common dp
Advance happy birthday Annaya.
Here is the common DP to celebrate  Anna birthday  Annnnnna
advance happy birthday Anna
 Happy Birthday to your momma and mine also, cool  I knew we had something in common.
 Based on Logistics and common logic Happy birthday EFE
23 Days of partying, Chicago 65 degrees in February, Happy bday Golf . ..  .
Common happy birthday themed round cake by me.
 Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday Common .
You get Glory for standing up for What\s Right. Happy Birthday via
Happy 45th Birthday to Common. One dope MC. Kids probably know him for being an actor now,
Happy 45th Birthday To Common!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the handsome, gorgeous
Happy Birthday
Help us wish a very Happy 45th Birthday to rapper/actor who\s always put on for his city
Happy birthday to
Happy Birthday Common
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday,
Wishing a happy birthday!
Happy 45th Birthday To Common! - The Source
Happy Birthday Common!
Happy Birthday to the soulful lyricist
Happy birthday common!
Happy Birthday to the super talented and mega cool All the best from your team!
45 and fine. Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to my favorite.....
Happy 45th birthday to
Happy Birthday ! I love you!
Happy birthday to the hip-hop lyricist Common.
 Happy Birthday To That Soul Brotha Common who celebrates his 44th BDay today.
45 and still a snack
Happy birthday King
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Shoot out to Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to me and Common
Happy Birthday   -
Happy Birthday !
Happy 45th Birthday (March 13, 1972)
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to my husband
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Lonnie Rashid Lynn
Vevo : Happy birthday to one of Chi-town\s best, common!
Happy Birthday Common!!
Happy Birthday, Love and Light to you, today and always.
Vevo : Happy birthday to one of Chi-town\s best, common!
Happy Birthday, Looking forward to your show at Sat. April 29!
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday
Happy 45th Birthday Common!
Happy Birthday
Wearing 45 like a top-of-the-line, tailored-fit suit. happy birthday-- intro to hip hop, -- shine.
Happy Birthday  ~ The Sweetest Chick on the Radio
Happy 45th Birthday !!!
Happy Birthday, Lonnie Lynn Jr.: 7 Stories About Common You Need To Read
Happy Birthday Common!!!
 ON WITH Wishes: A Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday - breathe!
Happy Birthday
Happy happy birthday to a music icon !!
Happy Birthday to Common (born March 13, 1972)
Happy Birthday March 13,1972
The Divah Filez would like to wish a Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Bday!!!
Now this is a 45 we can get behind. Happy 45th birthday
 Happy Birthday Lonnie Rashid Lynn Shop all things here:
Happy Birthday to who turns  45 today!
Happy birthday We\ll be spinning in your honor.
From the studio to the big screen! Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday COMMON (
Happy Birthday to Common!  Happy 45th birthday to rapper and actor Common! The father share
Happy birthday, I wished you happy birthday on \s show this morning. Call me .
Happy birthday to !
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Fun Facts About Common

Was known as Common Sense prior to 1995, when a ska band with that name sued him, forcing him to shorten his name.

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