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The Masquerade
Also! It was just birthday recently. Look at how happy he is! He wanted me 2 ask you - The Masquerade (2 days ago)
birthday balloon

Latha Jesuthasan
Oh wow he rocks! I\'ve aways been a fan and hope he tours the UK so I can see him, it\'s - Latha Jesuthasan (4 days ago)
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Charlene LJ Short
*° . *° . *° . . °* . °* . °* . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY . . *° . *° . *° . . °* . °* . °* - Charlene LJ Short (4 days ago)
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Cliff Barackman
. I missed it, but happy birthday. Be squatchy. - Cliff Barackman (5 days ago)
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Steve Bayliss
Are you covering a Billy Joel song? Please play it in Louisville on Saturday! Happy Belated Birthday! - Steve Bayliss (5 days ago)
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Happy Birthday - Paul (5 days ago)
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Tony Wah-Dell
HAPPY B-L8\'d Birthday!!! Wishing you much success on your tour! Go Corey! - Tony Wah-Dell (5 days ago)
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Megan Renee Adams
And i\'m wishing you a very happy belated Bday and have a very sweet week - Megan Renee Adams (6 days ago)
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terrible lawn
happy birthday Corey !! Hope you win the world game. - terrible lawn (6 days ago)
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btw happy belated bday! just got a replacement phone so now I have access to the internet. I hope u - Dawn (6 days ago)
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Cynthia Kelly
Happy Belated Birthday n I so forgot you both played in Awesome - Cynthia Kelly (6 days ago)
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Denise Crosby
so happy U got 2 spend your Birthday yesterday in one of the best cities in the world NYC my hometown hope it was fantastic - Denise Crosby (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy belated birthday, my cancerian friend. - Lisa (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

elvis thomas
happy birthday brother! feels like i grew up with you in from your movies - elvis thomas (6 days ago)
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Erin Sullivan
happy belated birthday corey. - Erin Sullivan (6 days ago)
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Sean Halliday
hi Corey! Can you say happy birthday to this gal she\'s a HUGE fan lol! Good luck with the shows - Sean Halliday (6 days ago)
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Realweegiemidge Blog
Happy Belated Birthday - Realweegiemidge Blog (6 days ago)
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Sheila Lewis
Oh and happy birthday , have a great day Corey - Sheila Lewis (6 days ago)
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7/16 Happy Birthday to: Daryl Mitchell, Corey Feldman, Topper Carey, Tony Kushner - FlamingNoseTVBlog (6 days ago)
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Jen W.
I just wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday. Sorry I didn\'t get a chance to send this yesterday. - Jen W. (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

chris garrison
Happy Birthday to - chris garrison (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

Jewish Food
Happy birthday to Corey Feldman! - Jewish Food (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday. - SANDY MILLER (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

Tammy Milliser
Happy day after your Birthday! I\'m just a little late! - Tammy Milliser (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

Lisa Schroers
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! - Lisa Schroers (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

Wendy Jane Dicker
Wishing a happy belated birthday to one of my heroes wishing u all the best from me to you xxxx have an amazing day xx - Wendy Jane Dicker (6 days ago)
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omg happy belated bday!!! - Chloe (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday still young at heart always - Emmy (1 week ago)
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River Phoenix España
Happy Birthday, Corey!!!!! - River Phoenix España (1 week ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS! - jaimerockstar (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday Corey . (it\'s a little late) - ♡ (1 week ago)
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Kevin Rea
happy birthday dude. Hope you had a kickass bday and weekend!!! What did u do anyways??? - Kevin Rea (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday Corey Feldman I love that kid - cammy (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

C.E. Garcia
Happy Birthday Corey Feldman. - C.E. Garcia (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday Corey!! - theJoseRoldan (1 week ago)
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Melanie Rubin
Happy Birthday & many more to a great guy!! Hope your show is coming back near Chicago again soon!! - Melanie Rubin (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Cassidy Ames
Happy Birthday! I hope you had an amazing day and that you have plenty of wonderful things to come in your future! - Cassidy Ames (1 week ago)
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Diana Prince XO
Happy Birthday, - Diana Prince XO (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday, COREY FELDMAN! - HKCULTFILMNEWS (1 week ago)
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Alexander Klepp
Happy Birthday to and and - Alexander Klepp (1 week ago)
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Cyndi Hyer
Happy Birthday Corey!! Hope it was great!! - Cyndi Hyer (1 week ago)
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Carmen Williams
Happy Birthday I Hope u had a great and wonderful Birthday - Carmen Williams (1 week ago)
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Heather Hedrick
Happy birthday! - Heather Hedrick (1 week ago)
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abby arlington
Happy Birthday wishing you the best. - abby arlington (1 week ago)
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portrait collision
Corey feldman just did borat five times on stage. happy birthday corey. i\'m happy that you\'re happy. - portrait collision (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Moshi the Fangirl
Happy Birthday, ! I love your roles as Sparx and Slash! You\'re awesome! - Moshi the Fangirl (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday to the sweet and beautiful you are one of a kind, i\'m so thankful for you! keep being corey and no one else. - carley (1 week ago)
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Alex deCourville
Happy birthday - Alex deCourville (1 week ago)
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Miss Lisa E. Bell
Happy Birthday Barry Sanders! I hope that, you had a, beautiful birthday! Happy Birthday Sweetie! Love Lisa!!!! - Miss Lisa E. Bell (1 week ago)
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Happy early & belated birthday to everybody except for corey feldman - sunshine (1 week ago)

46 years old (Born on July 16, 1971)

American, Actor; He is famous from Teddy Duchamp in Stand by Me (1986).

He and ex-wife Vanessa Marcil, whom he married in Las Vegas, never moved in together. Wears a "Purple Rain" t-shirt throughout the film The Goonies (1985). He and best friend Corey Haim were known as "The Two Coreys" at the peak of their success in the 80s. Divorced his parents. Parents: Bob and Sheila; sister, actress Mindy Feldman; brothers, Eden, Devin.

Corey Feldman's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to star of Bordello of Blood and the Tales from the Crypt episode \"The Assassin\"!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday, Corey Feldman.
  Oh and happy birthday , have a great day Corey
   Happy Birthday Danielle! Hope it\s fantabulous! Love you!
 happy early birthday!! my nephew is so lucky to share a birthday with a legend!
Happy Birthday to Corey Feldman!
Happy Birthday to Corey Feldman.
Whether it\s bravery or insanity, he\s dared our thrill rides! Have you? 

Happy Birthday,
Avui fa 46 anys una autèntica icona dels anys 80. Happy Birthday, Corey Feldman.
Happy Birthday Phoebe Cates, Corey Feldman, and me.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Corey Feldman&much love Corey&I of The Dead Show Minneapolis
Happy 46th Birthday,
Happy Birthday Hope you have a great day celebrating you!
Happy 46th Birthday Corey Feldman:
 Happy Birthday Corey!   Hope you have an awesome day brother!
Happy Birthday Ace in many classic films.
 happy birthday
Happy Birthday Corey Feldman!
Happy birthday !
Your Goonies can\t save you now!

HL wishes a VERY Happy Birthday to ... (Martyn)
   Happy Birthday to the two actors Kari Wahlgren and Tom Kenny!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday !!! many many more! keep fighting the good fight!
  Happy bday from my clone and I!
 Happy Birthday Pete!  Hope you\re able to return in the upcoming along with !
 Happy Birthday - Have a fantabulous day
 Happy Birthday Corey. Wishing you the very best in the coming year
Happy Birthday, wish you all the best, from this side of Colombia!
 Happy birthday, you\re the hero of my childhood. 
Keep rockin\ man.
 happy birthday
Today is Corey Feldman\s birthday! well happy birthday to you sir
 Happy Birthday!!! Hope it\s a great 1
 happy birthday from me and the poster in my room thats got your face on it !
 Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to
 Happy Birthday, Corey! You\ll always be our favorite Goonie!
 wishing u a very happy birthday mr Feldman have the most amazing day/ night
 Happy Birthday and many, many more!
Happy birthday to 80s legend who turns 46 today.
Happy birthday,
A very Happy Birthday to My favorite Childhood Vampire Hunter
Happy birthday to the original Tommy Jarvis,
Happy Birthday Will Ferrell, John Chilton, Shirley Hughes & Corey Feldman    & if it\s ur Bday Many Happy Returns
 Happy Birthday Corey!!! You taught me how to be strong and confident   endlessly grateful
 awww bless 
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday dude. Love all your shit x
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY COREY! Always n in my heart! I love you so.....Tamx
Happy birthday to The \burbs need a pizza eating rock and roller on every street.
Happy birthday
 happy happy birthday!!!!
 just want to wish you a very Happy birthday and hope u have a great day.
Happy birthday to 3 of my faves!
 Happy birthday Corey Feldman from
Happy Birthday Ginger Rogers, Barnard Hughes, and
Happy Birthday wishing another year of all the best to you!
Happy birthday Corey Feldman!
Happy birthday to the iconic actor and recording artist
Today is a special day, everyone. Happy 46th birthday to Mr. Corey Feldman! Corey Feldman appreciation post 1:
 happy birthday to you my good sir
Happy Birthday to my sweet friend Have a killer show hon
 Happy birthday--I called the pizza dude!!
Happy Birthday Corey Feldman
Happy Birthday ! I hope you have an amazing day!   You make 46 look awesome!
 Happy Birthday!!     stay classy!!!
Happy Birthday to the LOML
Happy Birthday to the one and only
Happy Birthday July 16,1971
Happy Birthday, (Lost Boys, Goonies, Stand By Me)
 Happy Birthday! I hope you have a blessed day today and always.
Happy birthday
  happy birthday Corey!
 happy bday
Happy birthday teddy, love you lots
Happy Birthday, dear God bless you always! Hugs from Brazil!
   We wish a very happy birthday to Corey Feldman! ¡Feliz cumpleaños
Happy Birthday, ! I love your roles as Sparx and Slash! You\re awesome!
   Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday,
Happy belated birthday, my cancerian friend.
 7/16 Happy Birthday to: Daryl Mitchell, Corey Feldman, Topper Carey, Tony Kushner
Happy birthday Corey . (it\s a little late)
Happy Birthday
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Fun Facts About Corey Feldman

Ranked #8 in VH1's list of the "100 Greatest Kid Stars"
He and Corey Haim were the two highest paid teen stars and were essentially the kings of the teen box office back in the mid late 80s
Is a vegetarian.
His first acting role was in a commercial for McDonalds Gift Certificates.
Auditioned for the role of Dick Grayson/Robin in Batman Forever (1995).
Released the hip hop single "Honesty" in 1993. It met with poor reviews.
His wife, Susie Feldman, gave birth to their first child, a boy named Zen Scott Feldman, on 7 August 2004 in Los Angeles.
Frequently appears on Howard Stern's radio talk show.

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