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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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happy birthday to me. Very excited to receive this for my birthday. 2019 is the year of the diary. Det - Vickster (8 months ago)
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Jackie Blackwell
Happy Birthday to my heroine, a comedy legend. enjoy your day and your cake xxxx - Jackie Blackwell (8 months ago)
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Chris Cutler
So Happy Both Of You Make Us Smile When It\'s Seems The Last Thing We Want To Do Your Both Wh - Chris Cutler (8 months ago)
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Miranda Hart
Well happy birthday Geraldine. And thank you for giving me a part in the days I was close to givi - Miranda Hart (8 months ago)
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Beverley Taylor
Happy Birthday.xx - Beverley Taylor (8 months ago)
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Karol H
Haha! Happy Birthday fellow Libra . All the best wishes!! :D - Karol H (9 months ago)
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Phil McGrath
Happy Birthday Dawn :) - Phil McGrath (9 months ago)
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Dyane Harwood
She is soooooooooamazing in \"Delicious\" - Happy Birthday!!!! - Dyane Harwood (9 months ago)
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Lynn Thomas
Happy birthday to my favourite comedienne and actress. Hope you have had a wonderful, without any bees! - Lynn Thomas (9 months ago)
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anita reilly
Happy birthday have a well deserved great day and please God I look as good as you when I m 61 - anita reilly (9 months ago)
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sheena stoddart
Happy birthday! - sheena stoddart (9 months ago)
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chris baer
Happy Happy Birthday! Sorry for the delayed wishes. Hugs & love to you & thank you for many years of l - chris baer (9 months ago)
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Belated Happy Birthday!.. four months behind you!..... Weather super today.. though we have been batte - Kagannie (9 months ago)
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A very happy birthday to you lovely Dawn x - Becky (9 months ago)
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Kev from the Coop
Thanks for mine and wedding gift (Goddess). You. Are. A. Legend. (Happy belated bi - Kev from the Coop (9 months ago)
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Jess Kerstetter
Oh my goodness. Just woke up, got my coffee and thought to myself, I\'m in the mood to watch one of my - Jess Kerstetter (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Lovely lady , have a super time - Maggie (9 months ago)
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Tanja Roma
Happy belated birthday!!!! - Tanja Roma (9 months ago)
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rljoshpit ♜
Happy Birthday !! Love the glasses! You always make me laugh!! - rljoshpit ♜ (9 months ago)
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Tracey Duncan
Happy birthday! - Tracey Duncan (9 months ago)
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Carolyn Baillargeon
Happy birthday sweet and funny lady - Carolyn Baillargeon (9 months ago)
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Penelope Pitstop
Happy Birthday! - Penelope Pitstop (9 months ago)
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Kevin Trotman
Happy belated birthday, Dawn! - Kevin Trotman (9 months ago)
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kirsty dinan
Happy birthday - kirsty dinan (9 months ago)
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Feynman fan #fbpe
Dawn, I just knew you would reply. Even if you do pretend to be my old schoolmate, Mik - Feynman fan #fbpe (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday - Fifi (9 months ago)
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Sarah Glaze
Happy Birthday lovely lady x - Sarah Glaze (9 months ago)
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Right Direction
Happy Birthday same day as my wonderful dad I miss him every day - Right Direction (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Dawn!!! Happy to share a birthday with you! - Cynlouwho (9 months ago)
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Stuart Richards
Happy birthday Dawnie! I was 48 the previous day :D - Stuart Richards (9 months ago)
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Rolando Wright
I was on set, and can\'t believe you\'re 61! What\'s your secret. I remember standing behind you in the - Rolando Wright (9 months ago)
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stuart wales
Happy birthday Dawn X - stuart wales (9 months ago)
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Sam Nutting
Happy Belated Birthday Clare hope you had an awesome one - Sam Nutting (9 months ago)
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Princess -Countessa Bianca C.voz.C.
Happy Birthday and all the best wishes from mother earth xxx love luck good health make your day so if you him wish! - Princess -Countessa Bianca C.voz.C. (9 months ago)
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Having Elton John work with Gordon Ramsey may not have been the best idea.... Happy Birthday ! - TETCNY (9 months ago)
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TOM Stacy
Happy belated birthday! - TOM Stacy (9 months ago)
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Anita Wylie
Happy birthday beautiful lady! Hope you don t end up in the same position as your dog last weekend! Or should I say hope? X - Anita Wylie (9 months ago)
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susan hertrick
Happy belated birthday! + - susan hertrick (9 months ago)
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Cath Bailey
Happy Birthday Ms French, another gift day x - Cath Bailey (9 months ago)
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Michael Forbes
Lmao, that photo\'s f hilarious. A big happy birthday to you. Peace, Love And Light To You And Yo - Michael Forbes (9 months ago)
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barb burgess
Happy Birthday Dawn... & many more xx (& we\'re just celebrating our grandson\'s 12th... - barb burgess (9 months ago)
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HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! xxx - NOVA DANDO (9 months ago)
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Tim Spencer
Happy Birthday to one amazing beautiful lady xx - Tim Spencer (9 months ago)
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John-Jackson Almond
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - John-Jackson Almond (9 months ago)
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Free spirit Westbury
Happy birthday x x - Free spirit Westbury (9 months ago)
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iris tilley
Happy Birthday wonderful lady - iris tilley (9 months ago)
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and happy birthday hope you have had a great day you legend - jackpercy87 (9 months ago)
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jennie colyer
Happy birthday my fellow libra! its my 41st this sunday! - jennie colyer (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday you wonderful, completely bonkers, lovely, lovely lady - adore you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx - kate4driving (9 months ago)
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andrew jones
Happy Birthday My Love. Have a fabulous weekend. - andrew jones (9 months ago)

61 years old (Born on October 11, 1957)

The Vicar of Dibley, French & Saunders, Murder Most Horrid

Dawn French's Best Moments

Happy birthday to the beautiful legend that is treated myself to your new book as a gift
Happy birthday gorgeous lady
And why are we having a fest today? Because it\s her 60th birthday! Happy Birthday Dawn!
Happy birthday to the Queen of Falmouth University, Chancellor
Happy birthday to two Acorn TV favorites: John Nettles & Dawn French!
Happy birthday from oor wee dug and me and
Happy 60th birthday dawn
Happy birthday to Dawn French ( who portrayed in \"Prisoner of Azkaban\"!
Happy Birthday to Sixty today! What a blooming national treasure & looking hawt right now
Hey frenchie happy Birthday have a gr8 day
 Happy birthday.May you have many scones with much clotted cream.
Can not believe is 60 today. Happy Birthday Dawn, you look fantastic.
Happy 60th birthday    Photo credit
Happy 60th Birthday you beautiful woman!
A very Happy Birthday to the one and only
Happy Birthday Queen ! Lots o\ love xx
 Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
Wishing a very happy 60th birthday to one of my comedy heroes LOVE YOU!!!x
Dawn French celebrates 60th birthday with a huge Cornish pasty:
Happy birthday Dawn French hair by me 60 today
The fabulous turns 60 today (no, we can\t believe it either!). Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday xxx
Happy birthday to the glorious !
Happy 60th Birthday
Happy Birthday to the legend have a totally fab day    xx keep shining like the star you are!
Happy birthday you absolute mega babe 3000
 happy birthday beautiful lady. Xx
Oct 11 Happy Birthday part 1: Earle Charles Felton Ron John Catlin David Stephen Eric
 My bestie knows me too :) Choccie chip cookie cake :P
Happy birthday xxx
 Happy Birthday you look amazing
Happy birthday to MGCfutures patron
Happy Birthday to Dawny Seymour
 Happy birthday                   chica have a wonderful day
 is it your birthday today Dawny? If so. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU DARLING, GLORIOUS WOMAN.
 Happy Birthday lovely from Ernie the dog and me xxxx
 Happy birthday
 Happy birthday have the most fabulous day x
Happy birthday hope this is right? Bottoms up!
We\d like to wish the amazing a very happy 61st birthday today.
 Whoop. Happy birthday
 Happy book birthday!  Congrats!
Happy Birthday tomorrow to the fabulous XX
 looking bloody gorgeous   happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday have a great day - I\ve got the chocolate fountain back out in celebration
 Happy Birthday lovely lady. 
Have a glorious day. x
 Happy Birthday Dawn, have a great day
Oh a very Happy 60th Birthday to the beautiful, amazing & inspirational Geddon Maid. Proper job
Happy 30 + 30th Birthday  Wishing you a day filled with love, laughter, cake & happy memories xxx
Happy birthday to beautiful I hope you have a fab day
 Happy Birthday! It\s my birthday too, and have a look at what I got.... xx
Happy 60th Birthday to the fabulous What a beautifully stunning portrait taken by
Happy Birthday looking gorgeous at 60
 happy birthday, hope you have a wonderful day.
Happy to who turns 59 today!
Happy birthday to the beautiful
Today\s date is... Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to a brilliant Actress Comedian and  Author, wishing you a lovely day Dawn.
 Happy Birthday ...my funny baby girl shares same special day     Beth is 13 today
Happy birthday to who\s SIXTY today!
Happy Birthday to the funniest lady
Happy 60th birthday !! May it be filled with lots of laughter and alcohol
Happy Birthday to always gorgeous
Happy birthday to our favourite ageless funny girl Dawn French!! We think she\s MORE than a tiny bit brilliant!
 happy birthday love Scooby xx
Happy Birthday have a wonderful day you wonderful woman!
Happy birthday to you! !! have an amazing day. See you on the 29th at Elstree.  XoX
 Looking fab Dawn & happy birthday
 Wishing you a very Happy 60th Birthday today!   Your looking fabtastic girl
And it s a Happy Birthday to Dame
  Happy birthday fellow libran from the 6-5 specials skiffle band in brum
Happy birthday to Dawn French, the big ?0 today!
 Happy Birthday! You have always made me laugh, thank you :)
Happy Birthday to Dawn French, Luke Perry, Daryl Hall, Mark Chapman, Al Atkins & David Randall
 Happy Birthday to this wonderful and talented woman
Happy BIG 60th Birthday !! Now do the accent!! Xx
  Happy Birthday
Happy 60th birthday !  LOOK AT HUH - gorgeous!!
 Happy birthday Dawn French
Wowzers I don\t even look this hot now - let alone at 60! Happy birthday you stunner
 happy birthday
WHAT a goddess! Happy birthday 60 (SIXTY!) today (pic:
 my pencil is sharpened, I\m going in. And have a very happy 60th birthday
  I must have known happy birthday
 Happy Birthday hope you have a fantastic day xxx you look amazing
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to from
 Happy Birthday Dawn Sexy French
Happy Birthday  page from 2012
Happy Birthday Hope you have a wonderful day, pasties on us to celebrate?? Let us know your fave!
 you look stunning! Happy Birthday xx
 Happy Birthday you bloodi hoolarious lovely thing xxx
 Happy 60th Birthday Dawn, you still look like 40!
Happy birthday to reaching the young age of 60 today!
Happy birthday to the wonderful Dawn French, who turns 60 today!
Happy 60th birthday
Happy Birthday Dawn French
Happy birthday !! My mum and I never fail to laugh at Geraldine and the muddy puddle
Oct 11 Happy Birthday part 1: Earle Charles Felton Ron John Catlin David Stephen Eric
 Happy Birthday! Hope it s as fabulous as you!
Oct 11 Happy Birthday part 1: Earle Charles Felton Ron John Catlin David Stephen Eric
It s her birthday. Watched this women all my life      happy birthday
  Happy birthday lovely lady! Wishing you all the best!!
How fantastic do you look smart, funny and such a great role model. Happy 60th birthday.
 No rest for Roxby, road trip!
Happy Birthday from us x
Happy Birthday to  Dawn French, who is 60 today! Don\t eat all the chocolate xx
 Will you eat it all yourself as Geraldine would have done? Happy Birthday !!
 Happy Birthday!!! Hope it\s a good one!
 Happy Birthday .... I did buy you something... I mean me
 Happy bday Scone Boss, May you always tickle the funny bone
Happy 61st Birthday to The Vicar Of Dibley!
Happy 61st Birthday Dawn French!
Happy Birthday Vicar!
Don\t go falling in puddles!!
 Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have an awesome day.
 Happy Birthday. We\re still here in Cornwall till Saturday suffering the ugliness of it all!!
 Happy birthday lovely lady
 Hippy, Happy Birthday to you
 Happy birthday To the Fabulous & Beautiful have a great day!!
 Happy Birthday, sorry about the pic only one I could find, but at least it was tastefully done
 Happy birthday Dawn......love from Dotti and Daisy in rainy Roche xx
 Happy Birthday, Ms French!
 Happy Birthday Dawn xx
Happy 61st Birthday National treasure xxx
 Happy Birthday babe x
 Happy Birthday you lovely lady. Xxx
 Happy Birthday Dawn
 Cake! Happy Birthday!
 Happy Birthday you wonderful lady
Happy Birthday Frenchy Hope you have a brilliant day Lots Of Love Heidi
 Happy birthday beautiful! for a loverly lady xxx
 Happy Birthday from sunny Shoeburyness
 Happy birthday to you. Today it s my mums 80th
 Happy Birthday xx
 Happy birthday with jam on and cream on top of course
 happy birthday fellow libra have a fabulous day! X
 Happy Birthday Dawn dear! I\m already celebrating!
 Happy Birthday Gorgeous Lady  xx
Happy Birthday to the beautiful Dawn French!
  Happy birthday! Enjoy your day
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday xx
Happy Birthday, Catch her in Delicious, Series 1 & 2 on DVD here:
 Happy Birthday xx
 All I see happy birthday
 happy birthday
 Cinematic parallels Happy a Birthday Dawn Thanks for being a hero
 Happy birthday to yooooooo
 Happy birthday to an amazing lady, hope you re well and truly spoilt xxxx
 Happy birthday xx
Happy birthday to - i always wanted to recreate this scene :D
Happy birthday to one of our favourite people, the wonderful
 Happy birthday you beautiful lady!!
 Happy birthday
 Enjoy your day beautiful Happy Birthday!!! XxxX
 happy birthday you ray of sunshine thank you for the laughs, hope you had a day as great as you are
 Happy birthday gorgeous lady, I will be following you to 61 on Tuesday!
 Happy birthday! My 5 year old shares your special day.. here are my efforts for today...
  Happy Birthday. Forget the utensils and dive right in.
 Happy birthday Boris
 Happy Birthday Dawn. Enjoy. Xxx
 Happy Birthday!
  Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday lovely lady!!
Happy Birthday - you never fail to make me smile
 Oh my gosh, happy birthday!!
 A very Happy Cornish Birthday to you .. you don t look a day over 40! xx
 Happy birthday!! My little boy shares your day (he s 6) xxx
 Looks too good to share! Happy birthday to you
 Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday to me and you
 Happy birthday, twin
 Happy birthday Dawn French.
 Happy Birthday My Love. Have a fabulous weekend.
 Happy Belated Birthday to the Nations favourite funny lady..... Well I think you are!!
 Happy birthday you gorgeous thing!
 Happy Birthday Dawn xx
  Happy Birthday Dawn... & many more xx  (& we\re just celebrating our grandson\s 12th...
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