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Happy birthday to the guy that showed me there is more to edm than Deadmau5 you will always be my fav artist - Apollo (16 hours ago)
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generic YouTuber #9
It\'s officially January 15 where I am. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!! - generic YouTuber #9 (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday Skrillex - solus (1 day ago)
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Franky Sanchez IASTM
For the past couple of years I\'ve tried to ask to tell me happy birthday. Maybe today will be that day. Any luck this year, Joel? - Franky Sanchez IASTM (4 days ago)
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Callum Willis
New album coming February!? Happy birthday to me! - Callum Willis (5 days ago)
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Cameron Mullett
happy birthday! - Cameron Mullett (1 week ago)
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10,000,000 views for \"Let Go\" happy bday, indeed. Shoot a whole concert in the same format as that video? ffs, plz. Love it. - b-dawg (1 week ago)
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Brad Cue Walker
happy birthday, Philly Deadmua5 kewitz!! - Brad Cue Walker (1 week ago)
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girly ratfish
Niiiiiiice. happy birthday - girly ratfish (1 week ago)
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Vinyl Mayhem
c\'mon, more Levels, Roses, and Swedish House Mafia please! No really.. JK.. Don\'t. Happy Bday btw - Vinyl Mayhem (1 week ago)
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lizzie b
Happy belated to me and my bday twin - lizzie b (1 week ago)
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late but honest - Happy fuckin\' Bday! Thanks for many years of inspiration :) - Jarek (1 week ago)
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happy birthday joe :) - Ricky (1 week ago)
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Bamboo kid
Happy belated birthday, !! I hope you like it! Keep up with the amazing music! - Bamboo kid (1 week ago)
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Latios XD
Happy belated birthday, got caught up in some shit, forgot it was the mau5\'s birthday - Latios XD (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday to a legend - OG LIL NUT (1 week ago)
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Ryan Doherty
For a brief second I read that as \"Happy 20th Birthday\" and was extremely confused. - Ryan Doherty (1 week ago)
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Jake Ellingham
Happy Birthday Joel - Jake Ellingham (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday!!! - 麒麒 (1 week ago)
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Maciej Krawczyk
HAPPY FCKING BIRTHDAY !!!! Make Your Trolls Great Again !!! Cheers - Maciej Krawczyk (1 week ago)
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Dominique Stoel
Happy birthday man! - Dominique Stoel (1 week ago)
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yuuchon mow cinco
Happy birthday - yuuchon mow cinco (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday to - P45O|U4L3*C4P0|\\|3 (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday Joel! - Raiitrace (1 week ago)
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Jiao Zhang
Happy Birthday - Jiao Zhang (1 week ago)
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Dom Kane
First of all, a big happy birthday to the boss deadmau5, and secondly thanks for playing my mau5trap track \"Borg\"... - Dom Kane (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday to !! - OZAN OZALP (1 week ago)
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Meister Mike
happy bday!! - Meister Mike (1 week ago)
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Daan Dyksman
Happy birthday to one of my favorite DJ\'s ever. Greetings from a cold Holland. BTW: Strobe is teh song. - Daan Dyksman (1 week ago)
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Mohamed Ali Fayoumi
Happy birthday - Mohamed Ali Fayoumi (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday - BluNozeWez (1 week ago)
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➖➖Naomi ➖➖
Happy birthday to the legend - ➖➖Naomi ➖➖ (1 week ago)
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Scotty D
Happy birthday King of techno. What a legend! - Scotty D (1 week ago)
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Gaby Calderon
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! - Gaby Calderon (1 week ago)
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Amy Onorato
Happy birthday, can\'t give you enough love for what you do - Amy Onorato (1 week ago)
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✨kawaii basshoe ✨
Happy birthday bb - ✨kawaii basshoe ✨ (1 week ago)
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Took some time to find it, happy birthday! - [Mes]merize (1 week ago)
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Jan Castellano
Happy birthday hope you kill tonight... - Jan Castellano (1 week ago)
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happy birthday g, keep making bangers and I\'ll keep buying them - Dütch (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday - うらぞー (1 week ago)
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happy birthday! We are next to you too. Let\'s drink all the alcohols - Modestep (1 week ago)
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canadian snow queen
happy birthday!! - canadian snow queen (1 week ago)
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Yo! Happy birthday :] - FruityFusion (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday! Hope you get the rights to Strobe back. - BassBoussa (1 week ago)
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bryan cabrera
happy birthday dude! - bryan cabrera (1 week ago)
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3 8 1 18 12 5 19.
happy birthday man! Such an inspiration for me, keep the good work up! - 3 8 1 18 12 5 19. (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday - XELA (1 week ago)
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Happy Bday Joel - Neymaoli (1 week ago)
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Jonatan Lévesque
I wish that for your happy bday. - Jonatan Lévesque (1 week ago)
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Jesse Darnall
Happy bday - Jesse Darnall (1 week ago)

36 years old (Born on January 05, 1981)

Canadian DJ and record producer.

Deadmau5's Best Moments

Happy birthday !
¯\\_( )_/¯
Happy Birthday !
Let me know when you want to get the band back together.
\" Happy Birthday Welcome to Zim Hortons. 

How can we screw up your order? 

Happy birthday
Happy Birthday deadmau5!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Hoy es el cumpleaños de uno de los DJ más controversiales del mundo ! Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Deadmau5
Happy Birthday
\" happy birthday
Sending a Massive Happy Birthday to
Happy birthday to the realest guy in the business --
Happy Birthday
Today we\re wishing a very Happy Birthday to  // photo:
Happy birthday joel!
\" Hoy es el cumpleaños del ratón de la música electrónica! Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday   From India  And
Happy Birthday
   Happy Birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY i fucking love u <3
 TURN UP + help us wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Happy birthday to a pretty swell guy
Happy birthday to We celebrate with his first show on the
Happy birthday
Happy birthday genius, I love you
Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday
Happy bday to Nicky Romero!!!!!
Happy birthday ! 

Never change :)
Special Happy Birthday going out to one of the world\s greatest dj\s
Happy birthday
Took some time to find it, happy birthday!
Happy Birthday
Ok, is 1h46 here! so happy bday joel   brazil loves you, i hope that you win the grammy this year. goodbye
   Happy birthday   lmao
 wishes a very Happy birthday!!
Happy Birthday to our friend See you at the
Happy Birthday     LOL
Happy Birthday Deadmau5
Happy birthday hoping to see you soon in India
Happy bday
Our top 15 tracks in celebration of \ 35th birthday. Happy birthday legend! Read:
Happy birthday to the of oswego aka deadmau5 & mr steal yo girl , have a good one man
Born January 5th, 1981, Niagara Falls, Canada: Deadmau5- Electronic, dance, and house DJ. Happy Birthday
Happy birthday ! 

Never change :)
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday deadmau5 Can\t wait to see you tonight at Electric Holiday
  happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the legendary thank you for creating amazing music and bringing people together
Happy Birthday from our entire team!
Happy Birthday  Much love from India
Happy birthday with my Xmau5 tree ! :P
Joel Thomas Zimmerman,Deadmau5, ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!,¡Happy Birthday!  .
Happy Birthday un gran exponete de la musica
Happy birthday if you can\t wait to see him at the on Jan 25
Happy Birthday , you are an idol. I wish you well in your day, get on with your good music!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday thanks
Happy Birthday!! Hace a great day ;) Saludos desde Ecuador
Happy birthday
Hyvää syntymäpäivää (happy birthday) !! :)) middle fingers up and don\t give a fuck! ;)
Wishing a very Happy Birthday. True music made to the ears of the world.
Happy 34th birthday to
 Happy Birthday my mouse you meet many more years god bless you and serves more album
Happy Birthday to one of my favorite \"DJ\s\" the God himself
Hoy es el cumple de mi idolo, Happy Birthday Joel Thomas Zimmerman ( )
Best day ever at was Day 3 // Happy Fucking Birthday one of my dreams came true: c u live!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday Great electronic musicians!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday 35 years :33 
E          _     # kavinsky....!!!!
Today\s birthday yaaaay happy birthday joel
Happy birthday
Happy birthday tiesto
Happy Birthday ! >
 Happy birthday  See you at 2017
Happy birthday !!!
 HAPPY birthday Joel aka RATONMUERTO :)
Happy 36th Birthday     To
Happy birthday genius !
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Genius Hope to see you in India soon :D
 Happy birthday!!
Happy bday
 Sorry I couldn\t draw something on my tab\ but I wish a happy birthday from France :D !!
Happy Birthday Omaze winner Jack had an electric day hanging out with him.
Happy birthday
Happy birthday!
5 years of ,34 years of Joel Thomas Zimmerman.Thanks for all you bring to my life and happy birthday bitch!
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday  Hope to see you soon in India, U.S., or Canada   (Picture courtesy:
Happy Birthday to
Happy birthday !
 happy birthday Joel :)
 happy birthday
 yo!! Elephant mouse! Happy birthday ! Have a nice one!!!
Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday Joeeeel
 happy birthday to the main mau5.
 Happy Birthday Joel aka Deadmau5! While(Music>Rants)
Happy Birthday ..
 happy birthday! This is my gift for Christmas! Your speaker is amazing!
Have a nice day!
Would you look at that :\) happy birthday
 happy birthday Joel, A.K.A. Mau5man! the good time insane.
Happy birthday thanks for the amazing show las friday in Salinas Ecuador
Happy bday mau5..  have a great year ahead..   happy new year!! God bless you..
The only pic i have of Joel. happy birthday
 happy birthday to the most talented man on earth.
 Happy birthday best wishes I hope you enjoy & photo you the best passes Follow delighting your music
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the best producer on the planet, here an oldie
 Happy birthday best wishes from Ecuador !
By markoedfelt @  Happy Birthday Joel aka !
Happy Birthday fuckboy un block me
Happy Birthday Joel
d(° °)b

With love From INDIA
Enterarte de que cumples años el mismo día que el gran Happy birthday Joel.
 Happy Birthday bud. Love from India
Happy birthday to fellow Gumballer make sure you don\t party to hard bro
Happy happy happy Birthday BOSS
Happy Birthday trollman !
 happy birthday Joel.  Thnx for all the wonderful music over the years.
 PS lookin good in the pic. 
Love u.
Happy Birthday to DeadMau5!
Happy Birthday We hope you come to Paraguay soon.
A BIG Happy Birthday to DJ, producer & all-round legend
 Happy Birthday   !!! Thanks for making me happy whith your music every day
 happy birthday dude!! wearing these all day and the beautiful onesie later
Happy birthday joel
. happy birthday, enjoy the rest of the day!
Happy Birthday
 happy birthday Joel. I made you this card (I didn\t).
Happy Birthday 34 años ídolo, el major Dj del mundo!! Tu música nos hace feliz a muchos
Believe it or not that\s you! happy birthday Joel!!
Happy birthday dear arm
Happy birthday
 happy birthday
 happy birthday! ..I spotted another one for ya but thought of PETA and the SPCA...Sorry
HAPPY BIRTHDAY See you soon in Paraguay!
Happy 34th birthday to
Happy birthday to the one and only
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU     I made a little edit for you.
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday Joel. I admire you so much.. I want to be like you when I grow up.. :)
 happy birthday man all the best and in the new year too! Come back to Miami again :)
 Happy Birthday to our favourite Canadian House music DJ. From Scooped!
Happy birthday to you
Happy Birthday
Hoy esta de cumpleaños el dj canadiense Joel Thomas Zimmerman, mejor conocido como deadmau5, Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Here\s a Nyan Cat birthday card for you
Happy Birthday Deadmau5. You are still my number one favourite sexy dance song
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday to my idol and favorite person ever
 happy birthday mau5 thanks for 5years of music
Happy Birthday
 happy birthday
Happy Birthday Joel !!   Thanks was an amazing show!
 Happy Birthday!!!   dead mau5    ~     DJ 1
Happy birthday Joel !!
Happy birthday, thank you for sharing your talent with the world, is an honor. You\re the best
 On behalf of the entire community of deadmau5 Mexico wish you Happy Birthday Joel!
 Happy birthday Joel! Have this!
 Happy Birthday Joel!
Happy birthday to the man
Happy birthday,        Hope you have a good time today. And thank you for came to our country.
Happy Birthday Joel Greetings from Argentina missed you!    ( )
Happy birthday (46), (40), (37) & (34).
Happy birthday!! =DDD
\" Happy Birthday
¡Happy birthday!
 happy bday from argentina!
Happy Birthday Joel!
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Joel!
 happy birthday
 happy birthday deadmau5
 Happy Birthday
 happy birthday to u... Mau5
 happy birthday
Happy birthday Thanks for letting us meet your Purrari:
Happy Birthday Deadmau5
Happy 34th Bday to producer He is nominated for the best electronic album in 2015 for
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !       by theorevault
deadmau5 album 0
deadmau5 logo 1
deadmau5 head 2
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