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Welcome to Dean Measor's Birthday Celebration Page
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Happy birthday to Dean Measor Have a great day. - M.Lewis (2 days ago)
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Hey Dean! Happy birthday! All the best and rock on! - Andrew (3 days ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DEAN! Many more happy returns.... - Zac! (3 days ago)
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This is to say happy birthday to Dean Measor who was born in Brighton UK. - Wellsie (3 days ago)
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Happy Birthday in advance to Dean Measor. Actor, musician and artist. - I.Smith (3 days ago)
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This is to wish British born actor and musician Dean Measor a very happy birthday! - AJ (4 days ago)
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Marney L
Happy birthday to Dean Measor the English born Australian actor. - Marney L (5 days ago)
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Nicole “Nicki C”
N to the C it’s nicky c! Whad up east side! Happy birthday brother! - Nicole “Nicki C” (5 days ago)
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It says here in this website that you like The Macho Man Randy Savage? OhYeah!!!! - Kafab (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday to you and I wish you good luck. - Kafab (6 days ago)
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Happy birthday young man and may I say many more happy returns. - Griff (1 week ago)
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Bill and Sally
Happy birthday Dean! Many happy returns Bill and Sally - Bill and Sally (1 week ago)
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Wishing the best looking guy going around the best birthday ever! - TheBambilloGirl (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday dear buddy. Still reckon you are an awesome actor! - Dane (1 week ago)
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A friend in need bro is a friend indeed. - F.j.S (1 week ago)
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Liked to have remembered your birthday last year but unfortunately, I did not. Happy Birthday! - Seth (1 week ago)
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Plastic Jesus
Another birthday wish to the actor/performer Dean Measor. - Plastic Jesus (1 week ago)
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Michelle and Sasha
Have yourself a truely happy birthday Dean. You so deserve it! - Michelle and Sasha (1 week ago)
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Well hello hello young Dean...... Happy birthday to you! - Jimmy (2 weeks ago)
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This is a post for Dean Measor. Have a really happy birthday! - PladticJesus (2 weeks ago)
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Hope You have a good one Happy birthday dear Dean - HGAustin (2 weeks ago)
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Wishing you a very good birthday From all at the A.R.S. - A.R.S. (2 weeks ago)
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This is a post to Dean Measor to say Happy Birthday! - W.Goeers (2 weeks ago)
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Happy bithday to actor Dean Measor. Cheers and all the best. Jen x - Jen (2 weeks ago)
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Doug and Jen
Happy birthday to the actor Dean Measor! All the best, cheers Doug & Jen - Doug and Jen (2 weeks ago)
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I can’t believe this, happy birthday Dean and stay lucky! - Andy (2 weeks ago)
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It’s your birthday in six months time so I’ll get in way early........ Happy Birthday! - DFA (2 weeks ago)
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Roger P.
This is a small scribble note to wish you a very happy birthday! - Roger P. (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday to English actor and performer Dean Measor. - Iris (2 weeks ago)
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Absolutely wishing one Dean Measor a very happy birthday! - G.Peacock (2 weeks ago)
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(PC)SR Smith
“Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday dear Dean... Happy birthday to you!...” - (PC)SR Smith (2 weeks ago)
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Heres a cheer to you Dean! Hip hip hooray! Happy Birthday! - Richard (3 weeks ago)
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I missed your birthday last year so I will make sure I don’t miss it this time. Happy Birthday! - Tonya (3 weeks ago)
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Wishing a happy birthday to English and Australian actor Dean Measor. - Elise (3 weeks ago)
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Plastic jesus
Happy birthday dean More returns to come too - Plastic jesus (3 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday dean. Many happy returns of the day - Hellojoewhatdoyouknow (3 weeks ago)
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Oh happy birthday dearest Dean! Many happy returns of the day! - Jean (3 weeks ago)
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Have a good day on your birthday Dean. Best wishes Max - Max (3 weeks ago)
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Hey! Happy birthday you awesome legend! Stay COOL! - Ric (3 weeks ago)
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Dear Dean, Wishing you much love, peace and happiness on your **th birthday!! XOXOXO - S.Henning (3 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday! I hope you have a really good year ahead too! - Mandie (3 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday mate! Have a great one and be lucky. - Jim (3 weeks ago)
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Wow! Happy Birthday Dean! Hope you are well and happy! - L.Ball (3 weeks ago)
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Well, there you go! Happy birthday to you my g00d friend! - B.Walsh (3 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday To Dean Gary Measor! My favourite martian! - ManFromMilan (3 weeks ago)
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Tracie Melling
Happy birthday to actor Dean Measor. You are a great drummer too! - Tracie Melling (1 month ago)
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Here’s to wishing you the greatest birthday cheer and wishes ever! - Bridgette (1 month ago)
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I hope your health can improve this year and beyond. - PuddingParlour (1 month ago)
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Robin T
Wishing you love and happiness on your birthday. - Robin T (1 month ago)
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Charley (Charlotte)
Happy birthday to the English born actor Dean Measor from the films I Can’t Get Started, Ain’t Got No Jazz, Body Melt, Commedia dell’arte:The Sory The Style and Horseplay. - Charley (Charlotte) (1 month ago)

52 years old (Born on October 03, 1965)

English, Actor; He is famous from "Joe Byrnes" in HORSEPLAY. The "Voice" of "Beauville" in BODYMELT..

The late and great Macho Man Randy Savage was Dean's all time favourite
wrestler/performer. Dean Measor has no tonsils. Dean Measor was born with a complete C1 fusion of his neck to his skull.

It has and continues to cause great pain and problems for him. Dean Measor loves animals. Dean Measor's all time favourite "character" to play was "Micky Blotts" in the original Australian Stage Play, "The College Room"

Dean Measor's Best Moments

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Fun Facts About Dean Measor

Dean Measor VOICED the "Character" of "PLAAAG" in episode #37 "Plaaag Attacks" in Series One of the Children's TV show, Pig's Breakfast.
Dean Measor was the "Double" for the character "GROB" for the whole 52 episodes of the children's TV show, Pig's Breakfast. (Series 1)
Dean has written and recorded over 400 songs that remain unpublished and unheard of in any way.
Kerry Susan Drake will launch her new book on the 16th of December, 2011 at "Kinda" book shop in Hampton, Melbourne, Australia. (10:30 AM)
DEAN MEASOR is included in her new book as the ORIGINAL "Robert Bright" in the "Very First Australian Production and Performance" of "Who Will They Clone Next?"
Dean Measor has no Gall Bladder.
Dean Measor along with co-founder Ben Rogers, formed their first professional rock band "The Promise" in 1983.

Dean Measor played Drums and sang Backing Vocals.

Main songwriters were Rogers/Measor/Ling.

Ben Rogers-Guitar, Mandolin, Lead Vocals

Dean Measor-Drums/Percussion, Backing Vocals

Blair Lynch-Bass

Alex Ling-Guitar, Key Boards, Harmonica, Vocals

Bruce Tate-Lead Guitar.
Dean Measor VOICED the "character" of "BEAUVILLE" in the Horror/Comedy movie, "BODY MELT" 1993
Way back in 1993 Dean Measor played a back packer from Finland in the TV Soap Opera, "Neighbours"
Once weighed in at around 100kgs but for the last 10 years has been a super fit 55kgs! Just perfect for role in the feature film Horseplay (2003).
Dean Measor saw and filmed a UFO in May of 2011.
Dean Measor plays Drums and Percussion.
Dean Measor also plays the guitar.
Dean Measor also sings.

Due to his SEVERE poor health, Dean is no longer able to play or sing.
Dean Measor has worked as a Lay-Out Artist for a West Sussex Newspaper in Horsham, England.

Dean Measor has worked as a textile-print Artist and Designer.

Dean Measor has also worked as a freelance Artist and has done personal art work and illustrations for Actress/Singer Anita Dobson and International Cricket legend Geoffrey Boycott.
Whilst filming "Horseplay" in 2001, Dean was riding a horse when ex-champion jockey, Alf (ace) Matthews remarked on his style and skill and mentioned to Dean that he should have been a Jockey instead of being an Actor.
Has two cats
Dean Measor was the "DOUBLE" for the character "YARP" played by
David Argue, in the Children's TV Series; Half Way Across The Galaxy and Turn Left.
Provided the voice of "Beauville" in the feature film Body Melt.
Dean Measor first started playing drums at age four.

Dean Measor first started playing guitar and singing at around age nine.
Due to his continued poor health and eye sight, Dean can no longer illustrate, paint or even draw.
He last work was in 2008, (around 45 illustrations for Children's books)
Dean Measor played Basket Ball to a high level as a child.
His height stopped any professional ambitions in this sport.

He was also a highly talented Cricketer.

An express fast bowler and middle order batsman who could occupy the crease for hours.
Up until his illness, Dean was a very keen and highly skilled Angler.
Dean Measor is famous for loving and drinking TEA.
He drinks it all the time and has done so since the age of three!
His favourite ALL TIME TEA brand is Yorkshire tea.....
Dean Measor served for a very short time in The Royal Australian Navy.
Dean Measor no longer enjoys being a "health fanatic" as quoted on imdb.comThis is due to SEVERE physical and mental health issues. He has had over 25 major operations. (Including eight in a two and a half year period)Dean continues to battle with multiple physical and mental health issues. He has battled with severe depression and anxiety for around ten years.Dean has spent a lot of time in and out of hospital for depression and anxiety and suffers with severe chronic pain on a 24 hour daily basis.
Dean Measor formed his first Rock Band in High School at the age of thirteen, playing lead guitar.
He formed the short lived band with fellow school friends Neville Howlett and Warren Kelly.

"They were great but I s*cked." -Dean Measor
Dean Measor has a very bad sense of "North/South/East/West" direction.
Dean Measor is very profficient in many accents and character voices.
In 2008, in a "state" of manic depression and anxiety, Dean wrote and recorded an estimated 80 songs in a 48 hour period!
Dean Measor claims to have seen a ghost in Upper Beeding in 1988.
Dean lost his beloved 11 year old brown Burmese p*ssy cat-
"Miss Davis" RIP to cancer on May 21st 2011.
At that exact time and date, legendary Australian film star Bill Hunter died.
Bill Hunter and Dean Measor starred together in "Horseplay" (2003)
Dean Measor studied Printing and Graphic Arts at the Melbourne College Of Printing and Graphic Arts.
He was a stand out student winning THREE "Class Awards" in each of his three years at the College.
Dean Measor's first professional acting job after graduating from Drama School was in "pantomime" in Little Red Riding Hood for the English touring company "Dale and Gloria Murray Productions."
Fitness fanatic
Dean Measor has no Appendix.

He nearly died in 1987 after burst appendix and severe blood poisoning.
he spent 6 weeks in hospital
Dean Measor bought his first "real" drum kit from (ARIA) Hall Of Fame Winning Drummer, the late/great
John Lee. RIP (The Dingoes)
John Lee's parents were good friends of Dean's parents.
The drum kit was a classic four piece Ludwig.
Dean now has just one pet cat. A Cornish Rex named "Mr Bigglesworth" or just "BIGGLES"
His beloved Burmese p*ssy cat "Miss Davis" RIP
passed away after battling cancer for
3 months.
Before Dean got so ill he used to run and body build to a professional level. He completed several Marathons under three hours. (His last Marathon was in 1998) He use to enjoy sky diving and extreme sports. (His last jump was four years ago)
He also used to enjoy extreme Angling.
Dean Measor studied Drama full time at The London and International School Of Acting. (LISA)
Under Principal/Founder and International Drama Coach
Brian Lidstone. (DGGB)
Patrons: Dame Maggie Smith, Peter O'Toole.

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