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dani orban
Happy birthday - dani orban (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Kristin (Lt_fergie)
happy birthday!!!!! - Kristin (Lt_fergie) (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Diane Lee
HAPPY BDAY OG FERGIE!!! Hope your day is filled with love, food, and Heath bars can\'t wait for our nex - Diane Lee (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Cait Pilkington
Happy birthday to my best friend in the world I love u more than I love Fergie, enjoy your day pal - Cait Pilkington (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

happy birthday fergie! - Ken (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Lauren Nicole
Happy birthday to my favorite Fergie friend - Lauren Nicole (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Fergilicous!! Happy birthday to the rocker! - BreakTime.ng (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Courtney LeClaire
Happy Birthday Fergie Ferg! - Courtney LeClaire (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Justin Powers
ya Fergie happy birthday !!! - Justin Powers (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Wow what a sweetheart and cute! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Jetta, so precious! The same age as our - Linda3 (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Winnipeg Goldeyes
Happy Birthday to our head grounds keeper, Don \"Fergie\" Ferguson! - Winnipeg Goldeyes (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy 56th Birthday Kelly Hansen of Foreigner, Slash\'s Snakepit, Fergie Fredriksen, Don Dokken, and Bourgeois Pigs - BraveWords (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

haley ✨
Happy Easter & happy happy 14th birthday to my wittle babies who I can\'t get a good pic with!! Stop growing - haley ✨ (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Ruth Leeds
Awwww Happy Birthday Fergie xxxx - Ruth Leeds (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday riri fergie love you lots - Jorddd (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Four pictures is not enough to show how greatful I am to have a friend like you but happy 15th birthday fergie fer - Anna (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Dillon Perez
- Happy birthday, Fergie! - Dillon Perez (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Caroline Walker
happy birthday Fergie! - Caroline Walker (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

aimee thrower
happy birthday. Hope you\'ve enjoyed it x - aimee thrower (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

happy birthday babes x - macy (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

natalie tate
Happy birthday b x have a good night xxxxx - natalie tate (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

dem. x
happy birthday Connor xx - dem. x (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday Connor! Hope it\'s a good one x - chlo (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

sam austin
happy birthday man hope you have a sick day !! - sam austin (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Ellie D\'Amore
happy bday baby cakes xxx - Ellie D\'Amore (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

happy birthday Bro!! - sj (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

happy bday Connor, get as mash up as you did at nass - Sai (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

andi mawson
happy bday connor have a good one - andi mawson (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Betty Mae✨
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CON CON! hope you have the best day hopefully I\'ll see you later! Ly xxxx - Betty Mae✨ (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

happy birthday bro! Have a sick day and I\'ll see you later - Ryan (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Eric Ackermann
It\'s that time of year where I try2get as many birthday wishes I can so please wish me a happy Bday - Eric Ackermann (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Lucy Ferguson
Happy birthday bruh - Lucy Ferguson (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

sophie wellman
Happy Birthday to my friend Fergie !!! You deserve the best day ever and ily so much - sophie wellman (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Dick Mahog
Happy Birthday to my twin. Night Hawk, the perfect mix of Fergie and Jesus - Dick Mahog (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Mundinho Fergabee
Happy Birthday ALW - Mundinho Fergabee (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Mark Welsh
Happy birthday Fergie Time - Mark Welsh (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Sydney Kazmierczak
happy bday roomie I hope it\'s full of fergie and ice cream. I hope you have a banging day!!!!! - Sydney Kazmierczak (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy bday to this Fergie singin, baton twirlin, picture lovin sis in law (technically) of mine!!! i love you averi - claira (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Mike Popa
Happy birthday Fergie! Have a nice day sleeping wherever you want - Mike Popa (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday love you lots and have a lovely day gorgeous - Meg (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday & Paris u & needs to do a song together - chntgrammer (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday Paris - Samantha (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday Fergus McDonnell! This is no way for the birthday boy to spend his big day! Enjoy your day Fergie! - RPSI-Dublin (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

happy birthday Tasha x - connor (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy bday fergie!!! Idk what I would do w/o your happiness! I hope today was all u wanted & more! I love you bunc - mollyyy (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

K▲PONO ☾▲RM£L▲ ™
Wowaweeeeeeeaaa Yess YeeHaaa and a hello Happy Birthday - K▲PONO ☾▲RM£L▲ ™ (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Kapono Carmela
Wowaweeeeeeeaaa Yess YeeHaaa and a hello Happy Birthday - Kapono Carmela (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy bday tater tot love you long time I hope ur day is as great as ur dance moves & ur jesus/fergie voice - b♡ (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday fergie i hope you have a spectacular day - Rae (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Ed Slade
happy birthday fergie!! Have a fabulous day - Ed Slade (10 months ago)

42 years old (Born on March 27, 1975)

American singer; She is famous from Black Eyed Peas.

Fergie's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to The Duchess. Wish our sister a good one!
Happy birthday to my sister a
Watch Josh Duhamel and son Axl sing Fergie happy birthday in an adorable video
Love you madly,
JD, Axl and Company
Happy birthday  We\re going to watch \"Fergalicious\" on loop to celebrate.
I love you so much thank you for being my bestest priend ever
Here s wishing a very happy birthday! Tune in at 1 PM for
Happy Birthday to our head grounds keeper, Don \"Fergie\" Ferguson!
Fergie singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Paris Jackson
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, We love you so much!
Happy birthday to my dance partner & favorite person to listen to fergie with
Happy birthday,
  singing \"Happy Birthday\" to Paris Jackson
Happy birthday  We hope your day is as fergalicious as you are!
Happy Birthday little sis     Sending you love from Tennessee
Happy Birthday to
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Thankful for our daily trips to starbs& our jam sesh\s to fergie! Love u lots ya crazy!
Happy birthday to one of our favorite mexicanas, Enjoy your special day.
Happy Birthday, Fergie.
Happy birthday Fergie mate x
Happy birthday Have a great day
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Miss jammin to Fergie and riding with you, it\s been WAAYY too long
Happy birthday to the nicest young man to come out of chatham kent since fergie jenkins
Make sure to tell Fergie Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Fergie
Happy birthday to two queens still looking gorgeous in their 40s
Fergie had the best surprise for birthday girl Paris Jackson
Happy birthday to the G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S
Happy Birthday to my favorite singer who is alawys kiling it on stage ! Love you
Wooooh it just got all kinds of hot in here!!! Happy birthday to the FABULOUS
Happy Birthday  &
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday bruh
Happy Birthday Fergie Ferg!
Happy birthday to my best friend in the world I love u more than I love Fergie, enjoy your day pal
Happy happy happy birthday fergie thanks for always making me laugh Ilysm    manaelson112
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BREN!!!!   don\t wreck fergie
Happy birthday to my bep bro
Hay best frand! Happy birthday !!!!!! Luv u fergie
Happy Birthday you are my queen.
Happy birthday
 Happy birthday, gurl!             My present to you is that I won\t ask about      Lol
Happy Birthday Girls!
Happy Birthday we love u! Thanks for supporting
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday fergie!! love you sm
 happy birthday fergie!! Have a fabulous day
Happy Birthday to my friend Fergie !!! You deserve the best day ever and ily so much
My partner is over the moon with his Birthday present Happy Birthday
HAppy BIRTHday to my little sis LIVVVYY I hope you sing lots of fergie today! I Love u sm
 happy bday mate !!!! Hope you\ve had a sweeet day n can\t wait to join u on ur travels xxxx
Happy birthday hope you\re having a good time and see you in a few days x
Happy birthday miss chem w you!! thanks for treating fergie right, have a great day
Happy birthday fergie . Hope it\s good one gonna miss you in metals next year
Happy birthday Cade Lat !! your voice is like a mixture of Fergie and Jesus !! I hope u have a good day
EM MCG happy birthday love, i already miss your fergie lovin self, love you & hang soon
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE HUMAN!!! Wishing you a day full of cats, sonic, and fergie love you so much!
Happy birthday my Fergie Ferg
 Happy Birthday
Happy BDay Fergie
RICHIE: Happy Birthday &
Happy Bday, our Dutchess
Happy Birthday Fergie. Release soon.
The Dutchess was that album in 2006! Happy Birthday Fergie
FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Stacy Ann Ferguson \\ \\ (42)
Happy birthday to Fergie.
Today\s a very special one for this adorable human being Happy Birthday, <3
Happy Birthday March 27,1975
 Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday my M.I.LF. gurl
Happy birthday to the one and only
 Happy birthday babe
Happy Birthday      Love you so so so much
Happy 42nd Birthday Fergie Duhamel!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday,
Happy bday fergie!!      xx
Happy birthday love you lots and have a lovely day gorgeous
Happy Birthday Fergie ,
One year ago, right around 11pm Fergie joined our family! Happy 1st Birthday to Fergie and
Fergie is so gorgeous   Happy Birthday sweetie  hope you had a fantastic birthday T
Happy Birthday to my sweet girl, Fergie! 1-year old today!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY  TERRI Happy Birthday Mommy
A very Happy Birthday to Fergie <3
\Big girl dont cry\ Happy 42nd Birthday !
What\s your favorite Fergie\s song?
Happy Birthday Fergie! age 41
Happy birthday to
Happy birthday, Fergie!
Happy Birthday Fergie & Mariah Carey.
Who run the world? Girls.
 happy birthday my crush
Happy birthday to
Happy Birthday  y
Happy birthday       .
Happy Birthday to Mariah Carey, Fergie, and Jessy J (JAZZ SAXOPHONIST) From KBBP Radio.
 sorry for all those memes, but that\s how I express love. Happy birthday my lovely dutchess.
Happy Birthday to Fergie, who turns 42 today!
 to this hot thaang who still rockin\ in her 40s! Happy birthday Fergie!
Happy Birthday to Fergie!!!
Happy Birthday 42 47!!!!
    Happy Birthday
. Happy Birthday, Fergie! A Little Party Never Killed Nobody, so celebrate BIG!
Happy Birthday
Today we are wishing Happy Birthday to Fergie! Let\s sing Fergie\s song:
HAPPY PA2 ... Mariah Carey (47), Brendan Hill (47), Fergie (42), Jessie J (29), Kimbra (27)
HAPPY BDAY to the one and only    Diga AMÉM FERGIE pra chegar aos 42 anos com essa beleza toda.
Happy Birthday 47 42 48 47 and 48 Enjoy your Special Day!
Happy 42nd birthday to
Happy birthday to the duchess herself,
Happy birthday to
Happy birthday eating some black eyed peas in your honor
Happy Birthday to 3 Female Artists today: (29) (47) (42)
42 has never look so beautiful  Happy bday
Happy Birthday
 happy birthday can\t wait for your collab with queen Onika
Happy Birthday Fergie & Mariah
 Happy Birthday hope your day is fabulous because you are
Happy birthday
You will always be beautiful! Happy Bday!!
Happy Birthday To she\s celebrating her 42nd Birthday Today
Happy bday  42 años chicos
 ON WITH Wishes: A Happy Birthday!
 Happy Birthday, G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S. grrrl! My best wishes for you, now and ever. Lots of love...
Happy 42nd Birthday to the beautiful
Happy birthday from your friends in
Happy birthday to my queen I love you!!!!
 Happy Birthday To You
 Happy Birthday Dutchess! Have a blessed day!
Happy Birthday 42 and 47 Turn Up It\s Ya BDay
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE DUCHESS Fergie Digster Playlists (DigsterPlaylist) March 27, 2017  Honest
 Happy Birthday
Happy birthday xoxo
Happy birthday,
Vevo : Happy birthday Fergie! We\re going to watch \"Fergalicious\" on loop to celebrate.
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
   happy birthday
Happy birthday my everything <3 look at the balloons! 
Wishing you that your dreams will come true. Xoxo<3
 Happy birthday Fergie
Happy Birthday to an inspiring women who made the world smile
 happy birthday!!
Happy birthday to the wonderful
Happy bday to me!!! Thanks Lauren Sands for my cake.  Filed u
Happy Birthday to two great powerhouses: and
Ms. happy birthday I U
Happy birthday
Love you madly,
JD, Axl and Company
The Divah Filez would like to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday, Fergie!
Happy bday to my queen
 Happy 42nd birthday Fergie
Happy Birthday to all born on this day.   Best wishes!
Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday Fergie! Have a and party like it\s 1999!
Happy Birthday  Still waiting on that collab
  Happy Birthday!!
  Watch Fergie\s Sweet Birthday Surprise for Paris Jackson  on
Mirela Rupic \\ Watch Fergie\s Sweet Birthday Surprise for Paris Jackson
 Watch Fergie\s Sweet Birthday Surprise for Paris Jackson
Watch Fergie\s Sweet Birthday Surprise for Paris Jackson
Watch Fergie\s Sweet Birthday Surprise for Paris Jackson
 happy bday roomie  I hope it\s full of fergie and ice cream. I hope you have a banging day!!!!!
Watch Fergie\s Sweet Birthday Surprise for Paris Jackson
Watch Fergie\s Sweet Birthday Surprise for Paris Jackson
 happy birthday!!!!!
Happy birthday to the rocker!
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