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Sabrina Duncan
My daughter Savannah Rivas loves you G'Eazy!! Her birthday is 5/24 too!! Can u please give her a happy 15th bday shout out?!!? Her Snapchat un is savannag5511 - Sabrina Duncan (7 months ago)
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WKU Pi Kappa Alpha
Happy birthday to take it easy tonight G-eazy. - WKU Pi Kappa Alpha (6 months ago)
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US of Amarigrace
Happy bday babe Luke Bryan, G-Eazy, and Wiz tickets all for you baby - US of Amarigrace (6 months ago)
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anna b.
Happy birthday to my car lovin, g eazy playin friend! Have a good one! - anna b. (6 months ago)
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Sara Ward
\"I hate ur birthday cause I hate u......bitch\" happy birthday g eazy on drugs my bishhhhhh - Sara Ward (6 months ago)
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Jonathan Wolf
I was wondering if you could give a quick Happy Birthday to She\'s a huge fan and she\'s addicted to ur music. Thanks - Jonathan Wolf (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday girly! Hope you have a good day! And can\'t wait for G eazy with you on the 28th - tiff (6 months ago)
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Kate Costantino
Happy birthday (btw logic is better than g eazy) - Kate Costantino (7 months ago)
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Chryssa Newman
Happy Birthday I hope you\'re day is filled with lots of g-eazy!! - Chryssa Newman (7 months ago)
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Maddie Stern
Happy birthday G-eazy! Thanks for letting me annoy you at work - Maddie Stern (7 months ago)
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Sam Bunk
happy birthday man hope ur day is filled with g-eazy and all that jazz - Sam Bunk (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday black G-eazy!Have a turnt day . . - T.A.M.M.Y. (7 months ago)
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Ok Dan
Happy Birthday to Britney and G-Eazy\'s love child I miss you and I hope ur having a blast at Firefly - Ok Dan (7 months ago)
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Happy bday have a wonderful day! can\'t wait for G-eazy love you & I\'m looking forward to more mems - Cassie (7 months ago)
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C Ram
Happy birthday - C Ram (7 months ago)
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Lebron Morrison
Happy birthday brother, hope to have plenty of memories this summer can\'t wait for g eazy - Lebron Morrison (7 months ago)
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Dream come true if and wished me a happy birthday today! - brittnee (7 months ago)
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Erikka Soto
lol it\'s my birthday hubby. Should prolly wish your wife (aka me) a happy birthday - Erikka Soto (7 months ago)
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Brooke Wood
Happy birthday beag-ball!Can\'t wait for g-eazy - Brooke Wood (7 months ago)
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Happy bday g-eazy I\'m glad we became friends this year :-) - andria (7 months ago)
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Gabriel Bustamante
Happy birthday user HAHAHA Slay on them g-eazy, miss those kwentos back 2nd year pabatak ka na hahaha god bless buddy! - Gabriel Bustamante (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the coolest twins outtt can\'t eait for G eazy and Logic soon!! - Tampson (7 months ago)
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emma j
Happy birthday lover can\'t wait for for more mems and G Eazy with you - emma j (7 months ago)
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message at happy birthday if you love her - ARLYNNNEXTDOOR . (7 months ago)
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Happy 18th birthday to me im seeing g-eazy again! - kaitlynn✨ (7 months ago)
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That\'s Dalen Swain
Happy birthday to G eazy jr! - That\'s Dalen Swain (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday!! gonna miss ycgs and sharing our obsession with g eazy. hope it\'s a great one - carolyn (7 months ago)
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hay crum
Happy birthday G-Eazy - hay crum (7 months ago)
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Lizzie Nordlund
KENZ IS FINALLY 20!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY & never forget when we died at the G-eazy concert - Lizzie Nordlund (7 months ago)
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happy birthday to one of my best friends since day 1 hope you have a great day and can\'t wait to see G-Eazy with you - ✨kay_jefferds✨ (7 months ago)
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madison hawkins
My goal is for G-Eazy to tell me happy birthday!!! - madison hawkins (7 months ago)
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Antonette Puleo
let me get a happy belated bday? At the least - Antonette Puleo (7 months ago)
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Ridge Gray
Happy mf birthday to my \"behfran\" since 8th grade. Hope its filled with G eazy & MGK much love - Ridge Gray (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the bae G-Eazy (Vine by - KING FER (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the bae G-Eazy (Vine by - Fer (7 months ago)
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Angel Morsi
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Seth Howard
Happy birthday to my G-Eazy buddy. have a great day - Seth Howard (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday julie also remember that g-eazy is white! hope you have a greay day - carson (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my day 1 G-Eazy & Logic were coming for ya in July - Cαrlee (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to this main. Welcome to the club where nothing is difference. 20 days until Cali and G EAZY - TJ (7 months ago)
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Giselle Benitez
Happy Birthday G-Eazy - Giselle Benitez (7 months ago)
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Happy Bday to you I wish all your dreams to come true. Hope you know how loved you truly are. Enjoy the concert tickets for - M.A.C.S (7 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hope you have the best day & G-Eazy proposes - lexasaurus (7 months ago)
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~Clarisse G-Eazy ~
happy birthday - ~Clarisse G-Eazy ~ (7 months ago)
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Izza [SDMN]★
it\'s birthday today, she\'s a huge fan of you. Could you wish her a happy birthday? - Izza [SDMN]★ (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday G-Eazy! - LRF | SHFTPNT! Media (7 months ago)
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ricky ☣
Happy Birthday I hope you have a great day! Now that you\'re older and wiser realize that g eazy is trash jk - ricky ☣ (7 months ago)
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happy birthday - Laylaytosmooth (7 months ago)
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✨Classy Jas✨
Happy Birthday! - ✨Classy Jas✨ (7 months ago)

27 years old (Born on May 24, 1989)

Born Gerald Earl Gillum, he is a hip hop artist who is best known for his 2011 cover of the '60s hit Runaround Sue.

G-Eazy's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to Catch the artist on stage on June 13th
Ayeee lmao happy birthday ur party was lit i had mad potato salad
 \"Happy 21st birthday to this queen. Endless love and respect. Thank you for everything you do(...)\" via IG
Happy birthday to a bay legend YEE!
Happy Birthday may the future bless you with even more success and platinum records!
Happy Birthday to my bro If you see him in London Town today, buy him a Chivas for me!!!
Happy Birthday    pt.1
 June 17th (& happy bday   !)
Happy birthday G-Eazy, hope you have a great day, I love you
Happy 26th Birthday to
Happy birthday
Goal for the day is to get and to wish me a happy birthday! Finally 18
Happy birthday to the homie
From my birthday party yesterday happy early birthday
Surprised sav today w/ g eazy tickets ((-; Happy early birthday bff
Happy Birthday
Happy bday ily    ft bae
Happy birthday goofy, I can\t wait for logic and g eazy
Happy birthday dad. party hard & be too lit to calm down
HAPPY BIRTHDAY G-EAZY ( )!!! Hope your birthday is as lit as your music!!!!
Happy bday to the one and only g eazy   love you so much babe I hope you day was as great as you are
Happy Birthday     hope this year is full of G Eazy concerts, older women, & river days
Happy Birthday Gerald!!!
Happy birthday to my G-Eazy buddy. have a great day
Happy birthday to the greatest
Happy birthday I love you so much and am so happy we met
Happy Birthday to the Sikkis on the Planet
Happy bday  so honored that I share a birthday with the illest
Happy birthday to G-Eazy! Love you mek wish you the best!
Happy birthday to the real wanna be g eazy, have a good one bud
Happy bday 2 one of my best buds !! May your day be full of vaping, chipotle, g-eazy, and videos of Dodd
Happy Birthday to the biggest G-Eazy fan I know
Happy birthday to my BFF! I love you, have a wonderful g-eazy and spaghetti pizza filled day
Happy birthday young big head ass g-eazy stiffboyz
Federicoguti10: bry_lom: happy birthday g-eazy
Happy birthday to my best friend who also happens to be my brother!! Can\t wait to spend your birthday at
Happy birthday to the gorgeous   can\t wait to hit up the courts w u! enjoy the only g eazy I know
Happy Birthday to my fav egg! Thanks for being my friend! Love you more than you love
Happy early birthday to me!!
Happy birthday G Eazy have a good day love you bro  .
Happy birthday to the only person I\ve ever met who loves the Preds and G-Eazy as much as I do
 happy bday only picture I have but g-eazys in it????
Happy bday joe:)) thanks for always making me laugh & obsessing over greys & g-eazy w me youre tha best
Happy Birthday Yee!
Happy birthday to my bro Everyone go wish young Gerald a happy bday!! Yee Yee Yee !!
Happy Birthday G-Eazy. Have a good day bro love you
Happy bday to my favorite Taco Bell/g eazy enthusiast, 1 8
Happy birthday boo
Happy birthday to my boyfriend  I love you babe!!!! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!! hope u have a good day, tb to G Eazy!!!!
Happy birthday may your day be blessed with flaming hot Cheetos and
Happy birthday to the coolest person I know  can\t wait 4 g-eazy w ya
Happy birthday mom! thx for sharing the love of G Eazy..I cherish our mems and inside jokes. luv ya
Happy birthday Kelsie!!!
Happy birthday !!! let\s go see g eazy again ;)
Happy 27th birthday baby.. wishing you early since you\re in manchester & it\s already your birthday there
Happy birthday Gs   bless
Happy Birthday your party was amazing. Minus tone gone off the EDible Juice haha. Malibu is amazing
Happy bday g-eazy I\m glad we became friends this year :-)
Happy Birthday to Britney and G-Eazy\s love child I miss you and I hope ur having a blast at Firefly
Happy birthday G-Eazy much love man
Happy belated bday Mrs.Gillum (g-eazy)  I hope u had a great 17th yesterday! I love u sm
Happy birthday G Eazy
Happy birthday to this crazy girl.Don\t know what I would do w/out you,hope u had a day filled w/ Picklemans & G-Eazy
You look so good in this pic
Happy birthday g-eazy
This picture is so old wow!! happy birthday to my day 1, love you boo
Happy Birthday
TB to last years Soundset. Happy bday
Happy Birthday G
Happy birthday aka G-eazy
Happy birthday gf, ilysm (ps, give my girl a s/o for her bday)
Happy Birthday to this \"hella sus\" g-eazy obsessed rad ass weirdo
Happy birthday to the original g eazy
Happy 22nd birthday G-Eazy hope you\re having a good day!
Happy birthday I hope your bday is as great as front row g eazy was  I love you!!!
Happy late/early bday were going to see g eazy!! :))
Happy Birthday!Glad I have a friend who loves G-Eazy just as much as me! Ready for the next concert
Happy Birthday from G- eazy and I lol
Happy birthday!!! Johnny luv u
Happy birthday G-Eazy! Love your Chik Fil A eating soft smiling self
Happy birthday bro!
Happy Birthday  to G-Eazy have an awesome day
Happy birthday G
Happy birthday, daddy.
Happy birthday to this legend. It\s crazy how far he\s come.
Crazy how time flies. This was my very first time meeting the Bay Area legend. Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday to the one person who makes me the happiest, my inspiration, my love for you is endless.
Happy birthday to my favorite Bay Area rapper.
Happy Birthday  -Lady g.
Happy birthday g .. time to get this money
Happy birthday lover
Happy Birthday    I hope you have a great day! Now that you\re older and wiser realize that g eazy is trash jk
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS    were going to go hard tonight
Happy birthday G-eazy hope you have the best day RJ, thanks for always bein there for me.
Happy birthday to the most amazing boyfriend ever!!! I love you so much    party hard babe
Happy birthday 2 the love of my life, the light of my life, my future-ex-husband
Also Happy Birthday to the ever handsome
Happy bday to this dude.
Happy birthday & throwback to These things happen tour
Happy birthday bae!!!! Gerald is my favorite rapper
Happy Birthday to this legend right here!
Happy birthday to a legend
Happy Birthday babe
Happy Birthday See you in a month with
Happy birthday boo
Happy 18th birthday to my g-eazy loving, perfect best friend!!Can\t wait to break it down at prom with you(:
Happy birthday to the beautiful  hope it\s as lit as G-eazy was
Happy birthday thanks for being the calm one when we met G-Eazy (also peep the tbt)
Happy birthday we should definitely go to a G-Eazy concert soon! Hope you had a great day pal :)
 happy birthday jake  g eazy round 2?
Happy birthday you crazy gal! can\t wait for G-Eazy with you
Happy Birthday G-Eazy!! Hope you had a great day! Love you bb
Happy birthday to my girlfrand     hope you have a rockin\ day   miss you and G eazy lots
Happy bday to my crazy bestfriend thx 4 dancing around the kitchen w/ me 2 g eazy & making bomb margaritas!! ILY
 happy birthday beautiful!! Can wait till the next g eazy
Happy Birthday babe. Love you, miss you can\t wait to see you
Happy birthday, boo
Happy Birthday to the amazing Gerald   . I love you from the Bay Area to the fucking universe.
ATTENTION  it\s birthday... Happy birthday bae, been real since day one
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 G-EAZY!! (aka the luv of my life) can\t wait 2 finally see u in concert    july 12th plz hurry up
Happy birthday to the literal love of my life
Happy 27th birthday handsome, I can\t wait to see you in June!!!!
Happy birthday    see you on Friday
Happy Birthday to the legend
Happy Birthday to our hometown hero who turns 27 today! Yeeee
Happy birthday Can\t believe I\ve gotten to watch you take over the world, it\s only the beginning,I  youu
Happy birthday
Happy birthday baby  love and miss you and can\t wait to see you in July
Definitely take a moment to wish a happy birthday!
Happy birthday to the babe himself !!! p.s- I\m still in love with you. :)))
 happy birthday
Happy birthday !!!!  so glad I got to see you in concert
Happy birthday daddy
Happy birthday We WILL work together someday.
Happy birthday  still super thankful for this day
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday   keep doing what you\re doing
Up close and personal at the \When It\s Dark Out Tour!\ Happy birthday
 Happy birthday to the G-eazy fan
First ever show I\ve been to and absolutely smashed it, loved every second and happy birthday man
 Happy birthday G-Eazy !!
Happy birthday to my favorite dancer, secret hippy, and best G-Eazy enthusiast out there  LY KELLI
HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope today is full of g eazy and enos:) love ya kid
Happy bday to the homie
Happy birthday baby! Love you lots  Wish you nothing but happiness
Happy birthday Sammy love you bunches g-eazy
Happy Birthday Pud!!  ps wish her a happy bday lol
Happy birthday to my fav
Happy bday to my favorite rapper
Happy Birthday to my baby
Happy birthday babe
Happy birthday babe
 happy 26th birthday baby
Happy birthday to my future baby daddy
Wishing a happy Birthday to 1 of the biggest influences in my life musically & mentally, thanks much love man
Happy birthday to this cutie hope to see you live soon again
Happy birthday to a man that helped me believe in the power of music .
Happy birthday babe
Happy birthday G.
Happy birthday to daddy
Happy birthday Gerald
Happy birthday babe
Happy birthday to this gorgeous man
Happy Birthday babe
Happy birthday boo
Happy Birthday to this babe
Happy Birthday G
Happy Birthday boo
Happy birthday g
Happy birthday to a sexy dude
Happy birthday bro
Happy birthday to my favorite person I hope your day is great & full of G-Eazy. I love you long time
HAPPY (meal) birthday to my FRY or die love you (slick thick) dumbass  can\t wait for more G-Eazy
Happy bday Benj you deserve to smile from ear to ear today, n just keep sayin G-eazy is ur favorite rapper
Got tickets to see G-Eazy and Logic for the Endless Summer Tour as my birthday present I\m so happy
Happy birthday   tonight was Fucking UNREAL!!
Happy birthday to the KING of rap I LOVE you so so much enjoy it ,you\re 27 now!!!!
 yooo thank you for the night and happy birthday bro
 incredible at Manchester tonight! Happy Birthday!
 smashed it in Manchester. Happy birthday man
Thank you for making this one of the best nights of my life, it was so lit! Happy Birthday!
 happy birthday Gerald!
Happy birthday bae
Happy 27th birthday to my idol have a great day I love you and am so proud of you. Have a good time tonight!
Happy birthday until we meet again & I don\t fuck it up by sleeping.. stay classy.
Happy Birthday to my favourit rapper! I love u so much!
Probably my fav rapper of ALL time, the one and only happy birthday legend
Happy birthday g eazy
An happy birthday to last night was a movie.Hope you enjoyed ! All the best ! Thank you for the kind words
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