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Happy Birthday Big George Foreman! Many people look up to you just like Smokin Joe in this picture . Follow - NextFightUp (4 days ago)
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steve simmons
I\'m a day late on this but happy birthday to two all-time greats, Frank Mahovlich and George Foreman. - steve simmons (4 days ago)
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Ben-hur Freiwald
Happy Birthday Big George Foreman - Ben-hur Freiwald (5 days ago)
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Emanoel Barroso
Hoje George Foreman completa 70 anos! Parabéns! Today George Foreman celebrate his 70th birthday! Happy birthday! - Emanoel Barroso (5 days ago)
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bartolome carrasco
He añadido un vídeo a una lista de reproducción de ( - Happy Birthday to George Foreman Born This - bartolome carrasco (5 days ago)
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Dennis Stampley
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Happy Birthday! You look great! Cheers to the legend The Great George Foreman! - KCLasVegas (5 days ago)
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Happy 70th Birthday George Foreman. - Raffles (5 days ago)
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Salty sac o\' nutz
Happy birthday George Foreman! - Salty sac o\' nutz (5 days ago)
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Get out the grill! Happy birthday to boxer George Foreman! - keyn1037 (5 days ago)
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Jefferson Flair
GEORGE FOREMAN HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Jefferson Flair (5 days ago)
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We Talk Weekly
Let s all wish the former boxer, businessman, author, family man, and entrepreneur George Foreman a HAPPY 70th Birt - We Talk Weekly (5 days ago)
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Texas Pop Culture
Happy birthday to boxing legend and Marshall, TX native George Foreman, seen here with fellow Texan, Lyndon B. John - Texas Pop Culture (5 days ago)
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spacewoman reporter
HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY to GEORGE FOREMAN!! Former American professional boxer who competed from 1969 to 1977, and - spacewoman reporter (5 days ago)
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Boxing HD TV
was born. Happy Birthday, champ: - Boxing HD TV (5 days ago)
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TP Trivia
Social Media Question: Happy Bday George Foreman! What s the nickname for his famous title fight against Muhammad A - TP Trivia (5 days ago)
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1949 - Happy Birthday to former Heavyweight Champ and Olympic Gold Medalist, George Foreman. - RobertEdwardAuctions (5 days ago)
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George foreman has five (5) sons, they are also called george foreman happy birthday george - justsingersongwriterbenmurray (5 days ago)
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Your Toronto Birthday - claim your gifts!
From : George Foreman turned 70 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - Your Toronto Birthday - claim your gifts! (5 days ago)
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Hana Ali
Happy 70th Birthday to George Foreman! He was a great friend to my father and still is to me and our family! We love you George! - Hana Ali (5 days ago)
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Happy birthday!!! Also born on today: the Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz. Actress Sarah Shahi. - Brunchworth (5 days ago)
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Cooper Clark
Happy Birthday Avery!!! Having a birthday on January 10th isn t the only thing you share with George Foreman - Cooper Clark (5 days ago)
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Al Sussman
Happy 70th Birthday to former heavyweight champion, author, and grill guru George Foreman, here with Conan O\'Brien - Al Sussman (5 days ago)
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Today, in 1949, was born the great Big George Foreman, a living legend of Boxing and a marvelous person. Happy birt - Adrián (5 days ago)
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Steve Tannen
Down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier!!! Happy 70th birthday to Big Geor - Steve Tannen (5 days ago)
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Rep Your Sign
Famous Zodiac Birthdays: Capricorn January 10 Happy birthday! Pat Benatar, 66 George Foreman, 70 Rod Stewart - Rep Your Sign (5 days ago)
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KHVN Heaven 97
Happy Birthday George Foreman! - KHVN Heaven 97 (5 days ago)
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Happy Fuckin birthday George Foreman salute - Ta-Von (5 days ago)
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Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet
Happy Birthday to George Foreman! Here\'s our favorite review of one of his grills... now where have we heard that b - Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet (5 days ago)
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The Celebrity Cafe/Stars and Celebs
He is a former professional boxer who competed from 1969 to 1977, and from 1987 to 1997, A two-time world heavywei - The Celebrity Cafe/Stars and Celebs (5 days ago)
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John Gonzalez
Happy birthday to Big George Foreman 70 years today. When the man comes around, - John Gonzalez (5 days ago)
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Rickie Winslow
Happy Birthday Big George Foreman.... - Rickie Winslow (5 days ago)
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Boks Dünyası
Happy birthday legend love from Turkey ! Efsane George Foreman\' n 70. ya n kutluyoruz. Nice y lla - Boks Dünyası (5 days ago)
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90-Day Marketing
Happy Birthday to Rod Stewart, Pat Benatar & George Foreman. - 90-Day Marketing (5 days ago)
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Jung Diva
Happy Birthday to Heavyweight Champion George Foreman! Show some love to this King by naming your favorite Foreman - Jung Diva (5 days ago)
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A champ in every way! Happy Birthday, George Foreman. - SharonDalene (5 days ago)
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Joan england
Happy birthday to our American Icon, George Foreman. - Joan england (5 days ago)
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Photo Larry ®
Happy Birthday RIP Ray Bolger(Bulcao 1904 1987) Roy Disney(1930 2009) Salvatore \"Sal\" Mineo(1939 1976) James \"Jim\" - Photo Larry ® (6 days ago)
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Elliott Auerbach
Happy Birthday to pugilist and pitchman George Foreman \"Heroes always have their scars. Some you see, some you read - Elliott Auerbach (6 days ago)
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HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY TO GEORGE FOREMAN - EatSleepBoxingRepeat (6 days ago)
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Kelvin Reid
Happy Birthday George Foreman. The day you shook up the and took the strap again. - Kelvin Reid (6 days ago)
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Scott Owens
Happy Birthday to: Scott McKenzie, 1939 (d. 2012); Frank Sinatra, Jr., 1944 (d. 2016); Jim Croce, 1943 (d.1973); Ro - Scott Owens (6 days ago)
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Sweeny Murti
I just threw away an old George Foreman Grill. That only made it to about 20, although I d have to say the last 10 - Sweeny Murti (6 days ago)
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Dino G.
Happy Birthday George Foreman was the hardest puncher in boxing history. We got th - Dino G. (6 days ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY \"BIG GEORGE\". Tarehe na mwezi kama wa leo mwaka 1949, alizaliwa mmoja ya ma-legend wa mchezo wa ngu - morosports9 (6 days ago)
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Steve Cortes
Good morning and a very happy birthday to George Foreman: Olympic gold medalist, two-time heavyweight champion, and - Steve Cortes (6 days ago)
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Niklaus Michael
Happy birthday to American professional boxer George Foreman!! He is a two-time world heavyweight champion and an O - Niklaus Michael (6 days ago)
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Happy birthday to American professional boxer George Foreman!! He is a two-time world heavyweight champion and an O - ambersports (6 days ago)

70 years old (Born on January 10, 1949)

oldest man ever to win a major heavyweight title when, at 45, he knocked out 26-year-old Michael Moorer in the 10th round

George Foreman's Best Moments

Happy 70th birthday to Heavyweight legend George Foreman.
BoxingNewsED: GeorgeForeman was born. Happy Birthday, Big George:
Former professional boxer George Foreman is celebrating his 68th birthday today. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, George Foreman. Your message is still my favourite message.
January 10, 1949 Happy Birthday to George Foreman who turns 65 today
Happy 69th Birthday to READ:
Happy Birthday George Foreman Former World Heavyweight Champion now Christian Preacher Have Blessed day George AMEN
Happy 70th birthday to the one and only George Foreman.
Happy Birthday George Foreman. One of the greatest and hardest hitting heavyweights to hav
Happy 68th birthday to George Foreman!
Happy 68th birthday George Foreman! I m a winner each and every time I go into the ring.
Happy Birthday, George Foreman, the oldest ever Heavyweight boxing champ; born today in 1949
Happy Birthday to George Foreman(left) who turns 69 today!
Happy 69th bday to former heavy weight champ, George Foreman!
George! Foreman! Sweeet! Way! Cool! 
Happy 70th Birthday George Foreman.
Happy 67th Birthday to George Foreman! Celebrate by watching Facing Ali on Netflix!
Happy Birthday to boxing great George Foreman. We\re sure he\s having a knockout day! He turns 68 today!
Happy Birthday To George Foreman
Happy Birthday George Foreman
Happy Birthday George Foreman
Happy Birthday to boxer, actor George Foreman,  George via
Happy Birthday George Foreman!
Happy Birthday George Foreman!

George Foreman
Wish a happy birthday to   and more!
Happy Birthday to George Foreman (born January 10, 1949)
Happy Birthday George Foreman!!!
.Happy Birthday Hall of Famer George Foreman
Happy 69th Birthday to the American Boxer,  George Foreman.
Happy Birthday to George Foreman (born January 10, 1949)
1949: Happy Birthday George Foreman
Happy Birthday to George Foreman! aka Big George
Happy 69th Birthday to George Foreman
Happy Birthday, George Foreman!
Happy Birthday George Foreman!
From :  George Foreman turned 70 today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    was born. 
Happy Birthday, champ:
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george foreman muhammad ali 2
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