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Barbara Kelly
Happy belated birthday! - Barbara Kelly (19 hours ago)
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Donna Reedy
happy birthday. you are such a inspiration. - Donna Reedy (1 day ago)
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News Remix Bot
*swoons* Happy - News Remix Bot (2 days ago)
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Tammy Koerner
Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had the best day and wishes for a year filled with love and adventures! - Tammy Koerner (2 days ago)
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kesha ❄️
Happy late birthday to my absolute favorite person and role model. Thank you! We are best friends you just don\'t kn - kesha ❄️ (2 days ago)
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Eleni Diakoumopoulos
Happy Belated Birthday Ginger! I\'m glad that you had a Blast with your Hubby, Family, and Friends! :D - Eleni Diakoumopoulos (2 days ago)
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Ada Logsdon
Happy Birthday sweetie - Ada Logsdon (2 days ago)
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Sierra Fox
Happy birthday, - Sierra Fox (2 days ago)
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Jeanine Mayer
Happy birthday Ginger, hope you had an awesome day! - Jeanine Mayer (2 days ago)
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Stephanie Retter
happy Birthday!! - Stephanie Retter (3 days ago)
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Richgeana white
Happy Birthday - Richgeana white (3 days ago)
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Mariah Ruiz
Happy Birthday - Mariah Ruiz (3 days ago)
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Karen Johnson-arel
Happy birthday from a homestate girl (Traverse City)!Hope it was wonderful! - Karen Johnson-arel (3 days ago)
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Tom Nelson
Happy, happy birthday to you! - Tom Nelson (3 days ago)
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Andrew Little
Happy birthday Ginger. Hope you had a wonderful day - Andrew Little (3 days ago)
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Celebrity Birthday : Meteorologist & Former contestant(with turns 36 today! \"HAPP - GEORGE(DWTS&more) (3 days ago)
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Happy Birthday!!! - BearDown (3 days ago)
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Happy Birthday to the best weather scientist ever! - MariaPR (3 days ago)
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Denise Petrosky
Happy birthday!!! - Denise Petrosky (3 days ago)
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Michael P Lawlor
Tra la la happy birthday Tra la la - Michael P Lawlor (3 days ago)
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Victoria Rivera
Happy Birthday! - Victoria Rivera (3 days ago)
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Happy Birthday! - Gilly (3 days ago)
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prial perez
happy birthday and my birthday is February 2 coming up soon - prial perez (3 days ago)
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McKenzie Haneline
Happy Birthday ! Thank you for being my role model and teaching never to give up on dreams! - McKenzie Haneline (3 days ago)
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Happy Birthday. Show probably had a party and everything. Haven\'t been getting up for the morning shows. - RKS (3 days ago)
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Lois Troutman
Happy Birthday Ginger! I hope your day was Specialicious! Blessings, Love for Your Special Day! Cheers! - Lois Troutman (3 days ago)
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Kelsey Lacks
happy birthday! - Kelsey Lacks (3 days ago)
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Tammy Michelle Dean
Happy Birthday!!! - Tammy Michelle Dean (3 days ago)
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Happy Birthday! - BridgetBucklerDemers (3 days ago)
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Lindsay Arnold
Happy birthday hope you are having an amazing day!! - Lindsay Arnold (3 days ago)
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happy birthday - Maria (3 days ago)
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happy birthday I wish you well with your family and friends doing their best as a chief meteorologist with perseverance - maicoldm (3 days ago)
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Natasha McKenzie
Thank you for the birthday shoutout Happy BDay to & - Natasha McKenzie (3 days ago)
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A very Happy Birthday to you from the city of your birth...Orange, California. Love you & Ben, looking forward to the DIY series - John_Church (3 days ago)
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from one JT fan to another, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! - Jojo (3 days ago)
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Mae Reed
sending happy birthday wishes your way - Mae Reed (3 days ago)
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Bill Neilio
Happy birthday girl, from a Michigander. U.P. Is where we are, normally, but Florida for a while. - Bill Neilio (3 days ago)
birthday balloon

chip miller
happy birthday from Michael Jordans in CT - chip miller (3 days ago)
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Savage Vitalia
Happy birthday, Ginger! - Savage Vitalia (3 days ago)
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Beth Lane
HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Beth Lane (3 days ago)
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Lena Plummer
Happy Birthday Ginger Zee and many more - Lena Plummer (3 days ago)
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Happy Birthday! - Vanessa (3 days ago)
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Happy birthday beautiful Ginger!! Hope it\'s blessed!!! - Blessed (3 days ago)
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Beth Schnau
Happy Birthday Ginger Zee from my husband who is a little smitten with you - and me, too because you\'re - Beth Schnau (3 days ago)
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Bob Turner
Happy birthday,Ginger. You\'re the best. - Bob Turner (3 days ago)
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Brittany Wagner
Happy Birthday to one of my Favorites! Inspiratal. Smart. Beautiful. Funny. Dancing lady! - Brittany Wagner (3 days ago)
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Susan J. Bannister
What fun!! Enjoy and order up pizza! Happy Birthday Ginger! - Susan J. Bannister (3 days ago)
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Sandra Johnson
Hopefully that really happened & not just a pic. Happy Birthday - Sandra Johnson (3 days ago)
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Tracy Martin
Happy Birthday !!!! - Tracy Martin (3 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday Thanks for being an amazing person!! Hope to be back in the GMA audience again soon! - Harley (3 days ago)

36 years old (Born on January 13, 1981)

American, TV News; She is famous from ABC News meteorologist.

Ginger Zee's Best Moments

Remessage to wish our very own a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday from your secret admirer!
Happy Birthday,  chief meteorologist turns 35 today.
Happy Birthday to my buddy I had such a great time at her wedding.
!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! To the first dog that stole my heart -- OTIS. He\s a spry 13 y.o. as seen here:
Happy bday to my meteorologist enjoy your very special day!
And i keep crying   happy birthday to you you are the best,i adore you
Happy Birthday, Ginger Zee! ABC News chief meteorologist and new mom to 3-week-old Adrian turns 35 today.
Happy birthday to the sweet & beautiful Hope you have a fantastic day!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY   ...and this is why we don\t hand draw our wx maps
Happy birthday, i hope you have an amazing day
Happy birthday I hope you have a great day! Definitely my favorite meteorologist!!
 We are a military family and Otis has us beat on moves!!! Happy Birthday Otis <3
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Ginger Zee!  I saw her n person at Good Morning America last July in NYC I took the other 2 photos
 Happy Birthday from Lafayette, Indiana!
 Happy Birthday girlfriend!  Forecasting Sunny skies for your special day..
Happy 36th Birthday wishes to \America\s Meteorologist\ & occasional dancer,
\" Happy birthday,   Happy Brithday have great day
Happy birthday such mom goals
Happy Birthday Thanks for being an amazing person!! Hope to be back in the GMA audience again soon!
Happy Birthday Ginger
Happy Birthday to my favorite weather person
Happy Birthday to my favorite Chief Meteorologist have a bless day
Happy Birthday !
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the Mitten! I hope you have a day that is just as wonderful as you!
Happy Birthday and Have a great day!!
Happy Birthday ! Hope you enjoy your day!!
Wishing a very happy birthday to one of our favorite brides,
 Missed you not being on this AM. Want To Wish You A Very Happy Birthday & Many More !
Happy Birthday to my dog, Orlando Bloom, Patrick Dempsey, and
 Happy Birthday to my favorite meteorologist :)
 Snow day in Cambridge, MA. A happy birthday blizzard for me!
 Happy Birthday Otis! You always make us smile! :)
 Mack is 8 today! Happy Bday to them both!
 Happy birthday to sweet Otis from our Ruby, a fellow 13 year old!
 Happy Birthday Otis! Xoxox love Baby and her humans
 Happy Birthday Otis.
  Birthday Otis  Otis
 our pooch just barked happy bday to the big guy.
Showing love for out in the cold! Happy Birthday, Amanda!
  Happy Birthday  From Murphy the what you daily
Happy Birthday Despite on leave, here\s your cake.
 Happy Birthday, Ginger. Just a little something from a few years ago. Yes, I still have this photo.
 A little birdie ( ) told me it\s your birthday! Happy, Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday
 Snow in Central Pennsylvania. Happy birthday, Ginger!
Happy birthday !! Here\s my own little weather reporter we Photoshopped last weekend :)
 Happy Birthday
ABC7NY: GMA: Happy Birthday to one of our own: Ginger_Zee!
 Happy Birthday! Question! Yesterday Milwaukee NWS was reporting \"Frost Quake\"what in the world is that!
Happy Birthday Mama Zee!
 Happy Birthday Ginger! A VERY special friend (RIP) asked me to message you this card(his internet is down)
 Happy Birthday from our little ginger!
  Here\s a snowy night picture from Plano, IL from the other night Ginger. Happy Birthday! !!
 Happy Birthday!!!
Happy 35th Birthday, to wish the stunning new mom a wonderful day!
 Happy Birthday...
 Happy Birthday Ginger! Sunset in Itasca, IL tonight.
 wishing Adrian a very happy 1st birthday! Video made by me.
Happy birthday to sweet boy Adrian!! Happy 1st Birthday!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GINGER ZEE  from Grand Rapids Michigan
     It\s Friday!! Happy Birthday Ginger!
Happy Birthday to the one and only from the morning team here
Happy Birthday to my fav weather unicorn!!!! girl!!!!!!!! Have a Magical day girlie
 this is amazing! Happy birthday, GZ!
 Good morning to you. Happy birthday to you!!!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday.
 happy birthday.. hope you have a great day !!
 Happy Birthday!!! Hope u have a great day!!
Happy Birthday Ginger Zee
Happy Birthday ! is she finally old enough to have that champagne?
 Happy Birthday to my fav weather woman. That yellow dress you wore this morn was beautiful!
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day!
Happy Birthday goes out to Her talents, skills, and personality are ones to remember.
 happy birthday Ginger,  don\t walk under any ladders today.
 Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady.  :)  Idaho Love haha:
Happy Birthday to meteorologist
  happy birthday Ging.
Happy Birthday Wishes Ginger
 Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday ginger zee
Happy 36th Birthday to today\s with an  meteorologist
 Happy Birthday!
Thank you for the birthday shoutout Happy BDay to &
 from one JT fan to another, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
 happy birthday from Michael Jordans in CT
 Happy, happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday,
 Happy belated birthday!
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