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Maureen Ferreri
Happy birthday to the one and only Glen Campbell 4/22 A legend musician who battles Alzheimer\'s You are not forgotten by your fans. - Maureen Ferreri (8 hours ago)
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I\'m Happy To Be Anywhere - Happy Birthday Glen Campbell from Kim and - BridalShowSouthernCa (8 hours ago)
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Anna Hull
Happy (belated) Birthday, Glen Campbell! - Anna Hull (18 hours ago)
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Laurence Hickey
Happy birthday Glen Campbell. Great voice - Laurence Hickey (19 hours ago)
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I may be late but Happy Birthday Glen Campbell - Gordon (21 hours ago)
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Ramona Gooch
Glen Campbell - \"The Long Walk Home\" (2015) HD via Happy Birthday Glen Campbell.. long walk home... - Ramona Gooch (1 day ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Glen Campbell...thank you for the music and the memories. - Donna (1 day ago)
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Ed Hogan
Happy Birthday Glen Campbell! - Ed Hogan (1 day ago)
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Bruce New
Happy birthday to Chanticleer himself Glen Campbell - Bruce New (1 day ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Charlotte Rae, Glen Campbell, Jack Nicholson, Louise Gluck, John Waters, Larry Groce, Peter Frampton and Aivars Kalejs. - North Trenton (1 day ago)
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Carl Jackson
Happy 81st birthday to the greatest singer ever!!!! Mr. Glen Campbell... - Carl Jackson (1 day ago)
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Troy Leger
Happy Birthday to Glen Campbell (Official) ! - Troy Leger (1 day ago)
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Crit Kincaid
The original True Grit: with John Wayne, Kim Darby, and Glen Campbell, is still the best. Also happy birthday to... - Crit Kincaid (1 day ago)
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⭐♊ Tammy ♊⭐
Happy 81st Birthday to legendary country music singer Glen Campbell - ⭐♊ Tammy ♊⭐ (1 day ago)
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Keith Joseph LeGlue
happy birthday Glen Campbell from Beatnik. - Keith Joseph LeGlue (1 day ago)
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Chuck Halley
Happy birthday to my favorite singer, GLEN CAMPBELL (born April 22, 1936 in Delight, Arkansas.) The country music... - Chuck Halley (1 day ago)
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Superstar Magazine
Happy 81st Birthday Glen Campbell - Superstar Magazine (1 day ago)
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Monica Guerra
Happy birthday Everybody\'s Talkin\' by Glen Campbell - Monica Guerra (1 day ago)
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Vern Shank
Happy birthday Glen Campbell (Official) - Vern Shank (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday to Glen Campbell (Official) turning 81 today! Glen cut \'Rollin\', a song I wrote with Joe Rainey,... - PeacefulEasyFeeling (1 day ago)
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john milford
Happy birthday Country legend Glen Campbell from Arkansas. Via this is his classic Rhinestone Cowboy. Nite. - john milford (1 day ago)
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Melissa Chilcoat
Happy Birthday Glen Campbell. What a catalogue of music this man made - Melissa Chilcoat (1 day ago)
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Sue Thurman
Happy Birthday Glen Campbell. <3 - Sue Thurman (1 day ago)
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Joe Randeen
Happy birthday Glen Campbell. - Joe Randeen (1 day ago)
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David Frizzell
A man in a league of his own talent! Happy Birthday to the great Glen Campbell (Official) - David Frizzell (1 day ago)
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Wade Hayes Fan
Happy Birthday Mr. Glen Campbell. Thanks for all the great music! - Wade Hayes Fan (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday, Glen Campbell... And Many Many more. - kathelene:1972 (1 day ago)
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Karen Sadler
Happy happy bday to the one and only the lovely Glen Campbell - Karen Sadler (1 day ago)
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Matt The Cat
Happy 81st Birthday to singer/songwriter/guitarist GLEN CAMPBELL. He was born on April 22, 1936 in Billstown, AR.... - Matt The Cat (1 day ago)
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chicho giuliano
Happy birthday Glen Campbell! Check out these 20 essential Rhinestone Cowboy... by - chicho giuliano (1 day ago)
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Lucinda Shoemaker
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Glen Campbell,Ingo Rademacher,Catherine Mary Stuart,Aaron&Griffin Kunintz,and Joseph Bottoms.4 soap stars,1 country legend. - Lucinda Shoemaker (1 day ago)
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Johannes Blom
!Happy birthday Glen Campbell! Check out these 20 essential Rhinestone ... - Johannes Blom (1 day ago)
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ray louie
I\'m Happy To Be Anywhere - Happy Birthday Glen Campbell from Kim and - ray louie (1 day ago)
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Robert W Walker
Happy birthday, Glen Campbell! Thanks for the reminder. Thanks for the years of awesomeness. - Robert W Walker (1 day ago)
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Celebrity Birthdays
Happy Birthday Glen Campbell - Celebrity Birthdays (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday Glen Campbell (Official) ! ( April 22nd 1936 ) - MK (1 day ago)
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I love Glen Campbell! Happy 81st Birthday To Glen Campbell - H.I.M.Loversmetal (1 day ago)
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Giovanni F7
Happy Glen Campbell, multi-Grammy-winning 60s/70s hitmaking singer/songwriter/musician & actor - Giovanni F7 (1 day ago)
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IMDb. April 22nd. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Ken Olandt, Jason Miller, Robin Bartlett, Aaron Spelling, Amanda Mealing, Glen Campbell, Rebecca Hanson. - GSmith (1 day ago)
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C4Palin - Open Thread (22-Apr) | - OverTheMoonbat (1 day ago)
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The Hot Mammas
Happy Birthday - Singer Glen Campbell is 81. - The Hot Mammas (1 day ago)
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Sharon Ogdie
Happy Birthday Glen Campbell - Sharon Ogdie (1 day ago)
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Sylvie Bouvier, MBA
Happy birthday Glen Campbell! Check out these 20 essential Rhinestone Cowboy songs - Sylvie Bouvier, MBA (1 day ago)
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Mile High Company
RollingStone: Happy birthday Glen Campbell! Check out these 20 essential Rhinestone Cowboy songs - Mile High Company (1 day ago)
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Rolling Stone
Happy birthday Glen Campbell! Check out these 20 essential Rhinestone Cowboy songs - Rolling Stone (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday Glen Campbell! - Thomas (1 day ago)
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Rhett Bryan
One of the all-time greats. Happy Birthday to Mr. Glen Campbell. - Rhett Bryan (1 day ago)
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Happy birthday to Glen Campbell born Apr. 22, 1936. Here he is singing Gentle On My Mind. - forionpozo (1 day ago)
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A good time to celebrate and remember! - Linda (1 day ago)
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Troy Dwyer
Happy Birthday from a late-comer to Rhinestone Cowboy and Glen Campbell. I just learn - Troy Dwyer (1 day ago)

81 years old (Born on April 22, 1936)

The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour

Glen Campbell's Best Moments

Happy birthday Glen Campbell! Check out these 20 essential Rhinestone Cowboy songs
Happy Birthday to One of the all-time greats:
Happy birthday, Glen Campbell! Here are the Rhinestone Cowboy\s 20 essential songs
Happy Birthday to Glen Campbell, here\s a photo of the actor and singer, circa 1970.
A very happy 81st birthday to the famous Rhinstone Cowboy, Glen Campbell
Happy Birthday to YOU Glen Campbell
Happy birthday Read our feature:
Happy Birthday Glen Campbell
Happy Birthday Glen Campbell | born April 22, 1936
  happy birthday. Charles Mingus
& Paul Chambers
& Glen Campbell
& Peter Frampton
Happy Birthday Ann Mitchell, Louis Smith, Ryan Stiles, Glen Campbell & Jack Nicholson
Happy birthday glen campbell 81 today
Happy Birthday Glen Campbell. Your music still makes me tear up and you acted with John Wayne
Happy birthday Glen Campbell!
Happy Birthday Glen Campbell - one of my all time favourite singer / guitarists. 81 today!
Happy Birthday, Glen Campbell, born April 22nd, 1936, in Billstown, Arkansas.
Happy Birthday to the late Jack Nitzche & Glen Campbell
Happy Birthday To Glen Campbell  Who Was Born On This Day In 1936!
Happy birthday to Glen Campbell
Happy Birthday to Glen Campbell who turns 81 today!
  Happy Birthday Glen Campbell! Luv you. :)
C4Palin - Open Thread (22-Apr)

Happy 81st birthday to the greatest singer ever!!!! Mr. Glen Campbell...
Happy (belated) Birthday, Glen Campbell!
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