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Oh I just love him, you know. You are a babe sweetie. - kittenpiano039 (1 year ago)
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Dear Daniel..happy birthday and god bless you..lotz of luv - sakshi (2 years ago)
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abby cates
Happy birthday to the only person who\'s just as obsessed with Aaron Tveit and Harry Potter as I am - abby cates (4 months ago)
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Patricia Salvador
Happy birthday to my favorite character in harry potter :)) - Patricia Salvador (4 months ago)
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Nawaf Alanizi
harry potter | lost it to trying + happy 36th bday (: + cc vahan bio / ... (Vine by - Nawaf Alanizi (4 months ago)
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West End Stage
Happy Birthday to the AMAZING :) enjoy Harry Potter! - West End Stage (4 months ago)
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Hallie Magera♡
Happy birthday bestie hope your day is full of cats Antonio and Harry Potter! Love and miss you bb - Hallie Magera♡ (5 months ago)
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Nicolás Cook
Junie Egason: The luckiest guy in Harry Potter who keeps on touching Hermione... Happy birthday Ron Weasley.... JAJAJAJAJ best comment +10 - Nicolás Cook (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday chummy !!!! enjoy this hot pic of us at a farm with a cat we named after a harry potter character !! - Jordan (5 months ago)
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Kimi Moore
Happy 13th Birthday to Gracie!!! My Disney loving, Harry Potter - Kimi Moore (5 months ago)
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Happy bday Harry Potter - Lew (5 months ago)
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Dee C. Dubois
I liked a video Drunk Ron Weasley Sings Happy Birthday To Harry Potter (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) - Dee C. Dubois (5 months ago)
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Peyton Muskett
Happy birthday I hope your day is filled with Harry Potter, bendy straws, and doing something legal - Peyton Muskett (5 months ago)
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britty \\m/
happy birthday!!! miss my Harry Potter buddy!! - britty \\m/ (5 months ago)
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ᗩ ن م ᗩ
I remember when I used to be a BIG OBSESSED FAN of Harry Potter I STILL AM happy birthday to the coolest ginger head Rupert or RONNN - ᗩ ن م ᗩ (5 months ago)
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Mace ☾
Happy birthday my little Harry Potter lovin, Louisville hatin, smelly, best friend - Mace ☾ (5 months ago)
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Claire Graham
Happy Birthday 2 my person, hope your day is filledwith Harry potter & iced coffee love u endlessly - Claire Graham (5 months ago)
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Kyle Gibson
happy birthday Chloe, u should celebrate and watch Harry Potter X - Kyle Gibson (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday bebe girl! Thanks for evrythng bebe grl,always take care!! Luv u harry potter\'s wife - ; (5 months ago)
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jaz //
» Harry Potter is nice but Justin is better « Happy Birthday Sadaf! ... (Vine by billionaire bieber) - jaz // (5 months ago)
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» Harry Potter is nice but Justin is better « Happy Birthday ! ... - marina (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday to Ron Weasley himself, Rupert Grint! - Harry Potter Harry Potter - Ezhil (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday RUPEGRINT. May 2016 is gonna be your year after a \"long rest\" from Harry Potter casting! - Amirurrebecca (5 months ago)
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HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY TO MY PANDA PAL so glad I found someone that shares my love of harry potter, friends & disney - alexi (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday to our \"ginger one from Harry Potter\" - Priya (5 months ago)
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Nicole Lindstrom
Happy Birthday to the cutest member of the Harry Potter cast. - Nicole Lindstrom (5 months ago)
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pokieart: The Chosen One. Happy birthday, Harry Potter :) - daniel (5 months ago)
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BeeZ by Scranton
Happy birthday He starred as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies! Who\'s your favorite HP character? - BeeZ by Scranton (5 months ago)
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emily driggs
Happy birthday to Rupert Grint (ron weasley) from harry potter - emily driggs (5 months ago)
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Liz Stolfi
Happy Birthday GG @ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Universal Orlando Resort) - Liz Stolfi (5 months ago)
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Maggie Smith News
Happy Birthday to Rupert Grint today! Here he is with Maggie at the premiere of Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince - Maggie Smith News (5 months ago)
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VIP Toys
Happy birthday to these two men,ron weasley harry potter faithful best friend and vincent kennedy mcmahon owner of the WWE - VIP Toys (5 months ago)
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addie reith
It\'s Rupert Grint\'s birthday so naturally I\'m watching Harry Potter to celebrate, Happy Birthday bae - addie reith (5 months ago)
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Snape is the best Harry Potter character! Happy bday! - Whov1an (5 months ago)
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Today is Rupert Grint\'s Birthday. Help us wish this Harry Potter star a very Happy Birthday :) - Slidely (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday to harry potter ^^ - MaJó (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday Beth!!! May it be filled with beer, Harry Potter, Rudy and Paul! - moni (5 months ago)
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Malfoy, Bethany
Happy birthday Rupert Grint the man who can always manage to make me laugh in Harry Potter - Malfoy, Bethany (5 months ago)
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βяı (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
Happy Birthday to Rubert Grint who acts in the Harry Potter series aka Ron Weasley - βяı (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ (5 months ago)
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Fantaisy Book
harry potter | lost it to trying + happy 36th bday (: + cc vahan bio / ... (Vine by - Fantaisy Book (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Rupert!!! Harry Potter Forever!!! - Films&Food&Dance (5 months ago)
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Neha Stypayhorlikson
happy 28th birthday. Can\'t even imagine Harry potter without you.. Red Hair, freckled cheeks.. Ronald Weasley.. Love you! - Neha Stypayhorlikson (5 months ago)
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y u i s a n
Happy birthday a little child Ronald Weasly. One of all my favorite people in Harry Potter. - y u i s a n (5 months ago)
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Shannon Cully
Happy Birthday been watching Harry Potter non stop all week - Shannon Cully (5 months ago)
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AOL Entertainment
Happy Birthday, Ron Weasley...er, Rupert Grint! - AOL Entertainment (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to someone who loves Harry Potter as much I do. I hope you\'re day is amazing! - cass (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the always gorg still waiting on that Harry Potter marathon !! - Tori (5 months ago)
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Emma [SDMN]
Happy birthday to this lovely man who made Harry Potter movies so much better! - Emma [SDMN] (5 months ago)

36 years old (Born on July 28, 1980)

British, Magician; He is famous from All 7 book about Harry Potter..

Harry Potter's Best Moments

Happy birthday here\s me as dobby at the midnight showing of harry potter and the goblet of fire in 2005
Happy 35th Birthday, Harry Potter!
Drunk Ron Weasley (aka wishes Harry Potter a happy 35th birthday!
Happy And Harry Potter Birthday Day!
Happy birthday to to Harry Potter ! What\s your favorite Rowling quote?
Happy 27th birthday to Daniel Radcliffe! Our amazing Harry Potter! Stay magical!
Happy Birthday, Harry Potter! We\re celebrating with the release of script:
Today in Geek History: Happy birthday, Harry Potter! May your day be filled with Chocolate Frogs and great friends.
Today we d like to wish a happy birthday to Harry Potter and the author who created his magical world,
\"I think I\m a tiny bit like Harry Potter. Because I\d like to have an owl.\"

Happy Birthday, Daniel Radcliffe!
Happy Birthday Harry Potter! Daniel Radcliffe turns 26-years old today.
Drunk Ron Weasley wishing Harry Potter \"Happy Birthday\" is pure magic
Happy Birthday to Predrag Bjelac! He played Igor Karkaroff in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Film.
Happy birthday, What wizarding present would you get? Take our quiz:
Happy birthday, Daniel Radcliffe! See him grow up as Harry Potter:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the author of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling! And to those celebrating today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY too!
July 9: Happy Birthday, David O\Hara! He played Albert Runcorn in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.
Love this Harry Potter snitch cake!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Predrag Bjelac!
He played Igor Karkaroff in the film adaption of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
It\s a day late, but happy birthday Harry Potter
Happy 27th birthday to Mr. Harry Potter -- Daniel Radcliffe!
Daniel Radcliffe: Harry Potter Turns 26 Happy Birthday
TheMarySue: Happy Belated Birthday Harry Potter! Here s a Hamilton Mashup for Your Trouble jk_rowling
Today marks the 15th anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire. Happy birthday, GoF!
Well happy birthday to me honestly I\m just really happy that I\m getting Harry Potter stuff
Happy birthday to Noma Dumezweni, who is currently playing Hermione in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!
Happy Birthday, to Harry Potter, himself! The beautiful Daniel Radcliffe turns 26 today!
Happy birthday to my future husband! Thanks for sharing a love for Ed Sheeran and Harry Potter with me
 happy birthday! Have a wonderful Day! ! love u as Ron in Harry Potter
Happy Birthday Ginny Weasley the only person who could be equals with that lovable dork we know as Harry Potter
Tbt when I got Harry Potter to say Hi to my main girl for her Birthday   happy birthday !
Happy birthday to the biggest Harry Potter fan I know ;) love you always cal! stay weird u goob
Happy 10th birthday to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, published on this day in 2005.
Happy birthday to my main man Harry Potter. here\s some wisdom from the magical mentor of all time
Happy 20th bday to my best friend, sister, & the biggest Harry Potter enthusiast I know! Have a great day! Love you
Happy 1st Birthday to The of Harry Potter - This is a shot of opening day July 8, 2014!
            Harry Potter                  Happy Birthday ! ! !             (     wwww)
Happy birthday, dad  Harry Potter references FTW
I will never, ever be too old for Harry Potter. Happy birthday to my sorry little self!
Today is Rupert Grint\s Birthday. Help us wish this Harry Potter star a very Happy Birthday :)
Happy 17th birthday to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!
Happy birthday to Daniel Radcliffe, seen here w/ Alfonso Cuarón filming \Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban\.
Drunk Ron Weasley wishes Harry Potter happy birthday on
Details on our Harry Potter Birthday Party last week - Come join my HP Book Club if you
Happy 1st birthday Harry Potter! You made me a dog person and brought so much joy into our lives! We love you so!
To the boy who lived and awed us forever. Happy birthday to Harry Potter
Happy Birthday to my Harry Potter freak and long time twin
Happy birthday to my middle school Harry Potter lover have a gr8 day man child !!!!!
Happy Birthday Ryan!!!!!! Thankful that I have a friend like you who gets all my Harry Potter references
Happy birthday to Daniel Radcliffe, he has come a long way from his harry potter days!
Can you believe turns 35 on Friday? drunk Ron Weasley can\t either
Happy 11th birthday Harry Potter Johnson you are the most annoying puppy but I love you so much regardless
Drunk Ron Weasley wishing Harry Potter \"Happy B-day\" is pure magic
Happy birthday to my guy, my boyfrand, my soul animal, my Harry Potter pal, & the most beautiful person inside & out
Happy birthday Em!!! love you and I\m so thankful for you and your love for Harry Potter
Happy 2 1 st birthday to my Harry Potter loving, life saving, beautiful half cat wife
Happy to give an early birthday present of season passes to Universal; here we come Harry Potter world
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AKF  I hope your day is filled with fun, laughter, Harry Potter & books. I love you soooo much, Bud!
Happy 10th birthday to the biggest harry potter stan ik! keep doin u bub and see you in 3 days
Happy birthday to one of the bravest wizards in Harry Potter
Watch Simon Pegg\s drunk Ron Weasley wish his BFF Harry Potter a happy early birthday.
HuffPostEnt: Looks like Ron Weasley had one too many butterbeers
Happy Birthday to my forever BFF and favorite witch friend  (Harry Potter rocks too)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY  Crazy *Harry Potter* Fan U deserve more than U desire Have a great year ahead
It\s ur birthday nick so happy birthday!! hope u get the new Harry Potter book 2day like u wanted..Miss u kinda
Happy Birthday to this ball of sunshine! Thanks for making the best Harry Potter Jokes of all time!
Happy bday my Harry Potter loving brother GANG!
Happy birthday Bethany!! I love you so much and I\m so happy that you\re always my Harry Potter bud!
Happy happy happy birthday Brady Lausch (aka Harry Potter)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN I love you more than you love Harry Potter, puppies, and blueberry fluff.
Happy birthday daniel radcliffe!!!  You will always be our harry potter
Happy bday to my stellar rho I hope your day is filled with tequila and Harry Potter, keep being flawless
Happy birthday to my day 1!!!!! Lover of all things cacti, Harry Potter, and harambe<333 ily zosto
Happy Birthday to I wouldn\t trade our memories together for anything. Harry Potter nerds 5ever :-P
Happy bday to my favorite lil harry potter fan. thanks for all the wild nights and helping me w/ everything. loveu
 Happy Birthday to the lamer Asian in the group! Harry Potter still sucks... Much love
Speaking of our brunches, the Happy Early Birthday Harry Potter bunch is this Saturday! I\M SO HYPE
Happy birthday to my Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, cat-loving best friend  you\ll always be my fav
Happy bday !!!!You seem to like photoshopping faces & Harry Potter so I thought I\d combine the 2!!!
Happy birthday you look like Harry Potter
Happy birthday Liz!!! I miss you so incredibly much and I\m glad I get to be your Harry Potter!!
 Happy Bday Rupert Grint!! Cómo olvidar su personaje de Ron en Harry Potter.
Happy birthday trtreybaby our Harry Potter marathon needs to happen ASAP!! hope you have a great day
Happy belated birthday, Harry Potter.....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this Harry Potter loving, muscular, sweet, HOT, best singer ever boyfriend of mine
Happy Birthday to Rock Hill\s loudest Harry Potter impersonator   happy 17 bro
Happy birthday to thankful for the Harry Potter scar that\s gonna be with me for life.
Happy Birthday to my coffee loving, dander hating, Harry Potter enthusiast can\t wait to live it up with you
Happy Birthday to Helen McCrory (48) in \Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -  Narcissa Malfoy\
Happy birthday teenie!! I\m thinking about you in Harry potter world
Happy Birthday to one of my best friends   love you AK and I\m glad we both enjoy choir & Harry Potter!!!!
Happy birthday Harry Potter
Happy birthday       I love you so so much and I hope you have the best Harry Potter&sav filled day
Happy birthday to my favorite harry potter loving, snakery entrepreneur, book store date spooky cat
Happy birthday Mel    thanks for letting our group bake the Harry Potter cake in Foods class  love you
Happy birthday Harry Potter!! ilysm
It took me 11 days to realize I was unblocked by my lovely sister happy late bday glad u watch Harry Potter w me
Happy birthday to this queen who i love and share my obsession with Harry Potter
Happy Birthday to the person who loves Halloween and Harry Potter as much as I do! Miss you and love you so much!
Happy birthday hopefully you get some nice crocs with these Harry Potter jibbits
Happy birthday to my best friend and my Harry Potter lover since 06\
Happy Birthday Carson! Hope your birthday is as magical as your Harry Potter scarf
Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!
 ! Here\s 5 times ruled the internet!
Happy birthday Harry Potter have a good day braj
Happy birthday Harry Potter. love you
Happy early birthday to my best friend, the lover of shot glasses, Harry Potter and fireball. Hope 23 treats you well
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my love! Hope your day is filled with Harry Potter, Beyoncé, and lots of dance parties. LOVE YA
Once again happy birthday to my sister, even though this bitch looks like Harry Potter with her hat
Torifer Ann Buss happy birthday ya weirdo!!! Thanks for being you and appreciating my Harry Potter jokes
Happy birthday beautiful , I love you soooo so much my Harry potter lover   thankyou for always being the best
Happy birthday to one of the biggest Harry Potter fans out there my pal if only I had some new pictures!
Happy 21st bday John!!! thx for all the pedis, Harry Potter late nites & bball/golf talks don\t party too hard
Happy Birthday to my favorite Vegas babe & Harry Potter character love you!   \Yer a wizard Lisa\
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day! Enjoy Harry Potter.
Happy happy birthday to my favorite tourist and Harry Potter buddy! Only person that can rock socks and sandals
Happy birthday Young Amish! I hope your day is filled with k-state, Harry Potter and all the other things you love
Happy birthday your the only person who would watch all 8 Harry Potter movies straight
Happy birthday I still haven\t seen Harry Potter
Happy birthday to you, Shanny! I hope your day is full of cats and Harry Potter movies
Happy birthday ahhmmannnnddddaaaaa!!!!! Hope your day is filled with Harry Potter and baking
Happy birthday to the awesome    Pokemon X Harry potter themed  hope u like it
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL  make sure to take pictures of Harry Potter world for me
\"happy birthday harry potter! here\s my magic wand\" her voice when she said that, she is such an adorable dork
Happy birthday to one of my favorite people!! Hope your day is filled with Harry Potter and crab rangoon
Made some new stickers for our series
Happy Birthday to this beautiful young lady, ilysfm    (ft. her sick Harry Potter themed party   )
Happy Birthday hope it\s full of Harry Potter!
To the girl who stole Harry Potter\s heart, Happy Birthday!! 
I You!!
Its my ugliest friends bday! Thanks for making my best friend so happy and looking like Harry Potter!!
HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY BEST FRANNND     Thanks for sharing all the Harry Potter feels with me! Visit soon!
Happy birthday to this pretty lady, thanks for watching Harry Potter w/ me
Happy bday to a Harry Potter lovin & smoothie bowl makin girl thx for being the best lil sis love u
Happy birthday to the Harry Potter star Rupert Grint who is turning 28 today !
Happy Birthday 2 my person, hope your day is filledwith Harry potter & iced coffee love u endlessly
  Happy Birthday to Dobby, a free elf.  this was the saddest death in Harry Potter
Happy birthday to my favorite Harry Potter character! Ilysm T
FREE Harry Potter Notebooking Pages ---> Harry & Friends!
Happy bday to the fakest Harry Potter fan I know if Im a seeker, then that makes u my golden snitch
Big Happy Birthday to the only person who will voluntarily watch Harry Potter with me
Happy birthday to my Harry Potter loving friend & world traveler Hope Germany is ready to party! Love ya!
Happy birthday to one of the best people around  Have an awesome day I  you more than Harry Potter
Happy birthday brotha I hope it\s a great one at Harry Potter world, love you dawg!
Happy Birthday to my Harry Potter lovin, Jeremiah eatin, hammocking role model  love you bunches
Happy birthday Idol! Thank you for being our wonderful Harry Potter Thanks for making me believe in magic
Happy Birthday     Forever Harry Potter  thedanielradcliffe
Happy Birthday  where all my Harry Potter fans at?
Belated happy birthday to our very own harry potter , DANIEL RADCLIFFE , harry will always stay in our hearts .
Happy birthday to my brother josh lol y he look like Harry Potter
Happy Birthday to the lovely Daniel Radcliffe! Impossible to imagine any other actor playing our beloved Harry Potter
Happy 17th birthday to my fellow Harry Potter fan! hope your hogwarts letter comes one day!!!
Happy Birthday to my baby boy who is 3 years old today! Growing up too fast! Happy Birthday Harry Potter, I love you!
Happy Birthday to and Harry Potter!
Happy birthday to harry potter, the boy who lived, the boy who was loved, the boy who should have laughed more. :))
Happy birthday Harry Potter! Thanks for making childhoods!
A late Happy Birthday sketch for Harry Potter and !!
Happy birthday ily as much as I love Harry Potter  You\re a gr9 person & I hope you have a gr9 day
Happy birthday Even though you ruined my Harry Potter world experience, pure still a homie. Love you
Happy birthday to someone who makes Harry Potter references way too often!  u forever shenzi :) (:
Happy birthday Jared! I love you thisss much. Can\t wait to move to Iceland & be like Harry Potter
Happy birthday to the only girl that loves Harry Potter more then me!! pumped to rave with u soon
Only pic I got lol but Happy Birthday to my TMNT/Harry Potter buddy!!!!
Happy birthday a.k.a. Harry Potter have fun bud
Happy birthday Harry potter, bout to be a good couple years
11 times you fell in love with Ron Weasley-and (happy bday, Rupert!)
Happy birthday to my favorite Harry Potter actor, Rupert Grint. You were a smashing Ron!
Ohh happy birthday I remember him on Harry Potter
Happy birthday to Rupert Grint! The Harry Potter star turns 27.
Harry Potter wants to wish you a happy birthday
A big happy birthday to Rupert Grint bc he combines 2 of my favorite things in the world (gingers and Harry Potter)
Happy happy bday thankful I have someone in the fam that loves Harry Potter as much as me
Happy birthday to this harry potter loving dorky angel
Happy birthday Allen!!!!!! Hope your day is filled with lots of Harry Potter and Star Wars
 Happy Birthday ~       (Harry Potter)
Happy Birthday Harry Potter
Happy birthday Rachel!! Ur awesome and so is ur love for harry potter:)
Happy birthday to my Sam Winchester, my Harry Potter and Star Wars nerd. Happy birthday, Jared. We use the force.
Happy Birthday Steph Steph! Thx for loving Harry Potter and 21 pilots as much as me, love you
Happy 27th birthday, Daniel Radcliffe!       You are the perfect Harry Potter!
 Happy Birthday, Daniel Radcliffe! The actor best known for playing \Harry Potter\ in the Har
Happy 27th Birthday Harry Potter!
Happy Birthday 
Siempre seras mi Harry potter
Happy Birthday Harry Potter!!
Happy birthday, Harry Potter! It was a pleasure seeing you again last week.
Happy birthday to one of the biggest Shawn, Troye, Harry Potter and Grey\s stans
Happy birthday Harry Potter!!! Have the best day !
Happy birthday ! I hope you have a magical birthday filled with Disney and Harry Potter! Love you!
Happy birthday to one of my fav Harry Potter fans ilysm
Happy bday Sav even though we have a love/hate relationship, still love you & your Harry Potter/grinch obsession
   man with an unusual job// DRIVING THE HARRY POTTER BUS ( happy birthday!!) TEAM 6
harry potter world 0
harry potter books 1
harry potter logo 2
harry potter logo 3

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