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Happy Birthday !! August 22, 1976 Birthday (fictional) Percy Weasley, Harry Potter - FeeFee (9 months ago)
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Rough Draft Bar & Books
Happy (belated) birthday, Harry Potter! Our rescheduled celebration is on! We ve got activities for kids throughout - Rough Draft Bar & Books (9 months ago)
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happy birthday (harry potter) lets hope u make it past 1am on sunday lol. Love u - ~salE~ (9 months ago)
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bradi zumbrum
Happy birthday to my Harry Potter loving best friend! Hope ur 18th birthday is one to remember moo! Can t wait for - bradi zumbrum (9 months ago)
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\"Harry Potter bitch\" - Alex attempting to say happy birthday just as he woke up - abbie (9 months ago)
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Jason Hix
I liked a video Making Polyjuice Potion Livestream! Happy Birthday Harry Potter! - Jason Hix (9 months ago)
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Cormoran Strike
A very happy birthday to who played Lula Landry perfectly in and who was also - Cormoran Strike (9 months ago)
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George Tasker
Happy Birthday from Harry Potter! via - George Tasker (9 months ago)
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taylor apala
Happy birthday !!! Thank you for loving Harry Potter as much as I do!! Love you and I hope you have the best day!!! - taylor apala (9 months ago)
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Timothy H.S Wessel
Beezus harry potter and broseph. Happy birthday Harry!!!!!!!! - Timothy H.S Wessel (9 months ago)
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Tony Lane
Happy Birthday from Harry Potter! via - Tony Lane (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my bestest best friend in the whole wide world!! you re one of the most incredible people i have - ging (9 months ago)
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Nak wedding/birthday cake ala ala Harry Potter theme. Tapi bila fikir satu kek design lawa lawa cecah atas RM1K im - Zulaikha (9 months ago)
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Chronically Fabulous Feefs
Happy Birthday, If y\'all want to get her something nice for her birthday, you should commission - Chronically Fabulous Feefs (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to me! In England til Saturday. Harry Potter Studio tour - BusasGaming (9 months ago)
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It\'s a Harry Potter unicorn cake!!! Happy belated birthday celebrations to me! - Veradana (9 months ago)
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Rob Jones
Absolutely! I am now in my 40s sat in my hotel room in Port Orleans FQ about to get up and visit Ha - Rob Jones (9 months ago)
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Harry Spotter
Happy Birthday from Harry Potter! - Harry Spotter (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday from Harry Potter! via - Campbell (9 months ago)
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I feel like harry potter right now when it was his birthday and noone wished him a happy birthday but himself - mylifeasbd (9 months ago)
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Zoé Shieldnight
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BOOK BUDDY/1D AFICIONADO/FELLOW HARRY POTTER NERD!! Love you Gabby!!! Hope your 19th is the be - Zoé Shieldnight (9 months ago)
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Daniela\'s Little Wish
Happy Birthday Madison & Morgan. I know having hemophilia is not easy but I hope you can enjoy your day. I was so - Daniela\'s Little Wish (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday My beloved series after harry potter. The series gave me a very good friend. - Eshwar (9 months ago)
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An outcast
Happy Birthday My beloved series after harry potter. The series gave me a very good friend. - An outcast (9 months ago)
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An outcast .
Happy Birthday My beloved series after harry potter. The series gave me a very good friend. - An outcast . (9 months ago)
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Jordan Janssen
When you challenge your housemate s younger brother to read the first Harry Potter before his 12th Birthday and - Jordan Janssen (9 months ago)
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Happee Birthdae!! Thank you for weiting such beautiful stories always, have a happy birthday and lots of yummy fo - Sara (9 months ago)
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Fam im 22 and only just now own all the harry potter books (thx jarrod happy late bday 2 me) so now im gonna finally read them!!! - Katie (9 months ago)
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Bob Greene
Happy 11th Birthday to Micah. Nothing Bundt Cake (Confetti), Sorry, Monopoly Star Wars 40th Anniversary Edition, an - Bob Greene (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday Shelby Jo This might be the first birthday I haven t seen you in 14 years and I m not sure who els - Jess (9 months ago)
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everything you need
Happy birthday to that portaited our Luna Lovegood in films. - everything you need (9 months ago)
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Harry Potter Fans
Happy birthday to Helen McCrory,who played Narcissa Malfoy in the Harry Potter films! - Harry Potter Fans (9 months ago)
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RN - Radio National
How much would you pay to have a Harry Potter cast member wish you happy birthday? discovers an app wh - RN - Radio National (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Evanna i wish you see in next movie harry potter best of luck - RanaAsam (9 months ago)
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Scott Mair
Happy birthday to Evanna Lynch the lovely as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series. You\'re someone - Scott Mair (9 months ago)
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The McCOOL Class
Happy Birthday to this Harry Potter lovin , cool kid! - The McCOOL Class (9 months ago)
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Gula Ayah Wannabe
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Zerah Andrea
Look at those eyes btw, happy birthday to this one. u played such an iconic character in harry potter. - Zerah Andrea (9 months ago)
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This is a very happy Gryffindor Boy who is going to see the Harry Potter play on Broadway tonight as an early 50th - AguynamedWayne (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday Evanna Lynch. She is best known for her role as Luna Lovegood in the \"Harry Potter\" movie series. Th - WordTheatre (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday!!! I hope all your Birthday Wishes come true!! You are an awesome actress, my daught - Shadow1975us (9 months ago)
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Maeve Pilcher Pottermore
Happy Birthday, Jim Dale! I love your Harry Potter performances on the audiobooks, and I listen to them over and over. - Maeve Pilcher Pottermore (9 months ago)
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Tyler Tapps, Ph.D., CPRP
Happy Birthday shoutout to ! The biggest Harry Potter Fan I know. ;) - Tyler Tapps, Ph.D., CPRP (9 months ago)
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Honestly couldn t have asked for s better birthday. Nyla sang me happy birthday as we were eating breakfast && then - Katerina (9 months ago)
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Lyric Theatre
Today is a very nice day indeed - Happy Birthday to Harry Potter and Fizzing Whizzbees all-star Jamie Pa - Lyric Theatre (9 months ago)
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Anderson Insurance
We celebrated Lynette\'s 50th Birthday by bringing in donuts and decorating her cubicle. The theme was Harry Potter - Anderson Insurance (9 months ago)
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And a happy birthday to Harry Potter, - Esti (9 months ago)
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Maureen Doherty
Happy, happy, happy birthday to (one of) my favorite Ballenger, Cheers to Harry Potter, musicals, A - Maureen Doherty (9 months ago)
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Blanca Tenorio
A super happy day!!! Part of the best birthday gift ever To find myself in Harry Potter land was incredible - Blanca Tenorio (9 months ago)
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Hogwarts Extreme
Happy Birthday to Jamie Parker (Harry Potter in the Cursed Child)! - Hogwarts Extreme (9 months ago)

38 years old (Born on July 28, 1980)

British, Magician; He is famous from All 7 book about Harry Potter..

Harry Potter's Best Moments

Happy birthday to my big sis and also harry potter
Happy birthday harry potter
Happy Birthday, Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived.
Happy birthday, Harry Potter! Here 10 of the Most Heartwarming Moments from the Series
Happy birthday Where would the world be without Harry Potter?
Happy birthday, Daniel Radcliffe. We hope it s magical!
July 9: Happy Birthday, David O\Hara! He played Albert Runcorn in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.
Happy Birthday to Predrag Bjelac! He played Igor Karkaroff in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Film.
Happy birthday to who produced all eight \"Harry Potter\" films, and \"Fantastic Beasts\"!
July 9: Happy Birthday, David O\Hara! He played Albert Runcorn in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.
Happy birthday Harry Potter! Errr we mean, Daniel Radcliffe!
Happy birthday Harry Potter! Errr we mean, Daniel Radcliffe!
Happy birthday to the best Harry Potter character of all time!
Happy birthday to who played Igor Karkaroff in the \"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire\" movie!
Happy Birthday to Harry Potter himself, mister Daniel Radcliffe! You\re a wizard, Harry!
Happy Birthday to Mr. Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe!
Happy birthday to the beautiful and amazing evanna lynch aka luna lovegood in the harry potter film series
Happy 19th birthday, Lyka Book-samante! More books to eat we love you more than you love Harry Potter
Welcome to the Stone s version of Hogwarts.  Happy 10th birthday to my Harry Potter loving daughter, Rylie
Happy birthday, Harry Potter we loved when you wore this:
Happy birthday Harry Potter lmao
Happy Birthday to star Daniel Radcliffe!

Which Harry Potter film is your favorite?
Happy Book Birthday to CHANGES IN LATITUDES by - sharing it at Harry Potter World for its release!!
Happy Belated Birthday to the star behind the beloved character Harry Potter, we love you Daniel Radcliffe!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOJO JOJO!!! Hope you have a great day full of Harry Potter, Coffee, and Veggie Straws! Love you
Happy birthday, Helen McCrory. She played act of Draco\s mother in Harry Potter Films.
Happy birthday to Caps/LoL/Harry Potter superfan and Onslaught s own
Everyone using Disney gifs and Harry Potter gifs to wish me a happy birthday
Happy 21st Birthday to my beautiful, Harry Potter loving niece!
Happy 9th Birthday to my little Harry Potter fan!
Happy birthday Leigha! Love you lots  (ps, thanks for always fangirling over Harry Potter w me)
Happy Birthday Harry Potter!

We have a free wizarding class in the fun zone before the game!
Happy birthday to my ski hating, Harry Potter loving, most handsome love
Happy birthday harry potter, i hope your scar gives you the power to finally blow o\s, love you
Happy birthday to Harry Potter producer David Heyman  xx
Happy birthday harry potter. my childhood wouldn\t have been the same without you.
Happy Birthday Had!  thanks for killing my horse and watching Harry Potter with me!
Happy birthday to The Boy Who Lived aka Harry Potter aka Daniel Radcliffe!!
Happy Birthday to me           Harry Potter
Happy birthday to my Harry Potter loving and one of the most funny people I ve ever met!
Happy Birthday to this hARRY potter lover((; hehehe I love you lots!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY I love you more than Troy Bolton dressed as Harry Potter watching The Office
Happy Birthday to this Harry Potter lovin , cool kid!
Happy birthday to my adventure and Harry Potter lovin bestie!!! Love you so so much hope you have the best day
Happy belated birthday, Harry Potter ~love, ur biggest fan~
Happy Birthday you Harry Potter-loving psychopatch
   Happy Birthday to Harry Potter!
Happy belated birthday thanks for taking me to harry potter world that one time!! miss you xoxo
Happy Birthday   Harry Potter  love u cutie
Happy belated birthday Harry Potter loving boy
Happy birthday !! thanks for being my harry potter bud. i hope today was amazing.
This Harry Potter is lit!!! Happy birthday Harry Potter!
 Happy birthday,Harry Potter                                                        Congratulations
Happy birthday to my favorite Harry Potter(book) character,
Happy birthday to meeeeeeee. Harry Potter tour.
In honor of finishing a Harry Potter marathon and beginning the books, happy birthday Ron, or Rupert
Happy birthday Harry Potter!
 big happy birthday to me brother in law sonny he enjoyed he\s day at the Harry Potter tour
Happy 4th birthday Jensen Having fun with cousin Tenzin potter
Happy birthday to you Harry Potter
Happy birthday Harry Potter!
Harry Potter made me believe that grp of three frnd can change d world.. Happy bday miss julio
Happy Birthday to THE Jim Barnes. Ur kinda a Harry Potter fan I guess.
Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe! Thank you for bringing Harry Potter to life for us Potterheads.
Happy Birthday, Daniel Radcliffe! 5 of His Best Movies Since Harry Potter
Happy Birthday Weekend, Harry Potter!  For the boy who lived!
Happy Birthday to JK Rowling ( and Harry Potter )
My yearly tradition a little late. happy birthday harry potter
Happy birthday to the biggest Harry Potter fan I know   Hope you\re having a fabulous day
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my fav Harry Potter look a like!!!! Hope it\s good, love ya
Happy Birthday Harry Potter. Don\t get too wild tonight
Happy birthday to my harry potter obsessed, cat lovin\, freckle! Love ya roomz  {twenty-fun}
Happy 9th Birthday to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!

PS2 | PS3 | PSP
Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!
Happy Birthday to Mr. Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe!
 Happy Birthday, Harry Potter with new Wizarding blends. -
Happy Birthday to Ryan. Working hard today and brightened up by his Harry Potter presents.
 happy birthday (harry potter) lets hope u make it past 1am on sunday lol. Love u
 happy birthday Harry potter
Small doodles for ^^ Happy birthday Harry Potter!
Happy 20th birthday to HARRY  POTTER ,
Happy bday to my fellow Harry Potter fan Hope you had a great day!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSEY!! Hope u have the best day ever   thanks for loving Harry Potter as much as I do
Happy belated birthday to the Harry Potter series btw
It\s been twenty years and we\re still waiting on our letter from Hogwarts!
Happy bday to this crazy Harry Potter lovin chick!  ps I\m older than you
 happy birthday!!! Harry Potter is the shit  and will always be
Happy birthday to my favorite Harry Potter loving Murderino, I love you beyond words.
Happy 10th birthday to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! <3
Happy Birthday to Rhys Ifans!                           Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1.
Thankyou for making our childhood magical and rememberable Happy Birthday Harry Potter
Happy Birthday wishes to star today!
Happy Birthday to the talented Daniel Radcliffe A.K.A Harry Potter
Happy birthday u will always be Harry Potter for me
Happy Birthday to the actor who made Harry Potter so legendary!
Happy birthday Daniel Radcliffe [Harry Potter]!
 What a moment of joy!!!! Wishing you a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY \"Harry Potter \"
Happy bday to the best gay harry potter impersonator i\ve met!!!
Happy early birthday Harry Potter !! Best movies and books ever!!!
Happy birthday to my favorite little mini muffin love you more than Harry Potter
    7 31 Happy birthday harry  potter
Happy birthday Harry Potter! Happy birthday I love you.
Happy Birthday to Harry Potter! Check out Harry TROTTER in the pic, too!
Happy birthday, Harry Potter, always in our hearts
 Happy birthday Mates Club member and Harry Potter queen I love u and miss u lots my friend
Happy birthday J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter by buying a 20 years of Harry Potter.
Happy birthday Big Ern watch some Harry Potter today
Happy Birthday girlfriend love you more than I love Harry Potter LOL
Happy Birthday to my Royals/Harry Potter/Big Brother buddy!
Happy birthday Payton!  thanks for sharing the gift of Harry Potter w me
Happy Birthday to my Harry Potter, Disney loving friend, Hope your day is as fabulous as you!
 : happy birthday, Katie Leung (Cho Chang in Harry Potter)!
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST PERSON EVER HARRY POTTER! Have the best day ever beautiful lady. LYSM
Happy Birthday to who played Cho Chang in the Harry Potter movies!
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY FT. THE MOST ICONIC VIDEO EVER ( i\m on this harry potter book now pray for me)
Happy bday miss you tons  (sorry bout that blonde Harry Potter in the pic)
Happy Birthday to my favorite Harry Potter character and the strongest witch I know. Love you, Ginny!
 Happy birthday Harry Potter, hope you have a fantastic day
13 Harry Potter Quotes ~>
Happy 58th Birthday, Mark Williams! He played Arthur Weasley in Harry Potter films.
Happy birthday to my fellow Harry Potter fan girl ! I hope today is magical
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SETH ily and promise we will finish Harry Potter this semester have a fantastic day
Happy 20th birthday harry potter and the chamber of secrets!!
Happy Birthday Harry Potter
Happy Birthday Harry Potter !
Mi Harry Potter hoy cumple 29 años! ¡Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe!
JK Rowling\s 13 Snarkiest messages: From Trump Burns to a Fan Clapback (Photos)
Happy Birthday Harry Potter! I will be Celebrating at Midnight, watching SyFy Channel.
Happy birthday Harry Potter! Thanks for all!
Happy 38th birthday, Harry Potter!!
Oof I know it\s late , it took a while but happy birthday Harry Potter!
Belated Happy birthday Mr Harry Potter...
My friend loves Harry Potter
happy birthday dork
24-Stunden-Marathon im Mathser: Happy Birthday: Harry Potter wird 20!
Happy birthday to have a great ass day Harry Potter
Happy birthday to my favourite female Harry Potter character Ginevra Molly Weasley.
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! im in london now so you get a harry potter birthday gif
Happy 20th Birthday, Harry Potter!
20 years of Harry Potter  via
My cup today tells it all. Happy Birthday to Harry Potter and the iPhone!
 Happy Birthday Dobby! 
Heres a gift!
Can you believe it\s been 20 years? Happy birthday Harry Potter!
Happy birthday Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets!!!
Happy birthday Harry Potter.  We could sure use some of your magic these days.
 happy birthday Harry Potter
Drunk Ron Weasley Sings Happy Birthday To Harry Potter (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
Happy birthday harry potter !
Happy birthday, Harry!! Famished for Fiction Harry Potter day!!
Happy birthday to the Harry Potter loving, Chaco wearing, bookworm! Hope you have a grand day and see you tonight
Happy Birthday Harry Potter beyyyy
 Happy birthday from Harry Potter
Happy Birthday, Jeff Rawle! He played Amos Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliff!!!!!   Thank you so so much for giving life to Harry Potter
Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter
*thinks back to the first Harry Potter movie and sniffles* HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN
Happy birthday Dan! You\ll ALWAYS be our Harry Potter!
 Happy Birthday  Harry potter
Happy Birthday (aka Harry Potter) >
Happy birthday Tom!!    wouldn\t want to send Harry Potter messages back and forth with anyone else
Happy Birthday to the one and only Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter
Happy Birthday to Daniel Radcliffe! Our amazing Harry Potter! Stay magical!
Bring back the Potterhead me. Anyway, happy (late) birthday Daniel Radcliffe, the Harry Potter.
Happy (Late) Birthday Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe)!. :)
TWEEN TIME | Happy Birthday Harry Potter! July 27 at 1 PM
Happy birthday Scarlett! The Harry Potter sorting hat!    # Harry Potter Hat
Happy 7th birthday to our William. A day out in Harry Potter land awaits
Omg Harry Potter doormat on daily deals! Happy (early) birthday to meeeeee!
Happy Birthday Harry! From Dragons to Spells: The Ultimate Harry Potter Questions
On Neville Longbottom\s birthday, a look back at his top 10 moments:
 China Happy Birthday to J·K Rowling and Harry·Potter!
Happy birthday to Harry·Potter!love forever!
 Happy Birthday I will be FOREVER grateful for Harry Potter
Happy birthday to Harry Potter, the the boy who lived
Happy Birthday Harry Potter! You\re 37 (he was born in 1980 ppl) now! *total HP nerd pls don\t judge*
After all this time? ...Always. ::tears:: Happy Birthday Harry Potter!!!!!!
Happy birthday Harry Potter
Happy Birthday to also Harry Potter.
Happy Birthday Harry Potter!!!
Happy birthday and Harry Potter, the boy who will live forever in our hearts! Accio Cake!
Happy birthday, J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter!
Happy Birthday ,Harry Potter & Neville Longbottom  Today is my birthday
Happy birthday to the wonderful and our favorite sorcerer, Harry Potter
The boy who lived...will live forever.Happy Birthday Harry Potter.
Happy Birthday Harry Potter
Happy birthday, and Harry Potter!
Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!
20 Reasons Why Harry Potter is Still Loved Around the World Today Happy Birthday J.K.
Happy Birthday to the boy who lived      Harry Potter & Clairey Potter 4ever
Happy Birthday Harry Potter!
Happy birthday to Harry Potter and
Happy 37th birthday, Harry Potter
Happy Birthday J.K. Rowling! Thank you for Harry Potter!
Is being adorable a new spell we didn\t know about? Happy birthday, Harry Potter!   via
Happy Birthday Harry Potter!
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