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Happy birthday lover!!! hope ur day is filled w sloths and harry styles ;) i love u - jens (9 months ago)
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yeselle güitron pepe
happy birthday mate! Have a sick night - yeselle güitron pepe (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday! I love you too - Naath. (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Принцесса Ява
I\'m hoping, that I will congratulate with happy birthday - Принцесса Ява (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

birthday balloon

Harry\'s God\'s ♥️
Today Can be forever the best day if you wish me a happy birthday - Harry\'s God\'s ♥️ (9 months ago)
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It\'s my BIRTHDAY... Wish me happy bday pleaseee - Kat (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

When you watch \"Happy Birthday Harry Styles\" on your flight which is an hour and a half special consisting of one d music vids :~) - sarah (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

i forgot to greet u a happy bday :-( happy late birthday baby i love you - el (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Luciana Hueda
Could you say please \"Happy Birthday \" - Luciana Hueda (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Heather Hear
Harry Styles LOVE 17 Photo Theo Wenner rt Harry got his pic removed from Kendall\'s birthday gallery - Heather Hear (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

vc n apareceu aqui nem p agradecer as mensagens se happy Bday oq hpuve - maria (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

M Styles kairly
Today is my birthday please say happy birthday to me please find my feeling - M Styles kairly (9 months ago)
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Mary ❣
good morning, how are you ? I would be extremely happy if you wish me a happy birthday. I love you have a great day. - Mary ❣ (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Forgot to message a \'Happy birthday Harry\'. Well, belated Happy 23rd birthday . All the love xx. - mary❤ (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

nat ):
\'\' happy birthday mate! Have a sick night\'\' - nat ): (9 months ago)
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happy birthday mate! Have a sick night by - manoel (9 months ago)
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Nix -1D4ever
Happy bday Ed Sheeran! Luv ya - Nix -1D4ever (9 months ago)
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Adia Dasean
I\'m 18!!!!! If says happy birthday to me,I\'ll be happy to die - Adia Dasean (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

king of saying happy birthday - UH-LYSS-UH! (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

messageed this, right? Happy birthday, babe - louisismyking (9 months ago)
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natalia ◟̽◞̽
Hi ! It\'s my ibf\'s birthday soon! Can you please follow her and wish her happy birthday? :) - natalia ◟̽◞̽ (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy bday to my number one aquarius/sister sign (yes, u still beat harry styles) xxxxxxx - nicole (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

lol is this a drag? anyway happy birthday babe - Carmen (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

like\" harry styles\" style Happy Birthday Ed - me_// (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Also happy birthday !! Me you and we\'re all born in the same month - OTRAT PITTSBURGH (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

happy Birthday!! - sa (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Ceyda •
hiii! today is my bday wish me happy bd and make me the happiest today nah görürsün biliyorum ama neyse All the love. C - Ceyda • (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

happy birthday! - ヾ(^-^)ノ (10 months ago)
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I really want to follow bc it\'s her bday nothing could make her happier than this & I want her to be happy. - horan (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Hey say happy bday to me - mary (10 months ago)
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It\'s my birthday the 21st and all I want is you to tell me happy birthday please - ❤️1D PROMISED❤️ (10 months ago)
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Today is my bday, can you say: \"Happy Birthday\" to me I\'ll very happy if you can do this Thanks for all ALL THE LOVE - giorgia❤ (10 months ago)
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I forgot to message happy birthday. fuck. - ↠Mollaye↞ (10 months ago)
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Troye Styles
can you please tell me happy birthday ?!??!! - Troye Styles (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday to me - lovehayes (10 months ago)
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happy birthday chinese grammar nazi who loves harry styles! u still owe me tennis sesh..... enjoy and god bless!! - Ragu (10 months ago)
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it\'s my birthday today could u make my day and wish me a Happy Birthday it would mean alot x love Johanna - Johanna (10 months ago)
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maithli meghul
i know that people famous like you have no time but can you please follow me back and happy belated birthday harry - maithli meghul (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Rest in peace Matt and happy birthday. We love you and we miss you so much. - ♥I LOVE ZAYNIE♥ (10 months ago)
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Trisia DwiArinta
Happy birthday harry - Trisia DwiArinta (10 months ago)
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IT\'S my birthday and the best gift i could have today is a happy birthday from you Harry_Styles - WIN! GALAXY S7 EDGE! (10 months ago)
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Oii asawa ni Oh Sehun and Harry Styles, happy 14th! Nux, birthday daw niya hehe, enjoy your day and god bless jez! - heechul (10 months ago)
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This 16 of February is my birthday and my one wish is to get a happy birthday message from - Jennifer#2 (10 months ago)
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It\'s way late but happy birthday love you <3 - ephemeral//opia (10 months ago)
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HAPPY birthday - BEST BELIEBER 4EVER (10 months ago)
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✌ P O T T I E ✌
Happy Birthday Harry Styles Rapbeeeeeh! - ✌ P O T T I E ✌ (10 months ago)
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Sogand Styles
Happy birthday my king - Sogand Styles (10 months ago)
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ø r i a n a
\" happy birthday mate! Have a sick night\" VOTEONED TALENTFM - ø r i a n a (10 months ago)
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î€#í lêöréd 08
Belated happy birthday - î€#í lêöréd 08 (10 months ago)

23 years old (Born on February 01, 1994)

British, Singer; He is famous from One Direction.

Harry carries at least three Twix chocolate bars with him wherever he goes. (facebook.com) He hates it when he meets fans who just scream and squeal at him when he is trying to talk. (facebook.com) His favourite movies are Titanic, The notebook and Love actually. (facebook.com) Harry wishes to had a girl to cuddle up to at night rather than his pillow. (facebook.com) Harry likes being naked, even when he has company. (facebook.com)

Harry Styles's Best Moments

Happy birthday to the lovely human being
BBCR1: Happy Birthday, Harry_Styles!   Have a wonderful day
Happy birthday to the forever talented
Here\s how you, YES YOU, can wish a happy birthday!
Happy birthday Tune in at 4 PM for
. said no one likes you when you\re 23, but you go alright    Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Harry Styles este
A to baby Harry for his birthday?? Yes please! HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY Harry Styles!! Who\s his fan??
Singer and soon-to-debut actor celebrates his 23rd birthday today! Happy Birthday
Yeh... Happy birthday..  he knows your birthday haha
Happy birthday!!!!!!!! Love you and your Harry styles lovin self
Harini dah nak balik asrama dah , esok birthday bae so kita wish hari ni je , HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAKWE
                Harry styles Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to my grandson
Happy birthday ken!! hope your day is full of harry styles and thanks for getting through chemistry w me
 Happy beautiful curly birthday! ... I hope you have a great time ... never change ... I love you Haz!
Happy birthday from
 Happy birthday baby I love u so much You\re my heroe Follow me please   x10.002
Happy 21st bday to ily ily ily & i hope harry styles makes it to your celebrations
Happy Birthday my love!   PS\ Click on the photo to see what I wrote you
Happy birthday Would you just follow her please
 advance Happy Birthday
 happy happy birthday my love...hope you all the best and more b-day to come mwua!!!!
Happy Birthday !!   I Wish you all the BEST!!
23 years ago, bae was born. Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Hope you have an excellent day
Happy birthday to the most amazing man in the entire world! Love u!
Happy bday!   I love you all. you are super gentlemen,kind!
thank you I LOVE YOU
 Happy 23th Birthday my angel. you mean everything to me. be Happy my Darling.
Happy Birthday,    Der Sänger wird heute 23.
My little couz bro wishes Happy Birthday he\s a mini 1D fan... He loves u a lot
There\s no denying he is Golden  Happy birthday
  Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Hazz!! Hope you had the best day of your life  All the love for you
Today is my birthday   please say happy birthday to me   please find my feeling
My birthday is in 7 days, you could make my birthday very happy awarding me your follow-up.
thedaniellecampbell: Happy birthday my love... -  - Harry Styles
Happy birthday zayn
Today I\m 21. Please wish me happy birthday
It is nearly February and that means... is gonna be a year  Advance Happy birthday Harold .
  Here\s something I can do .. Hope you like it!  Happy Birthday H.
Happy Early early birthday to the funniest boy on earth love you Harry styles take care of your self
Advance Happy 23rd Birthday to my baby Love ya...
I can\t wait for your birthday    Love lots   hope you are safe and happy
Happy early birthday  something I made hope you like it
 I think it\s easier to wish you a happy birthday ahead, so maybe you notice me :c
Happy Birthday to me . don\t forget that you have fan in Bulgaria.
I love you! ~Danny~
Happy birthday still reminiscing on the night
Happy almost birthday to my favorite bean. i miss you.
 happy birthday   .R
Happy Birthday Hazza <3  ;)
 happy birthday babe love you sooo much  hope u like it     with u happy life for ever
 Happy Birthday to Our Hazza ! (In advance)
Happy birthday to Harry
 Happy birthday,Harry.  I\ll wait for you to come back.
Happy Birthday you wonderfull Bean
It\s your birthday.
Happy Birthday.
Happy birthday dear I wish you a very happy birthday
Happy birthday my lady
Happy bday
Happy birthday to my husband
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to the love of my life
 Harry has done so much for us, we don\t deserve him 

happy birthday baby
  Why?!  Happy birthday
Happy birthday to the man who made me happiest I\ve been in so long (\":
 You deserve all the best  happy bday
Even though I know that you will not see this, happy birthday  have a good day and remember:
Happy birthday to the one and only man I love! You inspire me every day! Have a fantastic day!
Me singing to you Happy Birthday babe you are a blessing in my life
 Happy Birthday Baby! I love you so much! Have an amazing day! You\re such an amazing person
Happy Birthday To !!    +23.                With you nobody can drag me down!!
Happy birthday     love you
Happy birthday        God bless you
Happy birthday to the boy who is the only reason for my happiness
Happy birthday to the best idol in the world!! I\m very proud of you, I wish you the best.
 Happy birthday my love. I miss your sweet face.
 Happy Birthday! I love you I hope you will be happy in your day       i love you
 happy birthday my love
Happy birthday to this little cutie couldn\t wish for a better best friend
Happy Birthday!! I can\t believe you\re 23!! I\m so happy....and I\m also crying
Happy birthday Harry wishing you all the best
happy happy birthday
 Happy birthday  Ily Maintenant je vais aller pleurer parce qu\il vieilli
 happy bday my love
Happy birthday i love you soooo much!! have the best day
Happy birthday love you
Happy Birthday to the most beautiful angel Harry Styles    Just how fast the night changes.
Happy birthday to this beautiful soul God bless you
Happy birthday
Happy happy birthday
 happy birthday love you lots have a good day
Happy birthday to my favorite person in this entire world
 Happy birthday! Hazz   Have a nice day!!
Happy 5th Birthday
Happy birthday Harry  I love you so much
Happy birthday Herri
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday LOVE!! Have a wonderful day, love u
Happy birthday to this amazing man
 Happy birthday wonderful you made me happy when I needed it and you don\t even know me
Happy Birthday You still remain the youngest in the group    I love you so much
 Happy Birthday Gorgeous !! We love you !!
 Happy Birthday.!! 
My boyfriend, although you do not know :\3 
You\re the love of my life forever
Happy bday to my fav person ever !! Thank you for always making me happy. Enjoy ur day.
Happy Birthday Harry    lysm
Happy Birthday my love    I can\t Belive this
Happy birthday thank you for being who you are wish you all the love in the world
 Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday We love you
 A very happy birthday Mr.Styles
Wishing you a great start for your 23rd year
Happy 23rd birthday
Happy Birthday .
I love you.
Happy birthday, darling .
 You give strength to all direkshioner.
Happy birthday, dear!
more happiness in your life and continue your career!
Happy Birthday    I Love You  hazzzzaaa
 Happy 23th birthday
Happy birthday to my favorite curly haired bean
 Happy birthday Harry
i miss u i love u so much.  Y
Happy birthday! I love you so much!! I hope you have a great day today!!     the gif tho..
Happy Birthday to this precious human being who deserves the world
Video 5
Thank you so much for changing so many lives
We love you Happy Birthday :)
  small person, big heart ilysm
Happy birthday Curly
Happy birthday babe
 i love you. Today, tomorrow and forever. Happy 23 lovely birthday my lovely angel
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Harry!!   I hope you have amazing day eat lots of
Happy bday Harry styles may you live long
Happy Birthday to  you! My lovely boy
Happy birthday my gorgeous baby, hope you have a nice day!
Happy birthday all the love is for u today  ps i miss u
HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY HARRY!!! Hope you have an amazing day!! Love from Australia
Happy Birthday the man who always put a smile on my face we love you XD
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY! enjoy your 23rd xx
Happy Birthday beautiful boy
 Happy Birthday,I hope today you will have a lot of pies
 happy birthday
I Wish a happy birthday to this ball of sunshine.
Happy birthday to a adorable boy           T
Happy Birthday Hope you have a fablas day!
Happy birthday sweet    Love you so much
Happy Birthday, Nobody can drag you down today because you\re Perfect.
 Happy Birthday! God bless you! Enjoy your day!
  happy birthday to you my biggest fan. Xxx
 Happy 23rd birthday sunshine!! Have a nice one Lots of love
Happy Birthday to you Hazza!!!
Happy birthday little sunshine !
All the love
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to my baby
Happy 23th birthday to one of my favourite human beings
Happy Birthday  23 y.O 
 Happy Birthday Hazz!! I like you!
 happy bday my baby
Happy birthday angel, can\t believe you\re 23 years, love you so much.
Happy Birthday   Harry styles
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday my man
 Happy Birthday, beauty Have a nice day With love from RUSSIA
 happy birthday, little Jagger. Have a good day
Happy Birthday have an amazing day. So much love and so deserved xxxxxx xxxx
Happy birthday, dear  Enjoy your day! Thank you for making me smile everyday. Lots of love   xxx
(Não estou sabendo lidar)
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday love miss you
Happy Birthday Harry ..
Wish you all the best ..
Love you ..
Happy birthday !!
 Happy birthday King!
Ele merece toda a felicidade do mundo 
Happy birthday to my love hope you had a blast man love ya
 happy birthday you crazy human
Happy birthday pt2. thanks for being a blessing to the world. comeback to Cleveland soon?!
Happy birthday to the cutest baby ever. Love u
 Happy Birthday to my boy, love you +23
Vinte e três anos de pura beleza, harry styles é uma obra de arte.

IHeartRadio: Happy Birthday to the man with great hair, Harry Styles!
Perfect perfect perfect
happy birthday to
Happy birthday to the most wonderful person in this universe All the love
Happy birthday
Como eu queira ser esse canudo... 
 Happy Birthday
Happy birthday love! We love your style even if it\s surprising sometimes.
Happy Birthday   ?!!
Happy birthday to the most amazing person on earth ! I love you with all my heart
Lockscreens 2/4  Rt for save  Fav for like  Print for use HAPPY BDAY HARRY -Matt
It\s this beautiful, wonderful, perfect mans birthday today. Love you so much HAPPY BDAY HARRY
Happy Birthday baby I love youuuuuu
Happy Birthday to you angel
harry styles beanie 0
harry styles beanie 1
Harry Styles body 2
Harry Styles exclusive 3

Fun Facts About Harry Styles

Tends to share lead vocals of One Direction's songs with Liam Payne.
When asked what the naughtiest thing is his parents have caught him doing, he said, '' I don't know if I can say it on the radio...'' (facebook.com)
Harry's musical inspiration is Elvis Presley. (facebook.com)
He likes who are attractive and with some talent like tennis. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
Harry used to have a straight hair when he was little. (facebook.com)
On his wedding day, he wants Louis to be his best man. (facebook.com)
Harry's perfect first date would be watching Love actually and eating sweet popcorn. (facebook.com)
Onece Louis straightened Harry's hair in his sleep, then he woke up crying. (facebook.com)
Harry says his hair is bipolar, some days it's curly,some days it's straight (facebook.com)
Harry wants to date a girl who can make him laugh. He likes funny girls. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
Harry's most played song on his ipod is "Little bird" by Ed Sheeran. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
''Would you go out with a girl who is older than 44?''
Harry:''I don't think so.''
Louis:''I think he would''
Harry:''I am scared that I might'' (facebook.com)
When Harry's stepdad caught him on the bed with a girl, he aked "what are you doing?", Harry replied saying"ummm...looking for the remote." (facebook.com)
Harry hates smoking, drugs and Niall's farting. (facebook.com)
Harry has a lucky pair of green underwear. (facebook.com)
Enjoys having curly hair as he likes the attention it gets from girls.
Harry has a turtle collection from fans and he keeps on counting just in case any of the boys steal one. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
A romatic date for him would be going biking on a tandem bicycle. (facebook.com)
Harry hates it when a girl calls herself ugly. He wants every girl to know she's beautiful. (facebook.com)
He is afraid to get a girlfriend because he doesn't want to hurt the fans. (facebook.com)
Is known as "The Flirt" in One Direction.
Harry said that if his girlfriend ever fell asleep on him, he'd take a picture of her, so he could show her in the morning and remind her how beautiful she is. (facebook.com)
His first word was''cat''. (facebook.com)
Harry has ridden a motorbike naked before. (facebook.com)
Harry has never had braces. (facebook.com)
He says he is awful at covering up his thoughts and feelings. (facebook.com)
Harry is still waiting for his passionate kiss in the rain. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
Harry's facebook name used to be Harry Nugget styles. (facebook.com)
Harry finds girls who smile so much more attractive. (facebook.com)
At a singing, a little girl was crying. When she met the boys whilst crying, Harry gave her a massive hug and kiss on the cheek, even though security were trying to move her on (facebook.com)
If Harry were invisible, he'd run into a girls changing room at least once. (facebook.com)
Harry's favourite food is sweet corn and his favourite drink is apple juice. (facebook.com)
Harry can name any girl's perfume by smelling it. (facebook.com)
One Direction were formed at the bootcamp stage of "The X Factor" (2004) in 2010 when the judges felt Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan were too good to throw away, but not interesting enough to make it as soloists. The decision to put the five boys in the group proved to be popular as they made it to The X Factor final and were the only band to be included on the 2011 X Factor Tour.
Harry has four nipples. He thinks he must have had a twin, but he went away and left his nipples behind. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)

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