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Welcome to Howard Stern's Birthday Celebration Page
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Classic MAD Dept. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HOWARD STERN! Keep reading - VIA TUMBLR (1 week ago)
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Pop Culture
Happy belated birthday Howard Stern! - Pop Culture (1 week ago)
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☃ brooke ☃
It\'s Howard Stern\'s birthday, the most important day to me, & no one in my life so much as wished me a happy holiday. toxic - ☃ brooke ☃ (1 week ago)
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Crystal Navarrete
- Crystal Navarrete (1 week ago)
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Fran St. Pierre
Happy Birthday Howard Stern! - Fran St. Pierre (1 week ago)
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Mr. Media podcast
Happy Birthday to Howard Stern! 2014 VIDEO INTERVIEW with Stuttering John Melendezz JOHN MELENDEZ: Some fans say I - Mr. Media podcast (1 week ago)
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Mike Roberts
Happy Birthday to Legendary Radio Shock Jock, Howard Stern. today this Legendary Perv turns 63 yrs old. - Mike Roberts (1 week ago)
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Jackie Treehorn
happy birthday to Howard stern - Jackie Treehorn (1 week ago)
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arlen schumer
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HOWARD STERN, greatest radio broadcaster of all time, greatest black-white - arlen schumer (1 week ago)
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Dan Henderson
Happy Birthday Howard Stern. Did you see Jillian Barberie in her bikini? Holy Shit - Dan Henderson (1 week ago)
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Jan 12: Happy birthday Howard Stern! Color and goodies at Pop art at - BinaryGod (1 week ago)
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MAD Magazine
Classic MAD Dept. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HOWARD STERN! - MAD Magazine (1 week ago)
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Paulbo Paggins
Happy Birthday to my aunt (who shares a birthday with Rob Zombie, Howard Stern and my boy ZAAAAYYYYNNNN!) Hope it\'s fab! - Paulbo Paggins (1 week ago)
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I used to fly home to NY from my amazing job in Paris excited...to hear Howard again. Fan since 1986. Happy Birthday, Howard Stern!! - berthillon (1 week ago)
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My Info denny
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOWARD STERN - My Info denny (1 week ago)
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Nathan Brindley
Happy 63rd birthday to the greatest radio show host of all time Howard Stern. nobody will ever be better. - Nathan Brindley (1 week ago)
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Mike Moss
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Howard Stern thanks for the many laughs - Mike Moss (1 week ago)
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kirk s lawrence
happy birthday, you share a birthday with my wife and Howard Stern - kirk s lawrence (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday howard stern - popprincess202 (1 week ago)
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Jeannie Evans
Happy Birthday Howard Stern - Jeannie Evans (1 week ago)
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Lips Florida
Happy 63rd Birthday Howard Stern! - Lips Florida (1 week ago)
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Dave Singh
Happy 63rd Birthday Howard Stern - Dave Singh (1 week ago)
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Doctör Ivan
Happy Birthday Howard Stern! - Doctör Ivan (1 week ago)
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Gracie Haze
Happy Birthday Howard Stern! My hero! Greatest man on the radio! Super funny super talented just a great man! That\'s why he has everything - Gracie Haze (1 week ago)
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A Great Big Happy Birthday from to the Great Howard Stern - tshirthustle (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday to author, radio/TV personality, actor and animal lover, the King of All Media Howard Stern. - UpDog (1 week ago)
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Steven Carlos
Happy Birthday Howard Stern! - Steven Carlos (1 week ago)
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Pierre Papa
Happy birthday 63 geworden vandaag. Howard Stern Interviews Jimmy Fallon 09 10 2002 - Pierre Papa (1 week ago)
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Pat Hagan
Happy 63rd birthday to Howard Stern, King of all Media! I suggest eggplant parm for birthday dinner. - Pat Hagan (1 week ago)
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Stephen R. Greenwood
Remessageed Festival for Comedy ( Happy Birthday: Howard Stern - Stephen R. Greenwood (1 week ago)
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Friars Comedy Roasts
Happy birthday to the self-proclaimed \"King of All Media\" Howard Stern! - Friars Comedy Roasts (1 week ago)
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Hey Now! Happy Birthday Howard Stern! Thanks for all the laughs! - JonRiddell (1 week ago)
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Greenback Capital
The whole team wishes Howard Stern a very Happy Birthday! - Greenback Capital (1 week ago)
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Rod Stiffington
Love Flavor Flav! Also Happy Birthday to another Roosevelt native Howard Stern! - Rod Stiffington (1 week ago)
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Música Retro
birthday balloon

Wish a happy birthday to zaynmalik, HowardStern, kirstiealley and more! - TidyInspections.com (1 week ago)
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Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Wish a happy birthday to and more! - Brooklyn Daily Eagle (1 week ago)
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Teresa Warren
Happy 63rd birthday to Howard Stern! - Teresa Warren (1 week ago)
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Tom Maniaci
Happy birthday Howard Stern. - Tom Maniaci (1 week ago)
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Matt Musty
Happy birthday Mr. Stern! Catch on the Howard Stern Wrap Up Show this morning on - Matt Musty (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday Howard Stern from Stern Facebook Superfans n - Superfanworld (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday Howard Stern - TaylorLianneChandler (1 week ago)
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Happy 63rd Birthday to Radio Host Howard Stern - jd91233 (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday from your friends - celebritybucks (1 week ago)
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Christopher González
One month from today: Walking Dead! Also, happy birthday Howard Stern, Howard Stern\'s penis. - Christopher González (1 week ago)
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Erica Lee Browning
Happy Birthday Howard Stern!!! - Erica Lee Browning (1 week ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOWARD STERN....just sayin... The show Decades with Bill Curtis has you as a topic today - ok (1 week ago)
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Tanisha Baker
Happy Birthday Howard Stern - Tanisha Baker (1 week ago)
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Ken Foote
Happy birthday to Howard Stern! 63! - Ken Foote (1 week ago)
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I don\'t like saying happy birthday Howard Stern - Holds0311 (1 week ago)

63 years old (Born on January 12, 1954)

The Howard Stern Show

Howard Stern's Best Moments

Classic MAD Dept.
Happy birthday kaitlyn! howard stern congratulates you on the epic 18!!
  Happy birthday Howard Stern AKA Crystal  this is UGLY
Happy 61st Birthday to famous Radio & TV Personality, Howard Stern!
Happy Birthday to Howard Stern, who turns 61 today!
Happy Birthday Howard Stern
Happy 62nd Birthday Howard Stern
Happy Birthday, Howard Stern! 
The outspoken radio host turns 62 today!
By film_freak_78 Happy 61st birthday to Howard Stern!
Happy 61st Birthday to Howard Stern! Shop Collectibles:
Happy Birthday to Rob Zombie and Howard Stern
Happy Birthday to Howard Stern! The popular radio host turns 61 today.
Howard Stern loves cats! >^..^<

Happy Birthday, Howard!
Happy Birthday Howard Stern!!!  # Sirius Radio
Wishing Howard Stern a happy 61st Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Howard Stern!
 happy birthday, the great  Howard Stern
Happy birthday to radio personality howard stern, who is 61 today
   Happy birthday Howard Stern! ¡Feliz cumpleaños !
Happy Birthday, my King!  The great Howard Stern!
Happy birthday to Amerie, Raekwon,Kirstie Alley, Melanie Chisolm,Howard Stern, Naya Rivera and Zayn Malik!
Happy Birthday Howard Stern
Happy Birthday Howard Stern, long time listener when I get up and on my way to work, have a great one!
Happy birthday Howard Stern! American radio personality
 Happy Birthday to shock jock Howard Stern 62 January 12th
Happy birthday to my biggest inspiration, Howard Stern.
Happy 62nd Birthday Howard Stern!
Happy Birthday to Jeff Bezos (1964), Howard Stern (1954) and Kirstie Alley (1951)
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday!! Today is Rob Zombie\s, my, and Howard Stern\s birthday. That\s a good sandwich!
Happy birthday to two very important people, Howard Stern and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi!
Happy Birthday, HOWARD STERN !
(Photo from my cat/celeb collection)(With his adopted, blind cat, Bella)
Happy Birthday to the great Howard Stern.  One of the greatest radio personality\s of all time
Happy Birthday to radio/TV personality Howard Stern (62) and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (52).
Happy Birthday Howard Stern
Nikkibenz : Brazzers Wishes Howard Stern a Happy Birthday  (via Tw
 greatmonkeysuit : GuyHutSports: Nikki Benz Wished Howard Stern Happy Birthday By Mo
 Happy Birthday to Howard Stern born on this day in 1954. Happy Birthday Howard  !!
Happy birthday to Howard Stern! 63!
Happy birthday Howard Stern.
Wish a happy birthday to   and more!
Happy birthday howard stern
Happy Birthday Howard Stern
Happy Birthday Howard Stern
Jan 12: Happy birthday Howard Stern!
Color and goodies at 
Pop art at
Happy belated birthday Howard Stern!
Happy 63rd Birthday Howard Stern!
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