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from films from songs from festivals from magazines - imalka (1 year ago)
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sushantsrane: Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan !!! - Poly (5 days ago)
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Souvik Chatterji
Station Hollywood: Happy birthday to style icon Hrithik Roshan. - Souvik Chatterji (6 days ago)
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Sushil kumar
Published on Jan 16, 2017 Here\'s wishing Bollywood\'s own Greek God - Hrithik Roshan, a very Happy Birthday! This... - Sushil kumar (6 days ago)
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Karan K
happy birthday hrithik roshan - Karan K (1 week ago)
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Moti Daftari
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan - Moti Daftari (1 week ago)
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Glamour Saga
Happy Birthday Hritik Roshan & Kalki Koechlin - Glamour Saga (1 week ago)
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dinesh kumar khatik
Happy birthday to you HRITHIK RoSHAN Sir Ji - dinesh kumar khatik (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday Hrithik Roshan!!!!! - Nens (1 week ago)
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Funniest happy birthday wishes to Hrithik Roshan from Critic Roshan: via - BRIJESH SAINI (1 week ago)
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Happy family! and were all smiles with their sons at Hrithik\'s birthday party. - Filmfare (1 week ago)
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Maria Teresa Sarango
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan! - Maria Teresa Sarango (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday Roshan - DavidlivingstoneLima (1 week ago)
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Chandni Singh Rajput
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan - Chandni Singh Rajput (1 week ago)
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Nicolas Alan Dominko
10 photos of 43-year-old that make him look 34 - Nicolas Alan Dominko (1 week ago)
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vijay morakhia
Happy birthday hrithik Roshan - vijay morakhia (1 week ago)
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happy birthday Hrithik Roshan - diya (1 week ago)
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Momz... ;)
A very Happy Birthday to Hrithik Roshan and Tara Sharma Saluja - Momz... ;) (1 week ago)
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Akeli Bhabhi
Sussanne Khan wishes Hrithik Roshan happy birthday with a cute picture: via - Akeli Bhabhi (1 week ago)
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Samrat Singh Rathor
Happy birthday Hrithik Roshan - Samrat Singh Rathor (1 week ago)
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A.D. Agasiya
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan Sir | Team Tiger Shroff: via - A.D. Agasiya (1 week ago)
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Rasika Bhavanikar
Hey duggu i knw ur bday was yesterday..bt den too wish u many many happy returns of d day hrithik roshan ...dnt w - Rasika Bhavanikar (1 week ago)
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Harshit Dawar
Happy birthday Hrithik Roshan - Harshit Dawar (1 week ago)
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Tvpur Ki Fan
Happy Birthday Kabil Hrithik Roshan. Wish jadu will fulfill all ur dreams. - Tvpur Ki Fan (1 week ago)
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Happy BIRTHDAY Hrithik Roshan - dineshwagdhare (1 week ago)
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Chaudhary Film
Hrithik Roshan - Chaudhary Film (1 week ago)
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Ritik Rawal
happy birthday Hrithik Roshan sir.... - Ritik Rawal (1 week ago)
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Kamran Ali
wishing you a very happy birthday hrithik roshan sir (: - Kamran Ali (1 week ago)
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Aamir Saifi
wish u a very happy birthday sir - Aamir Saifi (1 week ago)
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Shishant Sharma
Happy birthday to Hrithik Roshan - Shishant Sharma (1 week ago)
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mohd ameer
Happy birthday Hrithik roshan - mohd ameer (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday hrithik roshan sir - umaru (1 week ago)
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Lakshman Singh
happy birthday Hrithik Roshan sir - Lakshman Singh (1 week ago)
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Warm BIRTHDAY Wishes For Hrithik Roshan from Bollywood Celebs on his 43rd Bday 1. Happy birthday to one of the... - Kaabil_Kartik (1 week ago)
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Hansraj Chandela
Wish you a happy birthday Hrithik Roshan ji. Mohan jodaro was a beautiful movie .I m your fan,keep it up you are coming megastar - Hansraj Chandela (1 week ago)
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Sanjeev Mandelia
Happy belowted birthday Hrithik Roshan Sahab - Sanjeev Mandelia (1 week ago)
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Ameesha Patel PerĂº
We wish you a wonderful happy birthday to a fantastic being and Hero of our favorite films Hrithik Roshan! .... - Ameesha Patel PerĂº (1 week ago)
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via happy birthday Hrithik Roshan - immaculate (1 week ago)
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10 photos of 43-year-old that make him... by via - amreshsingh (1 week ago)
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Karan Garg
Many many happy returns of d day.. Happy bday d dashing hrithik roshan.. Many many good wishes for kabil... Lv u sir.. - Karan Garg (1 week ago)
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Karim Studio
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan - Karim Studio (1 week ago)
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Pankaj Sharma
Wishing you a very very happy birthday Have a great yaear. Tons of love. HBD KAABIL HRITHIK ROSHAN - Pankaj Sharma (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan - saminagi (1 week ago)
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Sunita Agarwal
many many happy returns of d day, 10.1.2017 Happy Birthday To U HRITHIK ROSHAN ...?... - Sunita Agarwal (1 week ago)
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Shah Rukh Khan
Belated birthday wishes...Hrithik from Bakrapur. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HRITHIK HBD KAABIL HRITHIK ROSHAN - Shah Rukh Khan (1 week ago)
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abhishek saha (abhi)
Happy Happy Birthday sir Hrithik Roshan all the best wishes for a huge support from HRITHIK ROSHAN - The... - abhishek saha (abhi) (1 week ago)
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ro iral
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan.. Keep getting better with age - ro iral (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday To The Greek God Of Bollywood Hrithik Roshan, Wish You All The Best For Kaabil - Harbinder (1 week ago)
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Hrithik Maniac
Last time, a very happy birthday sir. You\'re the source of illumination in this dark world. Shine brighter! HBD KAABIL HRITHIK ROSHAN - Hrithik Maniac (1 week ago)
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And now once Again HAPPY birthday to Hrithik. Hope u have a wonderful year Ahead. HBD KAABIL HRITHIK ROSHAN - ANKIT KAABIL HAI (1 week ago)

43 years old (Born on January 10, 1974)

Actor; He is famous from Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai (2000).

Was catapulted overnight to instant superstardom with debut hit film Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai (2000). Believes in the good in every person, a character trait often misinterpreted by others as gullibility and/or nau00efvety. Son of Rakesh Roshan. Has been called the first complete Bollywood actor who has no weakness and scores very high in every department: face, physique, voice, dancing, drama, romance, action, comedy, macho, softie... Was the victim of a defamation campaign in late december 2000. Rumors were spread that he stated in an interview that he hates Nepal and its people. This immediately led to riots in Nepal, cinemas showing his films were attacked, posters burnt, Hindi movies banned in general for some days and several people shot dead by the police. The events made headlines all over the world and the governments of Indian and Nepal got involved as well. Anti Indian/Hrithik sentiment died down quickly when it became clear that the alleged statements were a fabrication and the rumors were spread by a malicious third party, possibly the Bollywood mafia, still p*ssed about not getting the foreign rights to Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai (2000). Nepal born actress Manisha Koirala played an important role in getting the news to the people in Nepal that the accusations were false.

Hrithik Roshan's Best Moments

We wish a very Happy Birthday in pic with Hrithik Roshan
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan on behalf of all SRKians. Have a prosperous and happy year!
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan! We hope to see you & Katrina Kaif onscreen soon & create magic again
 : Wish the Greek God
Age is not a number but just a word for Greek God Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday Hrithik! Latest updates on the life and career of
Happy birthday in advance Hrithik Roshan Sir.
HQ Pics: greets fans on his birthday. Happy Birthday Hrithik
 The Greek God of Indian Cinema remains destiny s favourite child
Happy Birthday Hrithik - From Team of Salman Khan
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan!! Met him a couple years back, really cool guy
Happy birthday to hrithik roshan
Close enough.  \" Happy 40th Birthday Bradley Cooper !! Hollywood Ka Hrithik Roshan
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan....
May u live for yrs & keep us entertaining & inspiring...
Known as the God of Dance and the Greek God of Bollywood, here s wishing HRITHIK ROSHAN a very happy birthday.
Who inspired me 2 do my first ever dance step..it\s Hrithik Roshan..Wish u a very very Happy Bday Sir
Happy Birthday to the one and only Hrithik Roshan!! Dhoom Machana with Jadoo!!!
Wishes a very Happy birthday to talented Hrithik Roshan .. and
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan
Happy Birthday to this hottie Hrithik Roshan keep rocking !! Keep smiling and Love youu
 Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan
Happy birthday Hrithik Roshan
Happy Birthday to Hrithik Roshan!
Happy Birthday to the man, Hrithik Roshan   !
And now once Again 
HAPPY birthday to Hrithik. 
Hope u have a wonderful year Ahead. 
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan!!!!
 wish you a Happy birthday......hrithik roshan
Happy Birthday. to Hrithik Roshan!
Happy birthday hrithik roshan  !!!
Happy Birthday A look at his journey from boy-next-door Rohit to superhero Krrish:
Happy 41st birthday to the most sexy being to walk this planet, Hrithik Roshan!
\"  Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan
Happy 41th Birthday to the most handsome and charming actor in bollywood that is Hrithik Roshan <3
We love you hrithik roshan Happy birthday my prince ouch my rajkumar
Wishing you A Very Very Happy Birthday Greek God He is none other than today\s birthday boy
A Very Happy Birthday to Duggu aka
Wishing Hrithik Roshan A very happy birthday
Happy 42nd birthday to Hrithik Roshan!!
 i love you Hrithik Roshan and happy birthday.
Happy birthday hrithik roshan(duggu) i m die hard fan of him
A gift of indian cinema..Hrithik roshan wishes from Aamir-Aish-Kat lovers birthday hrithik roshan
If you LOVE Hrithik Roshan\s performance in Lakshya.
Happy Birthday Hrithik
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan!
Happy birthday Hrithik roshan AND Siddharth
   Rohittt   Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan
Beauty call it \"Hrithik Roshan\".
Happy Birthday Hrithik
Join with us in wishing Actor Hrithik Roshan a very happy birthday.. Rt and share your wishes too :)
Happy birthday Hrithik Roshan
Wishing our very own Greek god  a very happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan
Happy B\day:          10
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan: Bollywood s Superhero
Here\s wishing Hrithik Roshan a very happy birthday! Lots of love and best wishes from the Universe of UK SRKians.
 Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan.. U r d one who inspired me ..my inspire as always ..  Love&Respect
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan
Happy Birthday HRITHIK ROSHAN  You are and will be my fav actor for life God bless youu
Happy Birthday  The Greek God of Indian Cinema remains destiny s favourite child:
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan Look-Alike
Happy birthday duggu the only duggu roshan  only one wish meet 4 hrithik roshan.
Happy birthday Hrithik roshan love uu !!
Happy birthday Hrithik Roshan sir god will always be with u regarding Vishal Kukreja
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan
Happy birthday hunk,Asia\s sexist man living superhero Hrithik Roshan.waiting for ur film Mohenjo-Daro.
Happy Birthday to Bollywood dancing King, Hrithik Roshan We hope you have an awesome day!!
Homage Samuel Colt, Teddy Flack. Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan, Gurinder Chadha
Happy birthday to you Hrithik Roshan sir love you
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan May U Live Long & Healthy.

Last night Birthday party pic
Happy Bday FYI: You\re still our top choice to play the next Bond
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan. The only film of yours that i wont miss watching it fdfs is with Kareena
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan Sir
 i don\t know ye portrait  kitna shi h pr banaya h for ur birthday only ...Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan
Happy Birthday, Hrithik Roshan !
HAPPY B DAY: 90        Hrithik Roshan        ,
  my  for hrithik roshan .. happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan sir, maybe ye post apko 12 baje k baad milega , plz rply once if u see this
 Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan Hope ur special day brings u all that ur heart desires!   love u
Happy birthday to India\s only hero who does charity in darkness, \"Hrithik Roshan\" born on 10th January 1974
Happy birthday to actor,dancer,model and my favourite star HRITHIK ROSHAN mai tera hogaya
Today is your birthday! Happy birthday Hrithik Roshan!
Wishing the power-packed action hero of Bollywood Hrithik Roshan, a very happy birthday!
 : hopes that 2017 will shine for him
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan: B-Town Celebs Wish The \Kaabil\ Star On His Special Day
Wishing you a Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan
Happy birthday Unknown facts about Bollywood\s Greek God
Happy birthday Hrithik roshan kaabil
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan from KSG and Bips fans!
5 Hollywood films remake which are apt for Greek God >
Happy Birthday to the Greek God of Indian Cinema Mr. Hrithik Roshan .  HAPPY BIRTHDAY HRITHIK
HAPPy Birthday Hrithik Roshan May god bless U
Happy birthday hrithik roshan 
Many many happy returns of the day
Happy birthday hrithik roshan..    all d best for kaabil
A Very Very Happy Birthday 
Hrithik Roshan
Happy birthday Hrithik Roshan
Happy birthday Hrithik Roshan!!!!!
Happy birthday hrithik roshan
Hrithik Roshan in Agneepath. Happy Birthday Hrithik
Happy Birthday to most stylish and handsome
\" Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan ^^_____^^
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan!!!
This name is enuf to get you into that drooling zone for hours & hours Happy Birthday Hrithik
  ..happy birthday Hrithik Roshan..love you
Happy birthday my idol hrithik roshan :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HRITHIK ROSHAN always keep shining like this I might not be the biggest fan but I loveee you the most
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan!
\" : Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan. ;)
Happy Birthday to u Hrithik Roshan
Perfection means Hrithik Roshan
Happy birthday
 wish you a Happy birthday......hrithik roshan ji
 - Happy birthday to the Handsome hunk n King of dance \"HRITHIK ROSHAN\"    ....Proud to be your fan Duggu
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan
Happy Birthday. to Hrithik Roshan!
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan    Words cant explain how much I admire you
Wish U Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to our Greek God Hrithik Roshan
Definition of \"my social media\" has only 1answer- and d answer is Hrithik Roshan. Happy Birthday Hrithik.
Happy Birthday Hrithik     ,                             -
Both of my favvvy\s  Happy Birthday Drashti Dhami & Hrithik Roshan
I hope this year everything is reached, Essentially all the best for you.. Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan!
Happy Birthday Roshan
  The Greek God of Indian Cinema remains destiny s favourite child
Wishing Hrithik Roshan a very Happy Birthday :)
\"Life bahut chhoti hai doston... par dil se jiyo toh bahut hai...\" Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan
Happy Birthday turns 41!
Click here to read more :
Loved my many, hated by none, envied by plenty, wanted by most, simple hrithik roshan Happy Birthday Hrithik
Six Filmfare Awards, four of which are in the Best Actor category. Enough said!
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan!
Happy birthday Match his steps on his hit on Music\s special playlist-
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan!
Join us in wishing the Bollywood Heartthrob a wonderful year.
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan! Awe-inspiring facts about the Greek God of Bollywood :-
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan!
Happy Birthday To Hrithik Roshan!!!
Happy Birthday To Hrithik Roshan
Happy Birthday to Hrithik Roshan(10 January)
Happy Birthday to ** HRITHIK ROSHAN \"\"
Happy birthday to the man of extreme elegance present in the Bollywood film industry, Hrithik Roshan
Happy birthday to Hrithik Roshan...
Wishing Hrithik Roshan a very Happy Birthday View All pics here
 turns 41. Happy Birthday! May the best of your past be the worst of your future.
  Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan - check all at
 No1 hs evr cn GOD. Bt I hv, HRITHIK ROSHAN is my GOD by all means. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my lord. May u live long!
 of Krrish  happy today  -
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan!
Happy Birthday bhai! Sharing some amazing memories with Read-
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan!
 Many Many Happy a Returns of d day..Wish u Very happy birthday None other than Hrithik Roshan.Have a blast
Happy Birthday Hrithik \" Hrithik Roshan: Milestones in his life
  Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan
Happy Birthday: Hrithik Roshan turns 41  ...
Happy birthday Hrithik Roshan
On 41st b\day, friends wish Hrithik Roshan \health and hotness\
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan from Kareena Kapoor Khan Fans <3
 wishing a very Happy Birthday \Hrithik Roshan\

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Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan ,ranimukherjee ,ranimukerji ,ranichopra ,queenofbollywood ,bollywoodqueen ,missuni...
BollyKick wishes Bollywood Hunk \"Hrithik Roshan\" a Happy Birthday

Tell us your favourite Hrithik movie?
Happy birthday hrithik roshan bhai...
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik Roshan Happy Birthday : Celebrity Wishes
More Here:
I. Love. You. To. The. Moon. And. Back. <3
First love. Forever love. :\*
Happy birthday A look at his best films over the years
Who\s the birthday boy today.. It\s Hrithik Roshan!! Wishing you a happy birthday sir!!
 happy birthday hrithik roshan
Happy birthday hrithik Roshan
Happy birthday Hrithik Roshan sir
Happy birthday Hrithik Roshan ..
The hunk, Hrithik Roshan cuts the cake at Umang 2015. Wish him a very happy birthday.
Perfectly Beautiful & Hopeful message. Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan:)
Happy birthday to Bollywood\s dancing king, Hrithik Roshan!
Happy 41th birthday to the amazing HRITHIK ROSHAN
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan
Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan  The man who\s always made me weak in the knees Love xx
Happy birthday hrithik roshan     bless you for being born in this world and making it a better place
Happy birthday Hrithik Roshan
 Hello :) <3 Mr.  Hrithik Roshan<3 :) since i will b in  Mexico, this early i say to you Happy Birthday.
 # happy birthday 1days to go. love you Hrithik Roshan
We love you Hrithik Roshan Happy birthday our best actor in the world
 wish u very very happy birthday to u Indian micaljaction Hrithik roshan.allmessage frndsssss
Happy birthday my hero Hrithik  Roshan   
     God bless you . You should be achive  only success  my hero
Happy birthday to our inspiring HRITHIK ROSHAN you are my ispiration :)
Happy birthday  We Love You Hrithik Roshan
Happy Birthday !!  Even though technically heroes never age PS :Hrithik Roshan
Happy bday hrithik Roshan
we a luv uh a lot
Best wishes from me n mah mom a big fan ours for bless uh
Keep smiling
Wishing A Very Happy Birthday To My All Time Favourite Actor Hrithik Roshan (DANCE KA BAAP)
Happy bday hrithik bhai may d yr brings u more success and happinessluv u  birthday hrithik roshan
 Wishing Hrithik Roshan a very Happy Birthday    May Allah bless you!
Happy birthday to Nehaa Rajmohan and Hrithik Roshan! !!
[WOW] Happy 42nd birthday Hrithik Roshan, wish you all the best! :)
Happy birthday to # Hrithik Roshan
Wishing a very Happy Birthday to the great indian actor Hrithik Roshan
This man Deserves the best!!! Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan
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hrithik roshan body 2
hrithik roshan suzanne khan 3

Fun Facts About Hrithik Roshan

His total income from product endorsements in 2000 is estimated to be 20 crore Rupees (~5 million $), by far the most among Bollywood stars.
Came in on number 4 on the Filmfare Bollywood power list in January 2007.
Wanted to quit the film business altogether after his father Rakesh Roshan was shot at and wounded by hitmen sent by the Bollywood mafia, but changed his mind.
Prepared himself extensively for his screen debut, taking acting, singing, dancing, fencing, riding etc. lessons for years. He also worked hard on his diction and physical appearance (strenuous workout routines).
Often supports charities of various kinds.
Came in on number 9 on a Bollywood power list released in December 2003, and on number 4 among actors (behind Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai).
Excellent dancer.
Gets 20-30 million rupees per year for endorsing a brand for one year, including commercials [2001]
Son-in-law of Sanjay Khan.
Learnt Urdu to sound more eloquent in his films, this can be seen by the special reference to his ability with the language in the film Kaho Na Pyaar Hai
Very close friends with actress Preity Zinta, who is also a good friend of his wife 'Suzanne Khan'. Hrithik and Preity have worked together in three movies.
Has a sister called Sunaina.
Role models as actor: Raj Kapoor and Sanjeev Kumar.
Worked for many years on the sets of his father Rakesh Roshan in various functions, including sweeping the floor and serving tea to the stars, to learn the business from scratch.
In January 2001 Hrithik Roshan was again involved in a controversy. This time about a poster created and used by the Democratic Alliance in South Africa in November 2000 to woo Indian voters. The poster used his face without permission. The ANC reacted angrily and threatened to ban his films.
Occasionally smokes cigarettes
Known as a perfectionist and control freak. Believes in extensive rehearsals and preparations.
Was awarded the "National Citizen's Award" on August 25 2001 in Delhi. The award recognises excellence in various activities affecting national life.
The look of his muscular, chiselled body started a fitness boom in India.
Hrithik's normal weight is 72kg. He adds to it or reduces it as the role requires. For Krrish (2006) he added ~6kg muscle, for parts of Koi... Mil Gaya (2003) he lost several kilos to look more childlike.
Eye color: Green
Was diagnosed at age 21 with scoliosis and told he could never be an actor, dance and do all the things a Bollywood hero needs to do.
Hindi megastar.
Hrithik has been documenting his daily life for many years by taking pictures and putting them in scrapbooks.
Made stubbles fashionable in India.
The country wide hysteria following the release of his first film Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai (2000) is known as hrithikmania and is unprecedented.
Often visits terminally ill children in hospitals that desperately wish to meet him.
Hrithik Roshan and wife Suzanne became parents of a baby boy, named Hrehaan Roshan, on March 28, 2006 at 3:30 pm at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai.
Got 30000 (!) marriage proposals on Valentine's day 2000.
On January 14 2000 Hrithik Roshan entered a cinema to attend the premiere of his first film Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai (2000). When he came in some people recognised him but not much happened. When the film was over there was a stampede and mass hysteria broke out. He got mobbed. The police had to come and escort him out of the cinema and away from a crowd of thousands. It was the first day of Hrithikmania in India, which held the country in its grip for many months to come.
Fought hard to overcome a stammering problem.
Friend of Salman Khan who showed him how to work out and eat properly to put on muscle.
Can't handle money. His wife and parents are taking care of the financial details.
Has been called the Indian Sylvester Stallone, Brad Pitt and Michael Jackson rolled into one person.
Has two thumbs on his right hand that are grown together.

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