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Welcome to Ian Eastwood's Birthday Celebration Page
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Happy birthday to my favorite human being ever never fails to inspire & motivation me... bless hi - evelyn (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday to one of the first dancers i started watching and following throughout his dance career. - julisa (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Leeah Ayon
Happy birthday to my all time fav choreographer/dancer - Leeah Ayon (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

sourav mohite
Happy birthday . Love you bro - sourav mohite (5 days ago)
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Perla loves the vlog squad ❤️❤️
Happy Birthday to the realest and best dancer! Can always count of him to speak the truth and do s - Perla loves the vlog squad ❤️❤️ (5 days ago)
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Happy Birthday - daylenmtaylor (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday to my boyfriend - and1 (5 days ago)
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Happy Birthday!!! - Nez (5 days ago)
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Wishing a very happy birthday to the one and only ian_eastwood We you! - The PULSE (5 days ago)
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The Big Apple Girl
Happy birthday!!! My fave! - The Big Apple Girl (5 days ago)
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g $$$
Happy Birthday to two of my favorite Chicago people out there & Thank you both fo - g $$$ (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

BryannaMarie Radovan
happy birthday you are amazing and inspire so many to dance. Thank you! Have a wonderful day ! - BryannaMarie Radovan (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Patricia Aguirre
WOW, I almost cried for being surprised to your new video, the concept was very phenomenal! Wow, Hail - Patricia Aguirre (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

morgan gloria
Happy birthday to one of the most influential choreographers and an outstanding person. hope you re day is amazing! - morgan gloria (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

lady breezy
Happy birthday to the one I look up to besides breezy and lavar, - lady breezy (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday to the one I look up to besides breezy and lavar, - loh (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Assilem (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday to the person who literally saved me w dance. I hope to see you soon xoxo - Naly✨ (5 days ago)
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Chris Haas
Happy birthday - Chris Haas (5 days ago)
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Marky Mark
Happy birthday to the a huge inspiration of mine. Too dope that he s giving us a video for his birthday - Marky Mark (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Vincent Lydell
Happy birthday !!!!! Hope it s amazing and here s to another incredible year! - Vincent Lydell (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy bday to my mother, Selena Quintanilla and aka the only Aries I respect - ✩ (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

you might not see this, but Happy birthday, Ian! Thank you for being such a huge inspiration to many, - jenny (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy 25th birthday !!! Keep being the amazing dancer that you are and keep killin the game You were born for this - Sharlene (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Nate Fox
Happy birthday to the great !! - Nate Fox (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

iJey ⚡
I just want you to greet a happy birthday . It\'s a pleasure if you notice me because it is also my bi - iJey ⚡ (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Hi happy birthday - anna (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

nicole holland
Happy Birthday may God bless u more in this year - nicole holland (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday my dude may you continue to bless the dance community with your big words & big moves figuratively - amanda (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Eℓℓa Prinsesa
Happy Birthday - Eℓℓa Prinsesa (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday words can\'t explain the impact you have had on my life. Thank you from the bottom of m - avadegrange (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday - Ciиđy (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE DANCER! More power to you and to your fam! continue to inspire dancers like me! - Andrew (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Wellll its about that time again happy birthday to THAT boi thank you for inspiring me in all ways of - jaysha (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

patch ✨
Happy birthday my luvvv i love you sm!!! - patch ✨ (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday to the love of my life - Julianna (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy 25th Birthday! Thank you for all of these memorable moments. You re doing big things, I m so proud. Hope to s - Daisy (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

happy birthday you the illest - Julia (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday ! Thank you for being a huge inspiration to me to continue dancing I always watch your - Moureen (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday Bro! Keep inspiring other people by dancing! - 팀⭐ (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

ash kash b\'gash ✨
Happy birthday to the love of my life and one of my favorite choreographers/dancers ever - ash kash b\'gash ✨ (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Stephin Styles
Happy birthday My inspiration - Stephin Styles (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Kiara Mikaela
birthday balloon

Marye Rivera
Happy birthday to the GOAT I worship your wisdom and creativity. Everything you ve done for the dan - Marye Rivera (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday to such a young legend (and young lion). you are such a genuinely sweet person online & in person. y - sophia❃ (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Julianne Danielle
Happy Birthday to the legend himself, the one and only, the ICONIC Love youuu! - Julianne Danielle (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

happy birthday, birthday twin - giO (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday to my mans who was my man before I was even a teen love ya! - Berenize (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

missy ♡
very special happy birthday to youuuu! thank you for being the reason i got so interested in dance wh - missy ♡ (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy bday to my all-time favorite dancer.. of all time. You are such an inspiration to me, the dance community, & - ren (5 days ago)

25 years old (Born on April 16, 1993)

Member of the well known dance group Mos Wanted Crew who has also worked with Young Lions, Millennium Dance Center, Coastal Dance Rage, and Movement Lifestyle. He appeared on Dance Showdown and Return of the Superstars.

Ian Eastwood's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to one of our stars from your family!!
Happy Birthday to the boi
Happy birthday to my biggest inspiration. Hope 24 is just as good as 23.
Happy 24th birthday!!! Love you always
 Happy Happy 24th Birthday!!! I hope your day is amazing!
Happy Birthday !! Sorry for the throwback pic... but hope your birthday is as amazing as you!!
Happy birthday to the goat
Happy birthday, Bae!
Happy bday to this ian-spiration thank you so
much for countless things xx
Happy Birthday IAN EASTWOOD!!!!
  Happy Birthday! Ian
 It\s a 24. It\s a 24k Magic? ¡Happy Birthday Ian Eastwood!
Love Always, Gabi
Happy birthday
Happy birthday!   Keep on dancing and inspiring!
Happy birthday ! Have a great one! TUUUUURN UP!
 happy birthday man!!! Hope to see you here in the PH soon!!  loves you!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday my super star, you deserve the world  I love you
Happy bday ian ... hope u have a good one keep groovin, keep dancin , keep killin it ..
Happy Birthday to this amazing dancer!!
Happy birthday guys! Two of my biggest inspirations. Happy Easter! &
Happy 24th birthday have s great bday, best wishes, keep on creating and inspiring!
Happy birthday Hope your day is as great as you and have a great easter!
 Happy Birthday Hope to Meet you again soon
Happy Birthday to and some of the greatest talents to come out of Chicago
Happy birthday !
We wish you a happy birthday from the hospital, my cousin and I.
Wishing a happy birthday to with a tb to the last master class I took in NJ almost 3 years ago
Happy Birthday to one of our favorite artists in the scene
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to my dance role model lol hope you had a gr8 day ian!!!
Happy Birthday to an amazing innovator  May 24 grant you the utter-most success and growth.
Happy birthday zaddy
Happy Birthday ! Hope Your Day Was Amazing
Happy Birthday Ian Eastwood
Ily happy birthday
HAPPY BDAY LEGEND ( ....also we really need some new pics together soon LOL)
Happy Birthday to the legend himself, the one and only, the ICONIC    Love youuu!
 happy birthday you the illest
 Happy birthday!!! My fave!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday .
Love you bro
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