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Welcome to Jhong Hilario's Birthday Celebration Page
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Gamb Ann
Ang saya-saya naman at kompleto ang mga hosts ng Showtime. Happy Birthday Kuya Jhong Hilario - Gamb Ann (3 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday Jhong Hilario It Me CJ Garcia Jr - cgarcia141 (3 days ago)
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Here s the video of Kath greeting Jhong Hilario (skip to 0:48)! Happy birthday, Tay Gary! - KathDevotees (3 days ago)
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erna fhence
Happy bday jhong hilario - erna fhence (3 days ago)
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jemarie trinidad
Ang - jemarie trinidad (3 days ago)
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Laurence Joy Terrado
Happy Birthday jhong hilario - Laurence Joy Terrado (3 days ago)
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Paul Ian Espiritu
Ayos nainterbyu pa si Coco Martin at Lito Lapid para kay Jhong Hilario hehe Happy Birthday - Paul Ian Espiritu (3 days ago)
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lewis mendoza
happy bday kua jhong hilario - lewis mendoza (3 days ago)
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happy birthday Sample King JHong Hilario and ST Kilig Ambassador Hashtag Jon Lucas ! - HASHTAGS ROYALTIES (3 days ago)
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Happy birthday jhong Hilario..... MAYWARD ForCreamO - Normzkie (3 days ago)
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Jameson Blake
Happy Birthday po Sample King, Kuys Jhong Hilario Greeting from us, Blakers! - Jameson Blake (3 days ago)
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Happy birthday idol ^_^ Jhong hilario .^_^ - alle (3 days ago)
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Happy birthday jhong Hilario. - Unayformegones (3 days ago)
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Sonia Escoro
happy birthday Jhong Hilario - Sonia Escoro (3 days ago)
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Rhiza Meneses
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Jessilyn Labanon
happy birthday sample king Jhong Hilario - Jessilyn Labanon (3 days ago)
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Brandon Calvilo
Happy Birthday Jhong Hilario! Best Actor, Theatre Actor, Dancer, Government Official, A - Brandon Calvilo (3 days ago)
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Deebee Grace Gallz
Wow Plus Point nakita ko si Kathryn Bernardo wooohooo GANDA HAPPY BIRTHDAY JHONG HILARIO wooohooo - Deebee Grace Gallz (3 days ago)
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Kaaaeee ❣
Happy birthday Jhong Hilario - Kaaaeee ❣ (3 days ago)
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Mary Jean Davo
Wow! It\'s nice to see Showtime host complete! Happy Birthday Jhong Hilario.... - Mary Jean Davo (3 days ago)
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praybeyt_ketchup ☆
Happy birthday sample king Jhong Hilario! - praybeyt_ketchup ☆ (3 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Kuya Jhong Hilario!! Paparty ka sa Makati hehez - dian_yanyan (3 days ago)
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Ma Ann
Happy birthday Jhong Hilario Kulay by Young JV - Ma Ann (3 days ago)
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Jessil Beriso
Happy birthday jhong hilario - Jessil Beriso (6 days ago)
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Happy birthday jhong hilario - Wendy083075 (1 week ago)
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Showtime family Happy Birthday Jhong Hilario - Nadiee (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday kuys jhong hilario JEXdeCastro forTNTprod - ghyn28 (1 week ago)
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jocelyn mateo
Happy Birthday sample king jhong hilario sana po ma meet na po kita sa personal napaka pogi nyo po kase - jocelyn mateo (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday Jhong Hilario! Enjoy your day and always live in ABUNDANCE! - TONIGHTw/BoyAbunda (1 week ago)
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Jhennie_ JungHwan
Happy_birthday concelor jhong Hilario wish you all the best po Stay Healthy stay good always take care god bless you po! - Jhennie_ JungHwan (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday sample king Jhong hilario JEX ForTNTProd - JoanPapango (1 week ago)
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Jabe Sualog
Happy birthday Mr. Sample king Jhong Hilario!! More birthdays to come , stay healthy and pogi!! - Jabe Sualog (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday Jhong Hilario - Charlize (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday po kuya JHONG HILARIO . GOD BLESS - ❤Taire❤ (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday po kuya JHONG HILARIO . GOD BLESS - ❤PopsTaire❤ (1 week ago)
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Shiela Vitto
Happy birthday jhong hilario God bless and good health po. - Shiela Vitto (1 week ago)

41 years old (Born on August 11, 1976)

Filipino, Actor.

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Happy Birthday Jhong Hilario! Enjoy your day and always live in ABUNDANCE!
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