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Welcome to Jim Kaat's Birthday Celebration Page
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Tom Thompson
Happy 80th Birthday to Jim Kaat one of my childhood heroes! He s in the middle in this shot which had to be - Tom Thompson (5 months ago)
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Play Deep, ACME
Happy Birthday, Jim Kaat! Kitty Hope College \'59-83 MIN (15 yrs) PHI (4 yrs) STL (4 yrs) CHW (3 yrs) NYY (2 yrs) - Play Deep, ACME (5 months ago)
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Tom Thress
Happy 80th birthday to former pitcher and 16x winner Jim Kaat - Tom Thress (5 months ago)
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1974 Baseball Tweets
Happy 80th Birthday to Jim Kaat! Jim was probably the best-fielding pitcher of all time, winning 16 Gold Gloves in - 1974 Baseball Tweets (5 months ago)
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⚾ J. Daniel ⚾
Happy \'80s Birthday to Jim Kaat, who pitched for each team in the majors twice. He also won 16 straight Gold Glov - ⚾ J. Daniel ⚾ (5 months ago)
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Charley Walters
Happy birthday to Twins Hall of Famer Jim Kaat, who turns 80 today. - Charley Walters (5 months ago)
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Steven Sharp
Happy 80th Birthday today to broadcaster/analyst, retired MLB pitcher, and former MLB pitching coach Jim Kaat! - Steven Sharp (5 months ago)
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The Morning News With Dave Lee
Happy Birthday to legend Jim Kaat. REmessage if you think he should be in the - The Morning News With Dave Lee (5 months ago)
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Braves ñ Stats
Happy birthday to friend of the podcast, Jim Kaat! - Braves ñ Stats (5 months ago)
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Bucci Mane
Happy 80th Birthday, Jim Kaat. My son, and I played golf with him last winter in Florida. Kaat playe - Bucci Mane (5 months ago)
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Dan McLaughlin
Jim Kaat via Happy Birthday Jim! In this podcast, Jim talks about Whitey Herzo - Dan McLaughlin (5 months ago)
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MLB Network
Wishing a very Happy Birthday to 283-game winner and MLB Network analyst, Jim Kaat! - MLB Network (5 months ago)
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William Collier
Happy Birthday Jim Kaat! You belong in the Hall of Fame! - William Collier (5 months ago)
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Pete Scribner
Happy 80th birthday to former hurler Jim Kaat, who in his career faced both Ted Williams (who began his M - Pete Scribner (5 months ago)
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Dominic Andrade
Post midterm elections happy birthday greetings go to soccer goalie David DeGea actress Jackie Joseph, le - Dominic Andrade (5 months ago)
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The Scorecrow
Happy 80th birthday to Jim Kaat. The left hander pitched for 25 years mostly for the He won 20 games 3X a - The Scorecrow (5 months ago)
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Derek Mann
Happy birthday to 3x all-star 16x gold glover & 1982 WS champion P Jim Kaat - Derek Mann (5 months ago)
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Don Fulton
Happy 79th bday Jim Kaat. Pitched for 5 teams in an amazing 25 seasons, spanning four decades. After frustrating p - Don Fulton (1 year ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Rudy Boschwitz, G. Edward Griffin, W.S. Rendra (d. 2009), Gwyneth Jones, Mary Daheim, Dee Clark ( - North Trenton (1 year ago)
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Shawn Anderson
Happy Birthday to our buddy, 2015 Hall of Very Good Inductee (and should-be Hall of Famer!) - Shawn Anderson (1 year ago)
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Gio/wthballs blog
Happy 79th Birthday to one of my favorites on & off the field, Jim Kaat! So nasty he was shown batting on his \'73 c - Gio/wthballs blog (1 year ago)
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Larry Shenk
Yes, Happy Birthday, Jim Kaat - Larry Shenk (1 year ago)
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Kate\'s Dad
Still wish Jim Kaat were in broadcast booth. Happy Birthday - Kate\'s Dad (1 year ago)
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Baseball by BSmile
Happy Birthday Jim Kaat! - The pitching & broadcasting great turns 79 today. \"Kitty\" has 283 wins & 16 Gold Gloves, - Baseball by BSmile (1 year ago)
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Dana Sanchez-Sweet
Happy Happy Birthday Mr. Jim Kaat: A star on the field and a star in the broadcasting booth. - Dana Sanchez-Sweet (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to Jim Kaat. Went to ST with the Pirates in his last season but failed to make the club. - LargeLar (1 year ago)
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Daily Baseball Cards
11/7/38 Happy 79th Birthday to Jim Kaat. Kaat played 25 years in the Majors with the Twins, White Sox, Phillies, - Daily Baseball Cards (1 year ago)
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Scott F
Happy 79th bday to Jim Kaat. How is he not in the ? 283 wins, 3.45 ERA, 16 Gold Gloves. Would have wo - Scott F (1 year ago)
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Dick Bremer
He should be in the Hall of Fame as both a player and a broadcaster. A very happy birthday wish to my former broadcast partner Jim Kaat. - Dick Bremer (1 year ago)
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St. Abner
Happy birthday to Jim Kaat, born in 1938. Senators/ 3X AllStar 1 - St. Abner (1 year ago)
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Mathew Brownstein
Happy 79th Birthday Jim Kaat. 31st all-time in wins (283) & his 16 Gold Gloves are the 2nd most by any pitcher, beh - Mathew Brownstein (1 year ago)
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Mark Tomasik
Happy 79th birthday, Jim Kaat. Jim Kaat revived both his career and the Cardinals via - Mark Tomasik (1 year ago)
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Jim Hayes
Happy Birthday to this guy. Also, Mitch Harris and Jim Kaat. Great Americans all. - Jim Hayes (1 year ago)
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Gummy Arts
Happy birthday, Jim Kaat! - Gummy Arts (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday! Jim Kaat - Creeps (1 year ago)
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Hot Sauce
Happy Birthday to Jim Kaat who turns 79 today! - Hot Sauce (1 year ago)
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The Twins Almanac
Let\'s all wish a happy 45th birthday to former ace Brad Radke. Third most wins in history behind Ji - The Twins Almanac (1 year ago)

80 years old (Born on November 07, 1938)

3-time All-Star and 16-time Gold Glove Award winning pitcher during his four-decade career.

Jim Kaat's Best Moments

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to 283-game winner and MLB Network analyst, Jim Kaat!
Happy birthday, Jim Kaat!
Happy Birthday to Jim Kaat who turns 79 today!
Happy Birthday! Jim Kaat
Happy Birthday to Jim Kaat.  Went to ST with the Pirates in his last season but failed to make the club.
Happy Birthday to legend Jim Kaat.   

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