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Welcome to Jimmie Vaughan's Birthday Celebration Page
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Tami Ludwick
Really enjoy Jimmie Vaughan happy birthday. - Tami Ludwick (6 months ago)
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Classic Blues Radio
Happy Birthday to the Great Jimmie Vaughan! Debut live trio album out now - Classic Blues Radio (6 months ago)
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Sergio Guitarra
Happy birthday Jimmie Vaughan a legend of Texas blues and brother of Stevie Ray Vaughan who tragically crashed in h - Sergio Guitarra (6 months ago)
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North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema)
Happy Birthday to William Hurt, Carl Palmer, Jimmie Vaughan, Geoff Brabham, David Greenaway, Phil Judd, Mike France - North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema) (6 months ago)
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Omaha Blues Society
Repost from the Blues Foundation: Happy birthday to Jimmie Vaughan! (AND a big THANK YOU to Jimmie for supporting - Omaha Blues Society (6 months ago)
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Jimmie Vaughan gives us a guitar tutorial and shares thoughts on one of his influences, Lightnin\' Hopkins. Happy Bi - Redbeard (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday! Mr.Jimmie Vaughan!! And Thank you for a fabulous pic!! HIROKI from Tokyo Japan - 内山宏樹 (6 months ago)
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The Griffin Passant
Happy Birthday Jimmie Vaughan!!! - The Griffin Passant (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Mr. Jimmie Vaughan! - R2 (6 months ago)
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Happy 67th Birthday Jimmie Vaughan Here he is kicking ass with his little brother on a double neck guitar: - ~T~ (6 months ago)
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Iaan Hughes
Butt Rockin ! Happy birthday to the great Jimmie Vaughan, born today in the great state of Texas - Iaan Hughes (6 months ago)
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Stevie ray
Happy birthday Jimmie vaughan - Stevie ray (6 months ago)
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Lefty\'s Records
Happy Birthday to the late Jerry Reed, Carl Palmer of ELP & Jimmie Vaughan of Fab T-Birds - Lefty\'s Records (6 months ago)
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Living Blues
Happy Birthday to the Great Jimmie Vaughan! Debut live trio album out now. - - Living Blues (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the great Jimmie Vaughan - Sam\'s Boogie via - GuitarShopTees (6 months ago)
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HAPPY Dame Vera Lynn (101), Sam Lay (83), Lee \"Scratch\" Perry (82), Don Edwards (79), Ranger Doug (72), - Pauseandplay.com (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Jimmie Vaughan! Jimmie Vaughan is far more than just one of the greatest and most respected guitaris - GrandstandzUSA (6 months ago)
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Texas Arts
Happy birthday to two of Texas\' State Musicians! Both 2015 Texas State Musician Jimmie Vaughan and 2018 Texas State - Texas Arts (6 months ago)
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Dennis Parker
Happy Birthday Jimmie Vaughan - Dennis Parker (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Jimmie Vaughan (The Fabulous Thunderbirds), born on March 20, 1951, an American blues - JeffJ (6 months ago)
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Stone Crazy
Happy birthday Jimmie Vaughan!! - Stone Crazy (6 months ago)
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Peter Parcek
Happy Birthday March 20 to guitar slinger Jimmie Vaughan! \"Brothers\" w/ Stevie Ray Vaughan - Peter Parcek (6 months ago)
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Jamie Roxx
Happy Birthday. Today, Mar. 20, 1951 Jimmie Vaughan, American guitarist (The Fabulous Thunderbirds)... - Jamie Roxx (6 months ago)
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107.5 The Breeze
Tuff Enuff Happy Birthday Today 3/20 to blues guitar great Jimmie Vaughan. Rock ON! - 107.5 The Breeze (6 months ago)
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March 20th Happy Birthday to Marian McPartland (1920), Jimmy Coe (1921), Larry Elgart (1922), Sonny Russo (1929), - TodayinMusicHistory (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Jimmie Vaughan. - 6EQUJ5 (1 year ago)
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Monica Guerra
Happy birthday Don\'t Cha Know by Jimmie Vaughan - Monica Guerra (1 year ago)
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School of Rock
Happy Birthday to Jimmie Vaughan! - School of Rock (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Jimmie Vaughan !Fabulous Thunderbirds - Powerful Stuff - Manalishi (1 year ago)
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Chuck Credo IV
Happy birthday, Jimmie Vaughan! - Chuck Credo IV (1 year ago)
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Bob Steshetz
Happy Birthday to Mr. Jimmie Vaughan turning 65 years young today (03/20/2017). The photo is from 2013 when he... - Bob Steshetz (1 year ago)
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Dave Stephens
AND it\'s Happy Birthday to Jimmie Vaughan \"Sam\'s Boogie\" - Dave Stephens (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Jimmie Vaughan! - JW-Jones (1 year ago)
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K. Mikael Wallin
Happy Birthday Jimmie Vaughan!!! - K. Mikael Wallin (1 year ago)
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David (D.Vad Online)
Happy Birthday to the great Jimmie Vaughan! - David (D.Vad Online) (1 year ago)
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Blues Music
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jimmie Vaughan, guitar hero, bandleader and custom car fanatic, on March 20th. - Blues Music (1 year ago)
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Peggy DeRose
Jimmie Vaughan - Can\'t Say No Happy Birthday Jimmie! - Peggy DeRose (1 year ago)
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Legacy Recordings
Happy birthday Jimmie Vaughan! - Legacy Recordings (1 year ago)
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MyRockworld - Happy Birthday Jimmie Vaughan 1949, Born on this day, Jimmie Vaughan, Fabulous Thunderbirds, US... - myRockworld (1 year ago)
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Guitar Bro
Happy 66th Birthday, Jimmie Vaughan! - Guitar Bro (1 year ago)
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Roxy Records
Happy 66th birthday Jimmie Vaughan! - Roxy Records (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Jimmie Vaughan march 20, 1951 visit - Everything Blues - Mojohand.com (1 year ago)
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Neil Ratner
Happy 66th birthday Jimmie Vaughan, musician, singer and older brother to the late Stevie Ray Vaughan. Jimmie... - Neil Ratner (1 year ago)
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Dale Berkebile
Happy Birthday Jimmie Vaughan, born on this day in 1951. - Dale Berkebile (1 year ago)
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Maria Byrne
Happy birthday, Jimmie Vaughan! jimmie_vaughan - Maria Byrne (1 year ago)
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Dan Neer
Simon & Garfunkel, David Bryne, Southside Johnny & Little Willie John. A happy birthday to Jimmie Vaughan - Dan Neer (1 year ago)

67 years old (Born on March 20, 1951)

Blues rock guitarist and singer who has performed with Bob Dylan.

Jimmie Vaughan's Best Moments

Happy birthday Jimmie Vaughan!
Happy Birthday Jimmie Vaughan
Happy Birthday to the late Jerry Reed, Carl Palmer of ELP & Jimmie Vaughan of Fab T-Birds
 Tuff Enuff  Happy Birthday Today 3/20 to blues guitar great Jimmie Vaughan.  Rock ON!
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