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its my mothers birthday today she is a big fan of you all and the sh - TheSnakesVenom (1 day ago)
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Tori Lynn
Gonna be 30 on August 5th...All I want is a Happy Birthday from Too much to ask?! - Tori Lynn (1 day ago)
birthday balloon

Amy Marie
Happy Birthday, hope it\'s a great one. - Amy Marie (2 days ago)
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Don Hartman
Wonder why thinks its so funny when some loser named tells a lady 2 F off 4 wishing the pr - Don Hartman (6 days ago)
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Mobile BayBears
We would like to wish BayBears pitcher Joe Gatto ( a very Happy Birthday! Fans, Like or this message - Mobile BayBears (1 week ago)
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Wayne Gill
Happy birthday Mark Wahlberg and Joe Gatto, burn in hello POS POTUS - Wayne Gill (1 week ago)
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Quiana :smile:
Happy Belated Birthday And Father\'s day- Captain Fat Belly - Quiana :smile: (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Jonathan Harris
Happy Birthday Joe, we all love you! - Jonathan Harris (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Amanda Parsons
Happy birthday Joe gatto... you\'re the man... - Amanda Parsons (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Jeremy Beckwith
Happy Birthday Larry! - Jeremy Beckwith (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday Larry!!! - Steven (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Topaz Black
Happy birthday Joe - Topaz Black (1 week ago)
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we had a good time at the show tonight. Great energy as always we enjoy the show and are happy for all y - LeRoyFC (1 week ago)
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Belated Happy Happy Birthday Joe.... You deserve the best. Such a sweet guy - [email protected] (1 week ago)
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Eric The G
Happy birthday now,you\'re a Gemini like me my birthday is today - Eric The G (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Scott Stevens
Happy belated birthday Joe! - Scott Stevens (1 week ago)
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Lou foranoce
Happy birthday Joe!! Hope it was enjoyable - Lou foranoce (1 week ago)
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happy late birthday Joesph - Ironmangame14 (1 week ago)
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Randi Raven
Happy birthday - Randi Raven (1 week ago)
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Jacqueline Johnston
Happy belated birthday Joe. I love you and the show never miss it. - Jacqueline Johnston (1 week ago)
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Hey Joe! I missed it buddy! Happy belated birthday man from Florida! I\'ll send you some mosquitoes and a - Therealjohnshields (1 week ago)
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Vanessa Ruiz
Happy Birthday! From Tucson, AZ! - Vanessa Ruiz (1 week ago)
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michelle mckinnon
Happy birthday Have a blast xxx - michelle mckinnon (1 week ago)
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Dawn Scholl
Happy birthday Joe..... wishing you an amazing day!! - Dawn Scholl (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Michael kenney
Happy birthday joe hope it was lots of fun for you I remember last time the guys covered your entire hou - Michael kenney (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Michelle Moore
Happy Birthday we look forward to your show tonight! - Michelle Moore (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Sharon B.
Sorry it\'s late a huge happy birthday mr joe gay to hope you had a blast x - Sharon B. (2 weeks ago)
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Maria Esperanza
Happy birthday Joe! - Maria Esperanza (2 weeks ago)
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Diane Bressi
Happy birthday Joe I hope you had an amazing day - Diane Bressi (2 weeks ago)
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richy lewis barden
Happy birthday and respect to all you guys from Glasgow Scotland - richy lewis barden (2 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

I know I m late but happy birthday!!!!! Ps. If the other guys wrapped your house again, have them unwrap it - Austin (2 weeks ago)
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Happy belated birthday!! Mines today!! - Christina (2 weeks ago)
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Michael Maynard
from one June 5th, Birthday to another Happy Birthday! - Michael Maynard (2 weeks ago)
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Barbara Perry
Sorry I\'m so late! Happy Belated Birthday, Joe! Thank you for making me laugh especially the times I need it the most! - Barbara Perry (2 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

Donna Hall
Which Joker wants to wish me a Happy Birthday.... - Donna Hall (2 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

Renee Liss
I\'m never on message, so I\'m late, but happy birthday! - Renee Liss (2 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

happy happy birthday. You are freaking awesome. I love you guys!! - .hannaH (2 weeks ago)
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Impractical J☯kers
Happy Late Birthday You were always my Favorite! - Impractical J☯kers (2 weeks ago)
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Lonnie Lewis
Happy birthday joe - Lonnie Lewis (2 weeks ago)
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Florie Castro
Happy Birthday ! - Florie Castro (2 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday. - KOHTA YAMAJI (2 weeks ago)
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happy bday joeee - Dianna (2 weeks ago)
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Kari Silvia
happy belated birthday!!! - Kari Silvia (2 weeks ago)
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derrick collier
happy belated birthday! - derrick collier (2 weeks ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE! Your mamma has got to be sooooo proud of you! - Debs (2 weeks ago)
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tracy mitchell
Happy Birthday Joe - tracy mitchell (2 weeks ago)
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Mary Wilson
Happy Birthday Joe! Thanks for making us all laugh and for making the world a better place - Mary Wilson (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday Joseph ! - LUIS A. BAEZ (2 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

Rosa Avalos
Happy birthday Joe - Rosa Avalos (2 weeks ago)
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Action Alan
Huge fan Happy birthday Joe! Fave is the mermaid! - Action Alan (2 weeks ago)

42 years old (Born on June 05, 1976)

Comedian who is a member of the American comedy troupe, The Tenderloines. The group is best known for their TV series, Impractical Jokers, on TruTV.

Joe Gatto's Best Moments

Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday Joe!!!
YAY my birthday is tomorrow and so is Joe Gatto\s! Happy birthday to me and Joe!!!
Wishing a big happy birthday to hope it\s a great one!
Happy birthday to one of my favourite guys thank you for being there for me when people were mean
Happy birthday to my hero  get spoiled love your face
  Happy birthday to me
  Happy Birthday
I\d like to throw out a very happy birthday to my friend, Hope it\s a good one!
Happy birthday Joey!
Happy Birthday Did you know you have the same birthday as
Happy Birthday from Gatto Girl!
Happy birthday ...have a great day with your beautiful fam...love ya!!
Happy Birthday to my og fav joker, !
Happy birthday to my favorite funny man  thanks for always making me smile
 Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Your daughter is such a cutie!!!
Happy Birthday Joe Gatto ...
Happy 3rd Birthday Milana!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUMMY DUM DUM (also happy bday what legends)
Happy birthday to my favorite joker
 happy birthday joe idol
 it\s after midnight here in Ireland so Happy Birthday dude!
 Happy Birthday Joe! Have a cannoli for me!
Happy Birthday !You are the cheese to my nachos! Lots of love from your \"goodnight\" gal
Happy Birthday to the greatest guy there is, Have a great day!
 Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful and special day.
 it\s your birthday!!!! Happy birthday to my favourite joker. Thanks for everything
       Happy birthday to Joe Gatto of the tenderloins/impractical jokers
  Happy Birthday Joe
 Remember that?

Happy birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Joe Gatto
 Happy birthday have a great day
Happy birthday JOE
Happy birthday to the one and only
Happy Birthday you for being exactly you!
Happy Birthday to an incredibly funny man
Happy Birthday Enjoy your special day! Wishing you lots of cake and desserts!!
Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday, ! The Best \"Little Mermaid\" ever! Have a great day!
Happy Birthday Hope you have an amazing bday!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Hope you find Larry today...
~Fat Rosie O\Donnell
I share a Birthday with Happy Birthday Joe!!
 Too much? Happy birthday
Happy birthday, here\s a never-ending donut 4 u! Enjoy!
 Happy Birthday, Joe!
Happy birthday to the guy who makes me cry because i am laughing so hard
 Happy birthday Joe!!!
 happy birthday joe have a good one
Happy Birthday (Please Explain this )
  Happy birthday
 happy birthday!! Here\s a bunch of doughnuts for yah!
Happy birthday to one of the funniest people I\ve ever witnessed, Captain Fatbelly himself,
 Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday !!! We all know you love donuts. And coincidentally, me too!!
Happy birthday to my favorite joker
Happy birthday Joey, love ya
Happy birthday love you so much
 Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday, to the guy who displays it in grand fashion, BaBoom!
 Happy Birthday! My little one, Jacksons 2nd b-day is today and he\s a huge fan! Can he get a shoutout ??
Happy Birthday, - hope your day is full of laughter and your belly full of pastries!!!
 happy birthday dance. I\m pretty sure this is Sal
Happy happy birthday Enjoy a huge piece of cake, you rock!
 happy birthday
Happy birthday to my favorite  you\re my boy 4 life
 Happy Birthday
Happy birthday have a fab day
Happy birthday !!
 Happy Birthday Captain FatBelly!
Happy birthday to the coolest comedian, role model, & friend I know. Hope ur day is as awesome as you!
Happy Birthday To Of .
 Happy Birthday Joe!! Thanks for all the laughs!!
 happy birthday Joe and have great one on your special day
 Scoopski Potato Scoopski Patato, Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday you share it with my baby niece.
She likes cake as much as you
 Happy birthday Joe.
Happy Birthday to one of my favorite jokers
Happy birthday this gif is my fave
  Happy Birthday Joe!!!
Happy birthday to , your personality is incredible and I hope to see you again!
 Happy Birthday, Joe!!!
 happy birthday, not quite a donut...but close enuf
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday to you and my Princess too!
 Happy birthday!
\"LARRY!!\" (I mean...Joe) Happy birthday, !!
Happy Birthday !!!
 Happy Birthday Joe!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday we fucking love you
Happy birthday larry!
 happy birthday joe! Here\s my boys watching  my eldest laughs when you laugh
Happy birthday !
 Happy Birthday! <3
 Happy birthday Joe!
 hope your day is as much fun as you are :) Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday to the best dracula impersonator ive ever seen!!
 Happy Birthday Captain Fatbelly!!!
 Happy Birthday Joe. God bless you to continue making us laugh
 bin watchin nothing but u all day, an last night!! Happy birthday old balls!
 My younger brother would like to say hi and to say happy birthday.
Long time no see but happy bday funny frand!!
 happy birthday!
Happy birthday
Birthday, friends, beer 
You know it  Happy birthday, !!
  Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Joe!
  Happy Birthday Joe!
Hi Murr!
 Happy Birthday, Joker.
 Happy Birthday! I hope it\s a great one.
Hey Happy birthday! We celebrated over here.
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the Periscope King
Happy birthday can\t wait to see you in the cruise
 Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for being you! Happy Birthday Joe! Xxoo
 happy birthday from this 7 year old!
 Happy birthday !!
Happy 21st Birthday love you and love the show!! Here\s to many more!!
Happy Birthday    !!!!! You are one of My favorite jokers!!
Happy 41st Birthday  Have a great day
 just watched the bit where youre driving the cab singing \"today is my birthday\". Happy Bday Joe!
 Happy Birthday Joe, I got to meet you when you guys had a meet and greet after your first season.
Happy birthday Joe hope you had a great birthday.
Happy bday to the most fearless impractical joker
 Happy birthday Joe!
Happy birthday
Sorry I\m a bit late..happy birthday
Happy belated birthday to Mrs. Josephine Gatto Keep smiling. Much love from the UK!
Happy belated birthday you\re the absolute best and always make me smile so thank you
 Happy Birthday JOE
 I had to find the perfect pics to wish you a happy belated birthday
Hope you had a fun day
 Happy Belated Birthday!
Give me a happy birthday shout out
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to 1/4 of my idols I hope u have an amazing day! You deserve it!!
Happy birthday Hope you get to have a fun day with your wonderful family. Thanks for being you!
Happy birthday xxx
Happy birthday to the funniest person i know and my 2nd fav joker
 happy birthday joe! I hope you have an amazing day. Thankyou for all the laughs, love you
  Happy Birthday from Scotland       have a great day
 happy birthday, here\s your present! I got you a Larry
 Happy Birthday Joe...thanks for all the laughs the past few years! Hope you finally find Larry this year.
Happy Birthday to Who I happen to share a Birthday with... Have a good one!!
 happy happy birthday thanks for the laughs
  Happy birthday Hope you have a great day.
Happy birthday to the man, the myth, the legend....
 Happy birthday Joe. Hope you have a wonderful day xxx
  Happy birthday have a fabulous day xx
 happy birthday hope ur presents are a good as this.
Happy birthday to the icon himself i love you more than words
Ringo wishes you a happy birthday Keep being awesome
Happy Birthday to the very funny
Happy Birthday You are one amazingly funny, kind & all around good man!  Best Birthday Wishes to you!
 happy birthday brother.
 happy birthday!!! Have a great day
  Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday to the beautiful bride!
Happy birthday
  Happy Birthday Joe! It\s time to celebrate! Take it off!! Lol
Happy birthday !!
  Happy Birthday Joe  , you and Joe have the same bday! How cool.
Happy 42nd birthday joe !!
 Happy Birthday Joe!!
 happy bday but Larr ys still off on Tuesdays
Happy birthday Enjoy this special day!!! You deserve it      Thanks for always making me laugh!!!
 Happy Birthday! From your big fans George and Edward x
 hey Joe You are The most Funniest Person Ive seen on Tv So happy birthday
  Happy Birthday! Here s your birthday cake!
 happy birthday! Oh and SUCK IT!
 happy birthday a sweetie. Hope you have a great one
Happy birthday
Happy birthday !!
 Happy birthday
Happy birthday have a fab day xxx
  Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Katie and her birthday buddy
 Happy Birthday to my little girls fave joker...
Happy Birthday Hope you\re day is as weird as you are.
 Happy birthday Joe!
 Happy Birthday to you, Joe!!!  Best wishes to you and have a fantastic birthday!
   Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Joe!
 happy birthday
Happy birthday to my favorite joker of all time,   (p.s. hope someone finds Larry for you today lol).
 Happy Birthday!!
Happy birthday to the funniest joker alive Hope you have a great day!
 Happy birthday
 happy birthday! LARRRRYYYYY!!!

hope you have a great birthday.
Happy Birthday I hope I get to meet you one day.
 Happy Birthday Joe! Eat some cake for me!
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