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Tony Gunk
Lol happy birthday to you too!! - Tony Gunk (8 months ago)
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Hey my mom\'s birthday is coming up and can you do a video saying happy birthday Isabel,it would mean the world to her - paloma (8 months ago)
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Immediately thought of you could you boost Ollie up and say Happy Birthday? - Sophie (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Joe Gatto UK - SpreadPeace&Love (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - Joe (8 months ago)
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Justin L. Gary
Today is my 21st birthday. Would be really cool if the Jokers would wish me a happy birthday - Justin L. Gary (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Nichole Moorr
Thanks for helping me wish my sister a Happy Birthday - Nichole Moorr (9 months ago)
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Storm Bohling
Every yr. I ask the Jokers to wish me a happy bday with no luck. Today is my 25th!! Come on - Storm Bohling (9 months ago)
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young smoove
Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me - young smoove (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Missy kelderhouse
Happy Birthday - Missy kelderhouse (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday to me - ǂDanielle♡ (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

ǂBirthday Girl♡
Happy birthday to me - ǂBirthday Girl♡ (9 months ago)
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Kathleen Cumming
can you guys please wish my daughter kt a happy birthday for tomorrow, she\'ll be 10, she loves IJ clips - Kathleen Cumming (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Raegan Ann Sweeney
HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Raegan Ann Sweeney (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

christa sheedy
Happy Birthday - christa sheedy (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy 41st birthday(I know I\'m 8 days late) - Hailey (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Lesley Blum
Happy Birthday!!! You are the best - Lesley Blum (9 months ago)
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Can u say happy birthday to my Friend Shanna - hailey_felix (9 months ago)
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justine clabough
my bday is tomorrow& I would love a happy bday from my favorite troupe after a hard week I had - justine clabough (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Elizabeth Fairbanks
Happy belated birthday my son\'s birthday is today I hope u had a blast - Elizabeth Fairbanks (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Josh Whitcomb
any chance you could wish my buddy Dillon a happy 25th birthday? - Josh Whitcomb (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Jeremy Dixon
Happy Belated Birthday! - Jeremy Dixon (9 months ago)
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Meggles Nowak
Happy Birthday to this amazing lady! Today is the anniversary of her making me more than I ever thought I\'d be. Lov - Meggles Nowak (9 months ago)
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Richelle Wilkerson
Happy happy late birthday !!! - Richelle Wilkerson (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday...a little late - brittneyj81 (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday buddy - EDMpromotions (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday Joe! - JBailey_Adm_Assist (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Nick Ponzio
And happy birthday - Nick Ponzio (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Dave Thomas
I had to find the perfect pics to wish you a happy belated birthday Hope you had a fun day - Dave Thomas (9 months ago)
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Michelle Colvin
Happy Belated Birthday Joe - Michelle Colvin (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Anna schiffer
Happy birthday joe - Anna schiffer (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Jill Dziak
Hope you had a very happy birthday Joe!! Thank you for all you do in support of dog rescues! - Jill Dziak (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Theresa Cato
Happy belated birthday !!! - Theresa Cato (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

RL Burns
Happy Birthday I Hope You\'ve Had A Great Day - RL Burns (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Jean Wills-Taylor
So funny. Happy Birthday Joe Gatto lol - Jean Wills-Taylor (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

you and me have the same birthday and same age too! Happy birthday - michaelberry12000 (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

☯️ G L E N ♉️
Happy Birthday - ☯️ G L E N ♉️ (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Sarah S
Finally got my tickets to see in Indy! Can\'t wait! Happy birthday - Sarah S (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Dom Biasini
Happy 41st birthday Joe !! - Dom Biasini (9 months ago)
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Michele Swearingen
happy belated birthday, hope you had a great day with your best girls, and eating loads of donuts - Michele Swearingen (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

happy birthday, dude. - Dalton (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

preston sheppard
Happy birthday!! - preston sheppard (9 months ago)
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Stephen Tosh
happy belated birthday captain fat belly! Can\'t wait to see you this Friday in Scranton! - Stephen Tosh (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Dawn Leffingwell
Happy Birthday!!! - Dawn Leffingwell (9 months ago)
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Happy bday to one of the funniest guy on my favorite show! Damn you\'re old! - Kye (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

⚜Darian Kafer⚜
Happy birthday 2 days late! I hope your day is was wonderful and filled with delicious pastries! - ⚜Darian Kafer⚜ (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Xavier Medina
Happy birthday Joe gatto hope you have a great birthday - Xavier Medina (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday - emily (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday - Kim (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

jack donbavand
happy birthday man - jack donbavand (9 months ago)

41 years old (Born on June 05, 1976)

Comedian who is a member of the American comedy troupe, The Tenderloines. The group is best known for their TV series, Impractical Jokers, on TruTV.

Joe Gatto's Best Moments

Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday Joe!!!
YAY my birthday is tomorrow and so is Joe Gatto\s! Happy birthday to me and Joe!!!
Wishing a big happy birthday to hope it\s a great one!
Happy birthday to one of my favourite guys thank you for being there for me when people were mean
Happy birthday to my hero  get spoiled love your face
  Happy birthday to me
  Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Joey!
Happy Birthday Did you know you have the same birthday as
Happy Birthday from Gatto Girl!
Happy birthday ...have a great day with your beautiful fam...love ya!!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to my og fav joker, !
Happy birthday to my favorite funny man  thanks for always making me smile
 Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Your daughter is such a cutie!!!
Happy Birthday Joe Gatto ...
 it\s after midnight here in Ireland so Happy Birthday dude!
 Happy Birthday Joe! Have a cannoli for me!
Happy Birthday !You are the cheese to my nachos! Lots of love from your \"goodnight\" gal
Happy Birthday to the greatest guy there is, Have a great day!
 Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful and special day.
 it\s your birthday!!!! Happy birthday to my favourite joker. Thanks for everything
       Happy birthday to Joe Gatto of the tenderloins/impractical jokers
  Happy Birthday Joe
 Remember that?

Happy birthday!!!
 Happy birthday Joe  hope u have a fantastic day sending from Belfast xx
Happy Birthday Joe Gatto
 Happy birthday have a great day
Happy birthday JOE
Happy birthday to the one and only
Happy Birthday you for being exactly you!
Happy Birthday to an incredibly funny man
Happy Birthday Enjoy your special day! Wishing you lots of cake and desserts!!
Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday, ! The Best \"Little Mermaid\" ever! Have a great day!
Happy Birthday Hope you have an amazing bday!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Hope you find Larry today...
~Fat Rosie O\Donnell
I share a Birthday with Happy Birthday Joe!!
 Too much? Happy birthday
Happy birthday, here\s a never-ending donut 4 u! Enjoy!
 Happy Birthday, Joe!
Happy birthday to the guy who makes me cry because i am laughing so hard
  Happy birthday Joe!!!!!
 Happy birthday Joe!!!
 happy birthday joe have a good one
Happy Birthday (Please Explain this )
  Happy birthday
 happy birthday!! Here\s a bunch of doughnuts for yah!
Happy birthday to one of the funniest people I\ve ever witnessed, Captain Fatbelly himself,
 Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday !!! We all know you love donuts. And coincidentally, me too!!
Happy birthday to my favorite joker
Happy birthday Joey, love ya
Happy birthday love you so much
 Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday, to the guy who displays it in grand fashion, BaBoom!
 Happy Birthday! My little one, Jacksons 2nd b-day is today and he\s a huge fan! Can he get a shoutout ??
Happy Birthday, - hope your day is full of laughter and your belly full of pastries!!!
 happy birthday dance. I\m pretty sure this is Sal
Happy happy birthday Enjoy a huge piece of cake, you rock!
 happy birthday
Happy birthday to my favorite  you\re my boy 4 life
 Happy Birthday
Happy birthday have a fab day
Happy birthday !!
 Happy Birthday Captain FatBelly!
Happy birthday to the coolest comedian, role model, & friend I know. Hope ur day is as awesome as you!
Happy Birthday To Of .
 Happy Birthday Joe!! Thanks for all the laughs!!
 happy birthday Joe and have great one on your special day
 Scoopski Potato Scoopski Patato, Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday you share it with my baby niece.
She likes cake as much as you
 Happy birthday Joe.
Happy Birthday to one of my favorite jokers
Happy birthday this gif is my fave
  Happy Birthday Joe!!!
Happy birthday to , your personality is incredible and I hope to see you again!
 Happy Birthday, Joe!!!
 happy birthday, not quite a donut...but close enuf
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday to you and my Princess too!
 Happy birthday!
\"LARRY!!\" (I mean...Joe) Happy birthday, !!
Happy Birthday !!!
 Happy Birthday Joe!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday we fucking love you
Happy birthday larry!
 happy birthday joe! Here\s my boys watching  my eldest laughs when you laugh
Happy birthday !
 Happy Birthday! <3
 Happy birthday Joe!
 hope your day is as much fun as you are :) Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday to the best dracula impersonator ive ever seen!!
 Happy Birthday Captain Fatbelly!!!
 Happy Birthday Joe. God bless you to continue making us laugh
 bin watchin nothing but u all day, an last night!! Happy birthday old balls!
 My younger brother would like to say hi and to say happy birthday.
Long time no see but happy bday funny frand!!
 happy birthday!
Happy birthday to one of my favorite entertainers !!
Happy birthday
Birthday, friends, beer 
You know it  Happy birthday, !!
  Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Joe!
  Happy Birthday Joe!
Hi Murr!
 Happy Birthday, Joker.
 Happy Birthday! I hope it\s a great one.
Hey Happy birthday! We celebrated over here.
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the Periscope King
Happy birthday can\t wait to see you in the cruise
 Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for being you! Happy Birthday Joe! Xxoo
 happy birthday from this 7 year old!
 Happy birthday !!
Happy 21st Birthday love you and love the show!! Here\s to many more!!
Happy Birthday    !!!!! You are one of My favorite jokers!!
Happy 41st Birthday  Have a great day
 just watched the bit where youre driving the cab singing \"today is my birthday\". Happy Bday Joe!
 Happy Birthday Joe, I got to meet you when you guys had a meet and greet after your first season.
Happy birthday Joe hope you had a great birthday.
Happy bday to the most fearless impractical joker
 Happy birthday Joe!
Happy birthday
Sorry I\m a bit late..happy birthday
Happy belated birthday to Mrs. Josephine Gatto Keep smiling. Much love from the UK!
Happy belated birthday you\re the absolute best and always make me smile so thank you
 Happy Birthday JOE
 I had to find the perfect pics to wish you a happy belated birthday
Hope you had a fun day
 Happy Belated Birthday!
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