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Happy Birthday John Mayer ng ECE!! - Allen (8 months ago)
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Eric Bass
Happy birthday to my brother May your day be filled with a breakfast of burgers and fries, rainbow - Eric Bass (8 months ago)
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emiko miller
HAPPY (actual) BIRTHDAY to one of my favorite human beans!! i hope today is filled with lots of coke and john mayer - emiko miller (8 months ago)
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Dennis Has A Podcast
When I produced my first stand-up show almost four-years ago ago, literally the only person in the whole world (oth - Dennis Has A Podcast (8 months ago)
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Me: If only someone could get me John Mayer s Continuum album on my birthday, I would be very happy. Hint hint hint - לאה (8 months ago)
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ghost alanna
Frank Ocean\'s birthday is in two days and it reminded me that this post John Mayer made of trying to text him happy - ghost alanna (8 months ago)
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catfish nikki
happy birthday bby miss and love you sooooo much!! Have the time of your life out in Nashville! - catfish nikki (8 months ago)
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hey there demons it’s me emily
Happy birthday to speak now I love you almost as much as I hate john mayer - hey there demons it’s me emily (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the album that made me literally hate John Mayer forever even though I ve never even listened to his music - sara✨ (8 months ago)
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Joy Loughman
I know a girl, she puts the color in my world -John Mayer Happy 4th Birthday my Little Luci Ryan Scobie! I m th - Joy Loughman (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday love you lots, hope you had an amazing day full of John Mayer - gabs (8 months ago)
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Emily Langlois
Happy birthday to my fellow John Mayer, revivalist, and one direction loving girl hope you have a great week fil - Emily Langlois (8 months ago)
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cass, but make it spooky
12:04 oops happy (belated) bday y all should listen to John Mayer when he tells you that something - cass, but make it spooky (8 months ago)
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Nikko de Guzman
Hi Hope u can play No Such Thing-John Mayer/Akin Ka Na Lang-Itchyworms. - Nikko de Guzman (9 months ago)
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Marie Beauty Life
happy birthday to your brother John Mayer ;) - Marie Beauty Life (9 months ago)
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Katie Gray
The fact that I ve never seen John Mayer live is a serious problem. Happy Birthday to my favorite person - Katie Gray (9 months ago)
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Cupids Pulse
Happy birthday ! - Cupids Pulse (9 months ago)
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Rissa Marshall
Happy belated Birthday John Mayer. Thank you for existing. - Rissa Marshall (9 months ago)
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Kristi Rose
My least favorite John Mayer song is still my favorite compared to....anything else. Happy Late Birthday - Kristi Rose (9 months ago)
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Otus scops
Happy Birthday! John Mayer \"WAITING ON THE WORLD TO CHANGE\" - Otus scops (9 months ago)
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Liv Donn
Happy John Mayer s birthday everybody - Liv Donn (9 months ago)
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Salazar, Jaybo B.
Happy Birthday, John Mayer - Salazar, Jaybo B. (9 months ago)
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I love John Mayer with my entire heart I sincerely hope he lives forever HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY JOHN - taylor (9 months ago)
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Perry Myles Simmons
Happy Birthday to John Mayer, Born October 16, 1977 - Perry Myles Simmons (9 months ago)
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Thomas Fisher
Happy bday to Bobby Weir and John Mayer. Thanks for all the loud music - Thomas Fisher (9 months ago)
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Evan Alex Carroll
Happy Belated Birthday John Mayer. - Evan Alex Carroll (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday john mayer - teri (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday john mayer kinq - jenna (9 months ago)
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Steve Luff
Happy Birthday to John Mayer, Born October 16, 1977 Albumism - Steve Luff (9 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN MAYER - Ricardo (9 months ago)
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Shin Nishimura
John Mayer - All Along The Watchtower (Live @ Made In America Festival) via Happy - Shin Nishimura (9 months ago)
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Chris Neufeld
Happy Birthday to John Mayer! - Chris Neufeld (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday john mayer - armida (9 months ago)
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Dalton Cyr
Happy birthday to the main man John Mayer From Inside Wants Out, to the Search for Everything, I\'ve looked up to - Dalton Cyr (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the LEGEND John Mayer!... - Tyler... (9 months ago)
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HAPPY 41st BIRTHDAY to JOHN MAYER!! American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and record producer. - Madhotcomicsplus (9 months ago)
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I forgot to wish john mayer a happy birthday... hhhh - lauren (9 months ago)
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Happy 41st Birthday, John Mayer! - J (9 months ago)
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Tiffany Madjus
Blasting john mayer on the way home today. happy birthday, sir. - Tiffany Madjus (9 months ago)
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wish john mayer a happy birthday NOW - mack (9 months ago)
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Happy John Mayer\'s Birthday to my fave mayer fan, - enjoy this special day!!! - Breadyalater (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday john mayer i love you - Rosie (9 months ago)
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Kaitlin Crocilla
Happy birthday - Kaitlin Crocilla (9 months ago)
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Captain Winch Headbutt
Happy birthday also to John Mayer - Captain Winch Headbutt (9 months ago)
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Julia Austin
Happy bday john mayer! - Julia Austin (9 months ago)
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Ryan Kardashian Jenner
Are we required to wish John Mayer a happy birthday? - Ryan Kardashian Jenner (9 months ago)
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I love John Mayer so fucking much. Happy birthday darling - Krissy (9 months ago)
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Sugar Beach Events
Happy birthday Mr. John Mayer! - Sugar Beach Events (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday John Mayer - lilybaba (9 months ago)
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Scott Sterling
Why Georgia by John Mayer. Happy birthday to the legend, - Scott Sterling (9 months ago)

41 years old (Born on October 16, 1977)

Guitarist and singer/songwriter; He is famous from Your Body Is a Wonderland.

His favorite foods are sushi, kobe beef and other Japanese food, as well as veal. He is the second of three children John independently released his debut album Inside Wants Out on September 24, 1999. It was subsequently re-released by a major label, Columbia Records, on August 2, 2002. (tv.com) Used to play clarinet. His parents are Richard and Margaret Mayer

John Mayer's Best Moments

Hoje é aniversário do segundo pai do Shawn, nosso querido John Mayer

Happy Birthday
  Happy 41st birthday John Mayer
Happy Birthday to John Mayer
Happy Birthday \John Mayer\
Age: 40
Happy Birthday to John Mayer. The Grammy winning singer-songwriter turns 40 years old today!
Happy Birthday John Mayer!
Happy birthday John Mayer! 40 has never looked so good!
The music never stopped! Happy Birthday to John Mayer & Bob Weir! Photo: Rebecca Taylor/MSG Photos
Happy birthday John Mayer!!! Glad I found a homie just like me to clown around with
Happy birthday! hope it\s a good one! - your John Mayer, Spider-Man lovin\ bud
It s going to be hard to top last year s Halloween costume. Happy Birthday to the one and only John Mayer
Happy 18th birthday to this john mayer lovin\ girly pop!!! i love you more than you know!!!!
Happy bday to a life long friend!! i love you a ton & always remember, john mayer told me i was beautiful
Happy 19th birthday Sam!!! hope your day is full of starbucks and john mayer   love you sm!!!
Katy Perry wishes John Mayer s dad a happy 90th birthday
Happy birthday John Mayer!
Happy Birthday to the incredible - we hope you have an amazing day!
In the blood ~ john mayer (big BIG happy birthday to one of my favorite artists of all time)
Happy birthday to this absolute stud    may your day be filled with halloumi and John Mayer nudes
Happy birthday to this sweet girl!! I know I can always count on you for some John Mayer! Love ya
Happy birthday love you lots, hope you had an amazing day full of John Mayer
Katy Perry Wishes John Mayer\s Dad a Happy Birthday: Photo
Happy Birthday John Mayer! Love you soo much!
Happy birthday to John Mayer
Happy Birthday What\s your favorite Mayer Song?
\"No matter what I do, I\m going to earn it.\"- Happy Birthday John Mayer
Happy birthday Bob Weir and John Mayer!!
. & Wish Each Other Happy Birthday In Adorable Instagram Posts:
Happy Birthday,John Mayer and Bob Weir!
John! Mayer! Sweeet! Way! Cool! 
 I see you re John Mayer now.... also happy birthday beautiful! Love yo face
Happy birthday to singer-songwriter, guitarist, and record producer, John Mayer.
John Mayer October 16 Sending Very Happy Birthday Wishes! Continued Success!
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to a true style icon and John Mayer
Happy John Mayer s birthday everybody
Katy Perry Wishes John Mayer s Dad a Happy Birthday: Photo
  happy birthday. Flea
& Nico
& John Mayer
& Wendy Wilson
Happy birthday to John Mayer!!!
 happy birthday my man! john mayer turning 40!
Happy Birthday to John Mayer who turns 40 today!
Happy birthday, John Mayer!
Happy Birthday John Mayer
Happy Birthday John Mayer  Helpless - John Mayer
Happy Birthday John Mayer one of my guitar hero s
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN MAYER (thanks for letting me share the day)
Happy Birthday, John Mayer, born October 16th, 1977, in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
Happy 40th Birthday John Mayer! Live it up in Brazil!!
Happy Birthday John Mayer via
Happy birthday Bob Weir and John Mayer! Thank you for all the happiness you bring me!
Wish a happy birthday to   and more!
John Mayer, I love you. Happy birthday
Happy Birthday John Mayer via happy birthday
Happy Birthday John Mayer via
I didn\t realize they shared a birthday till now

happy 70th, Bob Weir
happy 40th, John Mayer
Happy Birthday John Mayer! Indeed October babies are something
Happy birthday to my favorite person on the planet you are a guitar god I love you John Mayer
Three Happy Birthday wishes today for Bobby Weir, John Mayer and Flea!!
Music Monday: Happy Birthday, John Mayer!
Ahhhh happy birthday John Mayer the main man
Happy Birthday, John Mayer! 40 pictures for his 40th
 Happy Birthday, John Mayer! 40 pictures for his 40th
All I\m going to listen to today is john mayer happy birthday ilysm babe
So that \new\ guy, John Mayer, turns 40 today... Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, John Mayer! 40 pictures for his 40th
Bob Weir & John Mayer Wish Each Other Happy Birthday In Adorable Instagram Posts
Look at John mayer\s comment on this happy birthday John Mayer
Happy Birthday, John Mayer! 40 pictures for his 40th
Happy Birthday John Mayer via
Celebrate 40th birthday with 40 pictures of the singer-songwriter.  ( : Getty)
Happy 40th Birthday to John Mayer! Your body is still a wonderland
Bob Weir and John Mayer Swap Adorable Happy Birthday Wishes on Instagram - Relix (blog)
Happy Birthday, John  Mayer !
Happy Birthday to ma soulmate that isn\t my soulmate!!! John Mayer~
Katy Perry Wishes John Mayer\s Dad A Happy 90th Birthday: \Looking Fantastic As Ever\ -
First moment..
Langsung jatuh hati sama John Mayer aku .
Happy birthday kak ugi
Happy Birthday, John Mayer
Everyone wish john mayer a happy birthday
John Mayer turns 41 today. Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday  Roy Hargrove 
1969 10 16              49  John  Mayer
1977 10 16                  41
October 16: Happy Birthday John Mayer and Linda Darnell
Happy bday John Mayer
Happy Birthday John Mayer!
A day dedicated to just listening to John Mayer!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most talented human
Happy 41st Birthday John Mayer !
Happy Birthday to Bob Weir & John Mayer. 

Two of my biggest inspirations.
Omg happy birthday to my other king, John Mayer
Happy birthday Bob Weir and John Mayer!
Happy birthday john mayer. love you
Happy birthday Mr. John Mayer!
Happy Birthday John Mayer via
Happy birthday john mayer
American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and record producer.
john mayer tattoo 1
John Mayer body 2
john mayer and katy perry 3
John Mayer exclusive 4

Fun Facts About John Mayer

His favorite song of his own is 3x5 from the album Room for Squares
Is a big fan of Opie & Anthony and also Ron & Fez on XM Satellite Radio. He debuted the single "Waiting On the World to Change" when he dropped by unannounced at their New York studio on June 14, 2006. Since then, he has regularly checked in with both shows, either calling in to contribute to the topic or just stopping by to hang out.
John was ranked #16 in Teen People Magazine`s "50 Sexiest Guys Ever" poll in 2004. (tv.com)
Used to play violin
When on tour, John once did 188 live shows in just one year. Now that`s dedication! (tv.com)
His favorite band is The Police, but he also enjoys music by 'Stevie Ray Vaughan', Coldplay and Ben Folds Five.
When he was seventeen, he was suddenly stricken with a cardiac arrhythmia that sent him to the hospital for a weekend. The trauma of the incident sparked his songwriting, and he penned his first lyrics the night he got home. Shortly thereafter, he began suffering from crippling panic attacks that only subsided when he was twenty-six, and even now, he keeps a Xanax (an anti-anxiety drug) with him, just in case.
His favorite movie is Good Will Hunting (1997).
John`s Grammy Awards:

2003 - Best Male Pop Vocal Performance - "Your Body Is A Wonderland"

2003 - Best New Artist

2005 - Song of the Year - "Daughters"

2005 - Best Male Pop Vocal Performance - "Daughters" (tv.com)
Drives a steel-blue BMW
Grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut with James Blake.
Attended Berklee School of Music in Boston
John`s song Waiting on the World to Change was featured on the television show So You Think You Can Dance. (tv.com)
Played flute in elementary school
John is 6`3" tall. (tv.com)
Started playing guitar at 13
His first job was in a supermarket in Fairfield, Connecticut. Later he worked in a gas station.
The movie Back to the Future (1985) inspired him to play guitar.
His favorite condiment is A1 Sauce because you can put it "on anything."
Was lead guitarist of a band called Villanova Junction when he was in high-school.
John was named one of Rolling Stone Magazine`s "People of the Year" in 2002. (tv.com)
Drives a silver Porsche Cayenne.
Wrote his Grammy award winning song "Daughters" in the shower
Tried out for acting in 6th grade, but never got a manager.
His parent's ages are 19 years apart
Has an older brother named Carl and a younger brother named Ben. Ben is 18 months younger than John.
John is fluent in Japanese, as demonstrated in a red carpet interview with Ryan Seacrest before the 2007 Grammy Awards (tv.com)
He decided to call the album Room for Squares, a characteristically wry take on jazz sax player Hank Mobley's 1963 LP, No Room for Squares

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