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Welcome to John Piper's Birthday Celebration Page
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Happy birthday Pastor John. We owe ourt christian growth to your teachings and books which are available for free. I hope one day on this earth we will be opportuned to visit America and see you to thank you for how much God has blessed us through your ministry. We love love love you Sir. Love AdeOluwa and Oluwapelumi from Lagos Nigeria. - adeOluwapelumi (1 year ago)
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Gunner Gundersen
Thank you again, and happy 71st birthday yesterday. - Gunner Gundersen (3 days ago)
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Josh Ramos
Happy Birthday, Pastor John Piper!!! - Josh Ramos (4 days ago)
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happy bday authors♪♫
Happy birthday John Piper! American writer - happy bday authors♪♫ (5 days ago)
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Karen B Smith
Happy birthday John Piper! Please pray for my grandson whose birthday is also today. He is 4 yrs Hi - Karen B Smith (5 days ago)
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Happy bday, John Piper. - Tawn (5 days ago)
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Resurgence Terrell
Happy Birthday John Piper! This is how I am celebrating! The Calvinist - a Beautiful Poem From John Piper - Resurgence Terrell (1 year ago)
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Luis Sánchez
Happy birthday John Piper! - Luis Sánchez (1 year ago)
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Aura Aragon
Happy birthday to one of my favorite pastors, You\'re a blessing, and you are truly blessed. - Aura Aragon (1 year ago)
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John Piper turned 70 yesterday. Happy birthday OG!!! Thankful for ur passion and truth Glad to say I\'ve met you. More grace - 1of1 (1 year ago)
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Kevin DeYoung
Happy (belated) birthday to John Piper. In celebration of his seven decades, here are my seven favorite Piper books. - Kevin DeYoung (1 year ago)
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Naol Befkadu
Happy 70th Birthday to Pastor John Piper. His pastoral sermons have changed my view on godly satisfaction. Now... - Naol Befkadu (1 year ago)
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Rachel Miller
Now Bama has as many championships as has birthdays. Happy Birthday John Piper, RTR! - Rachel Miller (1 year ago)
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Brice Johnson
Happy birthday, Johnny P. - Brice Johnson (1 year ago)
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Carlos Bedoya
Happy Birthday John Piper - Carlos Bedoya (1 year ago)
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Kendra Cummings
In 2008, I read \"Don\'t Waste Your Life\" by John Piper. My life hasn\'t been the same since. Thankful for his life. Happy bday - Kendra Cummings (1 year ago)
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Happy 70th Birthday to Pastor John Piper [ - TheCircle (1 year ago)
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Apparently John Piper is 70 today. Very grateful for the way he has inspired and taught me. Happy Birthday.... - johnhosier (1 year ago)
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Gospel Mag
Happy Birthday John Piper :) - Gospel Mag (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday John Piper thank you <3 - Koellreutter (1 year ago)
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Michael Abraham
In 2008 I read the book \"Don\'t Waste Your Life\" by John Piper. My life hasn\'t been the same since. Happy birthday - Michael Abraham (1 year ago)
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Gerald White
Happy birthday John Piper. A real power pack for the kingdom. - Gerald White (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to John Piper! - Emily (1 year ago)
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Hellie Brunt
\"God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him\" - John Piper ...70 years old today! Happy birthday John! - Hellie Brunt (1 year ago)
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Bill Macmillan
Happy Birthday to Pastor John Piper! - Bill Macmillan (1 year ago)
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Eric Anderson
This was my intro to the preaching of John Piper. I recommend this to all. Happy Birthday - Eric Anderson (1 year ago)
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Cole Ryan
Happy 70th birthday John Piper! - Cole Ryan (1 year ago)
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Adrian Khoe
Happy 70th birthday John Piper! So grateful to know your legacy. Keep on satisfied and glorify - Adrian Khoe (1 year ago)
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Zach Barnhart
Happy 70th Birthday, Here is a story about how this pastor from Minnesota changed my life forever. - Zach Barnhart (1 year ago)
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Jerry Lingle
This Day in 1946. 70 years ago today, John Piper was born. You can wish Pastor John a happy 70th birthday on message! - Jerry Lingle (1 year ago)
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Jeff Brown
Happy Birthday John Piper... - Jeff Brown (1 year ago)
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Kaylon Joseph
Happy Birthday to one of the biggest OG\'s I know, Pastor John Piper. God bless and stay lit - Kaylon Joseph (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday John Piper - Surrender (1 year ago)
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Makayla Payne
Happy Birthday to I\'m jealous because he shares a birthday with John Piper and I share mine with Oprah :( - Makayla Payne (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday John Piper - StarMinder (1 year ago)
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Moving Pictures
Happy Birthday Diane, John, Linda, Gabriel, Sami, Balthazar, Olivia, John, Piper, Christopher, Kate, Seymour! - Moving Pictures (1 year ago)
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Stephen Bailey
Happy Birthday John Piper. Thank you, sir, for teaching me that there is always more to see in what I see. - Stephen Bailey (2 years ago)
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robert reed
Happy birthday, John Piper! - robert reed (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday to clergyman/writer John Piper (January 11,1946).\"Bloodlines: Race, Cross, and the Christian\" (2011) and many other works. - Book_Addict (2 years ago)
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Usikpo Paul
Happy Birthday Pastor John Piper.... May God continue to use you mightily in the lives of people and may you... - Usikpo Paul (2 years ago)

71 years old (Born on January 11, 1946)

A Baptist theologian and author, he is known for such bestselling books as The Passion of Jesus Christ and Don't Waste Your Life.

John Piper's Best Moments

Happy Birthday Diane, John, Linda, Gabriel, Sami, Balthazar, Olivia, John, Piper, Christopher, Kate, Seymour!
Happy bday, John Piper.
Happy birthday John Piper! American writer
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