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Happy Birthday Ate Juls! Always be happy and please continue to inspire people. I wish you find more of the things you're looking for and receive the things you deserve to have. I hope I can see you in person. Thank you and Godbless! - Rosiebellie (1 year ago)
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c a m i l a
Happy birthday sa nag iisang taong nagsabi at nagsasabi na kamuka ko daw si julia montes, got u alwa - c a m i l a (2 months ago)
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Jessie Lopez
Happy Belated Birthday Julia! (Montes) I\'m sure it was a good one! Mr. Jessie Lopez, Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada. - Jessie Lopez (2 months ago)
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Reynaldo Vino
Love ko naman si Julia Montes. Hindi ako bibitiw. Asintado raw, Happy birthday! - Reynaldo Vino (3 months ago)
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March Babies . Julia Montes (March 19) and Aljur Abrenica (March 24) HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA AND ALJUR WE LOVE YOU - AL-JUL (3 months ago)
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Belated Happy Birthday pala kay Julia Montes! Dami mong cake! Wish you all the best. - Ana (3 months ago)
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lorna rabina
It\'s better than late than never. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sis super imisyou , ahm i just want to say thanks G - lorna rabina (3 months ago)
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clltjvr ❣️
Happy birthday julia montes - clltjvr ❣️ (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday julia montes God bless u more more blessing we love you...ups censya kararating lng beh kaya ngayon lngbumati( ) - Twilight (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my loves, Julia Montes. Aside from Sarah G whom I ve been a fan of since SFAN, loyal fanboy din a - ⚔️YĖL⚔️ (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday! Daytime Drama Queen Julia Montes - Cheri (3 months ago)
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Trixie Coronado
Happy Birthday po My Idol Ate Julia Montes more movies and projects to come po :) - Trixie Coronado (3 months ago)
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Bret M.
Happy birthday julia montes my baby,, my number 1 idol in the philippines.. more birtdays to come and - Bret M. (3 months ago)
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Norain Annie
Happy 23rd Birthday Julia Montes!! - Norain Annie (3 months ago)
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Team Kapamilya
Happy birthday, Julia Montes. I missed seeing her with Kathryn Bernardo especially during Mara Clara days na hindi - Team Kapamilya (3 months ago)
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d o m i n i q u e
Happy Birthday Julia Montes and Zeus - d o m i n i q u e (3 months ago)
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Birthday ko ngayon. Ako si Julia Montes hahahahah ay di pala yun question?? hahahaha happy birthday sis nako tr - joana (3 months ago)
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Jayson Creus
Happy birthday sa nag-iisang dyosa! Idol Julia Montes - Jayson Creus (3 months ago)
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Who\'s Dated Who
Happy 23rd Birthday, Julia Montes! - Julia Montes turns 23 today! Happy Birthday! - Who\'s Dated Who (3 months ago)
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happy bday julia montes - Mayang (3 months ago)
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Dianne Benoza
Happy Birthday Julia Montes! - Dianne Benoza (3 months ago)
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Sabtal Edrick
Happy Birthday my gorgeous idol JULIA MONTES - Sabtal Edrick (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday my gorgeous idol JULIA MONTES - JU LES (3 months ago)
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alanna dela peña
Happy Birthday Julia Montes lodi - alanna dela peña (3 months ago)
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Cathy Ladrera
Happy birthday! MS. Julia Montes - Cathy Ladrera (3 months ago)
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Mrs. GreatPretender
Happy Birthday Julia Montes - Mrs. GreatPretender (3 months ago)
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jocelyn mateo
Happy Birthday ate julia montes - jocelyn mateo (3 months ago)
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karen ♡
\"happy birthday julia montes anak\" - jhong hilario jhong will always be julkath\'s tatay gary - karen ♡ (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Julia Montes labyuuuu - JANANG (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Julia Montes. - Patrick. (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday julia montes <3 iloveyouiu - edlyn (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to my bebe girl Ana Dimasalang aka Stella Guerrero aka Mara Hautea Schinittka aka Julia Montes St - CHOKOLEIT (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Julia Montes! - ʝσℓσ (3 months ago)
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Coco Martin TM
Happy Birthday Ms. Julia Montes! - Coco Martin TM (3 months ago)
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Kim Lee
Happy happy birthday Ms. Julia Montes! God bless you more! - Kim Lee (3 months ago)
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Thorsten Alteholz
Mon, 19 Mar 2018, let us all send Julia Montes the best Happy Birthday wishes today ( (23) - Thorsten Alteholz (3 months ago)
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Kisses Labrusca
Happy Happy Birthday sa isa ko pang Lodi na Maganda Ms. Julia Montes The Daytime Drama Queen - Kisses Labrusca (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday julia montes - lhyn (3 months ago)
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We ❤ Lorna Tolentino
Happy Birthday to the Daytime Drama Queen, Julia Montes. // // - We ❤ Lorna Tolentino (3 months ago)
birthday balloon

Francis Suemitsu
Happy birthday JULIA MONTES. - Francis Suemitsu (3 months ago)
birthday balloon

Jeodane Ocampo
Happy Birthday Julia Montes Kamukha mo si Scarlett Johansen. - Jeodane Ocampo (3 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday Julia Montes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Ivan (3 months ago)
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Ronnah Loren
Happy Birthday, Julia Montes Happy Birthday sa isa sa mga favorite stars ko sa ABSCBN. Independent, - Ronnah Loren (3 months ago)
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Happy 23 birthday Julia Montes - iamakrima (3 months ago)
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Claire De Jesus
Happy Birthday Julia Montes - Claire De Jesus (3 months ago)
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nel ✨
Happy birthday julia montes - nel ✨ (3 months ago)
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Tony Boy Bautista
Happy Birthday Joey Albert, Glenn Close, Zeus Collins, Mon Confiado, Julia Montes, Klea Pineda, - Tony Boy Bautista (3 months ago)
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Sabrina Berns
Yes..magandang buhay na..Happy Birthday Julia Montes na! - Sabrina Berns (3 months ago)
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Faye Angeli Saludes
Happy birthday Ms. Julia Montes More blessings and projects to come. Godbless you always - Faye Angeli Saludes (3 months ago)
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Sabi sainyo walang pasok eh!!! Magandang Buhay!!! Happy Birthday Julia Montes! // - Julia (3 months ago)

23 years old (Born on March 19, 1995)

Filipino, Actress; She is famous from Mara Clara.

John Lloyd Cruz has been her inspiration in making love scenes.
She always think about John Lloyd Cruz everytime she watch something sweet and romantic.
(juliamaramontes1.wix.com) Julia Montes is a crybaby. (juliamaramontes1.wix.com) Dawn Zulueta considered Julia as her reflection of youth days. (juliamaramontes1.wix.com) Julia can portray more mature roles such as that of a battered wife of Paulo Avelino in "Walang Hanggan". (juliamaramontes1.wix.com) "Walang Hanggan" is one of the hardest and challenging role Julia Montes have ever made. (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)

Julia Montes's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to Julia Montes of RT3A Thanks for helping me in my studies
To my baby and the new Claudine Barretto, happy birthday. I love you. Julia Montes At TwentyTwo
Happy Birthday Julia Montes
Happiest Birthday again to our Queen Julia Montes! More blessings to come and always be happy. we love you!
Happy Birthday Ms. Julia Montes!
Happy Birthday Julia Montes
Happy Birthday Julia Montes
Wpj_13 : tej_gomez: ohkathnielthing: [ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ] 

Happy Birthday, Julia Montes!
Wpjpadilla: wpj_13 : tej_gomez: ohkathnielthing: [ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ] 

Happy Birthday, Julia Montes!
Happy Birthday  Julia Montes At TwentyTwo
Happy 22nd Birthday Julia Montes! ILoveYouuu   I hope to see you soon.
Happy birthday  hope you have an amazing day with your fam. We love you Julia Montes At TwentyTwo
Happy Birthday to the Daytime Drama Queen, Julia Montes!
Happy birthday Julia montes.. Iloveyou
Happy Birthday Julia Montes!
Happy 22nd Birthday !! God bless you Julia Montes At TwentyTwo
Happy Birthday Julia Montes
Happy Birthday Julia Montes
Happy birthday julia montes
Happy Birthday ate julia montes
Happy 23rd Birthday Julia Montes!!
Happy Birthday!
Daytime Drama Queen Julia Montes
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Fun Facts About Julia Montes

She feel flattered everytime that she's compared with "Scarlett Johansson". (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
She has relatives in Germany, one of them is Andrea Schnittka - they look alike.
The "Youngest and The First Below 18 Cover Girl" for Cosmopolitan. (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
She sometimes sits like a boy, So everytime Paulo Avelino, lead actor of "Walang Hanggan", saw Julia sitting. "Oy, yung upo mo ayusin mo." ("Sit properly!") (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
Julia Montes was forcasted to be The Drama Princess of "Goin' Bulilit" Alumni. (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
"My smile doesn't always mean I'm happy, sometimes it only means, I can managed"--- Motto 1 (wattpad.com)
Her hidden talent is to make Kutsintau200b (a Filipino food). (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
Julia Montes is the "Youngest Influential Netizen". (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
Julia Montes is actually quiet but everytime she feel sleepy , she transform from being quiet to being hyper. (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
A home owner at the age of 17. (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
She dreamed of working with Vilma Santos for a long time and wishes that someday she will be given a chance.She also dream on working with the veteran actors/actress in showbiz. (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
Julia Montes' favorite color is RED. (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
Julia wanted to continue her studies , but she really have a hectic schedules because of her projects in ABS-CBN. (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
"I'm just a simple girl, trying to make it big in this world."--- Motto 2 (wattpad.com)
Julia Montes wanted "True to Life Kiss" before making an on-screen kissing scene. (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
Instead of her bullying by the boys, Julia Montes is the one bullying boys in her childhood days. (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
The First and Youngest Reciepient of US Girl Award. (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
The First Twitter Millionaire (TEENAGE division). (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
Julia's Grandmother is always preventing her from eating and eating , that's why she always stock food for herself and eat it whenever her grandmother is not arround. (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
Considered by YES Magazine as one of The Beautiful Actress since 2011. (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
Julia Montes doesn't use any body lotion, Because she said its sticky and she is very irritated to it when it's applied on her skin. (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
Everytime that Julia watch the films of "Angelina Jolie", she always imagine that she's the one portraying the character of Angelina Jolie. (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
Her favorite Cartoon Character 'Stitch' from "Lilo and Stitch". (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
If Julia Montes is not contented with the scene she made , She wanted it to be repeated until the scene is perfectly done. (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
The Youngest and the first below 18 who have been added on the list of FHM Sexiest Women (Philippines). (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)
Julia Montes is one of the Sweetest Celebrity of ABS-CBN. Thats why the cakes she recieved from her birthday was shared to her fans and friends (juliamaramontes1.wix.com)

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