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Know you want Selena back, know how you feel! - Payten (5 months ago)
birthday balloon

happy birthday Justin FUNNY BEAUTIFUL CUTE GORGEOUS BRAVE XOXO SMILE LOVE - naomi (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Justin I LOVE you so much - chakoura (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

jhbhgfcdnhkd n,fdnhf
you are boring and ungly hdghffgbguf rhfhfnhefj hjgjkhkwhke - jhbhgfcdnhkd n,fdnhf (1 year ago)
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Neriah England
Happy birthday I love you so much and can\'t wait to see justin bieber with you soon - Neriah England (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday !! I miss you and I hope to see you soon girl! I am so jealous you get to see Justin Bieber soon too love ya! - $AM (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

KEN for sr. class!
Ain\'t no one better than tyler harris! except maybe Justin Bieber... happy birthday to the best guy I know - KEN for sr. class! (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to this girl, glad we share the same love for Justin Bieber!! - tiff (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

birthday balloon

Id die to have Justin bieber sing me happy birthday in person even if it wasn\'t my birthday - lolo (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Jacob White
Happy Birthday Bri!! Hope you had an awesome day!!! And hope you don\'t die when you see Justin Bieber! - Jacob White (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

nicole relucio
happy birthday sa sobrang loyal kay justin bieber - nicole relucio (9 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! You are so crazy and hilarious I hope we meet up soon I really miss you! Justin Bieber loves you btw - (b)ANA(na) (9 months ago)
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Caitlyn Cerino
HAPPY BDAY SU YEON PARK BIEBER!!!!!! I hope ur day was full of using ur Fitbit and listening to Justin bieber!! ily - Caitlyn Cerino (9 months ago)
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Genesis ☼☽
Happy birthday to this one the one with the Justin Bieber blanket - Genesis ☼☽ (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Liam! Tb to freshman year and your Justin Bieber hair - MaKenna (9 months ago)
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Samantha Sullivan
Happy birthday BFF have a bomb day in Mexico thanks for always being around and making me cry about Justin Bieber - Samantha Sullivan (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Ashley Cheatham
Hosting the company suite tomorrow night for Justin Bieber.... happy birthday to me! - Ashley Cheatham (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy 22nd bday to my fine ass gbig!!!! Hope ur day is filled with wine, pizza & Justin bieber. Ily bae - Madeline (9 months ago)
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Jordan Poe △⃒⃘
I\'m not Justin Bieber, but happy birthday anyways! - Jordan Poe △⃒⃘ (9 months ago)
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@Nanda Santos
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN Usher was right you won\'t be 16 forever message: ... (Vine by Justin Bieber Fans ) - @Nanda Santos (9 months ago)
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First birthday Iv had and not had a email from Justin Bieber website saying happy birthday or a text... I blame bkstg - LifeIsWorthLiving (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

birthday balloon

Happy birthday to the strangest kid I know hope you have a great day filled with Justin Bieber and lip syncing - Acacia (9 months ago)
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All I want for my birthday is for Justin bieber to say happy birthday to me - Ariana (9 months ago)
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Wanda Scoggins
Happy Birthday Justin Bieber: 22 Reasons To Love The Returned Prince Of Pop... - Wanda Scoggins (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday justin bieber !!!! - anina (9 months ago)
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Happy 22nd Birthday to Bass/John Mayer/Justin Bieber! - ATHINA OLAN (9 months ago)
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Justin Bieber Singing Happy Birthday! - ♡3.23.16 (9 months ago)
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Hi ! I\'m icha from Malaysia.Can one of GOT7,sing Sorry by Justin Bieber for me? and Happy Birthday Jackson! - Ichacha (9 months ago)
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victoria cahill
Happy birthday little one !! I love you so so much hope you had a wonderful day filled with Justin Bieber lol xoxo - victoria cahill (9 months ago)
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Olivia Hovis ☀
Happy birthday girl! Hope it was a great one, and have fun at Justin bieber I\'m jealous - Olivia Hovis ☀ (9 months ago)
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Savannah Cullison ✯
happy birthday ya Justin bieber lovin wild child - Savannah Cullison ✯ (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday hope your day is filled with Justin Bieber ilysm - Car (9 months ago)
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Taylor Huerta
Happy birthday Justin bieber wannabe - Taylor Huerta (10 months ago)
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Who is your dady?
Happy 20th Birthday Justin Bieber, you are finally becoming a woman. - Who is your dady? (10 months ago)
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Princess P
So happy my mom might buy me Justin Bieber tickets for my birthday - Princess P (10 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN Usher was right you won\'t be 16 forever message: ... (Vine by Justin Bieber Fans ) - Ro (10 months ago)
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Happy bday & thanks for having me Dj :) Ps: Justin Bieber sucks - Snooko (10 months ago)
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Jaclyn Baymack
Happy Birthday to the only boy I know who loves Justin Bieber and Starbucks. Stay sassy wb 1 7 - Jaclyn Baymack (10 months ago)
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jessica cunha
Happy birthday !!! hope your day is filled with happiness & lots of justin bieber, love ya lots - jessica cunha (10 months ago)
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Samuel Mironchuk
Happy birthday aka drake aka the weeknd aka ne-yo aka Justin bieber! We waiting for that EP! - Samuel Mironchuk (10 months ago)
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lil bebe
happy birthday to my favorite belieber friend. Have a great day, and I hope you meet Justin Bieber. xo - lil bebe (10 months ago)
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Emma Sims
Happy birthday babe, love you and singing Justin Bieber with u. - Emma Sims (10 months ago)
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Emily Gleason
birthday balloon

Taylor Davis
happy birthday to the REAL Justin Bieber love ya dunkle - Taylor Davis (10 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN Usher was right you won\'t be 16 forever message: ... (Vine by Justin Bieber Fans ) - ZACH (10 months ago)
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Jeff Brady Opsguy555
My date a week ago for Justin Bieber! Happy birthday Riley! I know - Jeff Brady Opsguy555 (10 months ago)
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Justin Bieber sang me happy birthday 6 years ago today - lib (10 months ago)
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Paula Villalta
Happy Bday to me 14 years My dream is meet Justin Bieber - Paula Villalta (10 months ago)

22 years old (Born on March 01, 1994)

Canadian singer; He is famous from Song: Baby.

His favorite number is 6 He takes the time to sing to a crowd outside his gig who couldn`t get in. He likes to sniff pizza. Justin Bieber is so talented boy (google.md) He likes sporty, active, nice, down to earth girls.

Justin Bieber's Best Moments

Happy Bday Justin Bieber
  Happy 21st birthday  ,
\"MTVUK: Happy Birthday To celebrate, here\s 21 things you NEED to know:
Happy birthday
Happy 21st birthday, Justin Bieber! Take a look back at his transformation over the years.
Happy Birthday Justin Bieber. Thank you for \"Maria I\m Drunk\"
Happy birthday Justin Bieber! Here are his greatest award show performances
See Justin Bieber croon \Happy Birthday\ for message\s 10th anniversary:
Happy 22nd Birthday Justin Bieber   Vía RelatableQuote
Happy birthday, Here are your 22 best Instagrams, hands down:
Last night let us know that The Bieb\s biggest dream may have come true:
Happy early 21st bday, Celebrate with the 21 times he broke the Internet:
\" Justin Bieber turns 21 tomorrow! Let\s wish him a Happy Early Birthday! Cant wait
Justin Bieber sang \"Happy Birthday\" to himself!
Justin Bieber singing Happy Birthday to message is just a delight, really
Happy 22nd Birthday to the love of my life, Justin Bieber
Ain\t no one better than tyler harris! except maybe Justin Bieber... happy birthday to the best guy I know
\"Happy birthday Ed !\" - Justin via Instagram POP MALE Justin Bieber
Dentro de 12 horas tendrá 21. La ultima cancion con 20 años :\) Happy Birthday Justin Bieber
       Happy Birthday 16   Justin Bieber Happy Birthday   22
Justin Bieber   22 th . 


Love Love Love Love
Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain
(ps: if we sacrifice Justin Bieber, will you come back?)
Happy Birthday Justin Bieber  22ND
Happy birthday babygirl I hope you have fun at the Justin bieber concert te amo mucho mi amor
Join us tomorrow for an audio recording to wish Justin Bieber Happy Birthday 12pm est 646-929-1325
   Happy birthday justin bieber   I would like to support and respect from now on .
Happy 22nd Birthday Justin Bieber
Happy birthday rose   i cant wait for justin bieber w you
Happy birthday Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!! love ya lots!
Happy birthday babe! Thanks for always being my Justin Bieber! I love you & wish we could celebrate!
Happy birthday to my favorite Justin Bieber singing senior  love you so much P
Happy birthday to the the yung Justin Bieber aka jpound aka jdawg
Happy Birthday
             Justin Bieber
How old will Justin Bieber be in less than an hour! happy birthday
Happy 21st bday Justin Bieber!  Celebrate w/ his style transformation over the years!
Happy birthday justin bieber
    Happy Birthday              Justin Bieber     [  Bieber ]
Happy birthday !! you love Justin Bieber more than me but good thing I get to see him live
      Justin      Happy Birthday Justin Bieber
    3 1 0:00
Justin Bieber 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY                         Justin
Justin Bieber Happy Birthday  Have a great year I want to continue to cheer for you.
Happy birthday aka drake aka the weeknd aka ne-yo aka Justin bieber! We waiting for that EP!
3/1           Justin Bieber     Happy Birthday   Lots of love for your birthday:)
Have a great year!
Happy 21st birthday Justin Bieber
Back in the day you resembled a young Justin Bieber but that\s not the point Happy 18th Birthday
1 Mac = 
Teacher norkiah wa justin bieber.

Happy birthday to three of you!
Happy birthday Justin Bieber! via
Happy bday to the coolest music enthusiast/prom date/Justin bieber
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS LLEAHNA MONTECILLO! Justin Bieber loves you! God bless and love from ur sizzums
Happy birthday really miss our Justin Bieber jam parties

Happy Bday Justin bieber
Happy birthday daws / clayton / justin bieber, hope the big dogs didn\t get ya :-)
Happy birthday sister face!! Hope your ready for Vegas and Justin bieber
Happy 21st Birthday Justin Bieber
 Justin Bieber 21 year old Happy Birthday                           I love Justin
Happy birthday to the GOAT. WHO CAN MAKE JUSTIN BIEBER\S HEAD TURN.   hope it\s great
WATCH: throws a 22nd birthday blowout, w guests incl
Happy Birthday Justin Bieber!!!    I will continue to support you.
Happy birthday to my girl I hope you have had a great day! Can\t wait for Justin Bieber love you lots
Happy birthday to everyone\s favorite  surfer/biggest Justin Bieber fan
Happy birthday Justin Bieber whoops I mean ! Hope your day was/is as good as your raps are
Happy birthday Justin Bieber
Happy birthday to my guy kid use to look like Justin Bieber freshman year now he\s even uglier.
Happy birthday to my best friend who loves justin bieber almost as much as I do   I love you so much and ur perfect
Happy birthday Justin Bieber. Love youu
Happy 21st birthday here is a throwback to when we meet Justin Bieber lol
Happy birthday Katie    miss you  (also justin bieber is still life)
Justin Bieber , the 22-year-old Happy Birthday I love you
      Happy Birthday Justin Bieber is so hot I\ll be always your big fan. Bieber
 appy irthday o ustin ieber.   jus               _
03/01   Happy Birthday              !!         Bieber
Happy 22nd birthday
 Justin Bieber   Happy Birthday  I love you soooooooo much!!!
Happy 21st Birthday to our very own Justin Bieber! We will always be here for you no matter what. We love you!
Happy birthday Alicia Ali cat jean Indiana state ECNL Justin bieber gluten free tanning bed. Ur my girl
Happy birthday, Justin Bieber!!! HAHAHAHA jk stay the saaame!! see you later, labyu!
Happy bday & thanks for having me Dj :) 
Ps: Justin Bieber sucks
Happy 22nd bday to my fine ass gbig!!!! Hope ur day is filled with wine, pizza & Justin bieber. Ily bae
Happy birthday to Justin Bieber Jr. Stay classy you drunkard leprechaun
Happy Birthday!!  JUSTIN BIEBER  3 1    Jus21
Happy 21st birthday Justin Bieber!
HAPPY BDAY Miss u so much and playing softball & listening to Justin Bieber every day on the way home!!
Happy birthday Cali!! love you and your Justin Bieber obsessed self
Justin Bieber   Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to Balsam\s finest Boat Babe   Don\t party too hard to Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber
\"Happy birthday\" -Justin Bieber
Happy birthday remember when we sung Justin Bieber in 4th Grade at the Christmas Party
Happy birthday best friend love you more than you love reeses and Justin bieber
Justin Bieber - Happy Birthday To Me!
Happy birthday here r some terrifying memories for u lmao (ft. my justin bieber shrine)
 1994.3.1 >>> 2016.3.1 22th

Justin Bieber  Happy Birthday  I love you very much
Justin Bieber Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday     Justin Bieber
Happy birthday Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber
Happy Birthday 22th
Happy birthday justin bieber
Happy birthday Justin Bieber  ..
Hope you enjoy your 22 years old I love you Justin
Music world\s heart-throb turns 22! Happy Birthday Tune into his hits here -
 Happy birthday Justin Bieber!
A younger performing on a street in Canada in 2007
Happy Birthday Justin Bieber (Justin\s transformation )
Wouldn\t want to jam to Justin Bieber with anyone else, happy birthday padre
Happy birthday Madison, love you lots and hope you enjoy Justin Bieber   see ya soon
Happy birthday to the next Justin Bieber     hope you\re day was great!
Happy birthday even though you like Justin Bieber ur chill. Also ur sitting right across from me!!
Happy Birthday Liam! Tb to freshman year and your Justin Bieber hair
Happy 22nd Birthday to Bass/John Mayer/Justin Bieber!
Happy birthday to this hot gal who I was able to share a bond over justin bieber with..stay swaggy LOVE YOU
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY ONE OF MY FAVORITE PPL. ily & ur justin bieber voice and all these throwbacks
Oh heyyy happy birthday you braceface justin bieber lookin muddafucka
When people say happy birthday to Justin Bieber next Sunday & I\m all like:
0301.Justin Bieber

Happy Birthday!!  Justin                   1
 happy birthday Justin Bieber    from JAPAN          please come back to JAPAN      I LOVE YOU
 Happy Birthday JUSTIN BIEBER:)
Happy birthday justin bieber!
Happy birthday the one and only justin bieber
 Happy birthday justin Bieber  I made this for you justin
Happy birthday justin bieber
Happy birthday Justin bieber I love  ...
     Happy birthday
Happy birthday, Bieber! As Justin turns 21, a look back at his career
Happy birthday, Justin Bieber! His bigges..
Happy 16th Birthday Kath  you are the light of my life and the Justin Bieber to my Chris brown
Happy birthday to my spin class, math tutor, curly haired, Justin Bieber lover partner in crime
Happy Birthday Zina throwing it back to when we worshipped Justin Bieber and took a lot of selfies?? Love youuu!
Happy Birthday to my nigga since the 5th grade! love you my wittle justin bieber ryeebreaddd enjoy!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO QUEEN CARIA!!!!!!! hope justin bieber remessages this!!!!
Happy birthday to my fav Justin Bieber lovin\ hoe thanks for all the laughs and leaving buffalo sauce in my car
Justin Bieber singing Happy Birthday to Mike Carson! ~ Via Snapchat! BigSeanSnapped
Justin Bieber
 Happy Birthday.      th.      ??
Happy birthday enjoy this short video of us singing Justin Bieber
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE love and miss you tons I\m gonna tag u in hella justin bieber stuff later when I\m in wifi lol
Happy birthday to your day is filled with endless Justin Bieber songs  miss you to pieces!!!
3.1 is coming, Justin Bieber Happy birthday
Happy Birthday King Justin Bieber ILY I L Y
Justin Bieber Happy birthday
*Happy Birthday Justin Bieber*

I Love Justin!!
I want to see Ü

  Happy Birthday   Justin Bieber   22yo I love him forever   # birthday

Happy BirthDay Justin Bieber .

I love it much more from now on.   )
Happy birthday Bieber
Happy Birthday Justin Bieber
Happy Birthday to Justin Bieber
Happy birthday justin bieber. You\re a great person, you are simply the best. 22 years old.I\m crying
Happy Birthday Justin Bieber - 22 Years Old
Justin Bieber Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday  Justin Bieber 22nd  May you be happy and more than successful now in your life.
               1    Happy Birthday Justin Bieber
 Happy birthday JUSTIN BIEBER!
 Happy Birthday Justin Bieber
Deséale un Happy Birthday a
Justin Bieber
Happy Birthday!!!!!
2/28 Rudy Mancuso
3/01 Justin Bieber
Happy Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Justin Bieber!!!
 Happy Birthday clothes stealing Justin Bieber
Happy happy birthday    I hope today is the best day ever and that justin bieber falls in love w you
Happy bday to my Justin bieber loving bff  so lucky to have ur crazy butt in my life Metts I love ya
Happy Birthday to King Ding Dong himself I love you more than Justin Bieber. Give him a kiss for me tonight
I just wanted to wish my bestfriend a Happy Birthday!! I love you so much and I hope you have fun @ Justin Bieber!
Happy birthday lain   I seriously cannot wait for Justin Bieber     have a great day love ya
Happy Birthday hope it\s as awesome as the Justin Bieber concert was
Happy birthday !!! hope your day is filled with happiness & lots of justin bieber, love ya lots
Happy birthday to this one the one with the Justin Bieber blanket
Happy Birthday to this girl, glad we share the same love for Justin Bieber!!
Happy birthday Justin Bieber lover
Ya llega el cumpleaños de JUSTIN BIEBER  FALTA POCO  **HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN** I LOVE YOU   21 years so fast..
Happy bday aunt Justin Bieber Niall Horan seal horse and Barack Obama unable to control his dog
Happy Birthday to my one and only favorite Justin Bieber fan!!!!!!  see you later
Justin Bieber john: Happy birthday FloydMayweather. I love you.
You\re never too old for Justin Bieber wrapping paper. Happy birthday, Matt  2 0
 (((2015.03.01))) justin bieber  HAPPY BIRTHDAY bigbig looove !!!!!
Happy Birthday Justin bieber            Say I LOVE YOU JUSTIN
Happy Birthday Justin Bieber
Wish you all the best,healty always,and succes in you carrier I LOVE YOU
Justin Bieber Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday Justin Bieber 21                     1           From Japan
Happy Birthday Justin Bieber @ justinbieber
Happy Birthday Justin Bieber    I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER
Tomorrow,happy birthday to you,Justin Bieber Bieber
Happy birthday to my lover,Justin Bieber!
I am Chinese Belieber happy birthday to Justin bieber, 2015 will be better! love you 4 ever.
Happy birthday to Justin Bieber   love you soooo much (It\s Chinese time.)
King since \94. Happy 21st birthday justin bieber. Stay humble & have a blast baby. We always love you our kidrauhl
 Happy birthday justin bieber
Happy birthday JUSTIN BIEBER 21 st wiss you all the best,long live,good healt,plus affection with all your fans
 happy birthday Justin Bieber wish you all the best..... love you
Happy birthday Justin Bieber   we are Thaibelibers love u justin
Happy birthday bieber
 happy birthday justin bieber,   Is the best   lopyouuuuu
Happy birthday justin bieber
 Happy Birthday Justin Bieber, hugs and kisses for you :*({}). ILYSM
Happy birthday Justin Bieber 21 tomorrow
Happy Birthday Idol Justin Bieber 21 years  01-03-1994
Justin Bieber exclusive 0
Justin Bieber exclusive 1
justin bieber beached whale 2
Justin Bieber exclusive 3

Fun Facts About Justin Bieber

He is left handed.
Justin is so cute and he is so sweet but Selena is not for JUstin (google.md)
He wants to buy a house for his mom when he has $1,000,000.
He has been playing interments since he was 2 years old.
Kenny the security guard wakes up him in the morning.
He once asked out Rihanna Demi Lavato and Alexa Chung (got rejected) LOL.
Hie favorite video game is nba 2k.
He knows how to beat box.
He hates it when girls wear way too much make-up and prefers natural-looking women.
He is dating Caitlin Beadles again. (allieiswired.com)
He likes sour patch kids.
He can make a half-court basketball shot.
His shoe size is 7 and a half.
He had first kiss was when he was 13.
His Favorite subjects are Algebra, History and Biology, but he takes the time to learn about the places he travels to.
He can count to ten in German
He once dated Caitlin Beadles (Christians Beadles sister.)
His favorite colors are blue and purple.
He is not into blink-blink.
His favorite TV show is Smallville
His favorite food is spaghetti
He is very protective for her little sister.
He wears shorts.
He only watches rated R movies.
He started dating when he was 13.
JB is on a mission to thank all of his fans for making his ride a reality
His favorite slang word is “shawty”
It baffles him when he sees girls crying for him.
justin bieber is no longer a kid ... hes gotten a boner ! (plixi.com)
He is claustrophobic – fear of being in narrow or enclosed spaces, eg: closet, elevators.
He Loves French Woman
He is close friends with Marisa Douglas and Madison Pettis.
He hates liars.
He speaks fluent French.

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