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Ricardo Kaka April 22 Sending Very Happy Birthday Wishes! Continued Success! - ELIOT RAFFÍT (4 hours ago)
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Oh My Goal
Ballon d Or winner Kaka vs. Freestyle World Champion Séan GARNIER S3 freestyle ball Happy Birthday Legend - Oh My Goal (4 hours ago)
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Happy Birthday Kaka! The first football player i knew. - ᴀᴅɪʟ (4 hours ago)
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Happy birthday to the one and only KAKA!! - Graphistah (4 hours ago)
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Happy birthday my best player - ﮼راء❤️ (4 hours ago)
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Giancarlo Paredes
Happy birthday legend!!! - Giancarlo Paredes (4 hours ago)
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Yun Aishah
Happy birthday abang ((i have tons of \"imaginary abang\", dont mind me)) - Yun Aishah (4 hours ago)
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1xBet English
Happy 37th birthday, What a footballer - 1xBet English (4 hours ago)
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Happy Birthday Kaka - ⚪️ (5 hours ago)
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Marjit Roy
Happy Birthday - Marjit Roy (5 hours ago)
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Happy birthday kàkà - Jessylike83 (5 hours ago)
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Happy birthday to one of my all time favorite legends - TheTutor92 (5 hours ago)
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Lewis Redford
happy birthday - Lewis Redford (5 hours ago)
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Happy Birthday Kaka though have never forgiven you for what you did to Rio and Vidic - Kyama (5 hours ago)
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Happy birthday Kaka - سعود (5 hours ago)
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Happy Birthday - BALA (6 hours ago)
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Easybet Nigeria
Happy birthday to the legendary Kaka! 308 appearances 105 goals Serie A: Champions League: World Cup: - Easybet Nigeria (6 hours ago)
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Bülent DUMAN
Happy Birthday Legend - Bülent DUMAN (6 hours ago)
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zafira S
Happy birthday kaka aka roomate! Thank you for being my driver and listening to my lame stories luv you <333 - zafira S (6 hours ago)
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Nilangshu Kanti Roy
Happy Birthday !!! - Nilangshu Kanti Roy (6 hours ago)
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Enitan Olasubomi Quadri
Happy birthday Richardo KAKA - Enitan Olasubomi Quadri (6 hours ago)
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olayomi koiki
Koikimedia bringing the world closer to your doorstep - olayomi koiki (6 hours ago)
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Activity on TV
Happy 37th birthday to 2007 Ballon D\'or winner - Kaka - Activity on TV (6 hours ago)
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Élise Hsin
Happy Birthday - Élise Hsin (6 hours ago)
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Happy birthday you are the reason my faith in football was restored! Keep turning many years more! - Gabo (7 hours ago)
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Bleacher Report Live
Happy Birthday to the legend, - Bleacher Report Live (7 hours ago)
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Happy birthday - UNAIS (7 hours ago)
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مَدی آقامیر
Happy Birthday - مَدی آقامیر (7 hours ago)
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\"KAKA\": FIFA World Cup Serie A Champions League Ballon d\'Or FIFA World Player of the Year Copa Del Rey La Liga = - Pooj (8 hours ago)
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Happy birthday luv . Bahagia terus - riza (8 hours ago)
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Happy Birthday , Legend - H A K I M (8 hours ago)
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Happy birthday - Marco (8 hours ago)
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Happy Birthday, Kaka - ZEZO CARTOONS (8 hours ago)
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happy birthday kaka - White~OakPapi (8 hours ago)
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Happy Birthday Kaka - #Chico (8 hours ago)
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Arko Sengupta
Happy birthday Legend - Arko Sengupta (8 hours ago)
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Lion\'s Teeth
Happy Monday, April 22 1906 - New rule puts umpire in sole charge of all game balls 1914 - Babe Ruth\'s 1st profes - Lion\'s Teeth (8 hours ago)
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Aly BA
Happy bday ...Best wishes from SENEGAL - Aly BA (8 hours ago)
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172 goals and assists combined The people of Los Blancos remember. - Happy birthday to one of the best ever at - 오질 (8 hours ago)
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Football Tweets
In one year: Ballon d\'Or FIFA World Player of the Year FIFPro World Player of the Year World Soccer Player - Football Tweets (8 hours ago)
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Engr K.
Kaka is still one of my fav ever. Happy Birthday Ricardo - Engr K. (8 hours ago)
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Happy bday, idol ! - meneer (9 hours ago)
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Happy birthday - Trian. (9 hours ago)
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No Gimmicks
Happy Birthday - No Gimmicks (9 hours ago)
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Jayen Kaka\'
Happy birthday to the legendary Ricky Kaka! 308 appearances 105 goals Serie A: Champions League: Wor - Jayen Kaka\' (9 hours ago)
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berubah menjadi...
ihiiiyyy Happy Birthday Legend - berubah menjadi... (9 hours ago)
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Happy birthday the man who inspired & made me love football - Zayaan (9 hours ago)
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Panenka Magazine
Who remembers when this fella was one of the best in the business? Happy 37th birthday Kaka! - Panenka Magazine (9 hours ago)
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.... \" \" - عُميره (9 hours ago)
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achebe chinedu
Happy birthday . - achebe chinedu (9 hours ago)

37 years old (Born on April 22, 1982)

Brazilian soccer player; He is famous from AC Milan.

Kaka's Best Moments

Happy 37th birthday forgotten genius
  K A K Á   8 8   3 0  2 0 0 7   Happy 37th birthday,
Happy Birthday to our number ten and our Captain,
So many challenges we faced and won together. Happy Birthday my friend!
Happy Birthday, Kaka!
Happy Birthday KAKA
It\s a big day for this living legend.

Happy birthday, KAKA!
Happy 37th birthday, Kaka! What a footballer
He put the \a\ in Samba!   Happy 36th birthday
Happy Birthday kaka ucing akoehhh      makin luvchuu dan lancar terus kuliahnyaaa
Happy Birthday Kaka mkubwa Haya Yote nayo YATAPITA
Happy Birthday to the last player not named Messi or Ronaldo to win the Ballon d\Or,
Happy Birthday to Brazilian legend, Kaká!
  Happy 35th birthday, Kaká The last human to win the Ballon d\Or!
Birthday of my Mentor & the person who inspires me the most !! 

Happy bday Anil Kaka !!
  Happy 35th birthday, Kaká The last human to win the Ballon d\Or!
Legend recognize legend recognize legend

Happy 36th Birthday
Happy birthday to and
Happy Birthday To Kennedy Tarriq Ombima aka The King Kaka.
Happy birthday Kaka 22
Legend  Happy birthday,
Happy birthday kaka Sulung       Mgby  spendtime hari ni dgnnya  ( )
 Happy birthday, Missing you...
Happy Birthday, Kaka
Happy birthday kaka  i love you
  Happy 35th birthday, Kaká The last human to win the Ballon d\Or!
Happy birthday to this Tummy Boy Barikiwa kaka
Happy birthday to my day 3 Irvine is gonna be so fun
Happy birthday kaka  hamu saly ba xoshi taman drezh bet inshalla hawre gyan
Happy Birthday kaka Baraka Tele
 Miu,  said Happy Birthday to you on her weibo.
Happy Birthday Boy!! Godbless and gluck sa bball ayaw na pa late uy &&& ss kayo ni kaka
Happy birthday sa fan/Uncle/personal photographer ko HAHAHA. Wag ka sanang magsawa kaka-spoil sa \kin.
 happy birthday Kaka bro!! Have a blaze an drink on me
 Happy birthday! May all your dreams and wishes come true!
Happy Birthday Boss chow. Tigilan mo na dramarama mo kaka cringe eh. Thank you sa mga libre ilysm.
Walaupun tadi ka anrez habis basah-basahan kaka tetep ganteng kok. sekali lagi happy birthday ka anrez
Happy Birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY james red!!!! tama na kaka selfie sa cellphone ng iba
Happy birthday to the legendary Ricky Kaka
Happy Birthday Ricardo
Happy 35th Birthday Kaka. 

The last human to win the Ballon d\Or.
Happy birthday to kaka
Happy Birthday Kaka
Happy Birthday the Brazilian  that won it all! Ballon d\Or World Cup
Happy Birthday Josh, you foodie!
 happy birthday! Kaka head love ya bro
    Happy birthday to you Hathi bhai Natu kaka and Sodhi uncle
Happy birthday Kaka!
Happy Birthday The last person to win the Ballon d\Or before the Ronaldo/Messi era
Happy 1st Birthday to my alai sayang, cinta hati my other baby girlll
kaka loves you
 Happy Birthday kaka angu wa kisukuma Nakuombea kheri katika maisha yako. Nakupenda sana
Happy birthday Golden Boy. The gentleman of Football
Happy bday kaka dats
  my kaka is your biggest fan and I am also big fan !! Happy Birthday sir !!
Happy birthday kaka yeng!
Wish you a many many happy returns of the day happy birthday kaka
Happy birthday kaka mkubwa
Happy Birthday oj loçkeee
Happy 35th Birthday Ricardo Kaká
  Happy birthday, Kaká! Career apps: 598 Goals: 184 Assists: 113 Trophies: 12 Ballon d\ORs: 1
Happy Birthday Kaká
Happy Birthday     Have a blast.    Cc
Happy Birthday KAKA!
     Happy Birthday to my kaka                                     GOT7 2018
Happy birthday Ilyas Attari al maroof kaka S Pfc . Plz wish all friends # 03417884718
Happy Birthday Tinku Kaka
 Happy Birthday to U..... 
Best wishes for U &  ur family... Once more.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Wish u a very happy birthday the prince of football
Happy birthday, Kaká.                         ,
Happy birthday madam kaka!
Happy birthday kaka nya seulgiii
Irene is the most beautiful leader
 Happy birthday our captain!
  Happy Birthday kaka kwa hisani ya Jimenez na Jota. Ole at the wheel
Hi lor!! belated happy birthday! nakalimutan kita batiin kaka ml     i love youuuu lor!!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the legend,
Sakura    Happy Birthday  ..
 kaka jaewon!!!! happy birthday><
Happy Birthday DevkiNandan KAKA sahab ko JAI JAI rajsamand JAI JAI Congress JAI JAI Kakasahab
Join me as I wish a Happy Belated birthday.  Blessings on Blessings this year Kaka.
Happy bday to the homie! love ya man have a sick ass day kaka
 love you happy birthday u r
Happy Birthday My
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy 35th birthday, Kaka!
Happy Birthday Kaka & David Luiz
Happy Birthday Kaka.

We all love you and will always love you!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the only  footballer who had guts to beat Messi and Ronaldo...
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday Kaka    Hopefully Longevity And Healthy Always
 | Happy 3  5  th birthday to the one, the only  main man
Happy Birthday Ricardo Kaka. The only human who snatched Ballon D\or from Ronaldo and Messi. You were the best :\(
Happy 35th Birthday Kaka! One of the GOAT! What a player, what a card this was....
  Happy Birthday
          Happy birthday, favourite footballer
Happy birthday
 Happy birthday Kaka
Happy birthday LEGEND
Happy birthday to my favorite athlete!
Happy Birthday Feliz Aniversário
Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday to all these legends
HAPPY BIRTHDAY a mi amor por siempre
Happy bday KAVID
Happy birthday, Feliz aniversário,
Happy birthday to my inspiration in football,
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to the one who made me love football you are the best
Nah, kebetulan waktu itu gua sempet nge-ss tapi ketiduran

Happy birthday, kaka :))
 happy birthday to my strange best friend, love ya millions kaka, stay classy & see ya later for bevs
Happy Birthday Uttam Shinde (Kaka)
Unexpectedly met kaka!! (her birthday was yesterday hehe) happy belated birthday
Help me wish King Kaka a happy birthday.cc
Happy birthday The polite one, Kaka yake na Fundi wetu WanaJF
God bless You
Happy birthday KAKA
Advance Happy Birthday Thalaivaa... 
Endrum Thalapathy kaka....
 Happy Birthday kaka!
But this weekend was worth it happy 3rd birthday ya little kaka boy
Happy birthday kaka cantik
Happy birthday dilip kaka
 happy birthday kaka rapun.
Be lated happy birthday jeetu kaka mukesh kaka bhot kush hota
Happy birthday kaka,.
 Happy birthday kaka q Wyatb
Happy birthday Started watching football for this legend.
First love of football. Happy birthday Ricardo Kaka.
There is only one 22 will be my favourite jersey number, always. Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to Kaka, the last man to win a Balon D\Or who is not or Messi.
Happy BDay
Happy birthday legend
 happy birthday,bella
Bang dimples happy birthday  Semoga cepet confirm sama kaka seungyeon hehehehe Ku tunggu loh
Umurnya sama kaya kaka aku masa :) jadi aku mau ngucapin happy birthday, Oppa
 Happy Birthday Kaka kandungkuu
 Wish you a very very Happy Birthday Bhalchandra Gatne kaka .
Happy birthday ulit kay eunhyuk kasi kaka 12am lang sa pilipinas HAHAHAH
Happy birthday, eo kaka miming.
 happy birthday kak ! semoga yang kaka semoga kan bisa terwujud ia !
Happy happy birthday sa tito kong ubod ng igop hehe  more beers to come, kaka! alavyu
 happy birthday kaka tercinta
Happy Birthday kaka
Happy Birthday, love u mwuah jowain niyo na tingnan niyo tulog na tulog sa klase kaka-aral
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday legend
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to our great player, it\s been years since you left but still love story never end...
The Brazilian who epitomized the beautiful game Happy birthday !
Happy Birthday Kaka
Happy Birthday Kaka
Happy 37th birthday,  What a footballer
Ricardo Kaka April 22 Sending Very Happy Birthday Wishes! Continued Success!
Wish you a Happy Birthday buddy.my best friend .and my kaka. Enjoy the day
Happy birthday kaka
Happy birthday Kaka!!    KINGJACKSONDAY 
Love you Wang Puppy
Happy bday kaka nui
Happy birthday kaka yg ke 29th   semoga sehat selalu,panjang umur.
Happy Birthday kaka semoga sehat selalu, berkah umurnya, kita tunggu visit serang nya lagi    muachh
Happy birthday to my favorite aka...RMJ, KaKa, Kota, D Kot and so forth. Love you tons
Happy birthday to my kaka
Video - Ricardo Kaka Happy Birthday 2012 [HD] -  ... -
 kaka happy birthday
Happy Birthday kaka smg makin sukses karirnya di mudahkan rezeky, cepat nikah sama kk
    Happy birthday, bro
Happy birthday kaka atun{}
 Happy birthday Love u Happy birthday to you
 hey happy birthday Ricky..stay blessed always..love u ....keep smiling always
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday kaka.
Happy Birthday
Happy 35th birthday   The reason why I fall in love with this game
Happy Birthday to El Maestro
Happy birthday ! May God bless you and your family Stay healthy and smile brightly You\re the best!
Happy birthday to the best player 
Love you  \"35\"
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to my idol
Happy birthday to the reason why i fell in love with Ac Milan and Football.
Happy birthday Kaka\  ..prince of Milano
The legend has just turned 35 years old!  Happy Birthday Kaká
Happy birthday     love you
Happy 35th birthday LEGEND
Very Happy 35 Birthday The Prince of Milano, Ricky Kakà ! Thank you for wonderfull memories
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Kaka Gemesh kuh  sehat terus,joget terus,cepet ketemu jodooh Amiiin!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday my favorite player! Ricky
Happy Birthday Ricardo
Happy Birthday Ricardo
  Happy Birthday Kaka  Wish u many many returns of the day Lots of & respect from India...
Happy Birthday my idol
 happy birthday
Happy Birthday 35th  The Il Prince of Milan
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