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Clovis Camilien
Happy Birthday Kelly Clarkson All Glory To God To Continue Your Blessings - Clovis Camilien (10 months ago)
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MATT (Matteo Piras)
Today\'s my B\'Day! It would meen so much if wishes me a happy birthday. I\'m a big italian - MATT (Matteo Piras) (9 months ago)
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Philip R Leodoro
. today\'s my bday!! 5/23. Any hints on the new album? Lol.. It or any tween from you would make me oh so happy - Philip R Leodoro (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Morgan Madella
Happy Birthday Jessica Alba, Adele, Chris Brown, Channing Tatum, David Beckham, Kelly Clarkson! - Morgan Madella (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Cathy Pritchard
message happy birthday - Cathy Pritchard (9 months ago)
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Stephanie Toni
can I get a happy birthday from you?! model - Stephanie Toni (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Donna Hall
happy birthday u seem like the best. Love.donna h. - Donna Hall (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Kelli Miller
Hi my birthday was thismon 5/8/17 I would like a Happy birthday belated message from my favorite singer with my name - Kelli Miller (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to my Ultimate Bae!!!!! In the wise words of Kelly Clarkson, \'My Life Would Suck - TanTan (9 months ago)
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Meagan Brooks
Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!! - Meagan Brooks (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Brooke Geving
Happy birthday! - Brooke Geving (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Parker Nakia
Happy Birthday Jessica Alba, Adele, Chris Brown, Channing Tatum, David Beckham, Kelly Clarkson! - Parker Nakia (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Lauren Kuchta ✌️
Happy birthday Laura Lou hope you have a great day and can\'t wait to see you soon and maybe remake a Kelly Clarks - Lauren Kuchta ✌️ (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Alberto Candelaria
Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Kelly & Barbra happy birthday to you xoAC - Alberto Candelaria (9 months ago)
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✒ José Manuel ✒
\"Happy birthday to We are celebrating with 10 of her best songs.\" - ✒ José Manuel ✒ (9 months ago)
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Josh Kaczmarek
My coworkers know me too well! Happy birthday to me! and stopped by! This is awesome! - Josh Kaczmarek (9 months ago)
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Nabilah Hani
Happy birthday kelly clarkson meletops kebaboom - Nabilah Hani (9 months ago)
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Kelly Clarkson who? Happy 19th birthday to the pitch perfect Mal Pugh! Just wait for that high note, trust us! ... - PYSA (9 months ago)
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The Danica Music ॐ
Happy birthday to all musicians who were born in April. April 24 - April 27 - - The Danica Music ॐ (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

DJLicious Ice Cream
Did someone say birthday? Happy Birthday!! - DJLicious Ice Cream (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy 21st birthday to my cheesy quote loving, Kelly Clarkson singing friend! Love you bunches - bk (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Lisa Garcia
Happy belated Birthday Barbara! We share the same Birthday!! I always tell people that. And Kelly Clarkson, too! - Lisa Garcia (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday Kelly! - OurWorldsView (10 months ago)
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HELLO! Canada
Happy birthday, The singer received a pretty incredible b-day surprise for her pals: - HELLO! Canada (10 months ago)
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Hibernating Bunny
Happy Birthday kelly! - Hibernating Bunny (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday to someone I\'ve looked up to since we were singing Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson - Alyssa (10 months ago)
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A late happy birthday again Kelly from New Zealand. - Christopher (10 months ago)
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Jovril Gallego
happy birthday ti both of them, - Jovril Gallego (10 months ago)
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Patricia Robinson
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kelly - Patricia Robinson (10 months ago)
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Awwww! I luv the photos, specially with child! Happy Birthday Kelly! - M (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Not only is Kelly Clarkson adorable, she\'s just do darn REAL! Happy birthday Kelly! - 965KVKI (10 months ago)
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New album cover? Happy birthday, Kelly! - Jazzie (10 months ago)
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Robert James Atton
Happy Birthday, Kelly Clarkson! - Robert James Atton (10 months ago)
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Melissa Barlaug
Happy (late) Birthday Kelly! Hope it was great! - Melissa Barlaug (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday April 24, 2017 to: Kelly Brianne Clarkson (Singer-Songwriter). - ThinkYouKnowMusic (10 months ago)
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Amy Salvago
Happy Birthday ! - Amy Salvago (10 months ago)
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happy birthday to you girl - Melissa (10 months ago)
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♥ Anjali Arvikar ♫
Happy Belated Birthday Hope you enjoyed a musically fun bday! Please more music soon! - ♥ Anjali Arvikar ♫ (10 months ago)
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Brittany Hardiman
This is my son\'s birthday dinner...Spaghettios and bacon! Happy Birthday to your son too!!!! - Brittany Hardiman (10 months ago)
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Ellyn Maher
Happy birthday! - Ellyn Maher (10 months ago)
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Melissa Harper
Happy Birthday girl - Melissa Harper (10 months ago)
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This is awesome happy belated birthday! - Starrlynn (10 months ago)
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US*99 Chicago
Which house did you get sorted into, Happy (belated) Birthday!! - US*99 Chicago (10 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday Girly - Benjamin (10 months ago)
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Dora The Hulder
Happy birthday Kelly! Have a great birthday with your sweet kids - Dora The Hulder (10 months ago)
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Todd Pourciau
happy birthday! Tine for a trip to - Todd Pourciau (10 months ago)
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Penny Adkerson
Happy Birthday Kelly. If you know anybody in the Fort Worth area wants to buy a ci - Penny Adkerson (10 months ago)
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Kyle Edward
Happy Belated Birthday! New music soon, yes? I read April & April is almost over. Got my hopes up. Help my hopes, Kelly. - Kyle Edward (10 months ago)
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Dylan B
Happy late birthday legend - Dylan B (10 months ago)
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Mieczyslaw Stilinski
Something\'s never change. Wishing my Queen a HAPPY BELATED 35th Bday! America\'s Truest Ido - Mieczyslaw Stilinski (10 months ago)

35 years old (Born on April 24, 1982)

Singer-songwriter, actress; She is famous from First winner of American Idol.

Ranked as #92 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005" special supplement (2005). Graduated from Burleson High School, Burleson, Texas in 2000. First artist to have two songs in the top 3 of the Billboard Pop Airplay 100 simultaneously, with "Since U Been Gone" and "Behind These Hazel Eyes". Used to work at a bookstore and at a zoo. Beat out more than 10,000 people to land a $1 million recording contract on American Idol.

Kelly Clarkson's Best Moments

Happy birthday
Happy birthday, Here s why you re the best.
Happy birthday Kelly Clarkson! Look back at our 2015 interview with the singer
Happy birthday,
First she won American Idol, then she won our hearts! Wishing a happy birthday to Kelly Clarkson!
Happy Birthday   I covered one of my favorite songs of yours to celebrate!
Happy birthday to the incredible
Happy birthday to the lovely
 Happy birthday little dude!!!!
Happy birthday to one of my all time favorite artists
Happy Birthday Our lives would such without you.
Happy birthday to the vocal powerhouse that is
Happy Birthday, Kelly Clarkson!
HuffPostParents: Happy birthday, kelly_clarkson!
Happy birthday kelly clarkson   love you so much!!! hope your day is great
Happy 35th Birthday !
What\s your favorite Kelly Clarkson\s song?
Happy Birthday I hope you have a great Birthday
My coworkers know me too well! Happy birthday to me! and stopped by!   This is awesome!
Aww! little boy turned one yesterday. Happy birthday,  Remington!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to We are celebrating with 10 of her best songs.
 Great job !! And Happy Birthday Remy
Remington! Sweeet! Way! Cool!
Happy Birthday to the incredible from all of us at CMC!
Happy Birthday
On behalf of and myself we would like to wish a happy birthday
Happy birthday
We need to take a moment like this to wish a happy birthday!
Happy Birthday to a woman with a powerful voice
 Happy birthday to one of my favorite people on Earth.  I have no idea where I\d be without you.
Happy Birthday/Merry Clarksmas to the Queen!! TY to mama Jeanne for birthing you.
Happy birthday to the original miss independent    i love you always
Happy 21st birthday to my cheesy quote loving, Kelly Clarkson singing friend! Love you bunches
   but still lowkey HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTHONY
 Adorable. Happy 1st birthday!!
 Awww Happy Birthday Remy!! So adorable
I\d just like to wish Kelly Clarkson and Ste Finnan a happy birthday at this trying time
HAPPY BIRTHDAY    i love u
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday   I think you so are that cool
 Happy birthday Queen
Happy birthday
Wishing the wonderful a very Happy Birthday
Happy 35th birthday The singer won the first American Idol in 2002
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday, What\s your favorite song by the alum?
Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday to the fabulous and beautiful
 Happy Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Stream her albums on
 happy birthday from Spain
Happy birthday !
 happy birthday to you enjoy your day
Happy birthday to my queen I wish you all the best!
Happy Birthday, Kelly Clarkson
Happy Birthday to America Idol\s first winner ever,
 Happy Birthday Kelly!
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Happy birthday!   You are always my only Queen.. Yeah!!
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 Happy Birthday Kelly!!! Hope that you have a FABULOUS girls trip
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 Happy Birthday Kelly a fan
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Feliz Aniversário, Minha Rainha, Musa, Diva, enfim, Minha Cantora Favorita HAPPY BIRTHDAY
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 happy birthday
 Happy Birthday from Brazil
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People \"Happy 35th birthday kelly_clarkson! See her life in photos
Happy birthday Kelly
 to our friend Better tell her Happy Birthday before she starts judging..
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 Happy birthday
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 your favorite fury fan says happy birthday! <3 KC the pup
 Happy Birthday!
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 Can\t have a birthday without cake! Albeit a virtual Happy Birthday
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 Happy Birthday girl
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Fun Facts About Kelly Clarkson

Her first album, Thankful, has sold more than 2.5 million copies in America. Her Sophomore album, Breakaway, has sold more than 5.6 million copies in the US, with almost 11 million in sales worldwide.
Won the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance ('Since U Been Gone') and Best Pop Vocal Album ('Breakaway') at the Grammy Awards on February 8th 2006. Kelly also performed "Because of You" at the ceremony and received a standing ovation.
Sophmore album, "Breakaway", debuted at number three.
Sang the National Anthem at The Day of Service in Washington D.C., on September 11, 2002.
Accepted 2 Grammy Awards the award for Pop Female Vocal for "Since U Been Gone" and now, her album has been awarded Best Pop Album!
Became the first artist to have two songs in the top three of Billboard's Pop 100 Airplay chart (Since U Been Gone, Behind These Hazel Eyes)
Named #50 in FHM magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006" supplement. (2006).
Said in a Reader's Digest interview that as a toddler, she would often walk around naked and that, to this day, hates wearing clothes. Calls wardrobe fittings "the death of me".
Is of Greek, Welsh, and Irish descent.
Mom Jeanne.
Her music video for "Because of You" debuted at #1 on TRL. The only other artists to achieve this goal are Britney Spears, Eminem and "N'SYNC".
She won the first "American Idol" contest, September 4, 2002. Her first single came out in late September of that year.
Had jobs as a teenager and determined that once she started making money as a musician, she never wanted to have to take a job for the money. Working with her business manager, she said she has financially set herself up for life.
Her first single, "A Moment Like This", set records by jumping from number 52 to the number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.
Stepdad Jimmy Taylor.
Parents divorced when she was six.
Debut album, "Thankful" went double platinum.
Fave Song: Des'ree "Kissing You.
Fired her manager, Jeff Kwatinetz, in early 2007.
Was a c*cktail waitress at a comedy club in Arlington, Texas and at Hyena's Comedy Club in Downtown Fort Worth, Texas.
Brother: Jason (b. 1973), sister: Alyssa (b. 1976).
Held a record on TRL for a song to be number one on the countdown.
Was an extra on the show "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" (1996).
As of July 2005, she is the top-selling American Idol contestant, having sold approximately five million albums in the U.S. and having had five Top 10 singles.
Came in second place in World Idol (2003) (TV).
Her first single sold nearly 250,000 copies in its first week.
Avril Lavigne co-wrote her new single 'Breakaway' which is on the soundtrack for The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004).
Kelly stayed up all night before her "American Idol: The Search for a Superstar" (2002) audition so she wouldn't sleep through the alarm, which she frequently did in high school.
Originally wanted to be a marine biologist but changed her mind when she saw the movie Jaws (1975).
Used to work at Hollywood Theatres in Burleson, Texas.
Is the first artist in the Billboard Radio Monitor era to hold the No. 1 spot at Mainstream Top 40 and AC during the same week with two different songs (Breakaway and Since U Been Gone).
Ranked #92 in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World (2005).
Considers herself mostly Greek, being half Greek and speaks fluent Greek.
Fave Artists: Reba McEntire, Mariah Carey, Cu00e9line Dion, No Doubt, etc.
Considers her Texas home her "sanctuary" and turns off her cell phone when going home.
Christina Aguilera co-wrote her hit, "Miss Independent".
As a child, her favorite thing to wear was a Mickey Mouse t-shirt.
Underwent LASIK eye surgery to correct her vision

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