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Welcome to Ken Jeong's Birthday Celebration Page
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Aynsley Scott
Happy birthday! I\'ve got Julius Caesar, Harrison Ford, Ken Jeong, Cody Bellinger, Michael Spinks, - Aynsley Scott (6 months ago)
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North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema)
And Happy Birthday to Gerald Levert (d. 2006), Natalia Luis-Bassa, Mark McGowan, Richard Marles, Barney Greenway, K - North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema) (7 months ago)
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Scott Mair
Happy birthday to Ken Jeong I hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for reading,SM - Scott Mair (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday Ken Jeong - ATOM RECORDS (7 months ago)
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ICYMI: Jul 13: Happy birthday to Ken Jeong - AYearOlder (7 months ago)
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HAPPY 49th BIRTHDAY to KEN JEONG!! Comedic actor and physician who is perhaps best known for his role as Leslie Ch - Madhotcomicsplus (7 months ago)
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Did That Guy Just Say?
Happy Birthday Ken Jeong! - Did That Guy Just Say? (7 months ago)
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sue-lynn zan
Omg. i forgot again that ken jeong\'s b\'day is the same as my brother\'s. happy birthday to you both!!! - sue-lynn zan (7 months ago)
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Alec Behan
Happy 49th Birthday to Ken Jeong! The actor who played Mr. Chow in The Hangover movies. - Alec Behan (7 months ago)
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Blue Blood Rivalry
Happy Birthday to Ken Jeong! Jeong graduated from Duke University in 1990 and obtained his M.D. at the University o - Blue Blood Rivalry (7 months ago)
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Quite a few famous people have birthdays today like Harrison Ford, Patrick Stewart, Cheech Marin, Ken Jeong and Jul - JCX94 (7 months ago)
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WILDsound Festival Review
Happy Birthday: Ken Jeong - WILDsound Festival Review (7 months ago)
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Ian Smith
For his birthday, gets alpha beat. - Ian Smith (7 months ago)
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Movierola Hollywood
Happy Birthday To Hollywood Comedian - Movierola Hollywood (7 months ago)
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Oh ye, happy birthday to Paul Zimmer, Wyatt Oleff, Leo howard, Colton Haynes, Harrison Ford, Tom Kenny, Stevie Boeb - TheRealBirb (7 months ago)
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Classic FM 91.1
Happy birthday to Ken Jeong; He was the lead in the ABC sitcom Dr. Ken and is best known for playing Ben Chang on C - Classic FM 91.1 (7 months ago)
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Brock Harris
What do Harrison Ford, Patrick Stewart, and Ken Jeong have in common? They all share a birthday with the Man, Myth, - Brock Harris (7 months ago)
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Gab May
I just want to say happy birthday to my father, Harrison Ford. Although I ve never met you, you ve been a great dad - Gab May (7 months ago)
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Tony Boy Bautista
Happy Birthday Ernest Bautista, Harrison Ford, Ken Jeong, Roman Laderas, Cheech Marin, Wyatt Oleff, Marlo Peralta, - Tony Boy Bautista (7 months ago)
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Wendy Jones
Happy Birthday to Francis Drake, Ken Jeong, Daphne Reid & Cheech Marin! From: Wendy R. Jones / Wendy Jones... - Wendy Jones (1 year ago)
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K Courtney
HOLY CRAP!!!!! It was Birthday and for some stupid lame reason I missed it, Happy Belated born day Ken Jeong Sorry I missed it - K Courtney (1 year ago)
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Danny Bufano
Happy belated birthday to the great Ken Jeong. Chow!!!! - Danny Bufano (1 year ago)
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Maelanny Alcantara
Happy Bday Dr. Ken Jeong! Hope you had a wonderful day - Maelanny Alcantara (1 year ago)
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Scott Holtom
Happy birthday, Ken Jeong! - Scott Holtom (1 year ago)
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Happy 48th Birthday Ken Jeong - #FreeGhost (1 year ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Eileen Ivers, Gerald Levert (d. 2006), Natalia Luis-Bassa, Mark McGowan, Richard Marles, Barney Greenway and Ken Jeong. - North Trenton (1 year ago)
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TV In Colour
wishes Ken Jeong and Carmen Villalobos, a very happy birthday - TV In Colour (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to actor, Ken Jeong! - SERVPRO® of SWC (1 year ago)
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7/13 Happy Birthday to: Michael Mando, Ken Jeong, Didi Conn, Harrison Ford - FlamingNoseTVBlog (1 year ago)
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IMDb. July 13th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Robert Forster, Tom Kenny, Steven R. McQueen, Sharon Horgan, Kari Wahlgren, Ken Jeong, Aya Cash. - GSmith (1 year ago)
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Happy to Tulisa (29) Harrison (75) Patrick (77) Tom (55) Ken (48) Ajmal (30) - HappyBirthday (1 year ago)
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Philadelphia Now
Happy Birthday to the hilarious Ken Jeong! - Philadelphia Now (1 year ago)
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Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Wish a happy birthday to and more! - Brooklyn Daily Eagle (1 year ago)
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JULY 13 Happy birthday Dr Kendrick Kang-Joh \"Ken\" Jeong an American actor who played Leslie Ch - Jamz100.1FM (1 year ago)
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Jeon Jungkook
Happy Birthday Cambree Allen, Maddie Gardner,Rickey Alaniz,Ken Jeong,Leo Howard,And If You Were Still Alive Caleb Logan LeBlanc - Jeon Jungkook (1 year ago)
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Teresa Warren
Happy birthday to this hilarious guy, Ken Jeong! - Teresa Warren (1 year ago)
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Mike Roberts
Happy Birthday to the FUNNIEST Asian Dude Alive, Ken Jeong! Today he turns 48. - Mike Roberts (1 year ago)
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Jamie Roxx
Happy Birthday. Today, July 13, 1969 Ken Jeong, American actor, producer, and physician was born.... - Jamie Roxx (1 year ago)
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Tom Victor
Happy birthday to Memo Ochoa and Ken Jeong - Tom Victor (1 year ago)
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Celebrity Birthdays
Happy Birthday Ken Jeong - Celebrity Birthdays (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Harrison Ford, Patrick Stewart, Robert Forster, Colton Haynes, Ashley Scott, Steven R. McQueen & Ken Jeong! - Rinsessa (1 year ago)
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Fantasy/Sci-Fi Fest
Happy Birthday: Ken Jeong - Fantasy/Sci-Fi Fest (1 year ago)
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FREE Poetry Festival
Happy Birthday: Ken Jeong - FREE Poetry Festival (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday: Ken Jeong - Popculturemadness (1 year ago)
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WILDsound Review
Happy Birthday: Ken Jeong - WILDsound Review (1 year ago)
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Sony Channel Asia
Happy birthday to our favorite doc, Ken Jeong! Don\'t forget to catch new episodes of Mondays at 8.30PM... - Sony Channel Asia (1 year ago)
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Thorsten Alteholz
Thu, 13 Jul 2017, let us all send Ken Jeong the best Happy Birthday wishes today ( (48) - Thorsten Alteholz (1 year ago)
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JULY 13 B-DAYS:Happy 48th Birthday to movie actor/comedian Ken Jeong! - TReese82 (1 year ago)

49 years old (Born on July 13, 1969)

American comedian; He is famous from Community.

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Happy Birthday Ken Jeong
Wish a happy birthday to    and more!
 7/13 Happy Birthday to: Michael Mando, Ken Jeong, Didi Conn, Harrison Ford
Happy 49th Birthday to Ken Jeong! The actor who played Mr. Chow in The Hangover movies.
Happy Birthday Ken Jeong!
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