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HAPPY birthday - sophie⚢ (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday Leisha! : ) - Sharon (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Shane McCutcheon™
Happy birthday! - Shane McCutcheon™ (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - Viviana (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday ! Have a wonderful one , full of love and friendship - LeishaHaileyFanTweet (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday wonderful Leisha... - SugarDaddy (8 months ago)
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Movierola Hollywood
Happy Birthday To Hollywood Actress - Movierola Hollywood (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday , Have a Lovely Day, from Ireland :)x - Ash (8 months ago)
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Brandy L. Fitzwalter
Happy birthday - Brandy L. Fitzwalter (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Delica Smith
Happy birthday to you and it\'s a great day in the neighborhood - Delica Smith (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Danielle Bradley
Happy Birthday you sweet sexy thing. - Danielle Bradley (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

sue klein
Happy Birthday to all of us!!! What a wonderful present to us all. - sue klein (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

happy birthday lovie - Hannah (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

A d r i a n a
They are fucking back HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!! - A d r i a n a (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Temple Bailey
Happy bday babe. You\'re my fav on show n Emmett Honeycutt has always been my boy - Temple Bailey (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

happy belated birthday. Your fans are thrilled you are coming back. - Char269 (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Stephanie Ohlson
I just wanted to wish you a Happy belated Birthday . Somehow this fan missed it yesterday. I hope it was great. - Stephanie Ohlson (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Bal Nepomuceno
Happy Birthday doll face! This is exciting! - Bal Nepomuceno (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Lauren Edwards
Omg been waiting for this for so long!!! & HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Lauren Edwards (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

YAYYYYYY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and ALL OF US too! - Lizz (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Rebecca Lopez
Happy Birthday!!! - Rebecca Lopez (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday!!! All the best for you today and always!! - PASION SOLITARIA (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday!!! - Christine (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Rosa M. McDowell
Happy Birthday Leisha and many more - Rosa M. McDowell (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday! Fucking Awesome. Xo - dorothymjones (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday I love you - sue (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Cheryl Ann Black
Happy birthday Leisha - so it\'s your birthday and u give us a gift?? omfg i can\'t quit - Cheryl Ann Black (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Karen Collier
I\'m so happy! And Happy Birthday! - Karen Collier (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

caramia Mizin
Yay happy bday and a new season?? About bloody time x - caramia Mizin (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Michelle Schaefer
Yay!!! Happy Birthday Leisha!!! - Michelle Schaefer (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

happy birthday I wish you well with your family and friends doing their best as a actress that is nice - maicoldm (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday hope you had a fabulous one - ladycheetah (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday July 11, 2017 to: Leisha Hailey (Musician-Actress). - ThinkYouKnowMusic (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Jessica Bradsher
Happy Birthday! I painted this so many years ago! - Jessica Bradsher (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Steph Collins
Happy birthday, u have given me a present too xx - Steph Collins (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Linda Witte
Happy Birthday! - Linda Witte (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Such awesome news!!! Happy birthday! - Lisa (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Josephine Tañola
Happy birthday god bless - Josephine Tañola (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Shannon Medley Moye
Happy Birthday I feel like it\'s a national day of celebrations for lesbians the world over!!! - Shannon Medley Moye (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Dara Lifschutz, M.D.
happy birthday!!! sooo excited for this! - Dara Lifschutz, M.D. (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday! I love you - bia (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday! Glad the L word coming back! Just - HelenHarris (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Natasha L
Happy birthday!!! - Natasha L (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday - Stéphanie. (1 year ago)
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H. Zena
Leisha, U couldn\'t have asked for a better \"Happy Birthday\" .Have the time of your lif - H. Zena (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

welcome back daddy and happy birthday - Amy (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday beautiful!! The - Andreita (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Blanca Pineda
Happy birthday - Blanca Pineda (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday!!! Omg this is a birthday gift to lo - Mandy (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday! Can\'t wait for the sequel. - Denys (1 year ago)

47 years old (Born on July 11, 1971)

Actress, musician; She is famous from The L Word and her band Uh Huh Her.

Attended American Academy of Dramatic Arts (New York). Was romantically involved with singer k.d. lang in the early 1990s. Grew up in Nebraska. Started her own record label, Marfa Records. Played leading role in school play "Oliver" and attended Bellevue West High School in Nebraska.

Leisha Hailey's Best Moments

Happy bday to god\s gift to the queers - leisha hailey.
Happy birthday Leisha Hailey
  Happy Birthday dear
 happy birthday leisha from italy
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to my wife from another life, the immensely talented and endlessly beautiful
 Happy Birthday Leisha! Have a beautiful day
 Happy birthday
Happy birthday
   Happy Birthday Leisha I Love You I Miss You Alice Much Love Enjoy Your Day Love
Happy Birthday Xo
   Happy Birthday!!!
 7/11 Happy Birthday to: Sela Ward, Leisha Hailey, Lisa RInna, Troy Metcalf
   Omg been waiting for this for so long!!! & HAPPY BIRTHDAY
 Happy Birthday! I painted this so many years ago!
  Happy Birthday
Happy birthday!
: )
Happy birthday I hope you have a wonderful day!!! You are amazing!!!!
   Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday Alice!!
Happy Birthday
   Happy Birthday Leisha .   Hope the day is everything you wished it will be.
   Happy Birthday Leisha Hailey
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Fun Facts About Leisha Hailey

Was an extra (sitting in the coffee shop) in Ellen DeGeneres' coming out episode of "Ellen" (1994) [1997].
Member of singing duo The Murmurs, now Gush.
Appeared in several television commercials for Yoplait Yogurt.

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