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Brenda Martinson
Happy birthday to my beautiful sister! I hope your day is filled with laughs, Madonna, voguing, - Brenda Martinson (4 months ago)
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Nιαll ιs hømε. ◟̽◞̽
\"Happy birthday uncle Niall\" COME FACCIO A NON AMARE THEO E SUO ZIO MADONNA. - Nιαll ιs hømε. ◟̽◞̽ (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my bro for life enjoy it la fried rice pre-Madonna Bryce - JAYLON HENDERSON (4 months ago)
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Madonna Forever
Happy birthday - Madonna Forever (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Namjoon ! You are Wonderful! Please , Listen this music : Iconic - Madonna - Rhillary15 (4 months ago)
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happy birthday - Medin (4 months ago)
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Ms.Madonna, happy birthday! - 姫吉(ひめきち) (4 months ago)
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HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY!!!! Shit I can\'t believe I forgot! I\'m terrible please forgive me - SouthernNSweet (4 months ago)
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shery ava elia
happy birthday ya 70o0oby - shery ava elia (4 months ago)
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hale appleman
happy birthday! - hale appleman (4 months ago)
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Madonna Australia
I would like to wish my madonna husband, Daniel, a happy birthday. Sometimes we only communicate in Madonna... - Madonna Australia (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday - marinazareef (4 months ago)
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birthday balloon

Danelle Madonna Laura Madonna happy birthday cousins. - LORDCHONGIMVS-PRYME (4 months ago)
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Madonna Hungary
Happy Birthday Rebel Heart Tour! - Madonna Hungary (4 months ago)
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September 11, 2001
Happy Birthday Rebel Heart Tour! one year ago from Montreal , the Queen of Pop conquered the world again! - September 11, 2001 (4 months ago)
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Late Night Bacon
you\'re right. Happy 30th Birthday \"Papa Don\'t Preach\"! Gaga always commemorating Madonna songs! - Late Night Bacon (4 months ago)
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Happy bday So Pre Madonna turn up turn up turn up!!!!! - T_Cuddiiee (4 months ago)
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Sexy SugarD
My middle child. My Black MaDonna. Fuck wit me you have to see her. Happy Birthday once aga... - Sexy SugarD (4 months ago)
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Johnny Llanes
Happy Birthday to him. Madonna you will forever be my favorite Artist! - Johnny Llanes (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Madonna. Thank you for being there ALWAYS, even when I neglected you. I love you eternally. - EFÉ (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my nigga Judy, Madonna, Nancy... Etc. Lmaooo I love you - Ravessss. (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday Madonna! - sparrow (4 months ago)
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María Luisa Andrea †
Happy Birthday to Our Blessed Mother - María Luisa Andrea † (4 months ago)
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Wooo happy birthday my favorite gaga/madonna troll - ✯ (4 months ago)
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The Karl Beronio
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADONNA - The Karl Beronio (4 months ago)
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Antonio Carlos Lopez
Happy Birthday, Mama Mary! @ Santuario della Madonna del Divino Amore - Antonio Carlos Lopez (4 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY figo della madonna - chiaras (4 months ago)
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Mz kiki
Happy birthday to a role model,mother,the MADONNA herself,the mother of our Lord.... She gather grace.... - Mz kiki (4 months ago)
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Dovi Delos Santos
Happy Birthday, Mama Mary! Madonna and Child | Baclayon Church | Bohol | The Philippines - Dovi Delos Santos (4 months ago)
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Jason Melton
It would be. It would be so nice. Happy Birthday, Sharon. - Jason Melton (4 months ago)
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Madonna of the Long Neck, happy birthday my girl. May your day be as beautiful as you are. Stay being an inspiration - ntebatše (4 months ago)
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happy birthday girl!! Have a good one!! - DT (4 months ago)
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Tone Antone
You so wicket.... Happy Birthday Tone....XO - Tone Antone (4 months ago)
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Sarah Carlson
happy birthday sweetheart enjoy the day!! - Sarah Carlson (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday - سلطان (4 months ago)
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robert tiger lopez
Happy Birthday - robert tiger lopez (4 months ago)
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Matt Jisa
Happy birthday to impersonator (Sept 5th). Here\'s a hug from at - Matt Jisa (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday! I\'m so glad you started writing - don\'t ever quit! Blue Madonna Pub date Sept 13th - Monty (4 months ago)
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Fifth harmony | bitch i\'m madonna cc: char (edited) dt: badEdits happy birthday bby... (Vine by - Nani♡ (4 months ago)
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Todd Simmons
Happy Birthday Your Majesty - Todd Simmons (4 months ago)
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The truth matters.
. You had \"Happy Birthday\" filters for Beyonce, Madonna, & even Elvis Presley recently. Why didn\'t Michael Jackson get one? - The truth matters. (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the Madonna to my And Child. I love you so much. Have the best day - Elleeeee (4 months ago)
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(o da madonna foi justamente de happy birthday kkkkk) - vina (4 months ago)
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Happy bday Madonna, but late but hope you enjoyed can\'t actually believe your 18 hahaha no more fake ids love you xx - moron (4 months ago)
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Lucy Johnston
Happy birthday my movie star Madonna, big birthday kisses to you - Lucy Johnston (4 months ago)
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Patty Ravaioli
sei bellissima sei la numero 1 . Happy birthday - Patty Ravaioli (4 months ago)
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FORA TEMER birthday
Hey , today is my birthday and it would mean a lot if you give me a happy birthday <3 (only in my dreams) - FORA TEMER birthday (4 months ago)
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World of Dharma
Happy Birthday - World of Dharma (4 months ago)

58 years old (Born on August 16, 1958)

American musician, singer, songwriter, actress, author

Madonna's Best Moments

Happy Birthday You\ve been my idol & inspiration since I was a little girl
Happy Birthday to the Queen of Pop:
Ingrid Casares, Madonna, Sting, and Tupac at a dinner party in 1994. Happy Birthday
\" Happy Birthday, Madonna: The Pop Queen\s Most Iconic Fashion Moments:
Happy Birthday Queen !!! Can\t wait to come see your new show. l.u.v. always
Britney Spears wished Madonna a happy belated birthday with an adorable dancing video!
Happy birthday a day early, Thank you for EVERYTHING!!! We  u!
Happy Birthday, Madonna: The Pop Queen\s Most Iconic Fashion Moments
Happy Birthday Jennifer Lopez! Here\s enjoying the NYC Rebel Heart Tour concert last year.
Happy Birthday Rebel Heart Tour! one year ago from Montreal  , the Queen of Pop conquered the world again!
Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday to my chérie!
  Madonna   Happy Birthday!!!!!
Happy birthday to baddest bitch ever
Happy Birthday to Madonna\s boy David Fincher
Happy Birthday Madonna! My biggest inspiration in life.
Happy Birthday Michael !!!
Happy birthday Madonna
Happy 15th birthday to son Rocco!
Happy 57th birthday,
Happy Madonna Birthday weekend everybody!!! It\s a celebration :D
Happy birthday to the legend herself,
PAK hinigitan mo pa si Chris Brown at Madonna, Birthday Girl haha =) Have  a Blast!!!

Happy birthday to the queen of pop Madonna! Throwback to when Taylor performed with her at the 2015 iHeart Awards!
Madonna\s first album was released 32 years ago. Happy Birthday <3
Happy birthday to one of the ROP queens! So happy noelle and i sat with you and Madonna last year! Love u
Jay Z: \"happy birthday Blue... This is your present\"

Blue: \"The fuck am I supposed 2 do with a picture of Madonna?\"
 and Guy Ritche singing happy bday to Rocco TOGETHER -
   HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLEM DAFOE - here he is with MADONNA in Body of Evidence
Happy Birthday My Queen
Happy Birthday
\"Happy birthday uncle Niall\"
Happy Birthday Dad! Happy to spend it with you at the Madonna Inn!
If you wish a happy birthday to Madonna!
Happy Birthday ! Joyeux anniversaire, Tanti auguri!
Happy birthday to the queen
Happy 58th birthday Celebrate by reliving some of her iconic moments here
Happy birthday Rocco (15).
Happy 57th Birthday Madonna our QUEEN  you are worth more than  a million to us
Happy Birthday, Queen of Pop (
Happy Birthday Queen    You give me life !
   Happy Birthday suriya Anna
Hoje é aniversário de uma das mulheres mais incríveis do mundo, em todos os aspectos, happy birthday S2
Happy birthday to the greatest female artist OF ALL TIME !     God save the queen
Happy birthday   Find out what it would be like to go out with a Madonna song.
A very happy birthday to you my dear Mama Mo! Sending you much love always! xo The Brat
Wise words from Madonna! Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday Madonna, from Lady Gaga & Little Monsters
Happy birthday Kristen Wiig! Her flawless mocking of Taylor Swift, Madonna + more pop stars:
Happy birthday to my mf girl part one
Happy birthday to my Madonna, Dolly, Britney and Shania loving bae. I hope your day is filled with love
Happy Birthday By and  ->
Happy Birthday  Number one in the UK, 30 (gulp!) years ago today.  An absolute classic!!!
\" M can you to follow me happy birthday early your the best artist fan 31 years and forever!
Happy birthday Madonna!!! I love you!!!!!!!!
Happy birthday Still as fabulous as ever!
Happy Birthday    La regina del pop compie oggi 57 anni!
Happy bday, &  wanted to also send you her bday wishes & express her excitement!
\" birthdays!! 2 Leo\s   photo by Herb Ritts another Leo   BELATED BDAY Ur HIGHNESS
Happy birthday to the one and only, the legendary, the Queen of POP,   .
Madonna  Happy Birthday !   August 16, 1958
Happy birthday Madonna
Happy birthday Madonna!!
Happy birthday, A look at the Material Girl\s beauty evolution:
Happy birthday to the Madonna to my And Child. I love you so much. Have the best day
Happy Birthday Madonna. Thank you for being there ALWAYS, even when I neglected you. I love you eternally.
Happy birthday to my nigga Judy, Madonna, Nancy... Etc. Lmaooo I love you
Happy Birthday, Madonna!
It\s madonna\s birthday in my country. happy birthday queen of music
Happy Birthday to the Original Unapologetic Bitch Madonna
Homepage feature: \Happy Birthday Madonna\ Justify A Whole Lotta Love by Wax Audio
Happy Birthday party hard Forever
Happy birthday Tune in and catch at 7.30 PM!
Happy Birthday Queen
Happy Birthday My Endless LOVE
Happy Birthday Sheryyyyyyyyy °
      MADONNA                HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Happy 58th Birthday :) <3
It\s officially your birthday in Sweden  Happy birthday, i Love you so much
 Happy birthday my love... my Queen.... my life... I love you now and forever...
Wishing Madonna a very Happy Birthday! X
Happy Birthday Madonna!!!
If you wish a happy birthday to Madonna! Our love for Queen of Pop has remained consistent.
Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday to The Legend!
Happy 58th birthday to THE QUEEN OF POP MADONNA!!!! .THE ONLY QUEEN OF MUSIC . !!!
Happy bday Madonna, but late but hope you enjoyed can\t actually believe your 18 hahaha no more fake ids love you xx
Happy Birthday
Wishing the amazing & wonderful Sister Madonna Buder a VERY Happy 85th Birthday today! Love & hugs forever!
Happy birthday Lindz!!!  I love you  !! Hope you have a gr8 day mental buddy -./     thx for givin me permission
Wish a Happy Birthday HERE:
 Happy 21st Birthday you grandma
Happy birthday wknd 2 Kalamuna\s . It surprises no one that you share your birthday w
 Happy Birthday with my work!
Happy Birthday   Thank you for your support <3
Happy Birthday !!
Happy Birthday
Happy Bday My Queen
Happy birthday - still the greatest
Happy Birthday Queen
Well it\s the 16 August (UK Time) and this time in 1958, a legend was born   ! Happy birthday Love xx
Homage RamaKrishna Parmhamsa, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Happy Birthday Madonna, Saif Ali Khan
Happy 57th Birthday to a Legend that is
  happy birthday loml
Happy birthday ! Zoom sur les costumes couture de sa prochaine tournée
Happy Birthday to our Lord and Saviour
Happy Birthday to one and only Rebellious Queen Madonna          ...
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the baddest bitch on the planet MADONNA
Pencil drawing of by / ¡Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday
 en tres décadas... Cuál es tu favorita? 80s 90s o 2000s? Happy Bday
Happy birthday to the bet girl ever love you
Me at Madonna stans calling FLOTUS racist because she wished Beyoncé a happy birthday not madonna
Happy Birthday 
Pop singer 
Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for role Eva Peron in 1997 film Evita.
Happy birthday Long live the one and only queen
  Happy Birthday to the & my favorite Singer of all Time
Happy birthday to my biggest role model and inspiration, I love you with all my heart
Happy birthday to the baddest bitch on the planet..my inspiration,my idol,my queen
Happy birthday to the undisputed Queen of Pop  my ultimate idol
Happy birthday to    xx
Happy Birthday  the woman who saved millions of lives with her Bravery and smashed all the  taboos
Happy Birthday Madonna  Madonna
Happy Birthday El resto, siempre detrás. Forever and ever
Happy Bday magic queen Keep on living for love Luv ya
 Happy Birthday bitch
Happy 100th birthday to world famous Lady Gaga tribute act, Madonna!!
Feliz Cumpleaños Eterna Reina del Pop/Happy Birthday Eternal Queen of Pop
 happy birthday   to you!!! my queen
Happy 58th Birthday
Happy Birthday to You (if I could sing it I would)
¡Happy 58th Bday  is reminded you in this way. ;)
Happy birthday to !! She turns 58 today!!
Happy 58th birthday to the Queen of Pop,
Happy birthday to Debi Mazar\s best friend, Madonna!
Happy birthday Belinda Carlisle! Like Madonna yesterday, she also turns 58 today.
One last time, happy birthday B! (Had to message this just bc it\s a pic w Bruce & Madonna        )
Happy birthday
July 27, 1983: Happy Birthday Self-Titled Debut Studio Album...
32 Years & Counting!!!
Happy 32nd Birthday to first album,
29                                                                        Happy birthday
Happy birthday  / stay wild you party animal
Good ole Happy to celebrate birthday party at 16/8/15
Happy birthday my favourite bitch
  Happy Birthday Debi Mazar!!! AF!! Americans in Paris!
. & reunite for their son Rocco (and even do a duet!)
Madonna and Guy Ritchie reunite for their son Rocco\s 15th - YES 15 - birthday
Happy Birthday Madonna! Here\s Drewdonna and I from the Leo party playing tribute to her <3
 Happy Birth day baby madonna ...You Are The Real Queen baby...happy birthday again and forever
GayWeHoDrag: Charlie Hides TV: Happy Birthday Madonna! CharlieHidesTV
Happy 57th Birthday to the chameleon of the music industry the Queen Of Pop Madonna
Happy Birthday
Screaming happy (early) birthday to Madonna
In our time zone it\s already 16th so happy birthday Queen  you\re a leo & I\m an Aries so
-----------HAPPY BIRTHDAY --------------
Happy Birthday Queen
 Happy Bday MyQueen see You In November/December  So Exited to see you Again On Stage
Happy Birthday Queen of Pop, you know that under all of that shade I love you
Wishing the absolutely INCREDIBLE a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Happy Birthday Madonna
Happy Birthday              Louise Verónica Ciccone Simplemente Madonna 16.08
Happy Birthday Madonna!
Singer born August 16, 1958
Bay City, Michigan
Happy Birthday bitch i\m
Love you the one and only Queen happy birthday!!!
Happy birthday Queen of everything. Much love from 1 to another
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to the legendary, forever unapologetic Queen of Pop, Madonna!
Happy Birthday to The Queen of Pop Madonna
Happy birthday queen of the universe! I love u
The Movie Fansite wants to wish (Breathless Mahoney) a happy 57th birthday!
Happy Birthday to my Queen
Happy birthday ! You\re MY queen, I love you!This is when we took a pic together in your show in Argentina
Happy 57th Birthday  All Hail the  Congrats on 32 years of fab music! 
Here\s to many more!
Happy Birthday I wish you the best !
Happy 106th birthday, Madonna!      !!
Happy Birthday MADONNA
Rt  ET_Lifestyle: Happy birthday, Madonna.
Have a great one! :)
 happy birthday!! Can\t wait to see you in concert in Manchester. Love ya
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday !
Happy Birthday Queen
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 16agosto1958
Happy birthday Madonna
Happy birthday to the Queen of Pop Enjoy your 57 bitch, you\re legendary
Happy birthday to a living legend,
Happy Birthday Today\s is for you...
Happy birthday, Madonna!
You are beautiful!
Happy bday I spent the 80s loving every song you sang
Happy birthday, Madonna!
Happy Birthday Was there ever a better tribute to Madge than 10 Bands 10 Minutes?
Happy Birthday Queen M!
We  You.
My Idol ever and forever.
 57 Y.O Happy  album 21-25 millions sales
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Madonna marriage 3
Madonna sexy 4
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