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Every Day Counts
Happy 15th Cererian Birthday Mark Knopfler! Remessage - Every Day Counts (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday 2 - August: John Renbourn Pat Metheny Mark Knopfler Dimebag Darrell Birthday Song - Regards! - reynoldsongs (10 months ago)
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nikole van chapman
Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler I hope you get what you want for your birthday and more - nikole van chapman (11 months ago)
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Guitar Music Teacher
Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler , You Guitar Hero !!!!!! - Guitar Music Teacher (11 months ago)
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Happy late Birthday to the legendary Mark Knopfler. (here is a treat, this gig features Eric Clapton & Phil Colins) - Psychocide (11 months ago)
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Sopranos Colombo
Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler! - Sopranos Colombo (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler - ATOM RECORDS (11 months ago)
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Todd Jessup
Happy 69th Birthday to Mark Knopfler. He is a British songwriter, guitarist, singer with Dire Straits who had the 1 - Todd Jessup (11 months ago)
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Kaye Spencer
Aug 12-1949 Happy Birthday to Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits - Kaye Spencer (11 months ago)
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Mary Jennifer McKendrick
Man with Two Hearts by Men At Work Happy birthday Mark Knopfler earth ox - Mary Jennifer McKendrick (11 months ago)
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Kawai Pianos USA
British singer-songwriter Mark Knopfler was born August 12, 1949. He was inducted in the 2018 Rock Hall of Fame - Kawai Pianos USA (11 months ago)
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Danny Clifford
Mark Knopfler - Happy 69th birthday.. - Danny Clifford (11 months ago)
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Ryland Zane
Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler... thank you for sharing your music, talent, and amazing guitar playing... - Ryland Zane (11 months ago)
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david plastik
Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler. Guitar/Vocals Dire Straits. I took this photo in 1985. - david plastik (11 months ago)
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7th Order
7th Order would like to send out a \"happy birthday\' greeting to Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits (seen here with Bob D - 7th Order (11 months ago)
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CRAVE Guitars
Very Happy Birthday to British guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer, composer and co-founder of rock band Dire S - CRAVE Guitars (11 months ago)
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12/08:::::::::Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) - 8 FM TV (11 months ago)
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Best Classic Bands
Happy Birthday, Mark Knopfler! Our story about Dire Straits unlikely smash. - Best Classic Bands (11 months ago)
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The Ace Of Cups
Happy Birthday to Mark Knopfler! The Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler continue to influence Ace of Cups\' Mary Simpson - The Ace Of Cups (11 months ago)
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Paul Gaudet
Happy birthday to Mark Knopfler. - Paul Gaudet (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday mark knopfler - [email protected] (11 months ago)
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Gustavo Ron
Paren las máquinas y rindan honores!! Tal día como hoy hace 69 años nació Guitarman!!! El Sultán del Swing!!! Mr. M - Gustavo Ron (11 months ago)
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emmy lou
Happy birthday to my favourite guitarist and songwriter - Mark Knopfler !! - emmy lou (11 months ago)
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Roger Cary
Classic Rock Pics of the Day says Happy Birthday to the Amazing Mark Knopfler - Roger Cary (11 months ago)
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Gurudatta Kamath
Wishing a happy 69th birthday to wonderful guitarist, singer-songwriter, composer and record producer - the legenda - Gurudatta Kamath (11 months ago)
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Nicole Revert
Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler ! It\'s hard to make a choice !... Maybe \"Brothers in Arms \" with Dire Straits - Nicole Revert (11 months ago)
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JACK 96.9 Vancouver
Happy birthday Mark Knopfler & Sir-Mix-A-Lot! - JACK 96.9 Vancouver (11 months ago)
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Marc Marco Marcus
Happy birthday mister Mark Knopfler - Marc Marco Marcus (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler - echosierra.bd18 (11 months ago)
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dennis whetstone
Happy 69th birthday, mr.mark knopfler, sir. one of the very best and someone i\'d like to meet (it\'s a very short li - dennis whetstone (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday today to tennis star \"Pistol\" Pete Sampras (47), Mark Knopfler (69), August Darnell, known to you an - LMFM RADIO (11 months ago)
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Low Octane
Happy Birthday, Mark Knopfler!! - Low Octane (11 months ago)
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ıɐʎuáq ʞɹɐɯ
AMAZING!!! Mark Knopfler - Telegraph Road (Sevilla 26.07.2015) via Happy birthday to - ıɐʎuáq ʞɹɐɯ (11 months ago)
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Ron Lindeman
Happy birthday Mark Knopfler.... - Ron Lindeman (11 months ago)
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Marshall of Rock
Happy Birthday - August 12 Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits, The Notting Hillbillies) 69 Pat Metheny (jazz rock guitar - Marshall of Rock (11 months ago)
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I r m a ☀️
12.08 - Mark Knopfler (\"Dire Straits\") Happy Birthday! \" - I r m a ☀️ (11 months ago)
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TM On Music
Wishing a happy 69th birthday to wonderful guitarist, singer-songwriter, composer and record producer - the legenda - TM On Music (11 months ago)
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Ben Lustig
Check out guitar George, he knows, all chords. Happy Birthday to the sultan of swing himself, Mark Knopfler. - Ben Lustig (11 months ago)
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CF Payne
Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler. Good weekend to celebrate with some cake and Manchester City vs Arsenal. - CF Payne (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the sultan of swing, Mark Knopfler! - Fender (11 months ago)
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John Coghlan\'s Quo
Happy birthday to Dire Straits frontman, Mark Knopfler OBE, who is celebrating his 69th birthday today. All the best. - John Coghlan\'s Quo (11 months ago)
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Classic Rock A-Z
The most celebrated British guitar hero to emerge in the 1970s and \'80s, Mark Knopflerrose to fame as the leader of - Classic Rock A-Z (11 months ago)
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Do we have any Mark Knopfler fans out there? Happy birthday Mark Knopfler! Legen - WSDI-FM Radio (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Born On This Day, August 12, Mario Balotelli born August 12, 1990 Pete Sampras born August 12, 1971 - Andre (11 months ago)
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Deny Fear
Happy birthday Mark Knopfler, born on this day in 1949. Photo: John Stoddart, 1989 Brothers in Arms: - Deny Fear (11 months ago)
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96.9 The Eagle KKGL
Happy birthday to Sir Mark Knopfler! - 96.9 The Eagle KKGL (11 months ago)
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Metodiy Kirov
Happy birthday, Mark Knopfler!! Dire Straits - Telegraph Road - Metodiy Kirov (11 months ago)
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Donald Meincke
Happy Birthday to guitarist Mark Knopfler, OBE, celebrating today. - Donald Meincke (11 months ago)
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Peter Jochum
Happy Birthday, Mark Knopfler - Peter Jochum (11 months ago)

69 years old (Born on August 12, 1949)

Dire Straits

Mark Knopfler's Best Moments

Happy birthday to the sultan of swing, Mark Knopfler!
Happy birthday to guitarist, Mark Knopfler!
Happy Birthday 
Mr. Mark Knopfler! The sultan of swing 
was born on 12 Aug 1949
in Glasgow, Scotland
Happy 68th birthday to Mark Knopfler! Guitarist, singer and songwriter of Dire Straits.
Happy birthday to Mark Knopfler born on 12th Aug 1949, 
British songwriter, guitarist, singer with Dire Straits
Happy 69th Birthday To The One And Only Mark Knopfler   Dire Straits And More
Happy birthday to Mark Knopfler! The Dire Straits\ frontman turns 68 today.
Happy Birthday to one of our favs, Mark Knopfler!
Happy birthday Mark Knopfler. Absolute guitar hero.
Happy 68th Birthday Mark Knopfler  May you have fantastic day!
Happy Birthday to Mark Knopfler, born August 12!
\"Sultans Of Swing\"
RT@ URMZINE Happy birthday to Mark Knopfler!
(Dire Straits)
Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler!
Happy birthday, Mark Knopfler
BraveWords666: Happy Birthday to Mark Knopfler (DIRE STRAITS). 
Want to know how many records he\s sold? 
120 mill
Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler!
Happy birthday to my favorite guitarist, Mark Knopfler. Was lucky enough to see him live a little while back.
Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler. Thank you for the music. Have a great day!
Happy birthday Mark Knopfler & Sir-Mix-A-Lot!
Happy early birthday to Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits
Happy birthday to Mark Knopfler, born on 12th Aug 1949
Happy birthday Mark Knopfler
Happy birthday to Mark Knopfler born on 12th Aug 1949, 
British songwriter, guitarist, singer with Dire Straits.
El mestre MARK KNOPFLER fa anys avui...Happy Birthday!
Happy 68th Birthday to Mark Knopfler, frontman of Dire Straits
Wishing Mark Knopfler a happy birthday. StarCards longest supporter, have a great day!
Happy birthday, Mark Knopfler! Seen him live a few times and he puts on a great show
Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler! Absolute guitar hero, and frontman of Dire Straits
Happy Birthday to the Sultan of Swing, Mark Knopfler!
Happy BIrthday Mark Knopfler!

Hoy cumple 68 años Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits)
Happy Birthday, Mark Knopfler, born August 12th, 1949, in Glasgow, Scotland.
Happy Birthday to Cara Delevingne, Mark Knopfler, George Hamilton, Pete Sampras & Emma Hill
Happy birthday master of music Mark Knopfler.
 Sultans Of Swing  Happy Birthday Today 8/12 to 
vocalist/guitar legend Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits. 
Rock ON!
Happy birthday to Mark Knopfler Born on this day in 1949
From the August 1949 archives: Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler
Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler!
Dire Straits - Money For Nothing
Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler
Happy Birthday to the famous Mark Knopfler from your friends in Switzerland
Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler
Happy Birthday Mark knopfler
Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) - August 12, 1949 - Private Investigations . . .
Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler  !!!
This is the business. Happy birthday to the distinct Mark Knopfler.
Happy 69th Birthday Mark Knopfler;
Songwriter , guitarist, & singer with Dire Straits,
Happy birthday to Sir Mark Knopfler!
Remessageed Rock N Roll Pictures (   Happy 69th birthday Mark Knopfler!!
Happy birthday to Mark Knopfler.
Happy Birthday Mark Knopfler!
Happy 15th Cererian Birthday Mark Knopfler!  Remessage
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