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Welcome to Mavis Staples's Birthday Celebration Page
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Love you Mavis Staples. A very Happy Birthday and good wishes - bozzie (2 days ago)
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in association with \"Sounds Of Summer\" in the Suite with DJ Matt - UrbanSoundSuite (3 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Mavis Staples! Never forget you, Pops & your sister\'s performance on the - Jocanda (5 days ago)
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Meg Wollenberg, RHN
happy belated birthday, your voice is magic. - Meg Wollenberg, RHN (5 days ago)
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Derrek Brooks
Mavis Staples .... July 10, 1939, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, The Staple Singers - Derrek Brooks (5 days ago)
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The Bluegrass Sitch
The legendary herself turned 79 yesterday -- help us wish her a belated Happy Birthday! - The Bluegrass Sitch (5 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Mavis Staples!!! - JACQUELINE MILLER (5 days ago)
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From Leftover Salmon to Mavis Staples Happy Birthday Week, Mavis! \"We Go High\" - WreckingBallRadio (5 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Still going Look at her tour schedule it\'s absolutely amazing She - ✨Tarez✨ (6 days ago)
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Michael Bellusci
Happy 79th Birthday Mavis Staples! - Michael Bellusci (6 days ago)
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robert cataliotti
Happy Birthday Sister Mavis! Mavis Staples & Dr John - A House Is Not a Home + Don\'t Let the Sun Cat... - robert cataliotti (6 days ago)
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Mr T
Mavis Staples delivered a wonderful show last night. Few artists have the combination of authority, authenticity, j - Mr T (6 days ago)
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Balsamo Deighton
Happy Birthday to the Amazing Mavis Staples. This morning I will mostly be listening to this beaut - have a wonder - Balsamo Deighton (6 days ago)
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Joe Meyer ॐ
covertunes: thatoldthingback: mavis staples a house is not a home. Happy birthday, Mavis (b. July... - Joe Meyer ॐ (6 days ago)
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Todd Jessup
Happy 79th Birthday to Mavis Staples. She is a rhythm and blues and gospel singer, actress and civil rights activis - Todd Jessup (6 days ago)
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Happy 79th birthday to a legendary American hero, Mavis Staples. - virgotex (6 days ago)
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John Madera
Happy birthday, Mavis Staples! - John Madera (6 days ago)
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Terri Lynch
Happy Birthday, to one of my favorite singers of all time, the Marvelous Mavis Staples!! Many Blessi - Terri Lynch (6 days ago)
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Late happy birthday to mavis staples - sean (6 days ago)
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Wendy O\'Rourke
Happy Birthday to the lovely & wonderful Mavis Staples. The Staple Singers - Respect Yourself - Wendy O\'Rourke (6 days ago)
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Stacy Bartel
Happy Birthday, Mavis Staples!! I love you. You will always be so special to me. <3, Stacy - Stacy Bartel (6 days ago)
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Lauren Daley
Happy birthday, A repost of my interview with the icon, on her tour with ex-boyfrie - Lauren Daley (6 days ago)
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A happy birthday to youuuuuu I DONT CARE GOOD LUCK - Chanse (6 days ago)
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Damon Rhinehart
Happy birthday Mavis Staples! - Damon Rhinehart (6 days ago)
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Oh dip, it s Mavis Staples birthday. Happy Birthday to one of the Greatest - dani (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Mavis Staples via - MediaMonarchy.com (6 days ago)
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Blues Festival Guide
Happy Birthday to blues/gospel/rhythm & blues stalwart, actress, and civil rights activist, Mavis Staples (July 10, - Blues Festival Guide (6 days ago)
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janet france
Happy Birthday Mavis Staples, hope you re having a lovely time X - janet france (6 days ago)
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the raging bozo of bushwick
Happy birthday Mavis Staples - the raging bozo of bushwick (6 days ago)
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David Rouse
You\'re Not Alone by Mavis Staples Lyrics via Happy birthday - David Rouse (6 days ago)
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Randall Stegner
A very \"Happy Birthday\" to you Mavis Staples to you on your special day. May all your birthday wishes come true. <3 - Randall Stegner (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday to the incredible soul and gospel singer, Mavis Staples. She turns 79 today - kyle (6 days ago)
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Eferem Hurdle
Happy 79th Birthday to the legendary songstress Mavis Staples. Born this day (10 July) in 1939. She is a rhythm a - Eferem Hurdle (6 days ago)
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Big Blues Bender
Help us wish a very Happy Birthday to Mavis Staples! Here she is at last years Big Blues Bender. Happy Birthday Ma - Big Blues Bender (6 days ago)
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ME and Mavis Staples Celebrating .... July 10, 1939 HAPPY BIRTHDAY The Staple Singers - missmaybell (6 days ago)
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Write It Out
Happy birthday, Ms Mavis Staples! You\'re one of my favorites. - Write It Out (6 days ago)
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Dr. Zil Roars
Day 10: Happy birthday to the great Mavis Staples! - Dr. Zil Roars (6 days ago)
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Brian Keith
Happy Birthday Mavis Staples! Whats Your Favorite Staple Singers Song? - Brian Keith (6 days ago)
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James A H
- Happy birthday! Enjoy night two in Union Chapel! It was so amazing seeing you last night! - James A H (6 days ago)
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Ink 19
Happy birthday Mavis Staples! Enjoy the title cut from her newest record \"If All I Was Was Black\"... - Ink 19 (6 days ago)
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Happy 79th birthday to Mavis Staples. - LarryLaddUU (6 days ago)
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MAGNET Magazine
Happy birthday ( Livin\' on a high note. Read in MAGNET on - MAGNET Magazine (6 days ago)
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Mavis Staples. Legend. Happy Birthday. - Whisler\'s (6 days ago)
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Alamo Music Center
Happy Birthday, Mavis Staples! There are so many ways in which we love you, but mostly for just being an amazing h - Alamo Music Center (6 days ago)
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London Union Chapel
Happy Birthday Tonight Doors bar and cafe open at 7pm, Nick Corbin is support at 7.45pm and Mavis S - London Union Chapel (6 days ago)
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Amauri Alves Junior
Happy birthday to Mavis Staples, born on this day in 1939 in Chicago. - Amauri Alves Junior (6 days ago)
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Carolyn Kellogg
Happy birthday Mavis Staples! Mercy. - Carolyn Kellogg (6 days ago)
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hash tag you can\'t guard me
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOLLOW THIS LADY PPL VERY WONDERFUL WOMAN - hash tag you can\'t guard me (6 days ago)
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Katie B
One of the greatest singers and souls on earth today, Happy birthday Mavis Staples! <3 Lucky to be introduced to t - Katie B (6 days ago)
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Richard da Mota
Happy birthday to Mavis Staples, born on this day in 1939 in Chicago. Thank you - Richard da Mota (6 days ago)

79 years old (Born on July 10, 1939)

The Staple Singers

Mavis Staples's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to the incredible soul and gospel singer, Mavis Staples. She turns 79 today
Happy Birthday, Mavis Staples!
Happy 78th birthday Queen of Gospel Mavis Staples! What a happy, warm and powerful performance yesterday @
Happy Birthday to the great Mavis Staples, born July 10!
\"I\ll Take You There\"
Happy birthday, mavis staples.
  happy birthday. Lee Morgan
& Mavis Staples
Today in Music History: Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to my friend  Mavis Staples
Happy 79th Birthday     Mavis Staples x Melody Cool
Happy Birthday to The Legendary Mavis Staples   ComeGoWithMe..
Happy Birthday to Mavis Staples(far right) who turns 78 today!
A Big BOSS Happy Birthday today to Mavis Staples from all of us at Boss Boss Radio!
Happy Birthday Mavis Staples!
Happy Birthday to Mavis Staples (born July 10, 1939)
Happy Birthday Mavis Staples
 ure 75th Happy Birthday!!! Wish I was with u all tonight
  Happy birthday staple singers mavis staples i,ll take you there
Happy Birthday to soul legend Mavis Staples!
Late happy birthday to mavis staples
 happy belated birthday, your voice is magic.
mavis staples young 0
mavis staples bob dylan 1
mavis staples one true vine 2
mavis staples bob dylan 3
mavis staples the last waltz 4
mavis staples one true vine 5
Mavis Staples young 6
mavis staples young 7
Mavis Staples new pic 8
mavis staples young 9
Mavis Staples sexy 10
Mavis Staples sexy 11

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