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Happy birthday Mamshie Charmaine Min, bilib kaayo ko nmo ky bisag asa naka giput sa life, below the belt rajd ka - Jamila (15 hours ago)
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Vivian K Aluse.
Awwww, thanks, waauu, you know I\'m emotional, crying kidogo, happy bir - Vivian K Aluse. (18 hours ago)
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Heard myself signing happy birthday at birthday party & that s why I ll never drop a track - VMM (1 day ago)
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jongмι ♡ jongнyυn; ᴴᵃᵖᵖʸ ᴷᵉʸ ᴰᵃʸ
{ } Happy birthday to you, bummie. Parabéns pro rei da coréia do sul, dono da moda e do estilo, cantor, rapper, m - jongмι ♡ jongнyυn; ᴴᵃᵖᵖʸ ᴷᵉʸ ᴰᵃʸ (1 day ago)
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ᴊᴏɴɢᴍɪ ᴛᴀ ᴇᴍ sᴇᴍᴀɴᴀ ᴅᴇ ᴘʀᴏᴠᴀ; ᴴᵃᵖᵖʸ ᴷᵉʸ ᴰᵃʸ
{ } Happy birthday to you, bummie. Parabéns pro rei da coréia do sul, dono da moda e do estilo, cantor, rapper, m - ᴊᴏɴɢᴍɪ ᴛᴀ ᴇᴍ sᴇᴍᴀɴᴀ ᴅᴇ ᴘʀᴏᴠᴀ; ᴴᵃᵖᵖʸ ᴷᵉʸ ᴰᵃʸ (1 day ago)
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Happy birthday poypoy :-) salamat sa tanan nag sponsor. Labi nas pinalangga na friend naho. Di na e mention kay lis - jeffreylicious (1 day ago)
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Adamaris Espinoza
Happy Birthday Nas! See ya later tonight - Adamaris Espinoza (2 days ago)
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paul raymond battaglia
This time of year one of the great advantages of our va beach office is having an excellent seat for t - paul raymond battaglia (2 days ago)
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Aniversário desse neném maravilhoso happy bday nascido para lacrar, seu destino é pisar e nadar nas - afrodre (2 days ago)
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GENERALI Bethwel Kipruto
Ha - GENERALI Bethwel Kipruto (2 days ago)
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sheila mwanyigha
Happy birthday - sheila mwanyigha (3 days ago)
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Happy birthday to the legendary He\'ll be celebrating the big day tomorrow night at and you\'re invi - Tablelist (3 days ago)
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Uncle Muharab CNA.
Happy birthday my warmest wishes - Uncle Muharab CNA. (3 days ago)
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Happy birthday James . Can t believe your a man now . It only seems like yesterday t - Utd67 (3 days ago)
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Maurice Suggs
circa 1998!! Drew these off of The Source coverage of and foxybrown for The Firm album. Hap - Maurice Suggs (3 days ago)
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Ayania Wellington
- This is Nas Bday all over again. I am POSITIVE he\'s too happy about this. - Ayania Wellington (3 days ago)
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Petty Long Stockings
Happy BDay to the most Nas/Kobe/Lakers fan I ve ever managed to be friends with ...still baffles me that - Petty Long Stockings (3 days ago)
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Happy birthday legends were born on september naa nas card tanan salamat sa leaf brad HAHAHAHAHAH - エド (3 days ago)
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Nas Peters
happy birthday Julian draxler - Nas Peters (3 days ago)
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Happy birthday to my big sister Nas. This picture brings back so many memories! Throughout my whole life you have a - directorfrenzy (3 days ago)
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Nije svaki dan, divan dan! Na pred kolac! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - Buba (3 days ago)
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Patrick Charlemagne
Happy belated Bday Nas. - Patrick Charlemagne (3 days ago)
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tara ratney
Ezri - Happy Birthday Nas Freestyle (Official Video) via - tara ratney (4 days ago)
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caraca é verdade. feliz aniversarioooo, parabéns, happy bday, congratulations!!! td de bom e todas a - marcos (4 days ago)
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Roel Jr ♌
Happy Birthday Mother Earth , mismo ikaw ma nakalimot nas imo birthday hahaha we love youuuu - Roel Jr ♌ (4 days ago)
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Happy Birthday - 130BoyNas (4 days ago)
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2tone Almeida
Happy 5th Birthday to our boy Nas - 2tone Almeida (4 days ago)
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John doe
Happy birthday to you. - John doe (4 days ago)
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Aliff Razali
Happy Birthday Bidadari Syurgaku nas_adila ..Love u !!! Allah Mudahkan Urusan mu Dunia Akhirat.. Tgh suprise - Aliff Razali (4 days ago)
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Al Rodriguez
Happy Belated Birthday to the Greatest Rapper of all Time his birthday was September 14 1973 and yes he is the - Al Rodriguez (4 days ago)
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Happy birthday botikoooool hehe kadiwa nas dodong pwede na mag uyab2 - JR (4 days ago)
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Tamara Jones
Happy to my cousin my birthday twin you re a big six today love you - Tamara Jones (4 days ago)
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happy birthday enta mn andaf w agmal el nas elly 3erftaha mn hena - ازميرالدا (4 days ago)
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New Age Swag
Happy Birthday to this young king, The Hottest in the city!!! - New Age Swag (4 days ago)
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Dan Blake
Worldwide Hatrick on 1- Nas Is Like - 2- If I Ruled The World - feat - Dan Blake (5 days ago)
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gemeena scruggs-brow
Happy Birthday to One of the Greatest Lyricists of Hip-Hop History: Nas - gemeena scruggs-brow (5 days ago)
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Happy Birthday nas! - knot (5 days ago)
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Marlynson Rocha
Parece que foi um dia desses que a mamãe recolheu ela da rua toda suja, com frio, fome e cheia de bicho... Cab - Marlynson Rocha (5 days ago)
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Tah Freedom!!!
Simply because u quoted Nas Happy birthday g - Tah Freedom!!! (5 days ago)
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happy birthday have fun b safe God bless - Lillady6444 (6 days ago)
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Happy Belated Birthday nas hahaha - Cagaf (6 days ago)
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OMG! Finally a release date. Been waiting so long... BTW, Happy Birthday Amber! Love you sooooooo muuuuuuuuch - unSpoK3N (6 days ago)
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Wilo Sheploo
Happy birthday, Nas. Hope you have a wonderful day! - Wilo Sheploo (6 days ago)
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Ezri - Happy Birthday Nas Freestyle (Official Video) - ○2○2<=○* (6 days ago)
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Bobby Fischer
Awww! Today is Nas s birthday. Happy Birthday buddy! Rest easy. - Bobby Fischer (6 days ago)
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Cowboy Joe
Happy Birthday Nas Nasier Shaffer. - Cowboy Joe (6 days ago)
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Fly 98.5
HAPPY BELATED BDAY SEPTEMBER 14 . Living legend agree???? . @ Fly 98.5 - Fly 98.5 (6 days ago)
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Happy birthday NAS - Sira (6 days ago)
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Aurora Dawn
Thank you so much for the warm birthday message, dili na tamo ma tagsa2x pero salamat sa tanan. And happy birth - Aurora Dawn (6 days ago)

45 years old (Born on September 14, 1973)

Hip-hop artist; He is famous from Illmatic.

Sampled Michael Jackson's "Human Nature" in his hit song "It ain't hard to tell". Son of jazz musician Olu Dara and the late Fannie Ann Jones. His mom died of br**st cancer. At the hospital, he held her in his arms until she passed on. Grew up with MCs such as Cormega, Nature, The Notorious B.I.G., and Jay-Z. Has a song dedicated to his mother titled "Dance," which can be heard on his latest album, "God's Son."

Nas's Best Moments

Happy Birthday,   love you nas. Miss you and
Happy 44th birthday to
Happy Birthday Nas
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday  What\s your favorite track from the NY rapper?
Happy birthday
Happy birthday,
He s tired of people saying happy birthday malaysia instead of happy independence day
Happy birthday to hip-hop legend Nas!
Where do you rank him among the best rappers ever: Top 10, 5 or 3?
Happy 44th birthday to hip-hop legend
Happy 45th Birthday to the legendary Nasty
Happy Birthday to One of the Greatest Lyricists of Hip-Hop History: Nas
Happy birthday legend
. wishing Amy Winehouse a happy birthday
Happy 45th birthday to Nas
Happy Birthday Nas
Happy Birthday to the
Happy 15th birthday. Salute to all involved. We\re ready for Part 2 when you\re ready,
Happy Birthday to Nas
Tô ficando mais velha hoje! 2.5 nas costas. Happy bday pra mim!
Happy Birthday to this young king, The Hottest in the city!!!
Happy 44th birthday to Nas!
Nije svaki dan, divan dan!
Na pred kolac!
Nicki with friends & family singing Nas Happy Birthday  A COUPLE!
Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday to QB\s finest Drop your favorite Nas bars.
What s your favorite Nas track of all time? 

Happy Birthday

kurw prawie z nas bli niaki, by o si urodzi dzie pó niej
Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world   i love you sooooooo much
Happy Birthday to the only Nicki ex we haven\t had to drag lol. you\re in a class of your own.
Happy Birthday,  What\s your favorite beat ever rapped on?
Happy birthday to the GOAT !
Happy birthday JKs  Picture by
Happy 89th birthday Nas! Stay buotan,gwapo(pagbigyan),ug etc.God bless you happy birthdayyyyyy
Happy Birthday, Nas.
Happy Birthday to the most influential voice I ever heard Thank You For Everything
Happy Birthday J!! Minimize nas pagkayawa ha kay tiguwang naka
\"Madonna, life is so crazy!\" Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to
Happy Birthday nas!
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday balik nas cebu kay mingaw nako nimo  lablabyo
Wishing Hip-Hop legend a happy birthday! His pen game has always been
Happy Bday Seed Al nas
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY   Born September 14, 1973
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday Nas!
Happy Birthday Mother Earth , mismo ikaw ma nakalimot nas imo birthday hahaha we love youuuu
Nas of Nas Daily wished me a happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the Great.
Happy birthday      finest
Happy birthday nas
Happy bday baby  love u!
Wishing legend a happy Birthday!
Celebrating the undisputed champ today. Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday, What\s your favorite Nas album  or
Happy Birthday to the King . One of my Favorite
Tb to nas and also HAPPY BDAY GOD
Happy Birthday \"Nas\" of the Little Coozies
Happy 45th birthday to the GOAT Nas. Greatest lyricist of all time Escobar.
Happy 45th Birthday to Nas
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday  legends were born on september naa nas card tanan salamat sa leaf brad HAHAHAHAHAH
Happy birthday nas!! love you!
Happy birthday to My mate have a good 1 xx
Happy birthday! Nasir Jones
Happy birthday to one of the finest to ever touch the microphone for Hip-Hop
Happy Birthday Legend
Happy birthday
The only picture I have of me and the greatest rapper of all time. Happy birthday
Issa real nigga Birthday... HBD   Happy Belated Swizzy!!!
Happy Birthday Dad!!!
Happy birthday to rapper Spend the day like
Happy Birthday to the one and only
Happy Birthday, Nas!

He Nasty
She Nasty
Happy birthday to Nas and Amy Winehouse. Legends.
Daaammnn Rolling through LA bumping the Happy Birthday mix!!
Happy birthday
 playing now! Tune into on the iCraft channel! Virgo Season! Happy Belated Birthday
Happy Happy Birthday sam ilu
 Happy Birthday Nas!!! Wish u all the best!may ur wishes come true
Nas just wished me (and everybody else) Happy Birthday!        Then he put up MJ.
Happy birthday jimin
Happy birthday Cuzco
Happy Birthday sakong uyab nga uyab nas akong amiga see ya later! Apas rko attend sa kog laing birthday bobby
Happy 45th Birthday to the King of Queens Mr Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones
(1994) Happy birthday to Nas.
It\s yours happy birthday,
Wishing a Happy 45th Birthday to
Happy 45th birthday to Nas
Happy Birthday to rap legend He turns 45 today.
Best ever Happy bday Nas
Happy Birthday Nas! Unreleased pics from 1996 that were just developed weeks ago by Karl Kani.
Happy 45th Birthday to rapper Show him some birthday love!
Happy birthday Nas.
At we would like to wish a Happy 45th Birthday to Rap Royalty 347-637-3859.
Happy bday to my guy
Happy birthday,
Before I forget: Happy birthday to one of the best to ever bless the mic,
Happy birthday to my bff I love your monkey faced ass bro
Happy birthday nas!!!!!!! love you lots dude
 playa playa happy birthday my guy go wild
Happy birthday to one of the greatest to ever do it
Happy birthday nas
Happy Birthday Duda nas Happy Supernatural Day!
Happy birthday to the GOAT
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest emcees in the game, NAS!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest rappers of all time !!
Happy birthday
Happy 44th birthday to nas! chimodu

What are your top 3 songs of all time?
Happy Birthday to Nas
Happy birthday to a legend
One of the greatest songs of all time. Happy birthday, Nas!
Happy Birthday to the king of Rap
 Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday G
Happy Birthday One Of The Greatest MC\s Ever.
One Of My Biggest Influences To Be A Hip-Hop Artist. 
God Bless.
Happy 44th Birthday to Hip Hop Legend The greatest rapper of all time?
Big Happy Birthday shoutout to
Happy birthday to the
Gotta make sure I get in a happy birthday to the god The greatest to ever do it.
Happy bday to Nas and Amywinehouse
 Happy Birthday ( )
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMIN sempre me representando nas aulas
Happy 45th Birthday Hip Hop! Nas & Dave East verraten ihren Top 5 HipHop Tunes aller Zeiten
Happy 45th Birthday Hip-Hop! verrät seine Top 5 alltime classics:  THANK YOU
   Happy birthday YSE YGYT
Happy birthday jai
Happy birthday   (za nas), (za tebe)
Happy birthday nga nas salamat sa painmom
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday che Miss u nas Take care always! Mwamwa
Shoutout to the creative rapper, our    HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!
 happy birthday king.
Beyond the walls of intelligence, life is defined. 
Happy birthday,
Happy 45th birthday to a living legend
Nas_somebody greet your_music 
without a rap legend like you 
I don\t know_anywhere happy birthday Queensbrigde kid
Happy birthday To the greatest Lyricist  My favorite eMCee
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to  what s your favorite Nas song?
Happy 45th Birthday 2 One Of The Greatest To Ever Do It NAS. What Do You Think Is Nas Most Underrated Song?
Happy birthday legend
Happy Birthday to this dude
Happy birthday , it s time to give him that Juice
Happy birthday the GOAT
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the one and only,  See him LIVE at on Sunday, October 7th:
Happy Bday God  .
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the greatest of all time
Happy birthday Nas! A great fan of the September 14, 1973
Happy birthday my warmest wishes
 Happy Birthday Nas!
 happy birthday icone q eu conheço a décadas, vem mais pisões nas ratanizers
Happy 44th birthday to
Happy Birthday to my fellow NAS aka Favorita Problemática!
 Happy early birthday Nasty Nas Escobar! You stay being 1 of my favorites & you always gonna be
Happy birthday faves
Happy 44th Birthday to my life partner & legend
Happy birthday   \I existed in a womb, just like an abyss
Came from behind the sun, my hands balled in a fist\
Happy Birthday Nas!
Nas is the most handsome 44 yr old I\ve ever seen!!!! Happy Birthday to him and my girlfriend\s fav Amy!!!
God\s Son what up?? 
Happy Birthday Legend
Happy birthday to one of the
Happy bday to the legend
Happy birthday Nas and Swizz
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday Nas    via -  Jalen way back
Happy birthday bae
Happy birthday to &
Wishing A Happy Birthday From ! What\s Your Top Album From The MC? JS
Happy birthday Esco. My all time fave 3 of those pics u have Patek Phillipe, Rolex & AP on your wrist. Damn
Happy birthday Nas
 happy bday
  Happy birthday
 happy birthday
Happy birthday G, To this day..nobody touches Illmatic or It Was Written
Happy birthday
Happy 44th Birthday to !
Happy 44th birthday to the Legendary The last real nigga alive
Happy Birthday Nas ,
Happy Birthday Nas \"With age comes common sense and wisdom\"- Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones (Nas)
Happy birthday to One of the greatest lyricist ever....Nasir Jones aka Nas
Happy Birthday to the god!
 happy birthday to the G.O.A.T...respect
Happy birthday & Amy Jade Winehouse
Happy Birthday King ! The World Is Yours !!
Good morning & happy birthday to the God\s son enjoy your birthday King  cause there can only be 1 King
  Happy Birthday Blessings VIRGO NAS!
To the most influential artist in my life, and the greatest to ever touch a microphone. Happy birthday
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Nas celebrity 1
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nas 2013 4

Fun Facts About Nas

Recorded a hip-hop-blues collaboration with his father called "Bridging the Gap."
Met his wife, Kelis, for the first time during an after-party at Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs's bacchanal at the luxurious Cipriani restaurant.
Proposed to Kelis in her mom's house on Christmas Eve, 2002.
Daughter named Destiny. Her mother is Carmen.
Has recorded eight albums and one EP: "Illmatic," "It Was Written," "I Am...," "Nastradamus," "Stillmatic," "From Illmatic to Stillmatic," "The Lost Tapes Vol. 1," "God's Son," and "Street's Disciple."

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