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Old School 80s
Happy Birthday to Patrick Dempsey(52), Madness\' Suggs McPherson(57), Night Court\'s Richard Moll(75), - Old School 80s (9 months ago)
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The TV in the elevator just informed me today is my husband s (Patrick Dempsey) birthday. Happy birthday baby!!!!!!!!!!! - ange (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday patrick dempsey! - Camy (9 months ago)
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Happy 52nd Birthday to Patrick Dempsey from all of us at DoYouRemember. Have you seen him in Can\'t Buy Me Love? - khcsportsman85 (9 months ago)
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Interesting & funny
Horoscopes: Jan. 13, 2018 - CELEBRITIES BORN ON THIS DAY: Liam Hemsworth, 28; Orlando Bloom, 41; Patrick Dempsey, 5 - Interesting & funny (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday to Patrick Dempsey - suffragettecinema (9 months ago)
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Jamie Roxx
Happy Birthday. Today, Jan 13, 1966 Patrick Dempsey, American actor and race car driver was born.... - Jamie Roxx (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Jake Canuso, Katy Brand, Ruth Wilson, Nicole Eggert, Suggs, Julian Morris, Elliot Giles, Patrick - maddie (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Patrick Dempsey who is 52 today and still looking like a god! - amber (9 months ago)
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Only In Boston
Happy 52nd birthday to Patrick Dempsey! - Only In Boston (9 months ago)
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Vítek M.
Patrick Dempsey (13. ledna 1966). Happy Birthday. - Vítek M. (9 months ago)
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Merder lives forever
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATRICK DEMPSEY. We miss you and i wish you could return back to the show and be with Meredith. HAP - Merder lives forever (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Orlando Bloom, Patrick Dempsey, Ruth Wilson, Julian Morris, Liam Hemsworth, Mic - Rinsessa (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday to me but also happy birthday to Patrick Dempsey xxxx sexi mothafucker - tay (9 months ago)
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Agnes Palma
Happy Birthday to my longtime crush Patrick Dempsey! love you - Agnes Palma (9 months ago)
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Helga M. Krawagna
Happy Birthday zum 52. Patrick Dempsey, heute 13. Januar 1966! - Helga M. Krawagna (9 months ago)
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Felix Mater Society
One day my 3-year-old daughter said, \'You\'re very handsome, Poppy.\' That was the best compliment ever. ~ Patrick D - Felix Mater Society (9 months ago)
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Colin Firth Addicted
COLIN FIRTH ADDICTED HAPPY BIRTHDAY \"PATRICK DEMPSEY\" ^^ - Colin Firth Addicted (9 months ago)
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Caterina Online
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Patrick Dempsey! We hope you have a wonderful day! - Caterina Online (9 months ago)
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Béla Norók
Patrick Dempsey - Happy Birthday! - Béla Norók (9 months ago)
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Mike Roberts
Happy Birthday to Legendary Actor, Patrick Dempsey - Mike Roberts (9 months ago)
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My Future Teller
Happy birthday to Patrick Dempsey. His zodiac sign is Check out what his tells us! - My Future Teller (9 months ago)
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KKKKKKKKKKKK quais sao as probabilidades de vc colocar no seu nome happy bday patrick dempsey ? - helena (9 months ago)
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Kaylee Camiolo
Happy birthday Patrick Dempsey. You are an amazing actor and car racer. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Have - Kaylee Camiolo (9 months ago)
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Elisa Cortés
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATRICK DEMPSEY (I hope you can read this tuit) - Elisa Cortés (9 months ago)
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Nirav Mehta
Happy Birthday Patrick Dempsey Shonda Rhimes Orlando Bloom Irfan Khan Liam Hemsworth Julia Louis-Dreyfus Beau Mirc - Nirav Mehta (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday Patrick Dempsey - gab (9 months ago)
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CapricorniAna !
Warning: Birthday text from a crazy fan by Patrick Dempsey! Today is our day, read who you want rs Hi, my safe har - CapricorniAna ! (9 months ago)
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Thorsten Alteholz
Sat, 13 Jan 2018, let us all send Patrick Dempsey the best Happy Birthday wishes today ( (52) - Thorsten Alteholz (9 months ago)
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Patrick Dempsey is 52 & is still the hottest person I have ever seen. happy birthday - mel (9 months ago)
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Anwyays. i just shuoted HAPPY BIRTHDaY PATRICK DEMPSEY in a byilding filled eith strangers hhwueuehe - stu (9 months ago)
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Patrick Dempsey Happy Birthday - HARUKA☺︎ (9 months ago)
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I m not Patrick Dempsey but happy birthday - jack (9 months ago)
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Zenaida Good
Wir gratulieren Patrick Dempsey zum Geburtstag. Happy Birthday. - Zenaida Good (10 months ago)
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Nikki Marino
Happy Birthday! I hope today brings you nothing but happiness and lots Patrick Dempsey! Love and miss you little on - Nikki Marino (1 year ago)
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hey patrick! my wife is a huge fan and today is her bday! how bout a happy birthday elisa from patrick dempsey! THanks!!! - levayco (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday you beautiful girl!! Have an amazing day full of laughs and Patrick Dempsey you deserve it!! - MFlo (1 year ago)
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— pau❥
Happy 10th birthday to Patrick Dempsey\'s twins! - — pau❥ (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to Sullivan Patrick Dempsey & Darby Galen Dempsey - DEMPSOH (1 year ago)
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madelyn Obrien
Happy Belated Birthday to our Maine boy Patrick Dempsey......hope your birthday was celebrated with the desires of your heart...... - madelyn Obrien (1 year ago)
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abby robertson
Happy birthday to my favorite Patrick Dempsey loving twins hope u both had a great day - abby robertson (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to my favorite Patrick Dempsey loving twins hope u both had a great day - abby (1 year ago)
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Linda Walt
Hope you are having a very Happy Birthday Patrick Dempsey. - Linda Walt (1 year ago)
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\"yes daddy?\" HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS SEXY MAN Patrick Dempsey (Vine by - Andra (1 year ago)
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L i n d - Z
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the girl who lets me talk about Patrick Dempsey everyday & is always up for coffee! Luv u 4 - L i n d - Z (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to the most beautiful tv doctor Patrick Dempsey ladies and gentlemen - piper (1 year ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Penelope Ann Miller, Bill Bailey, Patrick Dempsey, Shonda Rhimes, Nicole Eggert, Yukiko Iwai and Orlando Bloom. - North Trenton (1 year ago)
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holly guy
Happy birthday to my love, Patrick Dempsey - holly guy (1 year ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATRICK DEMPSEY!!! Aka McDreamy I LOVE YOU - carrie (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Patrick Dempsey! Hope you have a great day! - Sophia☃️ (1 year ago)

52 years old (Born on January 13, 1966)

American actor; He is famous from Grey's Anatomy.

Attended St. Dominic`s Regional High School in his hometown of Lewiston, Maine. Enjoys collecting antiques, remodeling homes, and skiing in his spare time. As a teenager, placed third in his age group at the National Jugglers Convention. Aspired to attend Clown College. His first wife, Rocky Parker, is the mother of his best friend, actor Corey Parker, and Noelle Parker. Currently co-owner of Indycar Series team Vision Racing (February 2006)

Patrick Dempsey's Best Moments

Happy birthday, Patrick Dempsey!
Happy birthday, Real Patrick Dempsey!
Happy Birthday to Sullivan Patrick Dempsey & Darby Galen Dempsey
Happy 52nd birthday to the neuro god aka Patrick Dempsey
Happy Bday Patrick Dempsey!
  I m not Patrick Dempsey but happy birthday
Happy Birthday Patrick Dempsey
Happy birthday patrick dempsey!
Happy Birthday Patrick! Chi lo aiuta a spegnere 51 candeline?
Happy Birthday to Patrick Dempsey (51) in \Bridget Jones\s Baby - Jack\
Happy birthday patrick dempsey

a fucking man
Happy birthday, Patrick Dempsey!
Today I\m very happy because it\s the birthday of Patrick Dempsey. Our forever McDreamy. I love you

Patrick Dempsey
Happy Birthday Patrick Dempsey! Hope you have a great day!
Patrick Dempsey - Happy Birthday!
Happy 52nd birthday to Patrick Dempsey!
Happy birthday to Patrick Dempsey
Happy Birthday to Patrick Dempsey who is 52 today and still looking like a god!
Happy Birthday to Patrick Dempsey
Happy Birthday Wishes to Patrick Dempsey!!!
Hoje é aniversário do melhor neuro que grey s já teve HAPPY BDAY Patrick Dempsey, eterno Dr. Derek Sheperd!!
After all this years, all i can say is: thank you for all, i love you  happy birthday patrick dempsey
Happy birthday to you Patrick Dempsey! I don\t have words to explain how much I love you! 5  1
Happy Birthday to Patrick Dempsey, who turns 51 today!
 Happy Birthday to Patrick Dempsey and Shonda Rimes, we love you so much
Happy birthday, Patrick Dempsey!
Happy Birthday to Patrick Dempsey (
Happy birthday, Patrick Dempsey! <3
Do your Elaine dance from Seinfield.  Happy birthday: Julia Louis-Dreyfus - also former Grey\s star Patrick Dempsey
Happy 51st birthday to Patrick Dempsey.  Have a great day \"McDreamy\".
Happy Birthday to actor Patrick Dempsey,  Patrick via
Happy birthday patrick dempsey is trending aw
Happy Birthday, Patrick Dempsey, born January 13th, 1966, in Lewiston, Maine.
 Happy birthday Patrick Dempsey
Happy birthday the one and only Patrick Dempsey!  @
Our beloved Patrick Dempsey happy birthday 51 years old and very handsome.
We would like to make a shout-out to Patrick Dempsey! Happy Birthday!
Tanti auguri Patrick Dempsey Tanti auguri Dottor Stranamore Happy birthday Mc Dreamy
 Where the BUZZ is All Good!
Happy Birthday Patrick Dempsey
Happy birthday to the loml, Patrick Dempsey, 51 has never looked better.
Happy birthday Patrick Dempsey. 24 hours at Le Mans. And in a tent.
Happy birthday, Add some McDreamy to your queue:
Happy birthday to Patrick Dempsey!
Happy Birthday Patrick Dempsey!!!  51 never looked so good
Happy Birthday to Patrick Dempsey!
Happy Birthday a mi Doctor favorito Patrick Dempsey Love Youuuuuu
Were you Happy birthday to Patrick Dempsey!
Happy birthday to Hollywood heartthrob Patrick Dempsey.
52 never looked so good! Happy birthday to Patrick Dempsey aka McDreamy. ( :
Happy 52nd birthday, Patrick Dempsey.
patrick dempsey movies 0
patrick dempsey wife 1
young patrick dempsey 2
patrick dempsey family 3

Fun Facts About Patrick Dempsey

Auditioned for the role of "Dr. Gregory House" on "House M.D." (2004).
His tadmark is his curly hair
Daughter Tallulah Fyfe born in January 2002.
Driver of Pace Car at 91st Indianapolis 500; May 27, 2007.
Voted #13 in Elle (France) Magazine`s "15 Sexiest Men" poll (June 2007).
In his first marriage, with Rocky Parker, he had a stepson who is a year older than he is.
Daughter Tallula Fyfe born on February 20, 2002.
Sons Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick born Thursday, February 1, 2007.
At the time of his first marriage, he was 21 and his bride was 48.
Tried out for the role of Duckie in Pretty in Pink (1986).
Lived in Buckfield, Maine, and attended Buckfield High School.

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