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yes hello I know you will never see this but I've got tickets to see you with Steve Miller Band in July and honestly I want to feel like you do and be shown the way - Faure (3 weeks ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Charlotte Rae, Glen Campbell, Jack Nicholson, Louise Gluck, John Waters, Larry Groce, Peter Frampton and Aivars Kalejs. - North Trenton (1 day ago)
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James Rovira
Happy birthday, Peter Frampton. I love your phrasing and composition. - James Rovira (1 day ago)
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Patrick Carney
Happy 67th birthday to Peter Frampton. - Patrick Carney (1 day ago)
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Scooter Davis
Happy Birthday Peter Frampton. When I saw you in concert I was speechless - Scooter Davis (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday Mr Peter Frampton!! - Patti (1 day ago)
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Liberty Lerma
Happy Birthday to an incredible singer, musician and person Peter Frampton!!!!! - Liberty Lerma (1 day ago)
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Something\'s Happening! Peter Frampton \'s birthday! Happy Birthday Mr. Frampton! - Susan (1 day ago)
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Alvaro Cardenas F.
Happy Birthday Peter Frampton!!! // Do You Feel Like We Do Midnight Special 1975 FULL vía - Alvaro Cardenas F. (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday, Peter Frampton!!! - Andhersen (1 day ago)
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Rewind 92.1
Happy Birthday Peter Frampton! - Rewind 92.1 (1 day ago)
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Happy 67th Birthday Peter Frampton! - JADED PAST (1 day ago)
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Celebrity Birthdays
Happy Birthday Peter Frampton - Celebrity Birthdays (1 day ago)
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Iván Yánez Landaeta
40 years loving this song. Happy birthday Peter Frampton - Baby I Love Your Way (Live Acoustic) - Iván Yánez Landaeta (1 day ago)
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Jim Dunlop
Happy Birthday to Peter Frampton! - Jim Dunlop (1 day ago)
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Supernatural fangirl
Happy 67th birthday Peter Frampton - Supernatural fangirl (1 day ago)
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18+ Dj on twitt
\"Peter Frampton- Baby I Love Your Way\" HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER FRAMPTON - 18+ Dj on twitt (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday, Sir ! Peter Frampton, entre ombre et lumière - Romane (1 day ago)
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Matt The Cat
Happy 67th Birthday to singer/guitarist, PETER FRAMPTON. Born on April 22, 1950, FRAMPTON is synonymous with... - Matt The Cat (1 day ago)
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GC123 #NotMyRodrick
Happy birthday to Peter Frampton, one of the greatest artist\'s alive. I cant wait to go to the Auburn Concert in au - GC123 #NotMyRodrick (1 day ago)
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Andreas DeValera
Peter Frampton literally came alive on this day 67 years ago! Happy birthday, Peter! - Andreas DeValera (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday have a nice day. Off The Hook Album - Peter Frampton - Persico (1 day ago)
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Wishing a very HAPPY 67th BIRTHDAY today to Peter Frampton! What a legend - what an icon! ... - TourBusLive® (1 day ago)
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Happy birthday to the legendary, Peter Frampton, former guitarist and vocalist of Humble Pie. - Isaac (1 day ago)
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Happy 67th birthday to Peter Frampton! Born Apr. 22, 1950. Here he sings Show Me The Way in 1975. - forionpozo (1 day ago)
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Grit, Grub & Grind
Happy Birthday Peter Frampton 67 Rock guitarist who used a Talkbox on \"Do You Feel Like We Do\" - Grit, Grub & Grind (1 day ago)
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Vintage Rock
Happy Birthday Peter Frampton! - Vintage Rock (1 day ago)
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Sybille Witt
Happy Birthday Peter Frampton - Sybille Witt (1 day ago)
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IMDb. April 22nd. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Lauri Hendler, Alix Koromzay, George Cole, Mark Damon, Peter Frampton, Amy De Bhrun, Nicole Garcia. - GSmith (1 day ago)
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Giovanni F7
Happy Peter Frampton, musician/singer/songwriter, had the bestselling album of \'76 w/Frampton Comes Alive! - Giovanni F7 (1 day ago)
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James Simoncavage
Happy 67th Birthday to the great Peter Frampton! - James Simoncavage (1 day ago)
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Rick / Richard Flynn
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Peter Frampton (The Herd, Humble Pie, solo) (67) - Rick / Richard Flynn (1 day ago)
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Happy birthday peter frampton - Madison (1 day ago)
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A most Happy Birthday to the one and only Peter Frampton!! Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy your special day !! - LisaFitz (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday In honor of his birthday, here\'s on -> - 95.5 KLOSFM (1 day ago)
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Happy 67th Birthday!!! Peter Frampton \"Show Me the Way\" on Guitar Center Sessions on DIRECTV - rockanlover (1 day ago)
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Happy birthday Peter Frampton - Kell♪⭐♞ (1 day ago)
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Chris Neufeld
Happy Birthday to Peter Frampton! - Chris Neufeld (1 day ago)
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Steve Luff
Happy Birthday! Top 10 Peter Frampton Songs - Steve Luff (1 day ago)
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LadyLake PR
Happy Birthday Peter Frampton!! Have collected all of his vinyl through the years and carried it through all my... - LadyLake PR (1 day ago)
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Ooh, baby I love your way, happy birthday...to rock legend and talk box king Peter Frampton! - UpDog (1 day ago)
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Roger Cary
Classic Rock Photos of the Day...Happy Birthday to P - Roger Cary (1 day ago)
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Stevie Nicks Chain
Happy Birthday Peter Frampton - Stevie Nicks Chain (1 day ago)
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Milagros Milliner
Happy Birthday, Peter Frampton! - Milagros Milliner (1 day ago)
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Knowledge Seeker
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Peter Frampton - Knowledge Seeker (1 day ago)
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Happy birthday to you Get your tickets get catch him with this summer. - AXS (1 day ago)
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Top Tracks Peter Frampton: Happy Birthday Peter Frampton! - Skeleton (1 day ago)
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David Bowie News
Wishing Peter Frampton a very Happy Birthday! Watch David Bowie & Peter Frampton Search for Beer in Madrid - David Bowie News (1 day ago)
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Lori Allen
Happy Birthday Peter Frampton (67) and Jack Nicolson (80) - Lori Allen (1 day ago)
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Anschi Hörmann
Happy Birthday Peter Frampton - Anschi Hörmann (1 day ago)

67 years old (Born on April 22, 1950)

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, Frampton Comes Alive!

Peter Frampton's Best Moments

Happy birthday to Peter Frampton!
A very happy birthday to the great Peter Frampton!!!
Happy 67th birthday to Peter Frampton! Singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer.
Happy Birthday Peter Frampton
Happy 71st Birthday to Andy Bown of STATUS QUO. Bown\s first major band was The Herd, along with Peter Frampton
Peter Frampton is 67 today - Happy Birthday
Happy birthday from  still winning!
Happy Birthday Peter Frampton, Keith Boanas, Paul Carrack, Jancis Robinson, Ronald Hynd & Amanda Mealing
Do You Feel Like....Wishing a Happy Birthday?  We do!
Happy Birthday Peter Frampton
Happy birthday Peter Frampton
Happy Birthday Peter Frampton | born April 22, 1950
Peter frampton 

happy birthday show me the way
  happy birthday. Charles Mingus
& Paul Chambers
& Glen Campbell
& Peter Frampton
Happy birthday Peter Frampton!
Happy Birthday Peter Frampton
Happy Birthday to the supremely talented Mr. Peter Frampton.
 Happy Birthday Peter Frampton! Thank you for the beautiful music! See you again this summer!
Remessageed Rock N Roll Pictures ( Happy birthday Peter Frampton!!
Happy birthday to the living legend Peter Frampton! An inspiration to me! All the love and everything of good!
Happy Birthday Peter Frampton!!! (born 22 April 1950) Age 67

Peter Frampton
Happy birthday peter frampton
Happy birthday to the legendary, Peter Frampton, former guitarist and vocalist of Humble Pie.
Happy 67th birthday Peter Frampton
Happy Birthday Peter Frampton
Happy Birthday, Peter Frampton!!!
Happy Birthday to an incredible singer, musician and person Peter Frampton!!!!!
Happy 67th birthday to Peter Frampton.
peter frampton comes alive 0
peter frampton guitar 1
peter frampton 2013 2
peter frampton humble pie 3

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