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The Olde Tyme Radio Centre
Thank you for the great memories oldtymeradio.ca - The Olde Tyme Radio Centre (1 year ago)
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Levonne Morgan
Happy 85th birthday to Petula Clark! Thanks for all the great music! - Levonne Morgan (3 days ago)
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London init geezer
Petula Clark \' This Is My Song\' in Stereo via oh and happy 84th birthday to Petul - London init geezer (3 days ago)
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Donna Hornick
Good morning! It\'s 42ºF going up to 62ºF with lots of sun. and Happy Belated birthday to Petula Clark (85... - Donna Hornick (4 days ago)
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Petula Clark you are a pop goddess. Happy birthday. - ROB CHAPMAN (4 days ago)
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Sharon Powell King
*My late mom\'s fav song! Getting depress now...* *HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Petula Clark,* CBE (born Sally Olwen Clark, 15... - Sharon Powell King (4 days ago)
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Jake Sickel
Happy 85th Birthday Petula Clark! - Jake Sickel (4 days ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to J.G. Ballard (d. 2009), Olene Walker (d. 2015), John Kerr (d. 2013), Mwai Kibaki, Pascal Lissouba - North Trenton (4 days ago)
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Giovanni F7
Happy Petula Clark, singer/actress, had her first U.S. pop hit in 1964 when Downtown topped the singles c - Giovanni F7 (4 days ago)
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The Griffin Passant
Happy Birthday Petula Clark, CBE - The Griffin Passant (4 days ago)
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Bobby Rivers
Happy Birthday, Pet! I love her rendition of this standard in FINIAN\'S RAINBOW. //Petula Clark - Finian\'s Rainbow - - Bobby Rivers (4 days ago)
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Nina L. Diamond
Happy 85th Birthday, Petula Clark Petula Clark & Bobby Darin All I Have To Do Is Dream - Nina L. Diamond (4 days ago)
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Sean Mcdowell
Happy Birthday Petula Clark who, when she was recording all of her hits in London in the 1960\'s, (Downtown, I Know - Sean Mcdowell (4 days ago)
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Monica Guerra
Don\'t Sleep in the Subway, a song by Petula Clark on Spotify - Happy 85* birthday Petula Clark - Monica Guerra (4 days ago)
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Andrew Gravells
Happy birthday to who is currently on tour in U S. Great singer,composer and actress. Amazing how he - Andrew Gravells (4 days ago)
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Commedia Humana
Happy to Petula Clark, born in 1932. The first UK female singer to climb to No.1 in U.S. carts. The - Commedia Humana (4 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Miss Petula Clark (85) Downtown... - A.T.K. (4 days ago)
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Jeff Jordan
Happy Birthday Petula Clark, born Sally Olwen Clark, on November 15, 1932. - - Jeff Jordan (4 days ago)
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Petula Clark Downtown. original version via HAPPY 85th BIRTHDAY, PETULA CLARK! - Chimayniac (4 days ago)
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Matthew Gordon Banks
Just feel like saying: I cannot believe the singer Ms Petula Clark is 85 today. With hits like \"Downtown\" you could - Matthew Gordon Banks (4 days ago)
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David R. Strong
Happy 85th Birthday to Petula Clark-- Rock On! DOWNTOWN (Jools Annual Hootenanny 2013) - David R. Strong (4 days ago)
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Happy birthday, Petula Clark - Aurora (5 days ago)
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Rosie Davey
Happy birthday to Petula Clark! Loved her in the Huggetts,with Jack Warner,Irene Handle and Diana Dors! - Rosie Davey (5 days ago)
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Clifton Rankin
A\"Makes Me Feel Very Old\" This Day in History: On November 15, 1932, in Epsom, United Kingdom, singer Petula Clark - Clifton Rankin (5 days ago)
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Chris Southon
Happy birthday Petula Clark, 85 today: star for over 70 years, still performing today; Pet in the Huggetts films; a - Chris Southon (5 days ago)
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Margaret McCarthy
Wishing you a very happy birthday from \'not-so-sunny\' Southend-on-Sea! - Margaret McCarthy (5 days ago)
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Assis Santos
November 15: Happy 85th Birthday to Petula Clark - Assis Santos (5 days ago)
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Terence Towles Canote
Happy birthday to Petula Clark. Here she is with \"Downtown\" via - Terence Towles Canote (5 days ago)
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Adam Gale
Happy 85th Birthday, Petula Clark CBE! - Adam Gale (5 days ago)
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The Hollywood Maven
Happy 85th Birthday, Petula Clark! Thanks for bringing us this classic song and performance. \"Downtown - no finer p - The Hollywood Maven (5 days ago)
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Al Sussman
Happy 85th Birthday to the most successful female artist of the British Invasion, Petula Clark, here with Jools Hol - Al Sussman (5 days ago)
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HAPPY Petula Clark (85), Daniel Barenboim (75), Frida (72), Alexander O\'Neal (64), Mitch Easter (63), J - Pauseandplay.com (5 days ago)
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Attila Ilkin
Happy Birthday Petula Clark. - Attila Ilkin (5 days ago)
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Happy birthday to Petula Clark. Photo (with Cilla Black & Sandie Shaw) by Fred Mott, c.1965. - RetroCo (5 days ago)
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Bob Wessel
via Happy Birthday Petula Clark 85 years young today. - Bob Wessel (5 days ago)
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Susan Longmore
Happy Birthday Petula Clark Who remembers \"Don\'t Sleep In The Subway\"? - Susan Longmore (5 days ago)
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Classic Movie Hub
Happy Birthday Singer Petula Clark! Born Nov 15, 1932 - 35+ film/tv roles including Goodbye Mr Chips and Finian\'s R - Classic Movie Hub (5 days ago)
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Mrs. Anne
Happy Birthday dear Petula Clark! - Mrs. Anne (5 days ago)
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DJ Mike C.
Happy 85th birthday to Miss Petula Clark. On tour now! - DJ Mike C. (5 days ago)
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Dean Lopata
Happy birthday Petula Clark via - Dean Lopata (5 days ago)
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Jonathan Winchell
Happy 85th birthday Petula Clark wish you the best. My favorite song is Downtown!! - Jonathan Winchell (5 days ago)
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Chaplin Music
Happy birthday to the one and only Petula Clark! - Chaplin Music (5 days ago)
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FoFrank Prk Arts Ctr
When you\'re alone and life is making you lonely You can always go DOWNTOWN Happy Birthday Petula Clark born Nov - FoFrank Prk Arts Ctr (5 days ago)
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Boss Boss Radio
A Big BOSS Happy Birthday to Petula Clark today from all of us a Boss Boss Radio! - Boss Boss Radio (5 days ago)
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Chase\'s Calendar
Happy birthday! Ed Asner, Daniel Barenboim, Petula Clark, Beverly D\'Angelo, Kevin Eubanks, Yaphet Kotto, Jonny Lee - Chase\'s Calendar (5 days ago)
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Patricia Nolan-Hall
Happy 85th birthday, PETULA CLARK! This is My Song: - Patricia Nolan-Hall (5 days ago)
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Today In History
Happy bday: Ed Asner 88, Petula Clark 85, Sam Waterson 77, Frida[ABBA]72, Rachel True 51, Ace Young 37, Lorena Ochoa 36, Shailene Woodley 26 - Today In History (5 days ago)
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lebeau\'s Le Blog
November 15: Happy Birthday Ed Asner and Petula Clark - lebeau\'s Le Blog (5 days ago)
birthday balloon

Jeffrey Jones
Happy birthday to Petula Clark! Downtown. original version via - Jeffrey Jones (5 days ago)
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S. Dansereau
We have this in common today, it\'s our birthday. Happy birthday to the lovely British actress and singer - S. Dansereau (5 days ago)

85 years old (Born on November 15, 1932)


Petula Clark's Best Moments

Happy birthday to Petula Clark. Photo (with Cilla Black & Sandie Shaw) by Fred Mott, c.1965.
Happy 85th birthday, PETULA CLARK! This is My Song:
Happy birthday, Petula Clark
Petula Clark - Happy Birthday! 

CARNET  : Happy Birthday to Petula Clark !  Now On
Happy Birthday to Petula Clark, Joe Leeway, Rick Kemp, Hank Wangford , Peter Dickinson
November 15: Happy Birthday Ed Asner and Petula Clark
A Big BOSS Happy Birthday to Petula Clark today from all of us a Boss Boss Radio!
Happy birthday to the one and only Petula Clark!
Happy Birthday dear Petula Clark!
Happy 85th Birthday, Petula Clark CBE!
Happy 85th Birthday Petula Clark!
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