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I passed the day before my birthday.. will never forget him. - A.Jaye (5 months ago)
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Loretta Narasimhan
Happy Birthday, Prince Charming! May u taste success n soar high, but plz don\'t let it go to ur head, stay the way u are :) - Loretta Narasimhan (6 months ago)
birthday balloon

Pince Rushikesh
happy birthday - Pince Rushikesh (6 months ago)
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Fée Uhssi
Happy 4th Birthday to my first prince Ilijah who is becoming a big boy and makes us so so - Fée Uhssi (6 months ago)
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Luckey chawariya
Happy Birthday prince charming.. - Luckey chawariya (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday \'Prince.\' Have a fab day, love you lots Xx - georgiaburgess (6 months ago)
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Tyrone McConkey
Happy 2nd birthday prince - Tyrone McConkey (6 months ago)
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Arbab Shahzad Khan
Happy birthday to the King of kings n prince of cinema may u have many many many more may u archive the sky - Arbab Shahzad Khan (6 months ago)
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Itu Makanaki! Prince of Akobo! Pablo Escobar! Too much money in my pocket! Happy Birthday! Long life and Prosperity! - Bewaji (6 months ago)
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(༎ຶ⌑༎ຶ) savanah !
Happy birthday, prince. - (༎ຶ⌑༎ຶ) savanah ! (6 months ago)
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fresh prince happy birthday Bruh, have a good one - Eto. (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday,Prince of Poland! - Ala (6 months ago)
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baby dory
Happy birthday my prince! I love you so much and I can\'t wait to get lit with you asap! - baby dory (6 months ago)
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Isaac Arefi
Happy birthday I hope you have a great day - Isaac Arefi (6 months ago)
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anna ✈️
Had a dream about Prince Harry, and the Queen wished me happy birthday for tomorrow even though it\'s not my birthday... - anna ✈️ (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Onyl. John Chester Zaragoza Jason Agana John Gabriel Cabacungan Michael Joshua Kiocho Cruz Prince... - DJosch_padar (6 months ago)
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Pubali MondaL
happy birthday superstar...we all love u..be happy my prince.. - Pubali MondaL (6 months ago)
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Kaitlyn Parrish
happy birthday Prince!!! - Kaitlyn Parrish (6 months ago)
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Jillian Mitchell
Happy Birthday my beautiful prince - Jillian Mitchell (6 months ago)
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CAMP0$ ⚽
happy birthday to the young prince - CAMP0$ ⚽ (6 months ago)
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Mostafa Salah
Happy birthday to my brother, the shawarma King, the falafel prince, the pizza emperor enjoy ur day - Mostafa Salah (6 months ago)
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happy birthday bro!!! Turn up - PRINCE ANGELUS (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my baby, my sweet angel, my prince, the love of my life, and my knight in shining armoir - lia (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Prince Charming Happy Birthday Ranveer Singh - HappyBirthdayRanveer (6 months ago)
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Olivia Anderson
Happy birthday Mundy!!! I hope you celebrate with prince and lots of wine - Olivia Anderson (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday Prince he is such a cancer 7/05 - LC (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to our dear Raven. Let\'s hope William gives her a better present this year. - GabrielSeriesPodcast (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my lil 4 year old prince - Raneem (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Ranveer Singh My handsome boy I really love you my prince God bless you - TAKADUM♡Pari♡MPB (6 months ago)
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Madi Holland
Happy birthday to my fav && rest in peace, my sweet angel prince - Madi Holland (6 months ago)
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Dommie Bahama
Happy Birthday Prince Rakeem (RZA) - Oooh We Love You Rakeem - Dommie Bahama (6 months ago)
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中島 杏実
Prince Of Volleyball happy birthday - 中島 杏実 (6 months ago)
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katie smith
Happy birthday sweet prince - katie smith (6 months ago)
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SRs FlorentineSeries
Happy Birthday Raven Wood! I do hope treats you to a great night! - SRs FlorentineSeries (6 months ago)
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happy 2nd birthday handsome little prince charming xxxxxx - CRAZY DEBORAH (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Bob Digi, The Razor, Prince Rakeem the man they call - lineforline (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to my son Riley Michael Prince!... - Nick-The-Quick (6 months ago)
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Seni Lafoou
Happy Birthday to this lil prince of flowers Who\'s majorly - Seni Lafoou (6 months ago)
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Tomy Bawulang
Happy birthday my Prince Sandy Bawulang ... Grow stronger and wiser every single day... We love you and proud of... - Tomy Bawulang (6 months ago)
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Michael Gibson
Happy birthday Prince Rakeem - Michael Gibson (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to our \"Prince\" G! - BeautifulDisaster (6 months ago)
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Chris Cornell
Happy birthday boner prince - Chris Cornell (6 months ago)
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Hrh Eze Dr.H.U.Chuma
My guy.... My Prince..... My boy added one today.... Happy Birthday my Man... Chukwu gozie gi..... Dubegi... - Hrh Eze Dr.H.U.Chuma (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Prince Rakeem! - ❄NORTHERN⭐LIGHT❄ (6 months ago)
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Marcus Bryson
Happy bday mac dre T.I.P - Marcus Bryson (6 months ago)
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Stop what you\'re doing and wish my Prince Koah a Happy Birthday. - DW (6 months ago)
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HiBa HBD Ranveer
Happy Birthday Ranveer Singh my prince , king of our hearts - HiBa HBD Ranveer (6 months ago)
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Have offended the prince because I have yet to call and officially wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY and he is not happy (2/5) - EngelbertHumperdinck (6 months ago)
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Befikre 619
Happy birthday King of bollywood and heart prince of Romance wish all the best and success to come i love you befikre 9dc - Befikre 619 (6 months ago)
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kumari sundari
Happy Birthday mymboo, my prince, my hero, and my best partner (with ronnypandhika) [pic] - kumari sundari (6 months ago)

58 years old (Born on June 07, 1958)

Purple Rain

Prince's Best Moments

Happy Birthday, Prince. You\re sorely missed, but still here with us.
Happy birthday See photos of the 27-year-old star with all his famous friends:
Happy 33rd birthday and Father\s Day to Prince William! See his gorgeous family pics
A very happy 94th birthday to HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
Happy 95th birthday to Prince Philip!
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest musicians of our generation. Prince Rogers Nelson.
Happy Birthday to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge!
Happy 34th birthday, Prince William!
Happy birthday, Prince Philip! The Queen\s husband turns 95 on Friday!  via
Happy birthday prince
Today would have been Prince\s 58th birthday. Happy birthday to a musical legend and rest in peace.
Happy 90th & 95th birthday to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip
When the elevator tries to take you down 
Punch a higher floor!
Happy birthday, Prince.
Happy birthday Prince !!!!! I Cant believe he is 8 years old already !!!!! Ahhhhhhh !!!!!
The Royal Hashemite Court wishes His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II a Happy 21st birthday
SM: Happy 57th Birthday, Prince! See His 5 Most Memorable Career Moments
Happy Birthday to Sir Christopher Lee, one of the greatest of Horror! Official poster here:
Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia share stunning new portraits with four-week-old son
                            ,              Happy birthday 2our Young,handsome Crown Prince
Lol  Happy birthday Prince!

Never leave your girl around the Purple One:
Happy 26th Birthday to Prince\s drummer in 3rdEyeGirl, Hannah Welton.
Happy birthday to the one and only
Happy 33rd birthday, Prince William! Here are some of the Royal\s funniest quotes:
Happy birthday, Prince! Reflect on his legacy, sing his songs and dance in the rain to honor the late legend. <3
Hoje é o dia do nosso Little Prince (já nem tão little assim rs)
Happy Bday
Happy Birthday Terry. You were a prince, a hero gone too soon.
. \"Jordan\s \Fresh\ Crown Prince Turns 21\"  Happy Birthday to HRH Crown Prince Hussein!
Happy 94th birthday, Prince Philip. Here are his most astonishing gaffes
Happy birthday Prince!!
Happy birthday Dinner time!
Happy belated 63rd birthday to Pierced Brosnan, or Prince Albert as he is known to friends.
There\s nothing I do musically that he hasn\t influenced. Happy Birthday   I live it everyday
New portrait released for Queen\s 90th birthday (and happy 95th to Prince Philip too)
Happy Birthday my painful frog prince
JJCC     : Happy Birthday Prince~
Duchess of Cambridge is happy in red at Queen\s 90th birthday celebrations tonight:
Happy Father\s Day & Birthday to this prince of a dad!
Happy birthday   \" taisuke .F : 29th
my prince   special day ... and 14
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the ALWAYS fab EJ Johnson (
Happy Birthday Lee Min Ho *28 Juni 1993* (Rooftop Prince,The Moon Embraces The Sun)   hayo kapan nih comebacknya~
Happy birthday to my lil 4 year old prince
Happy birthday to our dearest Henry Prince Mak~ Please take the time to read this. Thank you~
Happy birthday Prince!  B sure 2 check our FB page regularly thru the duration of June 7th! ;)
(        )
Happy Birthday, Tomato Prince Leon!!
No.1 My Prince
Happy Birthday 30years old 30        5     2                  NEWS
Happy birthday for the salt prince~
It\s a royal birthday + it\s not only the Queen who\s celebrating. Happy Birthday to the Prince of Perth: Mr Fasolo!
  AARP wishes Prince a very happy 57th birthday! >>
Sending a very Happy Birthday to Today the star turns 24.
Harry wore the prince jacket aka one of my most favorite pieces of his clothing on my birthdAY, ah i am very happy
\" Happy birthday to our Prince of South African Television .      the best! Ayoba
VIDEO: Crows sings Happy Birthday as The Queen and Prince Philip travel down The Mall
Happy Birthday... My Prince.. Takakisa Masuda
Happy Birthday, Prince!
Happy birthday to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, beloved author of \"Le Petit Prince,\" born on this day in 1900.
Happy Birthday Let\s celebrate >
Happy Birthday to one of the funkiest men on the planet, Prince.
Happy birthday Thom!! It seems like just yesterday that you were the Prince Eric to my Ariel I love you!!!
Successful surprise!! Happy birthday to our favorite Prince!!!!!!! OMG ur a king now
My prince            HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Happy birthday to the buffest Indian prince around. here\s a thirst trap.
Happy Birthday Check out this classic duet with
Wishing Dynamic Prince A Very Happy Birthday..!!
Happy Birthday

my Prince
My prince Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to  and the late It\s a talent trifecta!
Happy 37th birthday to Prince Carl Philip of Sweden! For 7 months under primogeniture, he was Crown Prince & heir.
 Happy Birthday Prince Mak
 My prince        Happy Birthday 30
Happy Birthday Skipper I will always luv u
Happy Birthday, our prince Khunnie! Love you, Mr Wonderful!
 T A K A H I S A  M A S U D A Happy Birthday      .     .      .      30         (^o^)
Happy Birthday Raven Wood!  I do hope treats you to a great night!
 happy birthday to the Indian prince
Happy birthday former striker. \Prince of Monaco.\ Thanks for the memories.
Happy birthday to my Prince!! Love you so much my little sausage
Happy Birthday to my Prince Charming . Thanks for being an amazing boyfriend .I Love you baby
Happy Birthday to Prince.

You need to see his purple badness lay down a bass groove:
Happy birthday to our friend   Our boy Prince hopes you have a pawesome day!
Happy birthday buddy from producer prince pictures Lakshman !
Happy birthday to Prince Of Darkness, the great Miles Davis (May 25, 1926 - September 28, 1991).
Happy birthday to my home dog prince
Happy 17th Birthday to my baby boy Prince \"Bubba\" Bolden !! Enjoy son!
Happy birthday to the late Prince. Here are just 10 of his greatest lines:
My Prince  Happy Birthday                                                       17
Happy Birthday My Prince.
A true prince is fitted with crown from a king! Happy Birthday Tashaun Jr (aka Tut).
Happy Birthday PRINCE Roger NELSON 0(+>
Happy Birthday Prince!
Happy birthday to the best mom
06.25 happy birthday       29                                                 prince       LIVE
Happy 6years anniversary & birthday Prince Charming
A happy birthday shout to our friend in the drummer for (RIP) + more,
Happy birthday to Dynamic Prince  Best wishes from  fans
Happy birthday Prince, you tiny wee weirdo
A very happy birthday to born this day (1958) in
Happy birthday prince
New Photos released to Celebrate Prince Carl Philip\s 37th Birthday today! Happy Birthday to the new Daddy!
Happy birthday to the Nigerian prince himself
Happy birthday to my bro, thanks for all the good memories these past few years
My Prince                Happy Birthday
We should have been wishing him a happy birthday today! He would have turned RIP
Happy 15th birthday sweet prince
Happy birthday Prince. Born on this day 7th June 1958.
Happy Birthday, Prince! This alum has SO many hits! Share your fave song using
Happy birthday to the prince of pelt himself
Happy birthday to my bro prince!
Happy birthday moi moi!! have a great day u pretty prince  luv u s\much!!!!
Happy Birthday you would have been 58 today
Happy 13 Week Birthday to my Bae Libby the Prince of the Forest jus tlook at that face
Happy Birthday my prince
Happy Birthday Sonakshi Sinha from fans of sir ^_^   :)
Happy 57th birthday to Prince! Singer-songwriter and a major figure in popular music for over three decades.
Happy Birthday - born June 7, 1958. He is accomplished on growing up with Classical dad
Happy Birthday you crazy little man you.
 Happy birthday to PRAIRIE PRINCE, first drummer of
Im late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO here\s your prince in his Superior form <3
 happy bday mom
Happy Birthday to my African Prince     . You\re every that I can ever ask for and more  . Love you
   happy birthday cyndi have a great your day ! from your prince
Happy Birthday to my Prince Charming
Happy Birthday Prince
Happy birthday my little prince i love you so much God Bless You baby brother
Happy Birthday Prince!!!
Happy Birthday Prince
Happy birthday to my Prince Charming. We have so many memories, but my favorite one was falling in love with you.
Happy birthday you\re such an asshole for abandoning me I hate you bitch how could you do this to me
HAPPY BDAY KURT!! I hope you have a great day and never forget that you\re a prince
Happy Birthday lovely prince  Be happy and healthy plz ^-^

Happy Birthday   !!

30th love you 4ever
Happy bday MoNeach! hope it\s great. Here\s a picture of a sexy bleached prince for you
      happy birthday                                                                       1
On 7th June 1958 we received a very special gift. Happy birthday and thank you for the music. X
Happy 57th birthday Rogers Nelson. May the funk be with you.
Happy birthday, Prince. Yes, I promise to throw another Prince party next year, as I skipped this year.
       Happy Birthday:D                                           My Prince is Ayumu:) Only you<3
Hnd ko alam kung prince ka ba or princess haha pero alam mo na naman ung nobela ko So happy birthday
Happy birthday to my brother
Happy birthday to no other than our Prince Light. No amount of words can explain our love for you
Happy Birthday sweet prince I hope you\re smiling lots, you deserve the best most fun day!!
Happy Birthday to the late & great We\ll be paying respect on w/ an hour of Prince tunes @ 11:57am,
Happy 58th birthday Prince. You are loved and missed. Rest in Purple.
Happy Birthday to the Purple Legend forever in our hearts, Prince. Here\s one for the record
Happy Birthday to the sweet prince have a meme filled day! Here are pics of the special boy
Happy birthday you flawless prince love you to the moon & back a million times      letz turn up
Happy Birthday The mustache Nick to my fat Schmidt.
Happy Birthday to CB, Prince Amukamara!
Happy 57th Birthday to the one and only Let\s Party Up
Happy Birthday to the indefinable artist currently known as - Prince.
Happy birthday to this fantastic person! I hope your birthday is better than  macaroons & le petit prince combined
Happy Birthday Prince  love ya & have a great day at work
 Birthday prince   bye 15 16
[ ]
Happy 27th birthday to my prince, love you G
(click for better view)
happy birthday sparkle prince, here\s some new stylin\ clothes
Happy birthday prince
Happy birthday to a man that\s given me so much...he\ll forever be
Happy birthday little krish!!  Lots of love!!
Happy birthday to our sweet water prince!!    all the saba and love for you
My baby would\ve been 12 today, happy birthday Prince
Happy Birthday Prince!
  Happy Birthday to singer, songwriter, musician Prince Rogers Nelson!
Happy 57th birthday to Prince!
 We don\t give a damn. We just wanna jam. Party up. Happy Birthday Prince!
Happy Birthday to Prince, leader of all Gemini kind.
Happy birthday Prince :-)
4 months Rollin\       . Happy birthday bro!
Quick doodle because happy birthday my dear spaghetti prince
Happy 4the birthday to my prince that I miss Oh so much!
Happy birthday!my prince!                                  1
Happy Birthday Six Prince          6                   .*
Happy birthday to my sweet Prince Charming. I love you more than life
Happy Birthday Our Lill Charming Prince Abram day
Happy birthday Prince
Once Again Happy Birthday Caroline , My Prince Sister ! Stay Pretty ILYSMMMM   LOVE YOUUU
Happy Birthday to our amazing Mummy we love you lots   - Prince & Jake x
Happy birthday, sweet prince
Happy birthday my prince I wish you much happiness and good luck.
Happy birthday young prince        I pray for many more!!
Happy Birthday to the true Prince
I may find a prince someday, but you\ll always be my king. Happy Birthday Dad
It\s officially 4 ever & ever! Happy Birthday Beautiful One
The Angels are singing on Purple Clouds for the beautiful one. Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday my Prince Charming   Just keep shining & smiling ..thats enough for me
Happy birthday, Prince Philip!
Hommage à Odette Roy Fombrun 
Happy Birthday (born 13 June 1917, Port-au-Prince): writer& intellectual.
Happy belated birthday to my dog Prince, ur a cool dog
     Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Kazunari Ninomiya my prince  Always thank you very much.
I\ll also follow now.
. Happy Birthday My Prince     ( ) >> 33th

.     .
Happy birthday my little prince! I wish you all the best
Happy birthday Tyler from cookout / Prince Eric / Sport/ Vape God !
Happy bday to my son son. Prince Terrell! I love you see you in a few
Happy Birthday Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II! We wish you the best to come your way the upcoming years!
Happy Birthday Twins!!!
Happy 101st birthday, Margaret!
[TRANS] \"Happy birthday Prince of the Mirror
Happy birthday to my ball of fluff, Prince!!!
Prince exclusive 0
Prince sexy 1
prince george christmas 2
Prince full body 3

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