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Mell - Maryland
I Will Always #Adore you #PRINCE! Thank you for the music and memories! Saw you in Baltimore ’15, you were amazing! - Mell - Maryland (2 weeks ago)
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Gidget Bowden
Hope you celebrated. Happy birthday, Prince William! To celebrate, look back at his life in the royal spotlight:... - Gidget Bowden (21 hours ago)
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Denisse Santos
Happy birthday Imy na see you soon pls! - Denisse Santos (21 hours ago)
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!!!! Happy Birthday - ❥Non・。:*.。.:*❥ (21 hours ago)
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Happy Birthday Arron - kenmanzano (21 hours ago)
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Charles Alalibo
But today is someone\'s birthday and she\'s a heart of God and that person is my mum. Thanks for what you have done for me. Happy birthday. - Charles Alalibo (21 hours ago)
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Happy birthday to my lil prince - christine (21 hours ago)
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Melissa Langley
Happy Birthday Prince William Duke of Cambridge.Hope you have a great day. All the best to you all.Blessings. - Melissa Langley (22 hours ago)
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Sylvia A. Ryndock
Happy Birthday to my Friend, Man and Boyfriend, Prince, Husband, - Sylvia A. Ryndock (22 hours ago)
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Happy bday to my TILLS G love you more than Sam Prince ! come thru xxxxxxxxxx - millie (22 hours ago)
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Happy Birthday Prince of Imo Clipse soldier, more blessings - clipsemusic (22 hours ago)
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Esquadrão Suicida Happy Birthday My Prince - Prodigiofs (23 hours ago)
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Happy Birthday Histo study buddy!! Thanks for the motivational talks. Always here for you. Stay jolly! - Tasha (1 day ago)
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Happy birthday stay beautiful! God bless you. - KEKS (1 day ago)
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Pearl Chidinmaogbulu
Happy birthday to the most charming prince . Words cannot explain how much I want - Pearl Chidinmaogbulu (1 day ago)
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tino basil muñyoro
Happy birthday munin\'ina wangu Prince McLeish Gonoe , nehutema hwedu ihwohwo mwari arikutitendera kukura pakati... - tino basil muñyoro (1 day ago)
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Aron Baker
Happy Birthday to me! Purple Rain Deluxe (Expanded Edition) - Aron Baker (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday BRAWADIS! - ProdigyProv (1 day ago)
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Happy bday to the one who makes me laugh like a little kid & brings out my inner weird hehe will always be fond & p - Salt (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday to my blood brother from another mother Prince Oladunjoye Opeyemi Emmanuel, May your days on earth... - Horluwardarmilarey (1 day ago)
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† Thivya Siva †
happy birthday Prince Charming always will love you the same - † Thivya Siva † (1 day ago)
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Cristina Lopez
Happy birthday Prince William!!! - Cristina Lopez (1 day ago)
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Gab Gonzales
Happy Birthday and You guys are a blessing to the Taft Fam! :) - Gab Gonzales (1 day ago)
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happy birthday prince! - JUNE23RD♋️ (1 day ago)
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This month is birthday month. He will always be loved and remembered. Happy birthday & thank you for the - Kirsty (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday 1 - 香純【Kasumi】 (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday - えり (1 day ago)
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Happy early birthday prince$$ - 22 (1 day ago)
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happy birthday prince!!! omg our birthdays are one day apart lang hahaha - rigel (1 day ago)
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Ive Rodriguez
And you wonder why I love him so much. My Prince wishing Grandma a Happy Birthday. My heart - Ive Rodriguez (1 day ago)
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[Wonderstaff] Jibaku
HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY MY SWEET PRINCE, I WISH FOR NOTHING BUT YOUR HAPPINESS. now buy me lunch for me entering that PC. Chop Chop. - [Wonderstaff] Jibaku (1 day ago)
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D.V Of A.G.R
happy late bday - D.V Of A.G.R (1 day ago)
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Hannah Shanae
Happy Birthday, I hope you had a great day! I miss not being able to torture you with snap filters. f - Hannah Shanae (1 day ago)
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Prince and Princess
happy birthday!!!!!! - Prince and Princess (1 day ago)
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Jericho Mendoza
hbd HAHA jk happy birthday prince!!! - Jericho Mendoza (1 day ago)
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Happy bday to my prince, Gill and eve love u also - Meg (1 day ago)
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Parents Magazine
Please RT? Happy birthday, Prince George! A look back at his first three... - Parents Magazine (1 day ago)
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Rocky Kanaka
Awesome Happy BDay Prince! - Rocky Kanaka (1 day ago)
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Rosie Malaga
Happy birthday my prince Jason. Much love from your parents - Rosie Malaga (1 day ago)
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Michelle McCall
Happy birthday Prince William! - Michelle McCall (1 day ago)
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Happy birthday prince William - Tasnimah (1 day ago)
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Patrick Herbert Jr.
Happy Birthday Haley!!! - Patrick Herbert Jr. (1 day ago)
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Lord Engmatik
Mi è piaciuto un video di Happy Birthday Prince William,Duke of Cambridge, The caring & lovin\' - Lord Engmatik (1 day ago)
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Really? I thought you will say happy BDay to prince Williams and Edward Snowden! - S.G. (1 day ago)
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Logan Richards
Ayyy happy birthday brotha! Make Gav spoil the shit out of you - Logan Richards (1 day ago)
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Clips Every Show
Happy 35th Birthday Prince William! adorable photos of him matching his son Prince George: via - Clips Every Show (1 day ago)
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Cheryl Wilson
aww happy birthday prince I\'m sure your roomies helped - Cheryl Wilson (1 day ago)
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Prince William-Duke Of Cambridge Happy Belated Birthday. What a Fathers week you have with you & your daughters... - Deni (1 day ago)
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Today a prince is born and it\'s you I wish you a happy birthday filled with love and joy I love you and big kisses of Morocco - Directioner4ever (1 day ago)
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Happy 35th Birthday, Prince William! - GERA (1 day ago)

59 years old (Born on June 07, 1958)

Purple Rain

Prince's Best Moments

Happy 35th birthday, Prince William!
Happy 35th birthday Prince William! See his life in photos:
Prince would\ve been 59 today.
Happy birthday to a legend!
On this day in 1958, a legend was born. Prince would have turned 59 today. 

Happy birthday to The Purple One.
Happy birthday, Prince.
(A belated) Happy Birthday, my sweet goth prince
Wishing a beautiful Happy Birthday to our beloved Crown Prince Moulay Hassan!!!
Esquadrão Suicida   Happy Birthday My Prince
Happy Birthday to Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Philip!
Wishing stylish \s prince a very happy birthday !!
Happy Birthday to my spiritual teacher, our ancestor, our Black shining prince.
Happy Birthday to the legendary Prince
Happy Birthday     Don\t Cry Again
Happy birthday   my prince HAYATO san
Happy birthday to Prince of Brighton. Long may he reign
[f/a] ref photo: | happy birthday to the ethereal prince of china!
Dad, I may have found my prince but you will always be my king. Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Prince...
Bull elephant Prince turns 30 this month!
                                                                happy birthday u bastard
Today we celebrate what would ve been Prince s 59th birthday. Happy birthday to The Purple One.
Happy birthday to the prince of china!
2017.5.16   30 Orange prince    Happy Birthday
We miss u, Prince. Happy Birthday <3
Join us in wishing a very happy birthday
KimVFields: Happy Birthday. The mold was broken no, shattered, when you were created. prince
Happy birthday to the best baby daddy I know. Thank u for being an amazing father to our prince.
Happy birthday sweet prince
Happy birthday, o prince of American Muslims.
Happy Birthday
Prince Nicolas turns 2 today. Happy birthday!!
Happy Birthday to our dark but oh sexy prince, Christian Grey!
Happy birthday prince
Happy birthday sweet Cheatsy, prince of selfie companionship. Love you bb
Happy birthday, Prince: Revisit four decades of City Pages stories
 May 16th   
Happy Birthday  My prince(32)  I\m  loving  you
Happy bday to my prince!  Thanks for bringing colors into my life.. You deserve the best!
Fist bumps all around for - it\s his birthday!

Happy birthday, big man!
Happy birthday to the day one
[FA] happy birthday, my little prince
\"wanna take a birthday selfie with me?\" 
\"nope get away from me\" 
happy birthday sweet prince love u too
Happy heavenly birthday Prince!
Happy Birthday. We miss you!
Happy Birthday My prince             8                  0509
Today in Music History: Happy 55th Birthday, Dave Gahan.
Happy birthday sweet prince, hope you have the best day love you lots xxx
Happy birthday sweet prince
  Happy Birthday my prince   part
Happy Birthday my Prince
Happy Birthday, Prince. 

Seen here in his 1986 directorial debut, UNDER THE CHERRY MOON.
Happy Birthday, Prince!
Happy 59th Birthday to the legend. The Purple Passion will live on infinitely in all of us
Happy birthday to the prince of china!!
 Happy Birthday Josh! My Shadey Prince.
Happy 4th birthday to my tiny prince
Happy birthday sweet prince.
Happy birthday to Prince Charming    have a good day beautiful
Happy birthday, Prince. Thank you for everything.
I miss my friend..but not his day. Happy BDay Prince Rogers Nelson.
Happy Birthday, Prince!
Happy birthday  Crown Prince more candles to blow,stay healthy..God bless you  we love you
Happy Birthday weaboo prince, Nagi Rokuya!!!!
Wishing you very Happy birthday ka    wishes behalf of prince fans Stay Happy always
 happy birthday bro! Have a good one fam  known u since grade 8 man made some crazy memories live it up
    Happy Birthday
 My prince Happy Birthday
Happy birthday sweet prince
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCE ERIC!!! Hope you have a great day!!!!
Happy Birthday & Miss U !!
Happy Birthday Jaipur ... and the lovely little purple prince of funk too
Today, would have been 59. Happy birthday to the forever legend.
Happy Birthday, PRINCE!
When you died, did the world cry and the doves, too.. ?
Happy Birthday up there, Prince.
Happy birthday to the King of Rats, but the Prince of Pump
Happy birthday melissa!!!     but more importantly happy birthday to the loml prince char from ella enchanted
Wishing You Many More Happy Birthday    Behalf Prince Anna fans!
Happy Birthday my baby Yamachan. Jump\s Prince, Jump\s Ikemen, Jump\s Center. I love you to the moon and back
Happy birthday !!
Happy birthday buddy
    my prince.       Happy Birthday!!! 32
Happy birthday to Prince\s successor
Happiest 4th Birthday to Our Prince  , Loves u lot have an heatly & Happy Year Ahead
Happy birthday to this man, have fun not having to sneak into R movies like the rest of us young\ns
Happy Birthday Thank U 4 the endless tracks you left behind!
Happy bday prince you\re still immortal here
Happy Birthday Prince
Happy Birthday Prince We miss U Cuz nothing compares 2U
Happy Birthday Prince
Happy birthday to Prince
Happy birthday to an idol & someone who has made way for creatives like I -
Happy Birthday lets ball soon hahaha see yah next week classmate
Happy 2nd Birthday Prince Nicolas! 
Photos: Kate Gabor/Kungahuset.se + Princess Madeleine of Sweden via Facebook
Happy bday my sexy Spanish prince, you\re so annoying but still love u  xxx
Happy bday prince charming
Happy birthday to our adorable Little Prince Kim Ryeowook
                 Happy bday to our beloved Junes prince!!
Thecambridgees:  ? Happy 35th Birthday Prince William.(b.june 21,198...
Happy Birthday to the best person I have ever met.  My grandpa. Beiman Otis Prince. Miss you!
Happy Birthday baud
Happy birthday Corey!!
Happy Birthday To Prince Of This Princess
Happy birthday to Vic aka !!!!
Happy birthday sweet prince !!! Thank you for all you do :)
Happy birthday to a straight baller enjoy it
Tadayoshi  Okura Happy Birthday                                     My Prince 32th OMEDETO
,            Happy Birthday 31
Happy birthday cutest baby.. May God bless you,..   . 
HBD Charming Prince AbRam
Happy Birthday to our little prince charming Oliver
My aesthetic is Mel B talking to Prince about birthdays. Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday bro!
Happy birthday!! Wish I could celebrate with you but make it a good one!!!
Been about you since i met you happy 17th birthday, nani xoxo -vespucci
   Happy Birthday!!                          prince
Happy Birthday to the Prince himself can\t wait to be roommates with you next year
Happy Birthday Gemini Mr.Prince is officially 13 years old today !      My Ride & Die
It\s after midnight here in New York, which means it\s Happy Birthday, sweet Prince.
Happy Birthday to the one and only    Dance tonight like it\s 1999 in heaven tonight!
  Happy Birthday Prince
Happy Bday Prince Rogers Nelson
Happy Birthday Prince.
Happy Birthday
Happy 48th birthday to His Royal Highness Prince Joachim of Denmark!
Happy Birthday   Giving Honor & Celebration to You and Your Contribution to the World Thank You
Happy Birthday brotha   .
 Happy birthday Prince have a delicious day xx
Happy 20th birthday to this Nigerian Prince. Hope a Latina comes your way.
Happy birthday to Prince Hoshi
Happy Birthday to our one and only crown prince
Happy BirthDay , bestfriend of our prince Kim Taehyung
Happy birthday my precious and cutie prince, I love you so much
 Happy late birthday! I hope it was amazing.
Happy Birthday Yay ~friendship~! See you in July? Yes?
Happy birthday
Happy birthday bro
 happy birthday prince u da man
Happy Birthday  My forever Prince Charming
Happy happy birthday to my all time
fav.hero, Prince Charming
ilayathalapathy Vijay..  U
always will be the best!
Happy Birthday Prince!
Happy birthday  Sir on behalf of all  anna fans
              (  )  happy birthday
Happy birthday buddy.  hope mr. kim gives u a nice break from all that ass fucking.   !!!!
Happy bday my prince, I\ll always love you and support you.
 Happy birthday Prince Royce
One more time happy birthday prince Royce and I love you and happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Prince
Happy birthday to the most beautiful soul in this world the prince of prince ily
 Happy birthday brother wishes by  Anna fans
Happy birthday to my little prince. Right now for two years you are born and we love you so much
Happy birthday to our noble prince
Happy belated bday to my soft prince i loveu
Happy Birthday mam    behalf of all  anna fans
Happy birthday little prince!!
Happy birthday ma little prince
Happy Birthday, Sweet Prince.
Happy 4th Birthday Little Prince AbRam Khan
Happy 18th birthday, sweet prince
Happy 30th birthday Prince! What a fine fella you are
Happy birthday I love u Persian prince
Happy Birthday my lovely vampire prince
 °  happy 23rd birthday to this beautiful disney prince
  2017/06/03( )     Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to my hero, my prince, and my angle, that I call daddy.
Happy birthday, baby
Happy birthday we miss you
Happy birthday to Prince Rogers Nelson. Hope you\re sleeping well
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCE!! Forever loved and missed!!
Happy birthday ...you are gone but never forgotten...i still like the song  kiss
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to Prince Rogers Nelson, greatest to ever do it. In his own words: \"Don\t hate, celebrate.\"
Legends never die, Happy Birthday Prince
Happy Birthday, Prince
Happy Birthday Prince 
You Are Forever In Our Hearts & You Are Greatly Missed xoxo
Happy Birthday and Rest in Peace to the LEGENDARY PRINCE!
Today (6/7/17) would\ve been Prince\s 59th birthday. Happy
Happy birthday to one of the greatest of all time, Mr. Purple Rain, the Prince of our lives
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest singers, songwriters & performers of all time..Prince !
Happy Birthday Prince!
Happy Birthday Prince!
Paisley Park is in Our Hearts. Love, Dr. Fink
Happy Birthday 
Prince Rogers Nelson 
Miss you
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Prince! Thank you for your musical legacy.
Tommies love purple everyday. Sending out extra love today for Prince. Happy Birthday.
 Birthday   Oh We love you and miss you !
Gone far too soon! Happy birthday Prince!
Happy 59th birthday Prince, we love and miss you
Happy Birthday, Prince!
Happy Birthday Prince
In honor of the legend himself. happy 59th birthday.
In Memoriam of the late and great Prince. Happy Birthday and RIP.
Happy Funkin\ Birthday! 
(Jun 07,1958 - Apr 21, 2016)
Happy Birthday Prince. I think Heaven is Purple Rain.
 Happy Heavenly Birthday Prince
Happy birthday sweet Loved your sexy, indeed.
  \"If the elevator tries to break you down, go crazy, punch the highest floor!\" Happy birthday up there, Prince.
Thank you for the love, the music, the inspiration. You will be missed forever. 

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Prince. You made so many wonderful things and inspired so many more.
Prince exclusive 0
Prince sexy 1
prince george christmas 2
Prince full body 3

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