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Armani B
Happy Birthday to the great Quincy Jones! - Armani B (6 days ago)
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Chananada Hill
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Quincy Jones!! - Chananada Hill (6 days ago)
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RE: HBMJ)) Happy Birthday Mr. Quincy Jones. What do you give a man that has e - Joy (6 days ago)
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Mike Midas
Baaadbooooyyy.... Enjoy y\'all. Oh yeah, happy birthday to Quincy Jones, btw. Outliving all the - Mike Midas (6 days ago)
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Michele Nottingham
\"Baby Come to Me\" is one of my many favorite songs of Quincy Jones. Happy Birthday - Michele Nottingham (6 days ago)
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La Frou Frou Fatale™
Happy Birthday Quincy Jones @ Berkeley Park - La Frou Frou Fatale™ (6 days ago)
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Mike Brown
Happy Birthday Quincy Jones. I think should do something to honor this wonderful day, Rashida. - Mike Brown (6 days ago)
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Gilbert Gottfried
Happy Birthday Quincy Jones. Thank you for giving me nightmares of sex between Marlon Brando and Richard Pryor. - Gilbert Gottfried (6 days ago)
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Zim Ahmadi
Happy belated birthday, Quincy Jones! Legendary producer with a mouth always ready to spit out some scandalous rema - Zim Ahmadi (6 days ago)
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Priyanka Charak
A very happy birthday Quincy Jones! - Priyanka Charak (1 week ago)
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Jacob Collier Quincy Jones Happy Birthday Quincy Jones - むかいのりこ (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday to Legends Quincy Jones and Michael Caine, They Each Turn 85 Today! - Kirk (1 week ago)
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Frank Murphy
Bless Happy Birthday to a Perfect Gentleman! Quincy Jones You Welcome me up to your Ma - Frank Murphy (1 week ago)
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Marina Carr
Happy Birthday Quincy Jones - Marina Carr (1 week ago)
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Abbe Buck
Happy Birthday, Q. And what a legacy! - Abbe Buck (1 week ago)
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Chloe Sylvers
Happy 85th Birthday Quincy Jones! Who can name his movie scores or songs he\'s associated with? - Chloe Sylvers (1 week ago)
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Scott Mair
Happy birthday to legendary musician and producer Quincy Jones. I hope you have a wonderful day and m - Scott Mair (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday to an institution in the entertainment industry, QUINCY JONES! What an amazing life! What an amazin - RealGilbertACP (1 week ago)
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Angel Morsi
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR QUINCY JONES! - Angel Morsi (1 week ago)
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Rea Davis
Happy birthday \"You\'ve got to respect the gift God gave you by learning your craft.\" - Quincy Jon - Rea Davis (1 week ago)
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Heidi Lamb
Happy Birthday, Quincy Jones!! All the best! - Heidi Lamb (1 week ago)
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Happy 85th Birthday to musician, composer arranger and producer Quincy Jones. Raised in Seattle, Was - SCA (1 week ago)
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Rae Diallo
Quincy Jones Big Band in Belgium via birthday to Quincy Jones!*** - Rae Diallo (1 week ago)
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\"Q\" aka \"That\'s the Dude\" - Free1mind (1 week ago)
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Majic 94.5
Happy Birthday - Majic 94.5 (1 week ago)
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Edwin Tito Asencio
Happy birthday Quincy Jones - Edwin Tito Asencio (1 week ago)
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Natasha Langlois
This Happy birthday tribute post is lit AND interesting - Natasha Langlois (1 week ago)
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Mari F
Happy birthday Quincy Jones! Wow, what a life he s living. Props to Quincy! - Mari F (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday to legend himself Quincy Jones. One the best producers ever . Don t wait until - A.King (1 week ago)
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Jessica Ritchey
Happy Birthday Quincy Jones, a soundtrack I\'ve been spinning a lot lately, - Jessica Ritchey (1 week ago)
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Michelle Petersen
Happy birthday to the legendary Quincy Jones, thank you for the soul & funk sir x - Michelle Petersen (1 week ago)
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Regrann from - Happy Bday to THE GOAT, Quincy Jones!!! - - 葛葉雅彦 (1 week ago)
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rhonda finlayson
Happy Birthday Quincy Jones. Maestro of music. Really enjoy your once an Earthly year day, - rhonda finlayson (1 week ago)
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Budgies & Pat
Wishing MR QUINCY JONES a blessed new year on his birthday with i - Budgies & Pat (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday to giuseppe crespi, casey jones, albert einstein, diane arbus, michael caine, quincy jones, eleanor - sean (1 week ago)
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Assis Santos
March, 14th: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to QUINCY JONES. - Assis Santos (1 week ago)
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Weekend Top30
Happy Birthday to 28 time Grammy winner, the man who produced Thriller and Off The Wall Quincy Jon - Weekend Top30 (1 week ago)
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Anton Seutter
Steps of Fame wish our most honourable awardee Mr. Quincy Jones a Happy Birthday ! - Anton Seutter (1 week ago)
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Frank Malfitano
Happy 85th Birthday to the multitalented, groundbreaking Quincy Jones (not to mention recent wacky interviews!) - Frank Malfitano (1 week ago)
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mario alvarez
Happy Birthday Quincy Jones !! Starry Night (featuring Quincy Jones, Mac Mall & Rashida Jones) via - mario alvarez (1 week ago)
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Stephen Paul II
Happy birthday to Quincy Jones. Greatest producer of all time. - Stephen Paul II (1 week ago)
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Very Verbena
Happy birthday Quincy Jones! - Very Verbena (1 week ago)
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RaVal Davis
That time Quincy Jones said to me \"Say... What\'s your sign?\" happy bday to the original cat daddy. - RaVal Davis (1 week ago)
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Craig Wiggins
I want to wish a Happy Birthday to legendary producer Quincy Jones..It\'s an honor and privilege sharinf the same birthday.. - Craig Wiggins (1 week ago)
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A Happy 85th Birthday to Quincy Jones. Explore +3,000 (!) samples, covers and remixes from his vast discography: - WhoSampled (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday to The Dude - Quincy Jones Quincy Delight Jones Jr. was born in Chicago, Illinois on this date... - maxxmyrick (1 week ago)
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Sonya Olds Som
Me: Happy Birthday, Quincy Jones! Them: Why are you on message? Don\'t you have work to do? Me: Great question! Gre - Sonya Olds Som (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday! Michael Caine born, 1933 Quincy Jones born, 1933 Billy Crystal born, 1947 - Andre (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday blessings to Mr Quincy Jones - PAULINE (1 week ago)
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Happy 85th birthday to Quincy Jones. He\'s worked with everyone and discovered and supported so much wonderful... - JazzCorner.com (1 week ago)

85 years old (Born on March 14, 1933)

Show business legend, produced `Thriller` album, `

Quincy Jones's Best Moments

Happy Birthday Quincy Jones. Thank you for giving me nightmares of sex between Marlon Brando and Richard Pryor.
Happy birthday to the legendary Quincy Jones!
Happy Birthday, Quincy Jones!

RIP Uncle Phil!
Happy birthday to legendary producer (and interviewee),
 Happy 84th Birthday to Quincy Jones, 3-14-1933, composer of Soul Bossa Nova or the theme to Austin Powers
Happy Belated Birthday to Quincy Jones.
Happy Birthday to Quincy Jones! Here\s the coolest TV theme ever:
Happy birthday to the great An American icon and musical genius
Happy Birthday to the one & only Quincy Jones from
Happy Birthday, Quincy Jones 1933 !!
Happy Birthday to born March 14, 1933
Happy birthday Quincy Jones!
Happy 85th Birthday Quincy Jones
Happy Birthday Q! Get to know 10 definitive Quincy Jones soundtracks from the 60s and 70s:
Happy Birthday to Quincy Jones
Working with Frank Sinatra or Michael Jackson.. Q, you\re a real legend. Happy birthday Quincy Jones!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Quincy Jones, 84 years young today! Love this:
Happy 84th Birthday Quincy Jones
  to my 237  brother... 
Quincy Jones
Happy Birthday Mr. Quincy Jones have a fantastic day
Happy Birthday to that cool cat, Quincy Jones.
A Big BOSS Happy Birthday today to Quincy Jones from all of us at The Boss!
Today in Music:

Happy birthday to music legend Quincy Jones!
Happy birthday to Albert Einstein, Frank Borman, Quincy Jones Jr., Michael Caine, etc.
Happy Birthday Quincy Jones
Happy 84th Birthday Quincy Jones
Happy birthday Quincy Jones! 84 years young
Happy birthday, Quincy Jones, born on this day in 1933.

Is he the greatest producer of them all?
Happy Birthday to Quincy Jones! The legendary producer and band-leader is turning 84 today...
         Stone         Happy Birthday Quincy Jones
1933   14             84  ......      \81          The Dude
Happy Birthday Quincy Jones!
Happy Birthday Quincy Jones (84)

Quincy Jones, Jr.
March 14: Happy Birthday Michael Caine and Quincy Jones
Happy Birthday Pam Ayres, Jasper Carrott, Bobby Smith, Rita Tusingam, Eleanor Bron & Quincy Jones
Happy birthday Top Singles Produced by Quincy Jones:
Happy 84th Birthday to the legendary Quincy Jones
Happy Birthday to Quincy Jones 84
Happy birthday, Quincy Jones

Happy Birthday to Quincy Jones, who turns 84 today!
Happy Birthday to Quincy Jones & the late Les Brown
Happy Birthday to Quincy Jones (born March 14, 1933)
Happy Birthday to the living legend, Quincy Jones! God bless you! :)
Happy Birthday Quincy Jones!!!
Quincy Jones in 1942 - Gone Are Those Years -:- born 14 March 1933 - HAPPY 84th BIRTHDAY, QUINCY DELIGHT JONES!
Happy Birthday Quincy Jones
Happy Birthday to Producer/Arranger Quincy Jones!!!
Happy Birthday to this Great man! Quincy Jones, you have inspired artist worldwide! Thank you.
Happy Birthday Quincy Jones, you\re considered to be one of the greatest minds in music and television history.
Happy birthday QUINCY JONES
 Happy belated Birthday Mr. Quincy Jones! Hope you had a blessed and wonderful Bday sir!!! God Bless!
Happy belated Birthday to one of the greatest producers and composers of all time, Quincy Jones.
Happy birthday to Quincy Jones, born on 14th March 1933
Happy birthday to Quincy Jones...
Born on this day in 1933
Happy birthday to Mr Quincy Jones! Keep bring us the soul!
Happy Birthday Quincy Jones!
Celebrating the life, legacy, and music of the master Quincy Jones today, ALL day. Happy 85th birthday, legend!
Happy Birthday to Quincy Jones!
Happy Birthday Mr. Quincy Jones !
Le pionnier  Happy Birthday Quincy Jones
Happy 85th Birthday to Quincy Jones
A HUGE happy birthday to Steph Curry, Albert Einstein, Sasha Greys, and Quincy Jones!! from
Happy Birthday to Quincy Jones (born March 14, 1933)
HaPpY BirThDaY!! to 27 - Times GRAMMY Winner Quincy Jones.
Happy Birthday!
Michael Caine born, 1933
Quincy Jones born, 1933
Billy Crystal born, 1947
Happy birthday Quincy Jones!
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