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KOJI (՞ټ՞☝
Happy Birthday Rihanna - KOJI (՞ټ՞☝ (3 days ago)
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Gostei de um vídeo de Happy Birthday Rihanna!!! - tatayeah (3 days ago)
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J. Cole
Drake STOPS Concert To Wish Rihanna Happy Birthday! - J. Cole (3 days ago)
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. wished a Happy Birthday by performing a medley of their collabs at his concert earlier this week. - [V] HITS (3 days ago)
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M4M Cum ☣
Regrann from - Happy birthday Rihanna - M4M Cum ☣ (4 days ago)
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David Papp
Drake put in \'Work\' for his birthday message to Rihanna - David Papp (4 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Stay I LOVE U!!!!! U are AMAZING!!!!!! - Bently23 (4 days ago)
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Happy B lated BIRTHDAY - David.J (4 days ago)
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Think Positive
Drake wishes Rihanna a happy birthday in concert.. Related Articles: - Think Positive (4 days ago)
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IT Consulting News
Happy Birthday, Rihanna! Singer Turns 29 Today, Celebrates. Read more: $TWTR - IT Consulting News (4 days ago)
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T.S. Johnson Online
Drake Wishes Rihanna a Happy Birthday With a Special Performance in Dublin - T.S. Johnson Online (4 days ago)
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Moa Buzz
Drake Wishes Rihanna a Happy Birthday With a Special Performance in Dublin - Moa Buzz (4 days ago)
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Ai Yamashita 山下愛
Happy Birthday Rihanna - Ai Yamashita 山下愛 (4 days ago)
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Star 102.9
Totally wish these two were still a thing. - Star 102.9 (4 days ago)
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Happy Birthday mix by tonight on For The Culture with Baker via iCraft channel. | 8 - Baker (5 days ago)
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Fredrick Adeleye
Happy birthday rihanna - Fredrick Adeleye (5 days ago)
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Krishafaye Postrado
Belated happy 29th birthday myQueen Robyn Rihanna Fenty - Krishafaye Postrado (5 days ago)
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Olojoro Media
Recheck Happy Birthday To Rihanna As Turns 29 Today - Olojoro Media (5 days ago)
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Metro Entertainment
. wished bad gal Riri a happy birthday on stage in the best way - Metro Entertainment (5 days ago)
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Candice Madden
Happy Bilated Birthday!! - Candice Madden (6 days ago)
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News: PornHub Wishes Rihanna a Happy Birthday - - BLUEMAGIC ♓️ (6 days ago)
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Ghana Leaks Blog
Drake Wishes Rihanna Happy Birthday With Performance (Video) - Ghana Leaks Blog (6 days ago)
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Drake wishes Rihanna a happy 29th birthday onstage - Allan-Walter-Wilson (6 days ago)
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Alice Sandra
Drake Wishes Rihanna a Happy Birthday With a Special Performance in Dublin - Alice Sandra (6 days ago)
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XXL Magazine
Instead of singing Happy Birthday, we re going to set it off just like this. - XXL Magazine (6 days ago)
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E! News
Drake wished Rihanna a happy birthday at his concert, because these two can\'t stop playing with our emotions. - E! News (6 days ago)
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Music Low
She s someone i have a lot of love & respect for Drake wishes Rihanna Happy Bday with - Music Low (6 days ago)
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Tim McCallan
This just in.... Drake put in \'Work\' for his birthday message to Rihanna - Tim McCallan (6 days ago)
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Social Media Leaders
Drake put in \'Work\' for his birthday message to Rihanna - If only we could all be so lucky as to have Drake lov... - Social Media Leaders (6 days ago)
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Happy belated birthday to my bad gal queen - kelsee (6 days ago)
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Happy birthday Trevor wish you a wonderful day - в๐īτy (6 days ago)
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Drake put in \'Work\' for his birthday message to Rihanna - kickdown (6 days ago)
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Drake Sends Love Rihanna\'s Way On Her Birthday! Cue The Awwwws!: Drake may be - damarsaloka (6 days ago)
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CaptinMack €Mc²
I just want to say happy birthday to my enda & beginna 0220 - CaptinMack €Mc² (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday - Εrîc (6 days ago)
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Md. Ibrahim Hossain
Drake put in \'Work\' for his birthday message to Rihanna Facebook Google+ - Md. Ibrahim Hossain (6 days ago)
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Drake wishes Rihanna Happy Birthday With a Performance Video - Tweet_Me (6 days ago)
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Speciaali Raahe
Drake put in \'Work\' for his birthday message to Rihanna - Speciaali Raahe (6 days ago)
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Happy belated bday fenty! - C.J. (6 days ago)
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Isaac Bittner
Happy Birthday - Isaac Bittner (6 days ago)
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Happy birthday, Queen - Ksu (6 days ago)
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Terri Kelly
Drake put in \'Work\' for his birthday message to Rihanna - Terri Kelly (6 days ago)
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Recite News
you were quoted in an article by - Recite News (6 days ago)
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! naila
Happy birthday - ! naila (6 days ago)
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Ojo Ayodeji
No Love Lost! Drake Wishes Rihanna A Happy Birthday During His Concert. - Ojo Ayodeji (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

No Love Lost! Drake Wishes Rihanna A Happy Birthday During His Concert. - THE UNSTOPPABLE DJ (6 days ago)
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peardoll she
happy bday queen - peardoll she (6 days ago)
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mz Joy
Drake wishes Rihanna a Happy Birthday during his concert Via - mz Joy (6 days ago)
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David Hassan
Drake wishes Rihanna a Happy Birthday during his concert - David Hassan (6 days ago)
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Music planet Ent...
No Love Lost! Drake Wishes Rihanna A Happy Birthday During His Concert. - Music planet Ent... (6 days ago)

29 years old (Born on February 20, 1988)

Singer, songwriter; She is famous from Pon De Replay(2005) / Umbrella.

Def Jam's contract offer was so strong that Rihanna turned down meetings with other major record labels. (tv.com) She sold a million copies worldwide of her debut Music of The Sun. (tv.com) Rihanna was chosen as one of People Magazine's annual 100 Most Beautiful People in May 2007. (tv.com) Whenever Rihanna visits Barbados, the first place she goes to is the beach. (tv.com) She has two younger brothers Rorrey and Rajad.

Rihanna's Best Moments

Happy birthday, Rihanna. Thanks to you, we all have a day off of werk werk werk werk werk.
Happy birthday,
Happy 29th Birthday to the bad gal herself
Lovely memories! Shine bright like a  , happy birthday queen!
Happy 29th birthday to the beautiful Rihanna
Wishing a very happy birthday!
Happy 29th birthday to the beautiful, talented
Happy Birthday to the bad gal,
 Happy Birthday Rihanna
Happy Birthday One year ago, Rihanna has released her 8th album.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Rihanna
Happy birthday Robyn
Happy Birthday to the gorgeousness that is Rihanna
Happy Birthday, mumshie Rihanna! 


Ur twin mumshie, Noelle
 | Happy Birthday Bajan beauty

Casa, beija ou mata?

Happy birthday to my rihanna lovin, best mama out there :)) ily foreva you boujee lil thang
Happy birthday Rihanna, thankful I got to put up with your sass another year ily come celebrate in Stilly soon
Happy birthday my sexy mama
Men: Happy birthday to Rihanna and us.
Happy birthday ! Fuck shit up Rihanna lookin ass
Happy bday to the album of the decade
Happy birthday little Rihanna.
Happy Birthday to this Rihanna and Beyoncé loving crazy girl
Happy Birthday 4 this Monday. Check out my special mix on right now
From the Australian navy to you Happy birthday princess
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the best album Rihanna has released
Happy Birthday  you are basically a younger Rihanna and actually a bad ass bitch
Beyoncé never wishes rihanna a happy birthday
Happy birthday RiRi...
Happy Birthday she can be 29 and still look 20. Have an amazing day queen!
A Happy Birthday to you and
Happy Birthday to 8-time Grammy winner, Rihanna (     from, Filipino Swifties
Happy birthday babe
Happy 29th birthday Rihanna! |
Happy birthday to the beautiful i hope you have a great day. i love you
Happy 29th Birthday to QUEEN !! May your birthday be as special as you are.
Wishing the unapologetic fashion icon, Rihanna, a very happy birthday!
Happy Birthday à la seule et unique qui fête ses 29 ans <3
Wishing a very happy 22nd Birthday! 

It\s YOUR birthday!
Happy birthday to 5x platinum 14th and timeless AF mega-smash hit \"Work\"
Happy Birthday
 happy birthday asia! have fun & stay safe
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAY HAY i love you sm hope 18 is as good as the Rihanna album
 thanks for playing Reheb by to happy birthday dear
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SD, I hope you have a great day!!! I love you.   (Rihanna...Nicki Minaj)
Happy birthday rude boyy
Happy bday
Happy Birthday my babe
I\m so emotional thinking of this beauty turning 29 tomorrow! Happy birthday princess
Happy birthday to the baddest bitch, Robyn Rihanna Fenty.
 Happy Birthday My queen  !!!
The person on the radio said happy birthday rihanna then played take a bow out of all songs
Happy Birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 28 years old today!
 | Happy Birthday You know Base has mad love for you!
One Wish for my birthday today and that\s for message happy birthday to me  .
Happy birthday  to the biggest Rihanna fan I know  hope your day goes great girl
Happy Birthday ANTI thank you so much for blessing us with such fucking heart. Truly a masterpiece
Happy Birthday 1 year old today
Happy Birthday, \"Work.\" I knew I\d love you the first time I heard it. Thanks and
Happy Birthday ANTi
Happy Birthday first year ,Anti        !!
Thank You Queen!!!    Happy Birthday! 1 year ANTI!  You should come back to Portugal
I just sung happy birthday to my physical copy of   that\s true love
Happy 19th birthday I want you to celebrate your birthday on the stage with queen one say
Happy Birthday Shakiiii  She is 40 Years old And still Looking Beautiful
Happy birthday to Queen Nana! from Rihanna x Drake...not Trey Songz y\all
 Happy 28th birthday to Rihanna! Febr 20
 happy birthday from me + Rihanna
Happy Bday to my favourite girl. Hope you have the best day my little white Rihanna
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHIE GIRL!!!! ilysm u are perf i hope 16 is as sweet as U
The Melissa to My Rihanna  Happy Birthday I love you
Happy Birthday to THEEE Fat Rihanna & one of my personal Queens !!! I loveeeee you lil tater thot
 happy birthday Rihanna love n miss u loads
 ok one more bc she\s so fucking cute. Rihanna says happy bday
It\s officially birthday in Australia. Happy birthday fav!
Happy birthday
. Happy 29th birthday <3 <3
   Its 0220 here!!! Robyn happy birthday!!!
 Happy Birthday Rihanna...
God Bless You ...
Adore You RiRi   ...
Happy birthday bitch I love you so much
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Happy Birthday to Robyn Rihanna Fenty.
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Happy birthday, (Photo via her Instagram @ badgalriri)
Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful woman in this world!
Happy birthday qwweeeen
Happy birthday to the most beautiful inspiring and strong woman in the world i love u so much
Miss seeing Rihanna and Nicki Minaj together! Happy 29th Birthday
 happy birthday to this MUSE!! SLAYYYYY RIHANNA
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Rihanna, we love you . Happy Birthday
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Happy birthday Rihanna Robyn Fenty, the greatest to ever do it
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Happy 29th Birthday to the beautiful and talented Robyn Rihanna Fenty! you\re a goddess
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Happy birthday to a \"real one\" , True Icon, and a Style legend
Happy birthday,Rihanna!
Happy Bday Welches ist am coolsten?
Happy birthday to my queen, I\m so proud of you
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I swear the navy out here telling Rihanna Happy Birthday like we gon be at her party like this
Happy Birthday Work!!! What a year, thank you
Happy birthday ANTi xx :)
Happy birthday  to 1 year ago released this shit! It\s still number
Happy birthday ANTI
Happy birthday to my favorite  Thanks for this wonderful gift
we love you
 Happy EFFIN bday Anti!  -  - Rihanna
Happy EFFIN bday Anti!
 Happy birthday one of my all time favs!!
Happy Birthday,
Judaahhhh...happy birthday love  more grace and funny Rihanna stories   ....have an amazing day
Happy birthday to you my brother...     @
King of football Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday S,O,S .
Happy Birthday to the lovely giulii1997!! Make sure to follow her on Instagram:
Happy Birthday Rihanna and Natalie. Be Blessed.
 Happy birthday Rihanna
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday hope you turn the fuck up and here is Rihanna gif
Happy Birthday (as it surely will be) to RIHANNA for tomorrow 20/feb/17 yr Birthday again...
Happy birthday
     Hi Rihanna! happy Birthday! I like your songs! Peniel hahaha!
Work Work Work Work Work and wish a very Happy Birthday!
Rihanna Happy Birthday  I luv ur song very much!!My fam luvs you
SelsRoyalNavy: Happy early birthday rihanna!!! I love you so much!!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday my mom hhaavvveee a niiccee day like me
Happy Birthday Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Mahal ka namin. From Rihanna Philippines
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 happy birthday still and continue
Happy birthday ririi    I love you xoxo
If you are really in Maldives, Happy Birthday fav!
It\s 20th February in India!
Happy Birthday May you get all the love and happiness in life. - Aleena, Ro
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the ultimate ROLE MODEL
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Hottest singer
Happy Birthday to Queen Rihanna.
Happy Birthday Robyn Rihanna Fenty
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 Happy birthday queen ily
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Happy Birthday to my beautiful queen An icon, an Idol, a legend
Happy birthday to u maaa quueeeeen bye
Happy birthday queen. i love you.
Happy birthday to the most legendary, humble and talented artist to exist. robyn rihanna fenty, i love you so much!
The coolest... 
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday ma world
00:00 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN RIHANNA FENTY    I love you so much bad girl
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Fun Facts About Rihanna

The choreography for Rihanna's videos Pon De Replay and If It's Lovin' was done by Fatima Robinson. (tv.com)
Rihanna has put up her own foundation called "Believe" to help sick children get medical treatment, school supplies, and toys. (tv.com)
In February 2008, it was revealed that Barbados was creating a national holiday to honor Rihanna. Rihanna accepted the honor and put on a free concert for her fans. (tv.com)
Rihanna worked with Maroon 5 on a song called If I Never See Your Face Again. (tv.com)
Born to a biracial Barbadian father Ronald Fenty and a black Guyanese mother Monica Fenty.
Her musical influences include Dancehall, Pop, Reggae, and Soca. (tv.com)
Her second album, A Girl Like Me, debuted at #5 in the United States. (tv.com)
She had a cameo role in Bring It On 3: All or Nothing. (tv.com)
Christina Milian was originally asked to record S.O.S. (written by Jonathan Rotem) by Def Jam but she declined. Rihanna was then offered to record it. (tv.com)
Rihanna is tutored 15 hours a week. (tv.com)
Her third album is titled Good Girl Gone Bad and was released on June 5, 2007. The first single is Umbrella featuring Jay-Z. (tv.com)
Stated in an interview that her friend and former Island Def Jam record label artist Fefe Dobson was someone that she admired and looked up to. Having a fellow black artist writing, singing, and performing the music she truly loves.
Her album A Girl Like Me, was leaked onto the internet via illegal download sites. (tv.com)
Attended Combermere which is a sixth form school similar to technical school in America.
Her father, Robert Fenty, is Bajan and her mother, Monica Fenty, is Guyanese. (tv.com)
Rihanna is the official sponsor for the Barbados Tourism Agency. (tv.com)
She is of African, Creole and Guyanese descent. (tv.com)
Performed Hero at her school's talent show
Won a beauty pageant at her school.
She has a few tattoos, including a Pisces sign behind her right ear and music notes on her right foot. (tv.com)
She attended Charles F. Broome Memorial School and Combermere School, which is a sixth form school similar to technical school in the United States. (tv.com)
Her single, Take a Bow, remained in the Top 10 songs on iTunes for about a month in June 2008. (tv.com)
Rihanna came out with a new album called Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded on June 17, 2008. It contains all of the songs from Good Girl Gone Bad and 3 bonus songs, Take a Bow, If I Never See Your Face Again (with Maroon 5), and her brand new single, Disturbia. (tv.com)
Rihanna says that the thing she misses most about Barbados is the food.convention center in Japan as part of the Live Earth concert. (tv.com)
Her musical inspirations include Alicia Keys, Beyoncu00e9 Knowles, and Mariah Carey.
Rihanna is a big fan of Whitney Houston. (tv.com)
The only Rihanna song not available on CD is "Bring It Back". It might've been a demo or just unreleased on CD. (tv.com)
In her song Don't Stop the Music, she samples a part of the Michael Jackson song Wanna Be Startin' Something from his Thriller album. (tv.com)
She is 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters) tall. (tv.com)
While she was a child, Rihanna's mother, a professional make-up artist, did not allow her to use beauty products. Ironically, she grew up to became the spokesperson for Cover Girl cosmetics. (tv.com)
In the 2007 Teen Choice Awards, Rihanna won in the category "Choice Music: R&B Artist". (tv.com)
She once said she would risk her life for her mother and her brother. (tv.com)
Her song Unfaithful, a slow ballad very different from Rihanna's earlier work, addresses the feelings of guilt a girl faces as she cheats on her boyfriend. (tv.com)
Ranked #8 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2007 list.
Her musical inspirations include Alicia Keys, Beyoncu00e9 Knowles, Mariah Carey, Sean Paul, Luther Vandros, Shaggy, DC, and Diana Ross. (tv.com)
She claims that her dark skin color faded away because she spends so much time traveling in cold countries. And yes this is probably true because in countries where she tours such as France, Belgium and parts of the US aren't particularly sunny. (tv.com)
Was signed to Def Jam Records
Rihanna enjoys watching the show Entourage. (tv.com)
Over the years, Rihanna has been placed on several celebrity magazine and online "Top" lists, including:

#86 on AIM's 100 Hottest Brunettes
#57 on AIM's Celebs Under 25
#15 in Maxim's Hot 100 Women in 2008
#78 on Notarized: Top 100 Videos of 2007 for her music video featuring Ne-Yo "Hate That I Love You"
#8 in Maxim's 2007 Hot 100 List
#1 in a poll conducted by AntiBloat to find the "Sexiest Celebrity Stomachs" in July of 2008 (tv.com)
In 2006, Rihanna received two Video Music Award nominations for "Best New Artist" and "Viewer's Choice" for S.O.S.. (tv.com)
Rihanna’s favorite fashion designers are Zac Posen and Dsquared. (tv.com)
Won a Beauty Pageant contest at her school
In February 2008, she teamed up with H&M and Designers Against Aids (DAA) to promote the so-called "Fashion Against Aids". It is meant to raise awareness about the disease to teens. (tv.com)
Rihanna doesn't smoke (tv.com)
Sampled "Wanna Be Startin` Somethin` " by Michael Jackson from his " Thriller" album in her song "Please Don`t Stop the Music".
In the Philippines, If It's Lovin' That You Want became Rihanna's first #1 single. (tv.com)
She won the Miss Combermere Pageant in 2004 at her school. (tv.com)
Rihanna performed her songs "Pon de Replay", "SOS", "Unfaithful", "Shut Up and Drive" and "Umbrella" on July 7th, 2007 at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Japan as part of the Live Earth concert. (tv.com)
Born to a black/Irish Barbadian father Ronald Fenty and a black Guyanese mother Monica Fenty.
She has two brothers Rorrey and Rajad. (tv.com)
She banned fans from bringing umbrellas to her U.K. concerts because she does not want anyone getting hurt if the fans try to copy her dance moves with the umbrellas when she performs her song Umbrella. However, this was not on her own accord, the venues said it was 'a safety risk' as she said on the Jonathan Ross show in London. (tv.com)
Rihanna has a turtle and a Pomeranian named Marley. (tv.com)
Unfaithful is based on a relationship Rihanna had when she was 14-years-old. Her relationship "was not physical" though. (tv.com)
Her second album A Girl Like Me recently reached platinum. (tv.com)
Rihanna is friends with Chris Brown. (tv.com)
Rihanna says she had much more control over her new album "Good Girl Gone Bad" than she did in "A Girl Like Me". (tv.com)
If Rihanna didn't have a music career, she would like to go into psychology. (tv.com)
Rihanna's favorite subjects were chemistry and math. (tv.com)
At the 2007 American Music Awards, Rihanna was chosen as the Favorite Female Artist for Soul/R&B category. (tv.com)
Rihanna and the band, Fall Out Boy, sang "Shut Up and Drive," which was a song by Rihanna. (tv.com)
The lead single off her album A Girl Like Me, "S.O.S." was recorded for her recent endorsement deal with Nike. (tv.com)
Rihanna won as Cosmopolitan Magazine's Ultimate Mistress of Music for 2007. (tv.com)
She has worked with Sizzla, Rupee, J-Status, Memphis Bleek, and Kardinal Offishall on duets. (tv.com)
She worked with Ne-Yo on her sophomore album, A Girl Like Me. (tv.com)
Her obvious talent impressed Def Jam Records CEO Jay-Z enough for the label to sign her to a 6 album contract at the young age of 16. (tv.com)
Rihanna and the band, Fall Out Boy, sang "Shut Up and Drive," which was a song by Rihanna. (tv.com)
On A Girl Like Me, We Ride is her favorite song. (tv.com)
Performed Mariah Carey`s "Hero" at her school`s talent show.
Her second album, A Girl Like Me, was released less than eight months after her debut album, Music of the Sun. (tv.com)
She toured as an opening act for Gwen Stefani in 2006 to promote her own album. (tv.com)
She is the new face of Cover Girl. (tv.com)
She's addicted to shopping and owns over 100 pairs of shoes. (tv.com)
In 2006, Rihanna landed several endorsement deals, including ones for Nike and J.C. Penney. (tv.com)
Rihanna doesn't eat Mexican, Indian, Japanese, or Chinese food. Instead, she snacks on local fruit and lots of water to keep healthy. (tv.com)
She was discovered by music producer Evan Rogers while he was vacationing in Barbados with his wife Jackie. (tv.com)
Rihanna's biggest pet peeve is when people are dishonest. (tv.com)
She won four honors at the 2006 Billboard Music Awards including Female Artist of the Year. (tv.com)
Aside from her singing voice, Rihanna gets awards for her legs-they're even insured for a million dollars. She admits that she has to work out regularly to make them look fit. (tv.com)
She and Christina Aguilera helped launch the new colors of the LG Chocolate phones. (tv.com)
Rihanna's favorite hangout spot in Barbodos is the boatyard. (tv.com)

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