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All Things Comedy
Happy birthday to the very funny Check out with Adam & this week they intervi - All Things Comedy (7 months ago)
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Brad Williams
It s birthday today. Wish the man a happy b-day and listen to him interview Sandra Bullock on the - Brad Williams (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

Sandra Dorton
Happy Birthday! - Sandra Dorton (7 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! John Copeland, Nathaniel Jones, Mike LaNasa, Sara Posluszny, Kaitlyn Savitt, Jacquelyn Vasquez, and - OSL_Church (7 months ago)
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GCU Women\'s Soccer
Help us wish a very happy birthday to Sandra! We hope your day is fabulous! - GCU Women\'s Soccer (7 months ago)
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- Jason (7 months ago)
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sarah mcgown
Happy birthday SANDRA!! i miss you so much & i can t wait to see what the furtive holds for you! i love you and th - sarah mcgown (7 months ago)
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Johanne Vole
Happy birthday, Sandra! May all your wishes come through! Have a beautiful day, I hope you\'re having - Johanne Vole (7 months ago)
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Sandra Ogilvie
Happy happy birthday Jake . My weimie girls Karma and Primrose say party like a rock star buddy! - Sandra Ogilvie (7 months ago)
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Kim Davis
Now this is how you celebrate turning 50! Happy Birthday Sandra! - Kim Davis (7 months ago)
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sandra maurice
Happy Birthday - sandra maurice (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday sandra park! wish u all the best anndd gawa tayo cover soon charot hahahaahha love uuu - maie (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

Shina Badaru
Happy birthday to Alhaja Sandra Adio, ododo arewa Baa Iwo, matriarch of the Adio family, alakara oyinbo ati buredi - Shina Badaru (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

Waziri Adio
It is that special day again of the Special One, Sandra Ebahi Adio, mummy dearest, Iyawo Alhaji, Ayaba Eso, Mama On - Waziri Adio (7 months ago)
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Happy 29th Birthday to my awesome wife, Sandra Rosalez. - MattRo (7 months ago)
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I just want to thank god for blessing me to see my 18th year happy birthday to me - Sandyy.tv✨ (7 months ago)
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Edward Williams
Eat Drink Paint... Happy Birthday Sandra A Wright - Edward Williams (7 months ago)
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Heather Capps OBrien
Happy Birthday Sandra! at Coldwell Banker Fountain Realty - Heather Capps OBrien (7 months ago)
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The Shanty Café
Sharon thought she would escape unnoticed today :) Happy Birthday from the whole team! Also Happy Birthday to Sandr - The Shanty Café (7 months ago)
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brittany Smith
I love ignoring spam callers.....Finding out their life details and then texting them back something weird like te - brittany Smith (7 months ago)
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Sandra McKenzie
Happy Birthday to We ladies stick together strong. Networking will strengthen that - tickets to this purch - Sandra McKenzie (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Sandra Nabors! Enjoy your day!!! - SheilaSmith-William (7 months ago)
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Happy FIRST birthday ELOISE!!!! Aunt Sandra loves youuuuu. - Sandradeebee (7 months ago)
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Delta youth movement
Happy Birthday to the Bosslady herself Dr. Sandra Ote Dafiaghor, Bros Ovie Okpodu and Hon. Hon Roland Ogheogberu. - Delta youth movement (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday to the lady who laugh for no reason Nana Akua Sandra - EBENEZER ESSUMAN (7 months ago)
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Harkirt Kohli
Mo! Me and Sandra want to say a very happy birthday to you Wish you all the best this year! Make the nation proud today Love you x - Harkirt Kohli (7 months ago)
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Dianne Carandang
Happy Happy Birthday Sandra!!! Love you - Dianne Carandang (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday kahit hindi mo birthday. Merry Christmas kahit hindi Christmas. Happy Valentine\'s kahit hindi Valent - __?__ (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

Damien O\'Malley
Happy birthday to those in the REFF Directorate, Antonella, Jo, Liz and Sandra!!!! - Damien O\'Malley (7 months ago)
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Oriana Aristizabal
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - Oriana Aristizabal (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday Sandra Hurtado... ooohhh I almost missed it . Hope you had a wonderful day . - TheGSCollection™ (7 months ago)
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Sandra R Harner
Happy Birthday Mr President!!!! - Sandra R Harner (7 months ago)
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Sergio de Frutos
\"Happy birthday to you\" Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear Sandra Happy birthday to y - Sergio de Frutos (7 months ago)
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Sandra Chesnutt
Happy Birthday! Thinking of you! - Sandra Chesnutt (7 months ago)
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RHT Talent Network
A big happy birthday to our Director Sandra - RHT Talent Network (7 months ago)
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Lady Deplorable
Happy Birthday from your loyal deplorables President - Lady Deplorable (7 months ago)
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Sandra Roman
Happy birthday - Sandra Roman (7 months ago)
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Steve the electrician
- Steve the electrician (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday Sandra. She s a fighter, no doubt about it. And you re a great sister Britta. - MarjieN (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Sandra, and an extremely good reason for missing the show, making family a - Alieke (7 months ago)
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Sandra Ortiz
Happy Book Birthday!!! will forever be one of my absolute favorites! - Sandra Ortiz (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday to him @ Sandra - Phillip (7 months ago)
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Tony Walsh
Happy birthday again, Sandra! Enjoy! - Tony Walsh (7 months ago)
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Brenda Libby
Happy Birthday, Sandra! - Brenda Libby (7 months ago)
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Sandra Gonzalez
Happy birthday, cap. i mean, chris evans. love ya. - Sandra Gonzalez (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday, Sandra!! - Gina (7 months ago)
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Iana ₪ ø III ·o.
happy birthday, my babe - Iana ₪ ø III ·o. (7 months ago)
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Sandra Nichea
Happy birthday, Wish you love, joy and peace! - Sandra Nichea (7 months ago)
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Sorry I can t make to your 1st German solo show Today is my sis birthday Already 10 years ago she los - Britta (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

Sandra Simonsen
Happy birthday Dr. Peterson. What a glorious day this is. I am gonna work extra hard on my research proposal today - Sandra Simonsen (7 months ago)

56 years old (Born on May 18, 1962)

German, Singer.

Sandra's Best Moments

Happy Birthday To My Lovely Wife Sandra! You Are So Very Special. Thank You Darling.
We want to wish a very Happy Birthday to Sandra Nordaas!!
Happy birthday Sandra Pinamang Knowles Boateng
Happy birthday to trailblazer and member, Sandra Post, the first Canadian to play on the tour.
Happy birthday to one of my bffs and sister, idk what d I do without you Sandra;)
Happy birthday to Sandra Dee
Tbt & a big happy birthday to sandra d
 Happy Birthday!!! Success & Happiness today and always!!!
Happy birthday to my baby girl aria
Happy Birthday Mr Dave Gahan...
6 June 1955: American singer and standup comic Sandra Bernhard born. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday We celebrate you 
Have a good one.
Happy birthday Sandra Dee !! Thanks for being the best big star a girl could have & a great friend! Love ya!
Happy birthday to my co-biggest flirt love you !!!
Happy birthday to those in the REFF Directorate, Antonella, Jo, Liz and Sandra!!!!
Happy Birthday to The 1990 World Music Awards German Winner
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANDRA.   have a great day, love ya barbie
Happy Birthday to Sandra Ravagé. Barmaid, barbarian & THE BEST.
Happy Birthday to Sandra Dee!
Happy 70th Birthday to Sandra Post! She is not only an amazing golfer but also a fantastic role model
Help us wish a very happy birthday to Sandra! We hope your day is fabulous!
It was a real treat to have wish my MIL, Sandra Simpson a happy 75th birthday today!
Happy birthday Sandra!! Hope you have an amazing day girl!!
Happy 14th birthday sandra love u  gay
Happy birthday, Dean Sandra Archibald ( from all of us at the
Happy Birthday Kaleb hope your day is fantastic
Happy Birthday Miss Sandra our daytime porter and friend
Happy birthday roomie!!!! ilysm & i hope you had a great day
Happy birthday you beautiful soul, i love you lots and hate you almost as much
Happy Birthday Sandra
Happy birthday sandra ilyyy:)))
Happy birthday Sandra, one of the longest serving and most dedicated staff member at GMIT Mayo
Nancy Sandra Sinatra
Birth 1940.6.8 ~
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday the vocal slay queen. We celebrate you!
Happy Birthday Sandra! Hope ur day is great
 YOO happy birthday Sandra Bullock
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Sandra miss you and all of these memories
Passed here to say happy birthday to this beautiful soul. I celebrate u
Happy bday stay sinning aha
Happy birthday sandra!!! Blueberry no. 2 HAHAHAH love u and mish u
Happy birthday club starter, strongpin, coach,  leader, guide, legend Sandra Namusoke....  To many more
Happy book birthday to THE SECRET ROOM by
Happy Birthday today to our Ladies\ Captain Sandra Rice
Happy 1st birthday to the award-winning Great to visit Sandra&Evelyn w
Happy birthday Sandra Ann Taylor I love you so much and you made 56 girl..
Happy birthday from Spain, !!!!!
Happy birthday Sandra!!! Love you & miss you sm
Happy birthday to poet
Happy birthday sandra!!! hoping you have the best day
 happy birthday sandra
Happy Birthday to the most amazing GF I could wish for    xx
Happy Birthday      Miss you guys.  from GER
Happy Bday Sis
Celebrating one of our favorite volunteers! Happy bday Ms Kelsey! Tks for all you do!
Happy birthday love u so much, always
Happy birthday hope you had a great day ily
Happy 60th birthday, Sandra! Thank you for joining us at
  Happy happy happy birthday,  greetz from Holland
Happy birthday Sandra!!! Love you to the moon
 Happy Birthday Sandra
Happy Happy Birthday to my beautiful mom
 Happy birthday to you, dear Sandra!!!
Enjoy it          God bless your day and life!
     Sounds wonderful! Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday  Hope you have a fantastic one
Happy birthday to my best friend ! I love you so much sandra. I ll see you when you get back from mexico
Happy birthday Sandra/Sarah/Janis/Son of a gun love you!!!!
 happy birthday Sandra!! Hope you have an awesome day!!
Happy birthday Sandra Laboob  love you and I hope you have an amazing day cause you deserve it
Happy Birthday SANDRA KIRK
And many more to come. Enjoy Sweetheart.!!
Happy birthday Sandra ily
Happy Birthday, Sandra Sanchez!! We hope you have a great day!
Happy Birthday Sandra D! Love you and your sweet soul so much!!! <3
Happy birthday Sandra
Happy Birthday to Educator Sandra Harrison!
Happy birthday love u sm and hope Sandra gives you a visit
 Happy Birthday Sandra I hope you have a great day love youuu
 Happy Birthday to the incredibly talented and inspiring .
 wish ur very very happy birthday dear lovely sister....
Happy Birthday Ye
 Happy Birthday, Sandra!
  Happy Birthday Sandra!  Enjoy the game!
Happy birthday enjoy your day
HAPPY BDAY SANDRA !!! ilyssssm
 Happy Birthday Sandra have a lovely day - enjoy
Encore happy birthday Sandra!!! Gros bisous de nous.
Happy birthday sandra, hope you\re having an incredible day it\s what u deserve
Happy birthday Oluwasegilola Sandra gbemije Omolola ounje labi, may God bless you. Cheers
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday mareng Sandra!  Miss u beks! God bless
Happy Birthday Baekhyun !!
Happy birthday Sandra!!
Happy Birthday to Sandra Akakpo, Producer of Sister Sandy. May God Richly Bless you.
Happy Birthday See you later in on your birthday party on with
 Happy Birthday Sandra
Happy birthday to my QUEEN  love u sm sandra and I hope u have the best birthday!!
 happy birthday Lisou, love u
Happy birthday
June the 6th : Born on this day (1955) Sandra Bernhard. Happy birthday!!
Happy birthday to the best mother out there!!
Now this is how you celebrate turning 50! Happy Birthday Sandra!
Happy birthday Sandra Perez!
HUGE Happy Birthday to Sandra Now time to eat cake
Happy birthday to my zaddyyyyy   hopefully I get to see you next Saturday
  happy birthday. Davey Johnstone
& Sandra Tilley
& Mike Ratledge
& Mary MacGregor
 Happy Birthday Sandra! I hope that you have a Great Day!
 Happy 33th Birthday, dear Asli    I admire you & your positive attitude towards life.
Wonderful Cruise yesterday with our guests David and Sandra. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to this 18 year old ex Sandra D. Princess  I love you so much
                                                                    ... Happy Birthday Sandra    RH
Happy Birthday Sandra!!!! Hope you have a great day!! Love you!!
Happy birthday sandra! ily girly!
Happy Birthday Sandra! Love you and all our laughs!!!!
Happy birthday Sandra!! Love you!
Happy birthday sandra!!
Happy birthday sandra, love you lots forever sissy!
Happy Birthday to Sandra & Michael Cretu !!!
 Happy Birthday Sandra! I miss you! Ako pa rin ang Elorsha mo Labyu!! God bless you!
Sandra Wethington completed the achievement and received rewards Happy Birthday!
 Happy birthday!
Best wishes from México.
Happy Birthday to the Canadian High Commissioner, Sandra McCardell!
Happy birthday mommy Sandra love u hope u had a good birthday
Happy Birthday Sandra Bernhard
 Happy, happy birthday Sandra! Blessed to know you... keep pushing, you inspire many!
Happy Birthday Sandra Swenson-Scott
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BBY 1 year more than a quarter way to death look at you
Happy 17th Birthday Sandra Pius 
 Happy Birthday Mr. President Trump best wishes from Honolulu
Happy birthday to our RVN and clinical coach Sandra who has reached a rather big birthday today.
Sandra J Mills completed the achievement and received rewards Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday Luhan   kahit wala ka na sa EXO mahal na mahal ka parin namin happy birthday again luhan
Happy Birthday to our sweet angel Byun Baekhyun..
His Word Ministries wishes Sandra & Lungile a happy birthday
Happy Birthday Sandra Cross xx
 Happy birthday  Doug all your came true God bless u with love
  Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Sandra
Happy Birthday Sandra, hope you had a great night!
Happy 20th birthday Jihoon
Happy Birthday Sandra
 Happy birthday in Advance
Happy Birthday, Sandra! We hope you have a great day.
Happy Birthday to my granddaughter Zoeybug.
  Happy birthday to you sandra
Little gift from me to you
Ach übrigens, die liebe hat ja heute noch ein gutes Stündchen Geburtstag. Happy Birthday Sandra
How do i get to ask sandra and cate to wish me a happy birthday tomorrow
 Happy birthday !!!!!!
Born on this day, Sandra Bernhard turns 63. Happy Birthday! What movie is it? 5 min to answer!
Happy 18th birthday my boy!!
Happy Birthday to me...
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