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Owen McIntosh
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHUGGA - Owen McIntosh (1 month ago)
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✐ ✎ ✐ ✎ ✐ ✎
Also but better still happy birthday Chuggaa!!! - ✐ ✎ ✐ ✎ ✐ ✎ (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

Slightly late Happy Birthday Emile! - Kroma (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

happy birthday Emile! April is a great birth month! (Mine is April 2!) - BelleAim (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

That Guy
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUGAR-GRAMMAR-ROY !!! - That Guy (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

Iran Behar
I honestly was laughing a lot with the captions, they so good. Also, happy birthday, - Iran Behar (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday Emile! - Ruthie (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! - Alysia (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHUGGA!! - SentaiNewbie (1 month ago)
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birthday balloon

Katie Green
The best rendition of Happy Birthday I\'ve ever seen - Katie Green (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

D. Schleifer
Happy Birthday! Love your paintings and your LPs with - D. Schleifer (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

What? They share the same birthday? What are the odds? Happy birthday to both of them! - GardeBlaze (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

John T Francis
happy birthday mal, happy birthday dan. Love what yall do. Keep it up. - John T Francis (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

Rafay Hashmi
Happy birthday Mal and Dan!!! - Rafay Hashmi (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

Johnny The Crip
Happy birthday you two have a great day! - Johnny The Crip (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

\"Happy birthday Mallory and Dan.\" -Stephen Georg 2012 - Stephenisms (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday, Mal! Hope your day is purrfect! - Amy (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

MOTION DAN, ACTION MAN! (Happy Birthday you two!) - WoofPickle (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

Straight Edge Goth
Happy birthday to as well, it\'s awesome seeing you on YouTube channel - Straight Edge Goth (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday Mal & Dan! - Alex (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

Michael Cappella
Happy Birthday to Chaz - Michael Cappella (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Kenneth Clayden
happy birthday Chaz - Kenneth Clayden (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Stephen Georg
Happy birthday to Chaz not only creates fun web games, he is responsible for helping out a *LOT* behi - Stephen Georg (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Jordan Miller
Happy Belated Birthday Stephen. Do you and Mal have all seasons of Seinfeld? If not, I can help you out! - Jordan Miller (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Bugs Bunny @PaxEast
Happy belated birthday. Love your vids - Bugs Bunny @PaxEast (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

happy birthday yesterday thanks for letting us enjoy your life with you - Ethan (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

happy birthday stephen! your content is a lot of fun! - ShoShin (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

happy kinda belated but I missed most of the 20th of march birthday!! Love all the work you do for us xo - Jessca (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday! To celebrate, here\'s a weird thing I made once for a stream! - Kurt (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday, Stephen! Keep on living, yo! - GenesisJames (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday! Long time watcher, but I don\'t comment often. May this year be even more successful and less stressful! :D - MiKayla (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Effi Uziel
happy birthday to you sir hope you have a wonderful day and you and mal\'s content has brung joy to me - Effi Uziel (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Kashim - Evan
Happy bday man! =DD - Kashim - Evan (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday! You and Mal have brightened my days quite a bit since I subscribed to you over a year ago, and you helped me- - Thorusofer (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday - Isabel (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Dawn Glover
Happy birthday - Dawn Glover (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday - Jake (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday, !! - Mary (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Amanda Hampe
I hope you had a great birthday, because damn you deserve it! Happy Birthday and have a great week! Take care! - Amanda Hampe (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

happy birthday Stephen! - Adam (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Chris Sunga
happy birthday good sir! - Chris Sunga (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Bryan Maldonado
Happy Birthday Stephen! :) - Bryan Maldonado (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Connor the nerd
Happy birthday, hope it is a fantastic one. - Connor the nerd (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Phong Ta
Happy birthday old man. How\'s it feel to know you\'re just 2 years away from the big 3-0? - Phong Ta (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday! - Robert (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

CJ Mint Marshall
Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy your birth, with a day of fun! - CJ Mint Marshall (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Jorge Alanis
I\'ve Been watching Vlogs from all day and I wish Stephen a happy birthday your vlogs are hilarious and amazing keep it up! - Jorge Alanis (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday dude! - EverChanger (2 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday from a fan (: - Danny (2 months ago)

28 years old (Born on March 20, 1989)

YouTube celebrity with the two popular channels StephenVlog and StephenPlays, the former being a video blog of his daily life and the latter featuring gaming videos.

Stephen Georg's Best Moments

 happy birthday dude! (Ps it is my birthday today as well!)
Happy birthday
Don\t think I\ve forgotten about it!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!
 Happy birthday!
 happy birthday!
 Happy Birthday Stephen! :D
 Happy Birthday Stephen!!!
Happy Birthday, !!
 Happy birthday! To celebrate, here\s a weird thing I made once for a stream!
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