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Esther mweke
Happy birthday prophet T.B Joshua. June 12 th you turned 56. May God give you more years and may he - Esther mweke (5 days ago)
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Dabows Entertech
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: T. B. Joshua Celebrates 56th Birthday, 20 Facts You May Not Know About The Prophet - Dabows Entertech (1 week ago)
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BANDA Bernard
Happy birthday prophet T B Joshua - BANDA Bernard (1 week ago)
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Makpason Akolo Amos
Happy birthday Sir T.B. Joshua - Makpason Akolo Amos (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday Prophet T.B Joshua may you see many more in Jesus name. - Kelvinville (1 week ago)
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Balogu Joshua
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TB JOSHUA! Today, June 12th 2019, T.B. Joshua turns 56 years old!!! Please drop your birthday messag - Balogu Joshua (1 week ago)
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Otunba Olowo Jose
Happy Birthday Pastor T. B. Joshua, May GOD Continue To Use You Mightily in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen - Otunba Olowo Jose (1 week ago)
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AA Jegede
Happy Birthday to Prophet T.B. Joshua. Big Congratulations, Sir. - AA Jegede (1 week ago)
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Stanford Perkins
Happy birthday senior Prophet T.B.Joshua. May the good Lord be with you always. - Stanford Perkins (1 week ago)
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Ci AjiE
Happy Birthday Humble Senior Prophet T. B. Joshua. May God Almighty Continually Use Y - Ci AjiE (1 week ago)
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Lawrence Brown
Happy birthday Prophet T. B. Joshua. You certainly have the right name. You are a true Prophet of Go - Lawrence Brown (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday to T.B Joshua,Despite the high rate of criticism this man of God is still waxing stronger for God - OJAJUNI EMMANUEL ABIODUN BANKING-LAWYER (1 week ago)
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Collins Shilima
Happy birthday T.B Joshua - Collins Shilima (1 week ago)
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Emmanuel OJO
Happy birthday to pastor T. B. Joshua. May the anointing of God never runs dry over you. Cheers! - Emmanuel OJO (1 week ago)
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Thunder News 24
Happy Birthday Commentary, T.B Joshua At 56 - Thunder News 24 (1 week ago)
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Watched TB Joshua (Fan Page)
Happy Birthday Commentary, T.B Joshua At 56 - Watched TB Joshua (Fan Page) (1 week ago)
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Amoah Moses
Happy birthday prophet T B Joshua my father in the Lord May the Heavenly Father give you the best in life. - Amoah Moses (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday Senior Prophet T B Joshua. It is indisputable that you are the channel of God\'s bles - Eluby (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday to my humble Prophet , T B Joshua.May God Almighty continue to give grace to do His works of charity - chidiechenini (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday T. B JOSHUA - Maganjo (1 week ago)
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Peter Howa
Happy birthday prophets T.B. Joshua - Peter Howa (1 week ago)
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Okyza Amason
Happy birthday to prophet T.B Joshua the messenger of God - Okyza Amason (1 week ago)
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Kemesi Monday Onyemaechi
Happy birthday to you, PASTOR T. B. JOSHUA, and many more good years ahead. Indeed, you are a blessing to - Kemesi Monday Onyemaechi (1 week ago)
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❤️Missionária Sandra
Happy birthday T.B. Joshua!!! God bless you always!!! A big hug!!! - ❤️Missionária Sandra (1 week ago)
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Nyok Johnny
Happy birthday PROPHET T.B JOSHUA, the mighty God sent prophet for the conviction of sins and edific - Nyok Johnny (1 week ago)
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Papa McCoy
Happy birthday Pastors T. B. Joshua. - Papa McCoy (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday to Pastor T B Joshua. - @ajayiadenike20 (1 week ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TB JOSHUA! Today, June 12th 2019, T.B. Joshua turns 56 years old!!! Please message your birthday messa - SCOAN CHRIS (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday prophet T.B.Joshua! - [email protected] (1 week ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY PROPHET T.B. JOSHUA AT 56 ! - Елисей (1 week ago)
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Ramadwa Progress
happy birthday senior prophet T.B Joshua - Ramadwa Progress (1 week ago)
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TB Joshua Junior
Happy birthday prophet T.B. Joshua! You are the greatest prophet of the 21st century. You\'ve changed my life alo - TB Joshua Junior (1 week ago)
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memory Phiri
Happy Birthday prophet T.B Joshua, many more years in Jesus name.I can\'t talk about blessings becaus - memory Phiri (1 week ago)
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Aggie Zulu
Happy birthday prophet T.B Joshua, you are a blessing in our lives. More grace as you celebrate your birthday.. - Aggie Zulu (1 week ago)
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Harnon Whymah-Garbo
Happy birthday Prophet T.B. Joshua, more grace from God Almighty to celebrate additional years. - Harnon Whymah-Garbo (1 week ago)
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Judah A. Ugweru Esq.
Happy birthday to you, prophet T. B. Joshua. - Judah A. Ugweru Esq. (1 week ago)
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Emorhakpor O Timothy
Happy birthday to Prophet T B Joshua - Emorhakpor O Timothy (1 week ago)
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josh iyansel
Happy birthday prophet T B Joshua, A man God is using to touch many lives. - josh iyansel (1 week ago)
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Ogunjimi Babajide Adeniji
I respect him, he\'s my friend from afar. Happy birthday Pastor T. B Joshua. - Ogunjimi Babajide Adeniji (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday to you Prophet T.B Joshua. You are indeed a gift to the world & to our generation...w - Eriko♣️♠️ (1 week ago)
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Pat Magadzele
Happy happy birthday to our lovely senior Prophet T.B Joshua hoping that you enjoyed your day - Pat Magadzele (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday senior prophet T B Joshua Moore grace - Candyjulia (1 week ago)
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Joshua Selvam
Really thank our Lord for dear brother T.B.Joshua. Many more happy returns to your life brother. Wis - Joshua Selvam (1 week ago)
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Caroline Ifeyinwa
Happy birthday Pastor T.B.Joshua. - Caroline Ifeyinwa (1 week ago)
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Albert Fejza
Happy Birthday T B Joshua. The Visit to Scoan in Nigeria led me to the path of Christ. May God bless - Albert Fejza (1 week ago)
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ayandi nature nthela
Happy birthday T.B Joshua you are sharing your birthday with my daughter - ayandi nature nthela (1 week ago)
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Beth G
Happy birthday to God s General, Prophet T. B. Joshua. May the lines fall unto you in pleasant places - Beth G (1 week ago)
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Hosea Amosi
Happy Birthday my father in the Lord Jesus Christ, Prophet T.B. Joshua.. - Hosea Amosi (1 week ago)
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thatayaone madoda
Happy birthday Prophet T.B Joshua. - thatayaone madoda (1 week ago)
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Yabepone Gemeh
Happy birthday Prophet T. B. Joshua. May God bless you for everything you do for His church. - Yabepone Gemeh (1 week ago)

56 years old (Born on June 12, 1963)

Leader of the The Synagogue, Church of All Nations who runs the group's TV station, Emmanuel TV, which broadcasts his claims of faith healing and demon-banishing.

T.B. Joshua's Best Moments

Happy Birthday Commentary, T.B Joshua At 56
Happy birthday Senior Prophet T.B Joshua. God bless you more and more.
Happy Birthday to my Father Prophet T.B Joshua a Man of Example, LOVE and Humility. Long Live Prophet of our Time
Happy birthday to prophet T. B. Joshua God sent long life we thank God
Happy Birthday Prophet T.B. Joshua, He Turns 54 Today
We at NWA EMMANUEL PHARMACY LTD wish our daddy prophet t b Joshua happy birthday thank God Almighty.
Happy Birthday Prophet T.B. Joshua, He Turns 54 Today
Let Love Lead, Happy Birthday Prophet T.B Joshua
Happy Birthday prophet T. B. Joshua...

Happy birthday to (Prophet T.B Joshua). Continue to grow from grace to grace.
Happy Birthday Prophet T.B Joshua...more blessing,more anointing of God.
Commentary: Happy Birthday, T.B Joshua At 55
Happy Birthday Prophet T.B Joshua
More Oil of Grace to function till the end of time SIR T.B. JOSHUA.
From Apostle Sediq X Moses and Christ Holy Mountain. We say, Happy Birthday Prophet T.B Joshua.
I wish a very special father a joyous and blessed 56 birthday.

Happy Birthday Prophet T. B. Joshua.
Happy Birthday, T.B. Joshua!
June 12, 1963
Nigerian Pastor, televangelist and philanthropist
Happy 56th Birthday Prophet T.B Joshua.
  Happy Birthday ,T.B JOSHUA may you live to see many many more years to come.
Happy Birthday Commentary, T.B Joshua At 56
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