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Happy Birthday Takeshi Kaneshiro!! - AmazingAsians48 (9 months ago)
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44 years old (Born on October 11, 1973)

Taiwanese, Actor; He is famous from Jin in House of Flying Daggers (2004).

Chinese name is Jin Chengwu. His surname means Gold City in both Chinese and Japanese. Enrolled in a film class at New York University but never completed it. Attended Taipei American School during grades 10-12, but did not graduate. Nominated the 8th Changchun Film Festival Best Actor for his performance in "Perhaps Love". Spokesmodel of Ericsson handsets.

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Happy birthday to takeshi kaneshiro
Happy Birthday Takeshi Kaneshiro, my Aniki
Happy Birthday! Takeshi Kaneshiro
Happy Birthday,Takeshi Kaneshiro!
Happy Birthday Takeshi Kaneshiro!!
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Fun Facts About Takeshi Kaneshiro

Is 1/2 Chinese and 1/2 Japanese. Father is Japanese, mother is Chinese (of Taiwanese nationality).
Resides in Tokyo
Spokesmodel for Mitsubishi Galant model (car).
Spokesmodel of Onimusha: Warlords (video game). The character Samanosuke is modeled after him.
Is Chinese of Japanese descent.
Spokesmodel of PRADA.
Has 2 brothers
Capable of speaking Mandarin, Japanese, Cantonese, English, Taiwanese.
Considered by Time Magazine to be the "Asian film industry's Johnny Depp."
His Japanese family name Kaneshiro is read as Jincheng in Mandarin (Chin-cheng in Taiwan, Gam-sing in Cantonese). His Japanese first name Takeshi is read as Wu in Mandarin (Mo in Cantonese).

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