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Jacoby Curry
Happy bday to awillis AKA D1 athlete keep living the dream man, can t wait till college - Jacoby Curry (5 hours ago)
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Rob Hamilton
Happy Birthday dude, keep on living the dream and building cool stuff. - Rob Hamilton (6 hours ago)
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Emilio Monsivais
happy birthday bro keep balling out and chasing the dream!! - Emilio Monsivais (6 hours ago)
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Sakib Hasan Aariyan
Happy Birthday Magical boy..The dream footballer...Born again... - Sakib Hasan Aariyan (12 hours ago)
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The dream that the little boy from Argentina had, changed the game , the way the world looking to it . Don t giv - Georgy (18 hours ago)
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Premade Sandwiches
happy birthday to the other half of the dream team!! Live it up like you re 21 again - Premade Sandwiches (19 hours ago)
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Bryce Saulnier
Happy birthday Carm! You always have a way to make me laugh at the office, and we were - Bryce Saulnier (19 hours ago)
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Arnold heights
Yo GoodKid Mgt the Supr Producr Happy Birthday fam! Live to Live the Dream. - Arnold heights (19 hours ago)
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MaryCade Mandus
You are living the dream of every fan. This truly puts the Happy in a birthday! - MaryCade Mandus (20 hours ago)
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Happy belated birthday to the kid. Much love my man keep chasing the dream - mason (1 day ago)
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Happy birthday shan!! mag bs archi naman daw ka?? huhu im proud of u continue living the dream, gurl - CONS (1 day ago)
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Happy birthday to me - JOHN AKA BUSHWICK (1 day ago)
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happy bday to the third member of the dream team! Jks happy bday Fin! Hope u had the best day! Thanks for - Moz (1 day ago)
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For me, there\'s nothing between us, except warmth, love and laughter. you\'re the dream beyond my walls, my object o - arl. (1 day ago)
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Taylor Corts
Happy birthday to of the My favorite thing to do in ATL is to go to the McCamish Pav - Taylor Corts (1 day ago)
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Kirsteen Mcgregor
Happy birthday luverly. you are living the dream and I couldn\'t be happier for you. Canny wait for LP6 - Kirsteen Mcgregor (1 day ago)
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Tariq \"Todd\" Abed
Happy Birthday to my fellow Middle Eastern brother and basketball enthusiast . Keep on living the dream bro (lakers>suns ;) - Tariq \"Todd\" Abed (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday Atty.Tan!! The Dream continues!! - BBBB (1 day ago)
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Brandon Alvarado - The Scarlet Fan
To the one and only Primus Chief! Happy birthday, Primo! Your a good egg and I love you because I have no choice. I - Brandon Alvarado - The Scarlet Fan (1 day ago)
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Living the Dream. Happy Birthday Danny - nickancell (2 days ago)
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JD Hart
Happy birthday to the inspiring, entertaining, brilliant of the excellent May you continu - JD Hart (2 days ago)
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Toni Skirrow
Happy birthday Gill keep living the dream - Toni Skirrow (2 days ago)
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Hi-Impact TV
Happy birthday to our amazing boss! With love from the dream team. - Hi-Impact TV (3 days ago)
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Abhishek Das
Happy Birthday General Sir. My best regards & wishes to you. To be a Scholar Warrior is the dream you - Abhishek Das (3 days ago)
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Happy birthday cousin Nicky!! We all love you and wish you another 50 years of living the dream!! - turbo (3 days ago)
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Joel Ramirez
Happy bday your living the dream already lol - Joel Ramirez (3 days ago)
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Seraa @ AX prep
Btw happy belated birthday to !!! So proud of you and all your accomplishments!! Keep living the dream! - Seraa @ AX prep (3 days ago)
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Brandon Capone
Happy birthday to the other half of the dream team and one of my best friends Hope it s an amazing - Brandon Capone (3 days ago)
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Maudin Ways
Happy Birthday Chris Prat. Hopefully long life, Always be given health, Hopefully the dream can be - Maudin Ways (4 days ago)
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Emma St. Lawrence
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Ria Bajaj
Special day. When you are enjoying the beauty of the dream world..and ur friends whisper near ur ears.. Happy birth - Ria Bajaj (4 days ago)
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Madd Jakk Gaming
Happy BDay Mikey! Keep the dream alive and kicking! Have a great one! - Madd Jakk Gaming (4 days ago)
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Jana Bridgman◡̈
Happy birthday to the big brother! Keep chasin the dream, love you! - Jana Bridgman◡̈ (4 days ago)
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Kami Rayne
Wherever these two kids are in the sands of time I m sure they re damn proud we went through with the dream of havi - Kami Rayne (4 days ago)
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Michael Iven
Happy birthday to the talented hope you re living the dream in Canada today! - Michael Iven (4 days ago)
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Beyonce has an uncle named Larry Beyince. Bruh....
Bruhhhh! Happy birthday man. First met you 7 years ago. You and your camera flicking it up at SXSW. Now - Beyonce has an uncle named Larry Beyince. Bruh.... (4 days ago)
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Happy birthday Minister. May all your dreams come true. Including the dream of adding - Nala (4 days ago)
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FILL THOSE BUCKETS, Owen. LIVE THE DREAM! (Happy Birthday, Mate. Really looking forward to reading a whole bloody - LiamJHogan (5 days ago)
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Ann binks
Happy birthday to the dream girl x - Ann binks (5 days ago)
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Richard Arnaud
Sometimes a picture means way much more than words. Happy birthday mate, and thank you to give me your trust and - Richard Arnaud (6 days ago)
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rohit shukla
wish you a very happy birthday Naamdaar, more you live more u entertain us,more u fulfill the dream - rohit shukla (6 days ago)
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Hey birthday girl I m sorry that this birthday post come a day late Bt still not to late to - PheOniX (6 days ago)
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Jacob Schmidt
Happy Birthday brother, keep living the dream. - Jacob Schmidt (6 days ago)
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Happy 42nd Birthday Wish you many more to come. You have the dream job dream girl dream life. You mad - Yasmine (6 days ago)
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Tim Guille
Happy birthday today to one of the great men in - living the dream every day and beyond. - Tim Guille (6 days ago)
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Happy birthday from all your Cashmere Wanderers possie. Keep living the dream fella - Lee (6 days ago)
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Happy birthday to the other half of the dream - SaSa (6 days ago)
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Happy bday !!!! Keep living the dream and slaying on the east coast; the hood is watching - SHNEAKY the MC (6 days ago)
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rad chicken
Happy happy happy happ happ happp0apapp bday to jOSHUA DUNNNNN!!!!!!! I still remember the dream I had with you in - rad chicken (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday Nick keep livin the dream remember when you got to the first house and when your channel - Potato_Warfare (1 week ago)

40 years old (Born on June 14, 1978)

American, Rapper; He is famous from for writing the Hit single.

"Feud with Chris Brown" Another hit that Nash is credited for known as "Bed", sparked a short feud with singer Chris Brown, whom Nash has vowed to never work with again. The feud started when Brown claimed to Vibe that the song was originally his. Nash replied to the comment stating, "The track was considered for Chris Brown -- he thought it was his -- but it was my record and I decided to give it up to J. Holiday," explains The-Dream. " Nash also stated that Brown currently has a track which he wrote for him and was already paid for, but would like to "give the money back" explaining, "At the end of the day, I`m big on principle and loyalty. Put that to bed." However, Nash would eventually dispel his comments and the feud with Brown issuing the following statement, I`m apologizing for comments directed toward Chris Brown on Billboard.com. I spoke to Chris and I advised him that when he made the statement I was disappointed because he said things that were in my direction and that since I`m the only public figure surrounding the song "Bed," I took it as disrespect as well as the media and respected friends felt the same way. Mia Lindsey, reporter for Essence Magazine remarks, "ain`t that crazy, two dudes beefin over a slow jam!" Brown said the comments were towards another part of the situation surrounding the song and I stand here not to defend my comments but take full responsibility for my classless choice of talking through the media. I apologize to Chris, Mark Pitts, and Jive Records].

The Dream's Best Moments

 is OUT  HAPPY BIRTHDAY  I\m having a listen
[  Teamwork makes the dream work Happy birthday my team!
Maggie ©Karo edits (YouTube)
Living the dream at 17 happy birthday,
Happy birthday inspiring us all to chase the dream!
Happy birthday to the big brother! Keep chasin the dream, love you!
Jon Michael is 23 today and living the dream at Texas St. Happy Birthday!!!!! I love u.
Mom & Dad
Happy Birthday We stand with in their fight to keep the dream alive
 The man who made the dream come true

Happy Birthday Jonny Wilkinson!
Happy birthday today to one of the great men in - living the dream every day and beyond.
Happy late birthday ya goon. U r great we r the Dream Team
Happy belated birthday to the kid. Much love my man keep chasing the dream
Happy birthday beautiful! good luck living the dream at state!! i love you lots
Happy birthday , keep chasing the dream man! You\ve got some good songs out already
 May the dream that means most to you, start coming true this year. Happy Bday!
A very happy birthday to the legend The Dream Maker....
Happy birthday juju! I miss you so much. I love the dream duo.
Happy 49th birthday to Rockies Rocket Keep chasing the dream!
Happy birthday Butch Gotta hit the course soon. Ft the dream team
Happy birthday to one of my day 1 best friends keep living the dream
Happy birthday ! Now the dream team can take on the cleveland bars
Happy bday      hope ur livin the dream in Cali this summer
Happy birthday keep living the dream
Happy birthday to 1/2 of the dream team    I HOPE you\ve had a perfect day ily
Happy birthday to 1/3 of the dream team
Team work makes the dream work

Happy birthday to our boys!
Happy birthday Jules!! Keep on living the dream
Happy Birthday to one of my best friends and the Dream Weaver himself!
Happy Birthday and thanks to for this unbelievable story ! The dream continues <3
Happy birthday to my homie!! Live the dream!!
Celebrating with the dream team Happy Birthday Canada!
Happy birthday Izzy! Hope you are livin the dream in Hawaii!  and here are some throwbacks
Happy birthday bday twin!! I hope you have a fantastic day! Enjoy these throwbacks from the dream team!
 Happy Birthday bud! Hope all is well! Keep living the dream!
Happy birthday to one of my fav albums <3 - The Dream is Over
Happy birthday ntwana
Huge happy bday s/o goes to the other half of the Dream Team. Make it a day to remember brotha
Happy bday to my young nigga Issac! Enjoy it to the fullest! Keep living the dream playa!
Happy Birthday to legendary lyricist Bernie Taupin! The dream team
Because team work makes the dream work. Happy birthday
 Happy birthday    finally 18 can t wait to watch u on TV Building the Dream channel 4 x enjoy ur day
Happy Bday Cream the Dream take a look at this Tbt
Happy birthday ! I had to bring back the dream team here
Just 2 Birthday boys enjoying life and livin\ the dream! Happy 94th Birthday Grandpa!!!
Happy birthday brudda! Keep the dream at Tulane
Happy Birthday Clementina! May the dream that means most to you, start coming true this year!
Happy bday !!!  (enjoy this pic of the dream team )
Happy birthday to 2/3rds of the dream team rumors of a reunion are swirling...
Happy 4th birthday ! team work  makes the dream work
Happy birthday Team work makes the dream work! May the year ahead be fabulous!
Happy bday to the man  the dream team will never be defeated  cya tonight
Happy birthday ! Living the dream as always!
To the memory to the dream.
Happy birthday, dear You are X.
 Bday message =>
 happy birthday to 1/5 of the dream team, live it up today
Happy birthday to one of our greats, Dj Jumping Jack Frost living the dream properly.
 24 and Living the Dream. Not bad, not bad at all. Happy Birthday Liv.
HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY BANGTAN!       \"team work makes the dream work\"
Happy inside birthday to my main man Larry, who is living the dream.
Happy Birthday nobody can handle the Dream Team live it up and celebrate hard!!!
 May the dream that means most to you, start coming true this year. Happy Bday!
Happy birthday to the dream girl
Happy birthday to my day 1, birthday buddy and other half of the dream team love you to the moon and back
Happy birthday dude. You\re friggin hot. Thanks for being the dream team with me, party hard(;
Happy birthday to my boy Steam the Dream   P.S. Jackie says hello
Birthday spins. Happy birthday The Dream is Over.
Happy Birthday to the Dream Demon himself, Robert Englund aka Freddy Krueger!
Happy birthday big fella, Dont sleep on the dream team
Happy birthday Faheem the Dream/ John Deer     . Love ya buddy
 happy birthday to the other member of the dream team have a good one wee man xx
Happy birthday to the other half of the dream team Hope you have an amazing day today
Happy Birthday Canada!! From the dream team
Happy bday to the other half of the dream team
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEST FRIEND!! thanks for joining the dream team!
Somebody REALLY IS \"Living the Dream\"!!! Happy Birthday, America!!!!
Happy late birthday !!! Hope you\re living the dream! Come back and visit soon!
Happy birthday Behan you absolute mess, live it large and live the dream tonight x
Happy Birthday to the biggest role model, the hero, and the dream creator BigBrotherBennett aka
 happy birthday Louis all the best hope you are having a great day and living the dream at Preston
 Happy 101st Birthday to JFK!!! The dream lives on.
Happy birthday to our CEO and leader of the Dream Team,
 Big Happy Birthday to my Princess have a fab Birthday keep living the Dream
Happy birthday Natalie Portman, still haven\t given up on the dream of seeing in that dress.
Happy birthday BOT live the dream next year at akron
The dream turns 16! Happy birthday Naseem!
Happy birthday pretzel!!  Take it easy   Miss the dream team
Thank you for bringing us closer to the dream.
You\ll Never Walk Alone  Happy Birthday King
Happy bday    throwback to the dream duo
Happy Birthday brother, keep living the dream.
Happy Birthday to Henri Rousseau, born in 1844

The Dream (1910)
He\s bold, sassy, suave. He\s Happy Birthday to the dream maker and the God Father of generation next!
Happy Birthday Denise! May the dream that means most to you, start coming true this year!
May the dream that means most to you, start coming true this year. Happy Bday..
 Wish u a many many happy birthday U r the dream girl of mine.....
Teamwork makes the Dream work.
Happy Birthday BTS
~ teamwork makes the dream work Happy bday my angels
 Teamwork makes the dream work
 Happy birthday
Happy birthday to the other half of the Dream Team  have a lovely day n see u later ! X
Happy Birthday kept the dream alive and now it\s here!
\team works makes the dream works\
Happy birthday to the cool cat in the top of this picture. Hank is 2 and living the dream.
Happy birthday to the the other half of the dream team can t wait to take on jewell with you!
 Happy unsolicited birthday. Here\s a cat in a party hat. Live the dream.
\"teamwork makes the dream work\" happy birthday bbys
Dope boy, dope boy, I sell coke boy 21. It s yo birthday. Livin the dream at 18. Happy birthday bajeggi!
the dream album 0
the dream and christina milian 1
the dream grammy 2
The Dream new pic 3

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