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tell me happy birthday - Hannah (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Daniel Torchia
you say OLD, I say FIFYTYTHREE. Happy belated birthday. - Daniel Torchia (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Billy Phillips
thanks for the good times yesterday. Enjoy the social media shit show, happy birthday weekend. - Billy Phillips (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

David Jeffries
Happy Belated Birthday! Went out and waited seven hours to get tickets to see you again after almost - David Jeffries (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Jerry Helou
Such a cutie!! Happy bday little man! - Jerry Helou (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Mario Ramírez Rojas
Happy Birthday Trent, Chile please Welcome To La Pampilla of Coquimbo. - Mario Ramírez Rojas (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Zach Perron
Damn, Josh Homme, Trent Reznor, Joey Ramone, Bob Dylan, and Pete Townshend were all born in May. Happy to share the - Zach Perron (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Who\'s coming to Japan with you Trent?!? I wish Jeordie+Robin will come back to Japan with you for SU - Yoshimi (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Nicolò Blotto
Happy birthday man! Great song and great new style of singing! Waiting for you in Italy! And send me - Nicolò Blotto (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy belated birthday to Keep creating & inspiring - Dmn (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Lucy Beth
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hope you have the absolute best day, you amazing man. - Lucy Beth (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Jon Wolf G
Happy birthday... Thank you for the gifts... - Jon Wolf G (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Brian Fitzpatrick
Happy Birthday! - Brian Fitzpatrick (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Chris Neufeld
Happy Birthday to Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails! - Chris Neufeld (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday! - Shayn (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Eric Carmen
Happy Birthday, Trent! I\'m with Bowie on this one. - Eric Carmen (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Chely Gomez
HAPPY BIRTHDAY a este par de genios... tocayos de cumpleaños!!! YEAHHHHH!!! :D - Chely Gomez (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday! I\'m glad to share a birthday with you. I\'m looking forward to seeing you in Japan:-) - みっつう/32 (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday !! - ProfReznor (8 months ago)
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North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema)
Happy Birthday to Mauro Martini, Paige Turco, Trent Reznor, Danny Manning, Hill Harper, Dave Abbruzzese, Jordan Kni - North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema) (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Texture & Light
As a little goth teenager in the 90\'s I would celebrate \'s bday with my little crew, so all these yea - Texture & Light (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Amber Dawn
Happy birthday - Amber Dawn (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Jalil R
happy birthday Mr Reznor - Jalil R (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

goo boi
birthday balloon

Jason: Queen Sol\'s bitch
birthday balloon

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Christopher Gerosavas
Happy Birthday Trent! Great work and look forward to the intimate experience on Cold and Black and I - Christopher Gerosavas (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

c a r r i e
Happy birthday dude! - c a r r i e (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Bud 94.1
happy birthday - Bud 94.1 (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Jamie Sanford
Happy birthday! - Jamie Sanford (8 months ago)
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• Gary •
Happy Birthday to the rock genius that is See you in October - • Gary • (8 months ago)
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Salome Aguirre
NIN Happy Birthday TRENT REZNOR - Salome Aguirre (8 months ago)
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Gina Ortwein
Happy Birthday frontman - Gina Ortwein (8 months ago)
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The Griffin Passant
Happy Birthday Trent Reznor!!! - The Griffin Passant (8 months ago)
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Ana Villegas
Happy birthday to my heroe industrial rock king Long time ago, I designed this for - Ana Villegas (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Nate Mc
Happy birthday today to (in my opinion) the most talented musician of my lifetime who i\'m very thankful to have bee - Nate Mc (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday! You deserve the best! Always grateful for all you do, and have done, for so many years!!! - H4L014 (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Nicole M.
Happy Birthday - Nicole M. (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

John Queener
Huh, I had no idea two of my favorite musicians shared a birthday. Happy birthday to and Josh Homme - John Queener (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday Trent Reznor, we can celebrate together soon - LouderThanLife (8 months ago)
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Lisa Marie De Medici
Happy Happy Happy Birthday Trent - Lisa Marie De Medici (8 months ago)
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Nic Beardsley
Oh yeah, hey released a new song today. Happy Birthday, - Nic Beardsley (8 months ago)
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Brittany Ruggiero
Happy Birthday to my dog, Birdie, and to my love, (the picture is of the dog, in case you were wonder - Brittany Ruggiero (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday, trent reznor - nine inch nails - something i can never have  join us in wishing a happy... - punkchickenradio (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday trent reznor. cant believe ur 21 drink responsibly - Quinn (8 months ago)
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David Caune
Happy Birthday, Trent Reznor! Any day with new from NI is a very good day. Preview \"God Brea - David Caune (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to one of my favorite men alive!!! I can\'t wait to see him again at Rockfest. - ♥Kim♥ (8 months ago)
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The Band Famous™
Happy Birthday, Rock on - The Band Famous™ (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Michael Trent Reznor. (May - InsideRock.News (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday have a good day - RexM (8 months ago)

53 years old (Born on May 17, 1965)

Musician; He is famous from Nine Inch Nails.

Is a huge David Bowie fan. His musical influences are David Bowie, The Cure, Nick Drake, Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, Joy Division, Jim Morrison, Pink Floyd, Lou Reed, Talking Heads, Throbbing Gristle and Tom Waits. Trent played tenor sax in The Mercer Junior and Senior high marching bands. He renovated an old funeral home into his home / studio. Is a good friend of Tori Amos.

Trent Reznor's Best Moments

Happy birthday,
Happy birthday!
Happy 52nd birthday to Trent Reznor! Founder and main songwriter of Nine Inch Nails.
A huge happy birthday to one of our favorite people of
Happy 53rd Birthday to industrial rocker Trent Reznor, pictured here being cooler than Christmas
Happy birthday to one of the pioneer of  !
Ooooh happy 53rd birthday of nine inch nails!!
Wishing Trent Reznor a very Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to Trent Reznor of NINE INCH NAILS.
Happy birthday to industrial rock and synth pioneer, Trent Reznor!
Happy 53rd Birthday to and happy 5th birthday my daughter. <3
Dream Team... Happy birthday Trent Reznor!
Happy birthday to two of our favorite rockers, and
Happy Birthday Trent Reznor, we can celebrate together soon
Happy Birthday To Trent Reznor!
Happy Birthday Trent Reznor
Happy bday to the GOAT, Trent Reznor
Happy 53 birthday to the absolute love of my life. Trent Reznor.
Happy 52nd Birthday to one of the most vital artists in music - Trent Reznor.
Happy Birthday .
Happy 52nd Birthday Trent Reznor of
Happy Birthday Trent Reznor
Happy birthday to former NOLA resident Trent Reznor of
A massive happy Birthday to god himself ........thank you Trent!!!!!
Happy Birthday to one of the most prolific musicians of our time
Happy Birthday Trent Reznor!! In my heart, you\ll always be 1990s Trent...
Happy birthday See you soon.
Happy birthday, I m closer to you 0;^)
Happy birthday to of Who is catching them at in December!?
Happy Birthday to Trent Reznor who turns 52 today!
Happy Birthday!

My favorite musician \"trent reznor\"!!
Happy Birthday to Trent Reznor! One bad ass rock star
El vídeo del día: Inch Nails Wish 
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Trent Reznor!
Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday, Trent Reznor! The singer of started working in music when he moved to Cleveland.
Happy Birthday to the great of Here\s hoping you have a relaxing day...
Happy 52 Birthday to Trent Reznor
Happy 52nd birthday to Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails!
Happy Birthday Trent Reznor
Happy birthday love
Happy Birthday to the great Trent Reznor! One of my biggest musical influences. Thank you.
Bump 1 - \"Closer\" Nine Inch Nails. Happy Birthday Trent Reznor! Born May 17th, 1965.
Musical genius. Industrial music pioneer. Living legend. Executive. Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday !
Don\t know when did it exactly happen but Trent Reznor turns 53 today. Happy birthday to the genius
I love this man. Happy Birthday Trent Reznor
Happy Birthday
¡Happy Birthday Trent Reznor!
Happy Birthday to frontman
   Bite the Cake That Feeds Happy Birthday to the awesome Trent Reznor of born on this day 1965
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to
I can only hope I can look anywhere near this good or be this awesome when I\m 53. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
Happy Birthday loving the new single
HAPPY BIRTHDAY a este par de genios... tocayos de cumpleaños!!! YEAHHHHH!!!  :D
Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday
Extending a big happy birthday to the man himself,
Happy birthday !!!
 1965: Happy 52th Birthday, Trent Reznor (
 Happy Birthday
Happy birthday! Trent Reznor!
Happy birthday fondatore dei !!
Happy happy birthday Trent Reznor!!!
 Happy Birthday to Trent!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!  Closer is still my fav song!! show some love & play
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy bday
 happy birthday
Happy Birthday Trent Reznor
 wish Happy Birthday Johs Homme,Trent Reznor,Paul Di\Anno 
& Luca Prodan!
Happy Birthday Trent Reznor
May 17, 1965, Happy Birthday
Trent Reznor
Happy birthday to one of my very few musical heroes , Mr. Trent Reznor .
Happy Birthday to all-around awesome cool guy
Happy 52nd birthday! of
From russia with all my love
happy birthday thanks for all
Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday Trent Reznor. Thank You.
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to Trent Reznor & George Johnson
Friendly reminder.
Happy birthday
 happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to I hope it\s a great day for ya!
Happy Birthday TRENT REZNOR! American musician (9 Inch Nails) and film score composer, born in Mercer, Pennsylvania
 Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday to the one and only
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Trent Reznor
    Happy birthday to the amazing Trent Reznor! ¡Feliz cumpleaños Mr.
Happy birthday to Trent Reznor
Yooo happy birthday Trent Reznor  Here have some cool pics I have of him lol
Happy Birthday Trent Reznor !!
Happy Birthday Trent Reznor.
It\s NIN vocalist, Trent Reznor\s birthday! Happy Birthday Trent!
Ready to play live, ready to win our hearts one more time: happy birthday
Happy birthday to Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails!
Happy birthday Mr
Happy Birthday !
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday !!
Happy Birthday to Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails!
(Photo: Joe Papeo)
Happy birthday to arguably the OG Trent Reznor!
Happy Birthday and Josh Homme (
Happy birthday, gorgeous
Happy birthday, Trent Reznor! The Nine Inch Nails musician turns 53 today
Also, happy birthday Dad
Happy bday to my husband love u 5eva
Happy Birthday Trent Reznor!!
Happy Birthday
\" Happy 53rd Birthday to one of the most vital artists in music - .
 Happy Birthday Dude
Happy Birthday para trent reznor
 You are a god. Period.  Plus happy birthday!!!  It s a fine day all around
Happy birthday to the most beautiful goth king on planet earth,
 of fame turns 53 today.  Happy birthday!!
Happy Birthday shoutout to our friends from & Josh Homme from
Happy birthday to
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the rock genius that is See you in October
Happy birthday dude!
 Happy Birthday!
trent reznor 2013 0
trent reznor 90s 1
trent reznor muscles 2
trent reznor 90s 3

Fun Facts About Trent Reznor

Former band-mate Richard Patrick is now the front-man for the alternative rock band "Filter"
Has an ongoing artistic feud with Limp Bizkit frontman and Interscope VP Fred Durst.
Prior to the release of the 2007 NIN album Year Zero, several tracks were leaked through various music download websites. Reznor later admitted that he intentionally leaked the tracks himself as part of a "conspiracy" ad campaign to go along with the subject matter of the album.
Has a project band called Tapeworm.
Band-mate Chris Vrenna left Nine Inch Nails to form the electronic one-man- band "Tweaker"
Only Nine Inch Nails member to appear on every one of the group's albums.
Played in bands such as Option 30, Prick and Exotic Birds (which did music for the Michael J. Fox movie, "Light Of Day".
Heads up 'nothing records', a division of 'Interscope Records'.
Marks all official releases with 'halo' numbers.
Converted an old funeral parlor in New Orleans into a recording studio. The door to the studio was salvaged from the former rented "love house" of Sharon Tate (one of seven of the victims of Charles Manson and his "family").
He enjoys listening to Tori Amos, Aphex Twin, Dead Can Dance, The Flaming Lips, Jane's Addiction, Ministry, Portishead, Radiohead, Rammstein, Skinny Puppy, The Smashing Pumpkins and Tool
Reznor has 2 dogs. A labrador named "Ethyl." and a Weirmaraner named "Daisy May." They both walk around freely in the New Oreleans Headquarters of Nothing Studios.
Dropped out of College to spend his time with local bands, not doing much more than playing keyboards and occasionally doing background vocals.
Played prominent roles in his high school's productions of Jesus Christ SuperStar and The Music Man, as Judas and Professor Harold Hill respectively. He was voted "best in Drama" by his classmates.
He has a younger sister, Tera
Spent a year at Alleghheny College majoring in Computer Engineering and Music.
He produced Marilyn Manson's first few albums. He later had a falling-out with Manson. The two do not speak to this day.
Leads the music group Nine Inch Nails.
He is a direct descendant of George Reznor, founder of Reznor Company in 1888 (a major manufacturer of Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning equipment). The Reznor Company was sold in the 1960s, but the equipment is still manufactured in Mercer, Pennsylvania (Trent Reznor's home town).
Is a huge fan of The Cure.
Is good friends with fellow recording artist, Tori Amos. He sang background vocals on her hit song, "Past The Mission"
Nine Inch Nails were voted the 44th Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Artists of all time by Rolling Stone.
His favorite filmmakers are David Cronenberg, David Lynch and Ken Russell.
Brought in bassist/long time friend Jordie White (aka Twiggy Ramirez) to tour in support of the album 'With Teeth.'
At his high school he played the role of Judas in a school performance of Jesus Christ Superstar.
A popular rumor is that Reznor got the name Nine Inch Nails for his band because it was the length of the nails used in the crucifixion of Christ. Reznor, however, denies this.
Played the saxophone in his highschool band.

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