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Happy birthday to my girl Liv Usher you re gonna do big things, have a fantastic day!!!!! - Kayonna (7 months ago)
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Happy 39th birthday today to Usher! - [email protected] (7 months ago)
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happy birthday usher! Hope you have a great day - Submitions (7 months ago)
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Amatielle Sativa
Awww, Thank you for sharing wonderful, Happy belated Birthday Diddy! I\'m taking my Scorpio to the Bah - Amatielle Sativa (7 months ago)
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Beth Usher
Happy Birthday, Ann Cavanaugh Grosjean!!!! We love you!!! - Beth Usher (7 months ago)
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Lindy Penmetsa
TeamFollowBack TeamAutoFollow Pharo HAPPY BIRTHDAY USHER - um yeah, not much more to say :) TeamFollowBack TeamAutoFollow Pharo - Lindy Penmetsa (7 months ago)
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Opemuyi Kayode
Happy birthday to baba as we fondly call him. May this new year usher you into the fullness of - Opemuyi Kayode (7 months ago)
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Suvasan k panicker
Saagar kinaare..., Kamalji... Happy birthday to you and wishing all the success for the political passion you intend to usher in today. - Suvasan k panicker (7 months ago)
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I d have loved to but u love ikokore Happy birthday, and may this new chapter usher in great things in ur life. E - Lumi (7 months ago)
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Kelly Kel D. K. R
Awhee just brotherly pic of luv kidding around Happy Bday...many more - Kelly Kel D. K. R (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday usher!!!! - marelle (7 months ago)
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Jesenia Harold
TeamFollowBack TeamAutoFollow Pharo HAPPY BIRTHDAY USHER - um yeah, not much more to say :) TeamFollowBack TeamAutoFollow Pharo - Jesenia Harold (7 months ago)
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Rosalyn Joseph
Happy Birthday Diddy - Rosalyn Joseph (7 months ago)
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Grego Compositor
Happy birthday - Grego Compositor (7 months ago)
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Monica Green
Happy Birthday - Monica Green (7 months ago)
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Tósìn Akínyemí
Happy birthday to the multi-talented Simpro ! We have come a long way - my friend & roommate in sec sc - Tósìn Akínyemí (7 months ago)
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Dr Kelly Mensa
Happy birthday Usher 1 .. industry is proud of you my brother - Dr Kelly Mensa (7 months ago)
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Ronnie Harris
happy birthday. Hope you have an amazing day. Will forever be your usher x - Ronnie Harris (7 months ago)
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Hey U happy birthday !! even tho u suk i love ya anyways, hopefully see u neverHEH;) - lex (7 months ago)
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The moisture joy !!! Happy birthday to NCC s best usher! more life mr kachi - Sceptics-Messed-With (7 months ago)
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Shreosi Banerjee
Very happy birthday to u sir may God usher charm happiness n may all ur dreams come true..and more power to conquer the industry - Shreosi Banerjee (7 months ago)
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Venus mangrum
Happy birthday day Usher - Venus mangrum (7 months ago)
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Dan Carubia
From the usher at the Valley Cats to you Happy Birthday - Dan Carubia (7 months ago)
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Sabrina Gayle
Happy belated bday! - Sabrina Gayle (7 months ago)
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Kelsey Nicole Nelson
Happy Birthday to !! Have a great one. May today being you continuous laughter & joy as you usher in a - Kelsey Nicole Nelson (7 months ago)
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Elizabet Ophelia
TeamFollowBack TeamAutoFollow Pharo HAPPY BIRTHDAY USHER - um yeah, not much more to say :) TeamFollowBack TeamAutoFollow Pharo - Elizabet Ophelia (7 months ago)
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Happy 21st birthday to my day one brother and usher Samalarrrrrrr. - Griffiñ (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Biggest Boss. Role Model, Akonta. God bless you man, all well wishes on you today an - raww (7 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my best friends. Hope you had a good one and maybe Usher s herpes goes away for a day - ifeellikebrownbear (7 months ago)
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[usher voice] happy birthday, bee movie - Dawn (7 months ago)
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Okey Onyegbule
Happy birthday, \"Husband material 1\" funnyboneofficial may this special day usher in a special - Okey Onyegbule (7 months ago)
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Judy Clark
Happy birthday to you. Snoop. Dogg. Love you and your family and. Be. Bless - Judy Clark (8 months ago)
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Wild Dog Computers
So sad a person that helped usher in civil rights has lost his freaking mind... - Wild Dog Computers (8 months ago)
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When it s your birthday and Bae hasn t said a word till 12pm.... Happy B-Day Ma. May the Lord usher you with many - #ItsATrap (8 months ago)
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alex godfrey
Happy birthday i hope you finally got your big break from usher :\')) i love you with all of my heart and miss you even more - alex godfrey (8 months ago)
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Jamming out to King Jammy on his 70th. Happy Birthday to the man who helped usher reggae\'s digital age. - Pandora (8 months ago)
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411 South Talent
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Charlotte Posey, it\'s your special day! You are beyond amazing! May today usher - 411 South Talent (8 months ago)
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Reuben Greatness
Happy birthday Sir, may this new year usher you to the New phase of your life as you lead Kenya to a m - Reuben Greatness (8 months ago)
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Pepaño ❤️
Happy Birthday Usher!! - Pepaño ❤️ (8 months ago)
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Wole Isaiah
Happy birthday to my newly found boss. \" AND THE BIBLE SAYS\" this new year shall usher you - Wole Isaiah (8 months ago)
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pray all is well. I missed asking you to sing happy birthday to me last month:( Is there anyway you can do it this month? - ™~Melissa~ (8 months ago)
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Mu\'az ohi
Happy birthday! The great reformer of the BPSR, the Ezemuo of Positivity! May today usher in great things in your life. - Mu\'az ohi (8 months ago)
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Lil $toney
Happy Birthday . The one and only Usher Denzy. - Lil $toney (8 months ago)
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Andrenette Schaffer
Happy birthday enjoy it - Andrenette Schaffer (8 months ago)
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Happy belated birthday - Latoya (8 months ago)
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Folarin. A. Afolabi
Happy Birthday, Demola. May your new age usher in permanent pink lips. Amen. - Folarin. A. Afolabi (8 months ago)
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Mercy Makinde
Happy birthday Baby girl . May this Birthday usher in new blessings for you. - Mercy Makinde (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday by via - manxel (8 months ago)
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happy birthday ^ ^ - ittetsubetheone (8 months ago)
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Natalia Fromson
TeamFollowBack TeamAutoFollow Pharo HAPPY BIRTHDAY USHER - um yeah, not much more to say :) TeamFollowBack TeamAutoFollow Pharo - Natalia Fromson (8 months ago)

39 years old (Born on October 14, 1978)

Singer-songwriter, actor; He is famous from My Way.

Good friends with R&B/Soul artist Robin Thicke. Has a road named after him, the "Usher Raymond Parkway" in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Broke up with Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas (2004). Is a co-owner of the (NBA team) Cleveland Cavaliers. Son Usher, born 26 November 2007.

Usher's Best Moments

It s the big homie bday    Happy birthday Unc!!!
Happy birthday
Wishing a very happy birthday to one of the most iconic R&B artists of all time,
Happy Birthday to World Music Awards Multiple Winner
Happy 39th birthday today to Usher!
 happy bday to 1/3 of the coolest singers to take on the usher hall!!!!! have a great day
Our Alexa Echo just wished Usher a happy birthday. 
Now our end table has herpes.
Happy Birthday     to Sophomore Alaigra Usher! We hope you have a great day!
Happy birthday to this corn chip looking lightskin. Keep dancing like usher
Happy Birthday to a Music legend Usher
Happy birthday
JD did his thing on Usher\s \"My Way\" album. Happy Birthday
Happy 39th Birthday Usher
Happy 39th Birthday Shout Out to Usher born October 14, 1978 - Kick it.
Happy birthday   Please make sure eats enough cake for all of us
Me at everyone wishing Usher a Herpe I mean Happy Birthday
Happy birthday  \Confessions\ 5x Platinum \8701\ 2x Platinum
A very Happy birthday to the king of R\N\B A living Legend
Happy birthday usher
Happy Birthday, +
Happy birthday to me and
Happy Birthday to this legend
 happy birthday. Hope you have an amazing day.  Will forever be your usher x
Happy birthday to my favorite usher at comerica park! Happy birthday Mickey
Happy Birthday my dawg from me and Usher
Happy Birthday to Usher    About:
Happy birthday Usher!!!!!
So many BANGERS!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Usher
Happy 39th Birthday to !
Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday to Usher (born October 14, 1978)
Wish you a very happy birthday God bless you
Happy Birthday to Usher who turns 39 today!
Happy Birthday to this handsome fella!! turns 39 today!!
Happy belated birthday to a legend & one of the best to ever do it. Love you
Happy fricken birthday bish had to throw our song by usher in the vid, have a good night dyke
  Happy belated birthday  Soopdogg!
Happy birthday  can\t wait to celebrate this weekend!
 happy birthday brother!
Happy birthday in advance to usher Raymond
 Happy Birthday Pastor Jenkins!  Sending FBCG Usher love!
Happy birthday to the man who insipiro USHER I wish you the best in the world.
Happy Birthday,
Yesss DJ wishes happy birthday to Usher on community calendar!
Happy! Birthday! Usher! your friend, Kimberly.
Happy 39th birthday to this talented musician! some of your favorite songs.
Happy Birthday to this revolutionary R&B Artist!
Happy birthday to the one and only We don\t celebrate him enough!
Happy 39th Birthday     Usher!
What\s your favorite Usher song?
Happy 39th Birthday Ageing like a fine wine
Happy birthday to my father , Better known to the world as Usher king of R&B !
Happy birthday
Happy birthday legend
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to Chattanooga native
Happy birthday my brother
Happy birthday    see you soon
Happy Birthday usher
Happy birthday
Happy birthday Shinybro Usher
Hey U happy birthday !! even tho u suk i love ya anyways, hopefully see u neverHEH;)
ft. Usher.
Happy Birthday to (pictured with director Gary Leva)
Happy birthday king
Happy birthday to us
 Happy Birthday        Hope You Have A Bless Day
Happy birthday the one and only,
Our fave celebrates his birthday today! Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday from the east coast!
Happy Birthday Ursha Baby    Love U
 happy birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my everyday crushhhhhhh
Happy birthday My mentor,idol and everything!!
Stay strong!!
Live long!!
Waiting for your dope fire music!!
Here\s wishing a memorable happy birthday !!
Happy birthday
Wishing you a very happy birthday !!!
Happy Birthday Usher Raymond
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday    .
Happy Birthday Karyn White
1965 10 14                   52 USHER
1978 10 14               39
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday to the incredible What is your favourite Usher track NOW fans?
Happy Birthday Usher via
Happy Birthday Usher, Thomas Dolby, Steve Cram, Jason Plato & Steven Thompson
 Happy 39th Birthday
Happy birthday to my favorite
Happy Birthday, Usher, born October 14th, 1978, in Dallas, Texas.
Happy birthday !
Happy Birthday Usher
Happy Birthday to singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor Usher Raymond IV (born October 14, 1978).
Happy birthday legend
Happy 39th Birthday     To SINGER
Happy Birthday Usher via
 happy birthday!
Happy 39th to
Happy Birthday to my first man crush ever! he will forever be bae
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday usher, love you
Happy Birthday !
Happy 39 birthday to Usher. Hope that he has a wonderful birthday.
 Happy Birthday From my Mom and me
Happy birthday to you   Your RNB music makes me feel so good
Happy 39th birthday
Yeah man, it s birthday today! Happy Birthday Usher!
  Happy birthday usher
Happy birthday sauce king
Happy Birthday Usher via happy birthday
Happy Birthday,
Yeah, Usher it is your birthday! Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Usher via
Happy Birthday Tune in now to hear the singer\s greatest hits! -
Happy birthday to my ex-husband
 Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday!   :)
 Happy 39 Birthday Sexy!
Happy 39th birthday, Usher! How the R&B star got his big break at age 14
Happy Birthday to my fav hope you have an awesome day!!!
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Grammy Award winning R&B singer, songwriter & dancer who is 39 today
Happy Birthday to who turns 3 9 today!!!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday October 14,1978
Happy birthday !
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Photographed here with by in 1995.
Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday &
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Usher!!!
Happy Birthday
Doin\ what it do             Happy Birthday baby
 Happy Birthday have a awesome birthday
Happy Birthday to Us Usher and Peggy! I wish one day we can have a party together USHER. # 1 FAN
 happy birthday legend
Happy birthday I love you so much
 Happy birthday sweetheart! I love you!
 Throwback to and singing Happy Birthday to
 U Making me wanna say haha ha ha haha Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Usher
Happy birthday have a great time with your family and friends
Happy birthday king
Happy Birthday Usher Raymond IV (born October 14, 1978)
Happy Birthday to we love you so much always
Happy Birthday, !
Happy Birthday 39th Birthday to
Happy Birthday Usher via
Happy Birthday Big Bro!!
Happy Birthday Usher. I love you and have for 15 Years.
Happy Bday   I\m grateful for everything you\ve done for Justin.
Happy Birthday!
 happy birthday you legend!!!  have a good one bro
Happy birthday, king of RnB
 Happy Birthday From Max Julien and Peach\s Son RC
  happy birthday Snoop Dogg
 Happy birthday  by via
  From the usher at the Valley Cats to you Happy Birthday
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Usher Raymond body 1
Usher Raymond celebrity 2.jpeg
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Fun Facts About Usher

At 12.1 seconds, he holds the record on "Star Search" (1983) for the longest note sung by a child.
Won three Grammy Awards in 2005 for "R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals", "Rap/Sung Collaboration" and "Contemporary R&B Album".
At 12.1 seconds, he holds the record on "Star Search" (1983) for the longest note sung by a child
Is the godson of actor Ben Vereen.
Usher and his wife, Tameka Foster, became the parents of a boy on November 26, 2007 in Atlanta.
Ranked #47 on VH1`s 100 Sexiest Artists.
Chosen one of "Teen People" magazine`s "21 Hottest Stars Under 21" (1999).
Due to a flu, he had to cancel all of his performances in the Broadway Musical "Chicago" due to the flu in early 2006, but finally took over the role of "Billy Flynn" on 22 August, receiving mixed critics.
[April 2004] His 5th album, "Confessions", was released in the U.S. It sold over 1.1 million copies in its first week, the highest first-week total ever for an R&B album.
Celebrated his 26th birthday in the "Rainbow Room" in the Rockafella Center. among the guests at the party were 'Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs' , Patti LaBelle, Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump, Naomi Campbell, Jay-Z, Jermaine Dupri, Pharrell Williams, and Mariah Carey.
Won 2 Grammy Awards, Best Male R&B Performance 2001 for U Remind Me, and Best Male R&B Performance 2002 for U Don't Have To Call.
Attended North Springs High School in Sandy Springs, Georgia.
Married Tameka Foster in a civil ceremony after canceling their wedding six days earlier (3 August 2007).
Voted #1 on BET's "All Shades of Fine: The 25 Hottest Men of the Past 25 Years" (2005)
Voted #1 on BET`s "All Shades of Fine: The 25 Hottest Men of the Past 25 Years" (2005).
American R&B/rap singer, who has sold approximately 30 million albums worldwide.
Has known R&B singer Alicia Keys since he was 16.

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